Middle Micky Hey Farm.

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Built in 1876 by H. Petre for his farming estate, this farm typifies the era.

Date stone
The date stone for Middle Mickyhey Farm.

The farm house is built like an English cottage, with a front garden and two front room with two bedrooms, and a central door at the front.

Front of farm
The front of the farm house on the 11th March 2010.

On the 18th January 1952, An application was submitted from Mr. F. Ireland, for a petroleum Licence at Middle Mickle Hey Farm. It was resolved by the Rishton Urban District Council that a licence should be granted.

An old barn or a disused farm house? This is how this building looked on the 11th March 2010.

The building in the above picture sits to the left of the farm house. Although an old building, the doorway is not big enough to be a barn, and four windows suggest that this could have been an older farm house, but there is no date stone present.

No further information is known about this building at present.

Barn building
The barn building as it stood on the 11th March 2010.

Across from the other two buildings stands the barn.


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