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Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 28th January 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker ; Minutes : Beverley Moorhouse ; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley.

Members present : 17.

Apologies : Geoff Bennette, Val Eddleston, Harold Tootle, Eileen West.

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly new members. The minutes of the meeting 19th December 1996 as circulated were approved. The use of the Primetime telephone number for apologies was welcomed. It was suggested this be repeated on the notice of meetings/agenda in future as a reminder. Mark apologised that the video he had ordered had not arrived.

Janet Green volunteered to fill the Vice Chair position. This was unanimously agreed. The full complement of officers was now :-

Chair : Andrew Parker

Vice Chair : Janet Green

Secretary : Beverley Moorhouse

Membership Secretary : Maureen Cunliffe

Treasurer : Colin Cooper

The master copy of the Constitution agreed at the meeting 19th November 1996 was signed. This would be needed to open the bank account, which it was agreed should for convenience be with the Midland in Rishton; any two of the four signatures; Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer being needed to operate the account. It was agreed that once the account was opened and the £100 grant for administrative expenses obtained from Hyndburn BC, any such expenses already incurred could be claimed for.

Report back :-

1) Young People's Questionnaire. Mark reported that a meeting had taken place between Heather, Anne, himself, Colin and Myra Ainsworth (the Youth Leader at Norden Youth Club) and a good exchange of views and ideas about leisure provision for young people in Rishton had taken place. Myra was clearly for a structured/organised approach. After further soundings among their contemporaries, Heather and Anne were more firmly of the opinion that what was most required was something on the lines of an unstructured/informal drop-in centre. They were to have a further meeting for which Myra hoped to have the results of previous youth surveys. Heather and Anne were also to visit 'Buds', a new style youth club 'cafe' in Gt Harwood. Heather, Anne and Mark were still to meet again to redesign the questionnaire with more environmental content. Mavis reported that the Citizen would deliver 2800 leaflets for £58.75 (not including printing). Mark reaffirmed his view that suitably redesigned, funding could be obtained towards the cost of the questionnaire.

2) Derelict land /tree planting surveys. Margaret, Bev, and Colin had visited and photographed a number of areas including Holt St, Holt St rec., canal banks High St bridge to Spring St bridge, Meadowhead and the pit yard area Walmsley

St. Mark asked for these to be mounted, identified and marked on a map for further investigation. A major difficulty before anything could be done to any derelict site is identifying the owner(s). If sites were publicly owned, this made the task much easier.

3) Main road improvements. Eileen and Michael submitted a report of their survey of High St/Hermitage St. A number of measures to improve this main thoroughfare were suggested including; repainting, hanging baskets, floodlighting of buildings of architectural interest, etc. and possible tie-up with the proposed traffic calming measures. Out of a miltiplicity of ideas it was suggested that we concentrate initially on one or two of the more easily achievable ones and make the most of any publicity that these could generate through the local media. Left for further consideration. Mark suggested that money to improve buildings might be obtained through 'Facelift'. Jean Williams from Hyndburn BC was the contact for this and Michael was to write to her.

4) Notice board/mosiac . There was no report on this and Maureen would follow up with Val. On the mosaic front it was suggested that Mid Pennine Arts could be a useful contact with appropriate assistance/funding.

5) Landscaping : Parker St/Hermitage St. Andrew had established that the corner site was owned by Hyndburn BC. The next stage was to contact the appropriate works department. Again the lead officer was Jean Williams and Michael would also include reference to this subject in his letter to her. There was some urgency if new planting was to be done in time for this summer. We should not be over ambitious initially.

Any other business :-

1) Library. Andrew reported that we were acquiring an amount of useful items of environmental literature. Maureen suggested that some form of library facility for this might be possible when the proposed new Primetime community office was constructed this year.

2) Parish maps. Margaret expressed an interest in the parish map concept following the presentation at the previous Saturday's successful training day for panel members. Mark advised that there was more information on this in the video.

3) Local environmental visits. Michael suggested that it could be beneficial to panel member's local understanding if some visits could be arranged to say, Whinney Hill tip, Martholme sewage works, etc. Mark felt that this could be a good idea and would fit in with his concerns about raising awareness of the urgent need for more recycling, community composting etc. There was estimated to be only 6 years life left in some local landfill sites at current rates of filling.

4) Council representatives on the Prospects Forum. Mark reported that Harold had secured one of the Council seats on the Hyndburn Forum. He had also made a suggestion about running a competition among pubs, clubs and shops in Rishton for floral displays with a trophy(ies) for the winner(s). To be discussed further at the next meeting.

5) Waterside projects. Mark advised that North West Water were always ready to help with waterside projects.

6) Schools involvement. It was suggested that we should encourage the involvement of the local schools in our projects wherever possible. Graham Rawlinson, Deputy Head at Norden, had environmemtal responsibility there.

7) Hyndburn Panel. Mark questioned whether the Rishton Panel would wish to meet panel members from other areas in a Hyndburn Panel (as at present) outside the new Prospects Forum, say once a quarter. It was generally felt to be a good idea as a means of sharing experiences.

8) Hyndburn Forum. Mark announced that the launch of the Hyndburn Forum would take place on Tuesday 25/3/97 at the Berkley Manor, 7.00pm to 9.00pm, the guest celebrity was to be Chris Baines the TV personality.

Next meeting : Tuesday 25/2/97 at 7.30pm at Primetime Centre.

Maureen reminded everyone of her offer to make a room available as a Prospects work room every alternate Tuesday evening (the next one being 11/2/97).

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 25th February 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker ; Secretary : Beverley Moorhouse ; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley ; NIF : Robert Saunders.

Members present : 13.

