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These are some of the various shops I have been able to write about so far that have been found in Rishton.

BakehousesBeautiful smells, and fresh baked products.
Banks3 banks once occupied the High Street of Rishton.
ButchersVarious types of meats were found in different shops.
ChemistsPharmacist and drugs sold in chemist shops.
Fish FriersBetter known as fish and chip shops.
CloggersOr in newer terms, shoe shops.
Co-op 2012The Harwood Road Co-op store
CreameryFresh cream cakes, buns and other dairy products.
DrapersCurtains and other clothe.
Edgar HaworthsThe former newsagent turned furniture shop.
Fancy GoodsMuch the same as modern times, fancy goods can still be bought in Rishton.
FruiterersFresh Fruit and vegetables
General StoresGeneral stores are much like a supermarket of more modern times.
Hardware ShopsSelling parafin and tools.
Off LicensesRetail seller of beer and wines.
Pawn BrokersA shop for trading goods for money.
Pet ShopsAnything for your pets.
Rays Discount StoreSeller of discount goods since 1990.
Romers TVSeller of Radios amd televisions.