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It was reported by the Council Clerk on the 11th September 1941, that the meeting called in connection with the formation of an Allotments Society and the outlined proposals for an Allotments Campaign during the winter. The Council Resolved that approval should be given to the organisation of a series of lectures.

Formed in 1941, the association held annual shows, usually in Norden High School. These were held in the September of each year. Every one from the town was invited to bring entries along, not just people in the Association.

Working on the Allotments in the 1960s
Frank and Eva Belch on Tottleworth Road Allotments, with their Grandson Roy Wilkinson, in 1966.

The Association were members of the National Allotments Society Limited, and North East Lancashire Allotments Council.

They were given permission to use the Council Offices Chambers on Brook Street every year for their meetings, by the Rishton Urban District Council.

On the 13th December 1945, The council Clerk submitted a letter from the Secretary asking the Council to consider the purchase of a Rota Tiller for hiring out to allotment holders. The request was not acceded to in view of the cost involved.

In 1951 the Committee was made of the following members:-

  • President: F. Worsley, Esq., J. P., C. C.

  • Chairman: C. F. Hanson, Esq.

  • Hon Secretaries:

    • R. H. Woodland, 31 Stourton Street

    • C. Woodcock, 108 Harwood road

  • Hon Treasurers: H. Greenwood, 98 Harwood Road

The Worsley Cup and Hanson Rose Bowl were awarded to exhibitors in the Vegetable Classes, Amateur exhibitors in the vegetables and flowers classes respectively. Amateur Gardening, Smallholder, Popular gardening, and Women's Own, all had their own awards, and many new classes of prize were being introduced.

The annual subscription in 1951 was 1s 3d. per annum.

The idea of forming the Association was to buy in bulk for the allotment holders of Rishtons, so that money was saved by all. Compost, seeds, and gardening equipment could all be purchased from the Association cheaply. The Association was still going strong into the 1960's, and is still in existence during 2004.

In 2004, the annual subscription fee was £1 per annum, and the name was changed slightly to the Rishton Horticultural Society. In 2001 Alan Lloyd took over as Chairman of the Association. For your pound, there are two annual trips run to Riggs Nurseries as well as other days out throughout the year.

The Society have a shop for members to buy goods at reduced rates, which is open every Sunday during the season from 10am to 12 noon.

In 2003 the Society once again started running an annual flower show, but this time the competitors were the local schools, which included the Lancashire County Council school on Station Road.

Membership in 2004 stood at 110 members.

If you wish to become a member of this association please Email Me.


Alan Lloyd

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