New Barn Farm, New Rishton

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Possible location of New Barn Farm in April 2002.
One of the gate posts found at the former site of the farm.

Found on the outskirts of Rishton towards the boundary with Church, New Barn Farm is now no longer with us.

No dates have yet been found for when the farm buildings were demolished, and the only knowledge of the farm is found on old maps.

In 1935, New Barn Farm was being run by William Aspinall. This at least proves that the farm did exist, and was still in existence in 1935.

The Council Clerk reported upon investigations made by the Sanitary and the Collector at New Barn Farm, Rishton, and it was sanctioned on the 12th March 1942, that the Sanitary Inspector be authorised to serve notice under Section 93 of the Public Health Act, 1936, on of New Barn Farm, to abate the nuisance caused, and the structural condition of the premises, and the absence of a water supply.

On the 11th February 1943, the following amount was wrote off by Rishton Urban District Council as unrecoverable rate arrears, W. Aspinall, New Barn Farm, Rishton - £21 19s. l0d.

Around the 1st June 1957 a fire broke out at in a wood store at the farm. Fire fighters battled throughout the night to bring the blaze under control, as flames broke through the roof. Three machines attended the blaze around midnight, and stayed until 6am the following morning, but before they could start tackling the fire they had to carry portable pumps over the canal wall. The building was a former barn building, used as a wood store, and this was the third time in recent years that fire had raged the building.

New Barn Farms possible location in Auust 2001.
The location with the motorway in background. Rough land marks its former location.


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