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"To the Visitor - Rishton may appear to be just another small industrial East Lancashire Township, but to us it is home, our place of livelihood, and our part of Britain, of which we are rightly proud.

Rishton may not boast some of the amenities enjoyed by larger townships, but in a community of this size we may claim a more intimate contact with our fellow townsmen and a greater good neighbourly feeling amongst us."

Councillor J. W. Sanderson, J. P. 1951.

Former Manor house of Rishton - The Dunkenhalgh.

On this web site we have endeavoured to portray our way of life and to give a brief history of all of our institutions with a view to refreshing our minds by recalling Rishtons achievements and thus increasing our civic pride. On the site you will (hopefully) find not only the history of Rishton, but everything there is to know about the town, its location, its secrets, stories and characters. The everyday people that you can find in a million other small towns like this, but this one is OURS!

the Plaque marking the birthplace of Sir Ernest Marsden.

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