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After the de Rishton quarter of the Rishton manor was sold to Walmsley before 1582, the de Rishtons made the house at Upper Mickleheys their manor, until that to was sold to the Walmsleys.


This old house, once known as Rishton Hall, was a low building with mullion windows. The date is given upon an inscribed stone under the drip stone as 1591, and the initials on the same stone are "R H x I R" (James Rishton).

Date stone

This is a very difficult building to get a modern picture of. Surrounded and hemmed in by the various farm buildings that now surround it.


The entrance to the building has now been moved to the middle of the building, with a new extension porch having been built to match the original stone work.

Of some interest, to the left of the original doorway is an archway, which appears to be of Norman architecture. It appears that the road lead past the side of the house, rather than leading to the door.

Arch house

The main building (as has the entire farm yard) has been extensively modernised, the old stone roof has been replaced by the more common Welsh grey slate, red brick chimneys now exists, with more modern chimney pots, and the guttering around the roof area is now plastic. The windows are now varied. Although the stonework in most places remains what appears to be original, the style and shape of the windows themselves have changed to many differing styles.


On the lintel to the barn doors are the letters T. W. A. and 1737. These are the initials of Thomas Walmsley, of Mickle-hey, a governor of the Grammar school in Blackburn in 17511.

Sadly, this lintel can no longer be found.

The barn in the yard now holds an extension (if this is the original barn?) Which was built in 1904.

date stone barn

The initials G. G. P. on the date stone are probably for George Petre of the Dunkenhalgh.

End of barn

This farm house is now situated over the border of Rishton, in Blackburn, having been given to the Knights of Stydd by the De Rishtons for services rendered.


1Rishton Parish Church Jubilee 1927 by Carlton Noble.