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Here are some of the more popular, or well known buildings in Rishton. Some of them are still standing, while others have been demolished.

Click on the link to read about the building, and click on the BACK button on your browser if you want to come back here.

Please note though that these are the “oddball” buildings, Schools, Churches, etc can be found elsewhere on this website, but the links are included below.

See also the list for SHOPS on the left if you cannot find what you want here.


Auberge Restaurant
BeechwoodBeechwood House has had many uses, Many famous stars came to Rishton to record their latest hit records here!
Blackburn CourtThe passing of a law in 1840 to form Blackburn magistrates Court.
The CentreA charitible status building for use by the public, the former co-op Clog shop
CinemasRishton once had three of these in the town.
Close Nook CottagesA small row of cottages found alongside Wilpshire Road.
CoitsWhat was once found in every back yard in town.
Council OfficesThe former Council Offices on Brook Street.
Canal CafeA cafe by the canal side tow path.
East and west HouseThe East and West houses. See also Master Barn Farm.
Garages and AllotmentsGarage and Allotment plots found around Rishton.
Petrol GaragesPetrol sations that once stood in Rishton
Health CentreDoctors, clinics and our health centers are all included here.
Kings HallOnce a cinema, but had many uses.
Labour ExchangeRishtons own dole office.
LibraryThe library had various locations around Rishton, before finally setting in its own custom built location.
Masonic HallThe first Masonic Hall to be built in Rishton
War MemorialRishtons War Memorial to fallen Heroes.
Pill Boxes2nd World War defence buildings found in Rishton.
Prime TimePart of Norden school, opened for community use.
Scrap YardFind out what became of the Rishtons scrap yard
Skating RinkOnce the pride of Rishton, every town had one of these.
ToiletsFirst found on Harwood Road, but moved all round town.
West End GarageBuilt on the site of the toilets once on the corner of Harwood road
The WorkhouseSee who was in the Blackburn workhouse through the years.
House TypesDifferent types of houses found around Rishton
Listed BuildingsListed buildings around the town.
Churches MenuChurches and religion including graveyards and cemeteries.
FarmingAll about farming and farm locations
SchoolsLearn about our education, our schools, and our teachers.
ShopsWhat makes Rishton special when shopping, and the type of shops we have had over the years.