Mothers Union Syllabus 1963

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15----(Tues.) Joint Meeting with C.E.M.S.

21---‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee Meeting.

25---‑(Fri.) Combined Service in Church.

30---‑(Wed.) Annual General Meeting.


13---‑(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Mrs Dakin: “ Table Decorations and Novelties."

20---‑(Wed.) M.U. Effort: Hostess Whist Drive.

25---‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

27---‑(Ash Wednesday) M.U. Communion.

               Refreshments in, School.


13---‑(Wed.) Branch Meeting. G. H. Tate, M.A.

20---‑(Wed.) M.U. Effort.

24---‑Mothering Sunday. Family Service.

25‑---(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

27‑---(Wed.) Joint Meeting with C.E.M.S. Mr. Eaves.

               Slides: " Journeys of St. Paul."


10‑--(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Mr. Sharples:” Moral Welfare. "

29‑--(Mon.) M.U. Committee.


10‑--(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Mr. Walmsley.

                  Films: "Dr. Barnardo's."

14---‑(Sat.) Branch Festival.

13‑---(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

15‑---(Wed.) Evening Outing: Visit to Blackburn Orphanage, followed by Supper at Pendle View Cafe.

22‑---(Wed.) M.U. Effort.

29‑---(Wed.) Mr. Sharples: “Marriage Guidance."


10‑---(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

12‑---(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Miss Owen, of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

15‑---(Sat.) M.U. Annual Outing.

26----(Wed.) M.U. Effort.


19---‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

21---‑(Wed.) To be arranged.


4---‑(Wed.) M.U, Effort.

16---‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

18‑---(Wed.) Mrs. Rushton: "'Switzerland."


 2---‑(Wed.) M.U. Service. Refreshments in School.

14‑--‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

16‑---(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Miss Butler.

21----‑(Mon.) Visit to Alston Hall.

30---‑(Wed.) M.U. Effort,


11---‑(Mon.) M.U. Committee.

13‑---(Wed.) Branch Meeting. Speaker from R.N.I.B. Films.

22‑---(Fri.) Jumble Sale, Infant School.

27‑---(Wed.) Branch Meeting Mrs. Browning, of Whalley Abbey.


11---‑(Wed.) M.U. Service. Refreshments in School.

18---‑(Wed.) M.U. Christmas Party.

N.B.‑---M.U. Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday in every month.

Additions or alterations to the Syllabus will be published in the Parish Magazine.

Mothers Union Fancy Dress 1905
Mothers Union Fancy Dress 1925 (Picture supplied by Vivian Downing via email)

The people in the above are:-

1. Selena Cowell 2. ....... Wilkinson 3. Clara Knowles (Pope) 4. ........ 5. Mary (Polly) Watson 6. Mary Hannah Metcalf 7. ...... 8. Ruth Brown 9. ... Hartley 10. ... Ayres (37 Clifton St)


Vivian Downing via Email, September 2010.