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Outside the Off Licence in the 1950's

There were many off licenses in Rishton, almost depicting a town of drunks! These shops were commonly referred to as "offies", an abbreviation of off license.

41 Burton Street was owned by William Ramsdale for many years who died in 2000. After leaving the shop the Ramsdale's moved to High Street, just beyond the junction with Harwood Road.

Prior to them the shop was registered to Mrs Betsy Crispin. This was in 1935. In this year she was the only registered beer seller in the town. That is not to say that there were other premises selling beer, but this was the only one to solely sell it.

By 1947 John Gough was running the business, living in 43 - 45 Burton Street. These property became part of the shop interior around the turn of the millennium. Strangely it was still the only property in the town registered as a "beer seller". William Ramsden was in charge of the business by 1951.

Built in 1878 by C. K., which I think was Knowles the builder, the shop is part of the block of terraced houses running down Burton Street which was owned by Knowles.

The Off Licence in May 2001.
Burton Street Off-Licence in May 2001.
Date stone over the door of the shop.

It was the Ramsdale's who sold the shop to Peter ????? when they left in 198? The shop has changed considerably since then, the neighbouring property having been acquired and the shop expanded. A link up with the SPAR group saw the use of the property change from simply an off licence to becoming a mini market, selling food stuffs and frozen goods, then expanding more, with the demise of the newsagents over the bridge, to sell newspapers and magazines.

The property was expanded even further to encompass 3 properties in total.

2008 saw Peter selling up after his expansion and branding deal