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The License to keep petroleum at West End Garage, Harwood Road, was renewed for 12 months on the 10th August 1925.

In 1935, the garage was owned by BARRY HOLDEN, motor engineer, West End garage, Harwood Road. Tel. 202 Great Harwood.

Barnes Advert from 1939.

An application was made by Walter Barnes to take over Barrie Holden’s garage as from the 18th September, 1935. The Rishton Urban District Council agreed that Mr. Barnes be accepted as a tenant on the same terms and conditions that Mr. Holden held the same. In November of the same year Walter was granted a petroleum licence for West End garage in Rishton. This was Walters first location for his business. The petrol pumps were accessed by driving the vehicles up the bank street to High Street, the garage being inaccessible from the main road due to the public toilets and bus shelter there.

On the 1st January 1940, Mr. C. T. Barnes was granted a request for a petroleum license for West End Garage by the Council.

The engine of the Ambulance, owned by the Local Council, required decarbonisation in May 1940. The work was given to Mr. C. T. Barnes, of the West End Garage, providing the work could be completed in one day.

The Council Clerks action of giving Notice to terminate the reservation of the 500 gallon tank at the West End Garage was approved by the Council on the 9th May 1940.

In 1947 the Garage was owned by, William Curren (West End garage), 37 Stourton Street, or perhaps he just worked there?