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The pawn brokers was situated at the corner of Henry Street and Hicks Terrace.

Former location of Pawn Brokers Shop in May 2001

Permission was first sought for the shop in 1925, by Mr. A. Gregory, for using number 1 Hicks Terrace, and number 2 Henry Street. This is the earliest mention that I have found so far referring to the shop.

Pawn Brokers were shops used by the people of the town to trade in goods for cash, old blankets and other household items were often used especially during the war, when money was tight. I suppose a modern day comparison would be the current spate of charity shops that we know see, or even the second hand shops.

The picture on this page shows the former location of the shop, and the windows still exist, although it is now a residential accommodation.

An application was received from Messrs. A. Gregory & Co., 2, Henry Street, Rishton, on the 14th August 1947, for a certificate to apply for a Pawnbroker's Licence. The council resolved that the above certificate was granted.


Council Minutes.

Barretts Directories.