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The Ministry of Labour was situated on the corner of Mary Street and High Street, before coming to 1 and 3 High Street (which in 1947 were both owned by Mr. Taunton, I assume this would have been part of Parsons Printers).

There is evidence of a bricked up door way on this corner of Mary Street, which would have lead into the, what is now, shop front. The street sign for Mary Street stood in front of this bricked up door in 2003.

1 and 3 Mary Street on the 2nd June 2009.

A deputation was received from the Trades and Labour Council, represented by Mr. G. Thomlinson C. C., on the 14th May 1936, to the Urban District Council, who gave a report of cases that showed that the unfortunate people of Rishton, who had to make application to the Unemployment Assistance Board, were not receiving the consideration to which they were entitled. It was resolved that the council would request that the Area Officer of the Unemployment Board in Accrington be asked to meet the Council.

The Council Resolved that a letter should be written to each of the Societies and Schools asking them to kindly make representation to the Ministry of Labour and the Member of Parliament, on the 3rd December 1936, in support of the Employment Exchange at Rishton being kept open. On the 17th December, A letter was read from Major H. A. Procter, enclosing the reply that he had received from the Ministry, that the Employment Exchange at Rishton would be open for two days in each week. Resolved that a further letter be sent to Major Procter.

 In June 1937 The clerk to the council was to write to the Ministry of Labour and Major H. A. Proctor MP, regarding opening of an employment exchange as was promised should be done in the event of any mill closing.

The Council Chairman reported that Correspondence had been received with regard to the Employment Exchange at Rishton on the 10th September 1936. The Council Resolved that every effort should be made to keep the Exchange open, as if the Rishton people are compelled to go to Great Harwood it would be a great hardship to them.

The labour exchange was still located on Mary Street in 1947.

On the 2nd June 1938, In view of increased unemployment in the town, an application was made to the Minister of Labour for Rishton Employment Exchange to open daily by the council. This was confirmed on the 4th August when A letter was received from Major H. A. Proctor confirming the daily opening of the employment exchange.

It was reported by Rishton Urban District Council, on the 14th March 1940, that Information was given that the Rishton Labour Exchange would be open in the near future part - time only on account of the greatly decreased number of persons attending.


Barrett's Directories.

Council minute.