Snow White Pantomime 1938

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Saint Peter and Pauls Snow White Presentation

The Cast of Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs 1938â€"1939

Back Row

Jean Catlow, Doreen Milburn, Jessie Tillotson, Marjorie Pickup??,, Marion McKean, Brenda Bibby, unknown??, Stanley Duckworth, Unknown?/, Eric Sagar, Florence Thompson, Roy Duckworth, Robert Hutchinson, Esther Butterworth, Alan Hall, Mabel Edmondson, Donald Talbot, James Corbett, Bernice Shacklock, unknown??, Cynthia Walsh.

Third Row

John Ingham, unknown??, Jean Thomas, Ronnie Pye, Bill Rhodes, Brenda Forrest,

Second Row

Peter Melling, Douglas Benson, David Ross, Frank Watson, Evelyn Morris, Edna Simpson, Geoffrey Bradshaw, Derek Cheetham, Joan Talbot, Jean Chambers.

Front Row

David Cheetham, Stuart Simpson, Jean Schofield, David Sutcliffe, David Tomlinson, Unknown??, Leslie Leonard, Unknown??, Cynthia Fox, Katherine Leadbeater, Jean Radmore, unknown?? Colin Fielding, David Duckworth.

The girl in the middle of the front row, wearing the pale dress and sitting with her legs out in front of her is Sheila Haworth (see below). 

Which is Cynthia Ball? It should be Joyce Ball.......

Blanks : My younger brother David, b. 1935, is also in the photo and though I cannot recognise any faces, there are some contemporaries of his who are not mentioned, e.g John (Jack ) Doran, Keith Wilkinson, John Rhodes, George Leonard.

Leslie Leonard on the front row is probably not Leslie but his younger brother ,George. Leslie is slightly older than me ( b. 1933 ), and may be one of the unknowns further back.

John (Jack) Doran is not in the picture as mentioned above. Confirmed by the man himself through Rowena Procter via email, January 2010. Rowena confirmed as well, that the girl in the middle of the front row, wearing the pale dress and sitting with her legs out in front of her is Sheila Haworth, her auntie.

Im not sure where the front row starts and ends to update this information!


Supplied by Frank Watson (via Email)

Names amended by Esther Sharp, Harwood Road.

Names amended again by Derek Cheetham via email.

and yet again by Rowena Procter and Jack Doran via email.