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Roller rink Roller rink

This building was first licensed as a billiard hall in 1914.

It was named THE ASTORIA Skating Rink after this, and remained a skating rink up to it being turned into the Rishton Heating Group, which was owned by Bob Walsh.

11946 Astoria Membership
1946 Astoria Skating Rink Membership card.

A complex of buildings, these are built around the Roebuck Inn, the upper section being known as Kings Hall, with the entrance on George Street.

Skating Rink about 1940

On the 2nd June 1938, The skating rink on High Street was to be used for Physical training classes, by the council, on the terms which were offered by the owner of the rink.

The Council clerk read correspondence from Mr. W. Kehoe concerning the use of the Astoria Skating Rink for Physical Training Classes in November 1939. The council ordered the clerk to raise the rent from 7/6 to 9/- per night, and also that the Clerk should write to the Teacher of the Men's class stating that that the damage done on previous occasions must not re-occur. However, Mr. Kehoe was not satisfied with this, and on the 14th December at the Councils Higher Education meeting, they resolved that in view of the fact that no arrangements could be with Mr. Kehoe regarding the use of the Astoria Skating rink at 7/6 per evening that in future the Physical Training Class should be held at Saint Charles School.

John, 1940
John Williams, skating at the Astoria rink in 1940.

I am told that Rishton Roller Hockey team were once British Champions, although the year is unknown if this information is true. Great Harwood Roller Hockey team certainly achieved this feat, and it maybe that the information has become crossed.

Correspondence was read from the Rishton Free Church and Federal Council concerning the Sunday opening of the Skating Rink at High Street on the 15th April 1943.

In 2002 the skating ring entrance on High Street was opened as a Charity shop, while the main section at the rear was being used by Rishton Glass.

Two years later and Craig Cannon had moved in after being previously based across the road with his hair dressing salon.

Skating Rink entrance in June 2009.
2nd June 2009, and the former skating rink and dance hall is now occupied by Craig's Hair dressing studio.



Council Minutes.