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During the 1930's the hall was in use as a cinema, according to the town maps printed at the time.

Kings Hall Entrance from Geoge Street, May 2001.

16th April 1942. Councillor Sturzaker reviewed the negotiations to date in connection with the conversion of King's Hall, Rishton, for use as a British Restaurant. Resolved that a Sub-Committee be appointed to consider the adaptability of the building and that the Sub-Committee consist of the Chairman of the Council and Councillors Kenyon, Leeming, Sanderson and Sturzaker. The buildings was later discarded in favour of the Skating Rink.

On the 14th January 1943, The Council Chairman informed the Committee that the King's Hall has been taken over by the Lancashire County War Agricultural Committee for the housing of machinery and requested power to deal with any application by the Committee for a crossing to be put in, which application might arise before the next meeting. Resolved that this authority be granted.

There was a proposed change of use of King's Hall, George Street, from machinery store to transport garage for Messrs. J. W. Hopwood (Rishton), Ltd., on the 11th June 1953. 


Council Minutes.