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Lower Cunliffe Farm 2004

Lower Cunliffe farm is situated at the foot of the hills to the North of Rishton.

Access is via Cutt Lane, which goes over the canal to the farm. The farm is really closer to Blackburn Old Road, which runs above it.


It is said that the name comes from the Saxon landowner, Gunnhildr, who lived at Cunliffe before the Norman Conquest.

It is also suggested that there is some connection between this word and "Cunnus Diaboli", which was a monkish name for a hollow in a rock, through which people crawled through to be healed of sickness.

It is possible that there was such a rock in the area, the many springs giving greater emphasis to this this supposition, by wearing away the stone to create such a hole.

Farm building

The word Cunliffe was wrote "Kundaclyve" in a deed of 1200, and this old spelling suggests a much earlier spelling than Saxon.

The Kunda is, like Dunscar Farm, a Celtic word, and means hard or strong. The Clyve part belongs to a much later date, and means a cliff or a deep descent. The Britons of Cunliffe would have known of the stone lying just under the surface of the land, and therefore gave it its name of Kunda, this stone being valuable to them in many ways.


As seen in the above picture, this particular farm building was built in 1892 by Henry Petre of the Dunkenhalgh.

This large building could have been the farm house at this time, or like many other farms in the district built by the Petres, may well have just been a barn building.

barn building

An application was received from Mr. William Smalley of Lower Cunliffe Farm, for registration under the Milk and Dairies Order 1926, to carry on the trade of dairyman. The application was granted by the Council.

Barn building


Council Minutes

Parish Church and School Jubilee, 1927, by Carlton Noble.