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Sidebeet 2004

Sidebeet once consisted of three farms and a school building. The Saxons gave the area its name, being called Side Byht.

The farms are Lower Sidebeet, Higher Sidebeet, and Sidebeet.

In 1332 Henry de Rishton of Sidebeet bought the Dunkenhalgh manor from William de Dunkensale. At this time the Dunkenhalgh was nothing more that a small freehold estate, similar to the one held by the family in Rishton, but its importance lay in the fact that it adjoined the Powthalgh estate, which was still in the hands of the elder line of the same family.1

The first mention we have of the Walmsley family is in 1536, Thomas Walmsley, of Showley in Clayton Le Dale, marrying Margaret Livesey of Sidebeet. Named as A Rishton heiress of Hacking, near the junction of Calder and Ribble.

Sidebeet 2004

The Liveseys had land in Cunliffe, Dutton, Ribchester, Clitheroe and many other places. The next year their 1st son was born, and also named Thomas. It was he that was the famous Judge of Common Pleas, and he was Knighted in 1603 by James I. His likeness is commemorated on an inn sign at Whalley.

In 1581 Judge Walmsley bought the Manor House and lands in Rishton from Thomas Talbot, so becoming Lord of the Manor. Around 1600 the Lordship of Lower Darwen together with Fearnhurst, Rishton & Holt were sold to Sir Thomas Walmesley of Hacking and Dunkenhalgh.

This was acquired by Henry Cross by marriage to Jane Fielden in 1655. The datestone over the door, HMC 1699, refers to their son Henry who married Mary Talbot of Cowhill in 1692. Conflicting dates here of course, but there was 3 sidebeets.

Sidebeet 2004  

Sidebeet farm, although still standing is no longer named that way. The farm has now taken its name from its neighbouring building which is now almost demolished, Higher Sidebeet.

The well which fed this farm was still visible in July 2004, although covered over for safety reasons, it does still exist.

Lower sidebeet has been extensively rebuilt, and new houses placed in its surroundings, Sidebeet is now named Higher Sidebeet, and the original Higher Sidebeet has been demolished, only the barn remaining, which was sold in 2004 to be made into a house.


Location of Higher & Sidebeet Farms in July 2004.

1Rishton Parish Church Jubilee 1927 by Carlton Noble.