Apologies : Sue Collins, Colin Cooper, Heather Crossland, Maureen Cunliffe, Edwina Furber, Jean Goodall, Lesley Jackson, Alison Porter, Anne Sherburn, Harold Tootle, Eileen West, Margaret Worden

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the meeting 28th January 1997 as circulated were approved.. There were no matters arising.

Bank account. A bank account with the Midland Bank had been opened in Rishton and paperwork was in hand to apply for the £100 administation grant from Hyndburn BC.

Report back :-

a) Young People's Questionnaire. Mark to follow up further with Heather and Anne.

Michael had written to Jean Williams on items b), c) and e). Copies of her reply were circulated and her comments were noted in the discussions. Jean had been invited to attend the meeting but had been unable to do so due to prior commitments. It was agreed Michael invite her to the next meeting.

b) Derelict land /tree planting surveys. Most of the larger derelict sites have been in the Council's Derelict Land Programme for many years and are particularly difficult to deal with due to ownership issues. Notice could be served by the Council for owners to make improvements, if the owners could be identified. Many smaller sites would however still be well worth tackling.

British Waterways Board and Hyndburn BC were planning significant work on improving the canal towpath and its surrounds from High St bridge to Norden bridge in the coming financial year. However improving the bench/flower bed area at the base of High St bridge would be a useful complementary Panel project. This to be coordinated with the planned schemes.

c) Main road improvements. The panel had been advised to contact Tania Hindle at Hyndburn BC about the Outer Town Centres Programme, which might be appropriate for improvements to buildings. Fiona agreed to contact Tania for further information that could be circulated to shop keepers and householders to encourage them to make use of the Programme.

The Borough engineers had advised against hanging baskets on poles or planters on the bridge/paths. This was mainly for safety reasons due to limited path width. However they would give every encouragement to a scheme for hanging baskets on shop and house walls. Mark was to arrange for Andrew and Bev to meet Andrew Hayhurst to develop the idea further, including costings, ready for the next meeting.

A questionnaire for shopkeepers and householders would be drawn up to establish the degree of interest from them, particularly as they would be responsible for watering etc. and possibly part of the cost. High St. would be the first priority. Mavis and Gordon offered to assist with the distribution of questionnaires.

It could be arranged for BTCV to assist with putting brackets up. Their involvement would give the necessary insurance cover for others working on the scheme.

d) Notice board/mosiac . Val and Maureen to develop the idea further. Best site considered to be Parker St/Hermitage St corner.

e) Landscaping : Parker St/Hermitage St. Despite the comments in Jean's letter about previous schemes being heavily vandalised, in was decided to press ahead with this as a priority idea. Andrew produced a sketch of a possible layout prepared by an LCC planner. Further blank copies were distributed for those present to sketch their own ideas ready for the next meeting. Mark offered to invite a landscape architect to the next meeting to discuss design and fund raising ideas. Robert suggested a model of the layout might helpful.

Suggested time targets :- i) Canal bridge flower bed - mid April

ii) Hanging baskets - April.

iii) Parker St corner - phased - first phase, May.

Floral displays competition. Put on hold for now to concentrate on other projects.

Video. Postponed.

Parish map. Put on hold. Possible winter activity.

Local visits. Michael still pursuing visits to Martholme Sewage Works and Whinney Hill Landfill site. Possibly invite other local panels.

Hyndburn Forum launch, Tuesday 25th March 1997, Berkley Manor, 7.00pm-9.00pm.

Celebrity opener : Chris Baines, environmental writer and broadcaster. Suggestions were made about schools involvement.

Environmental Awareness Day. Attention was draw to the fact that the date had been changed from 7th June 1997 to Saturday 10th May 1997. This was to coincide with Environment Week. The names of those who could help in any way were to be given to our representive Margaret Worden (723942). Also any suggestions for activities.

Any other business:

1) Visit to Loamy Wood Community Woodland and Springfields Community Gardens. This was planned for Saturday 8th March 1997. Details would be posted.

2) BT Environment Week. This was to run for a week from 10th May 1997. Suggested that the Panel organise a walk to advertise the Week and Prospects. Two were identified : Ladybird Trail - Gt Harwood/Clayton/Rishton ( to be surveyed by Julie and Michael) and the Deer Walk, via the Dunkenhalgh ( to be surveyed by Janet and Jean). Report back next meeting. Mark to see if any leaflets were available.

3) Cycle Way map. Council requesting comments on recent draft map. To be discussed at next meeting.

4) Waste Watch. Representative is available to talk to groups about recycling and fund raising.

5) Bigger environmental projects. Michael asked that we look in the longer term at some projects that would have environmental impact on a larger scale.

Next meeting : There are now problems with meeting at Primetime on a Tuesday. It was agreed to change the meeting night to Thursdays, the next meeting therefore being :-

Thursday 20th March 1997 at 7.30pm at Primetime Community Centre.

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 20th March 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker ; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley ; Hyndburn BC : Jean Williams ; Groundwork E Lancs : Adele Adams.

1. Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Jean and Adele. Members present : 16.

2. Apologies : Heather Crossland, Beverley Moorhouse, Anne Sherburn, Eileen West.

3. Minutes. The minutes of the meeting 25th February 1997 as circulated were approved.

4. Matters Arising. Fiona reported that she had tried to contact Tania Hindle of Hyndburn BC about the Outer Town Centres Programme but so far without success. This might be a source of funding for improving High St shops. It might be that Tania had already contacted shop owners about it, some £20,000 per township being allocated to the Programme in the financial year just ending..

Mark reported that the Council was meeting that evening to finalise the coming year's budget, so all sections were anxiously waiting to see what their new allocation was. The NIF contract was coming to an end, so unfortunately we would not be seeing Robert Saunders again.

5. Young People's Questionnaire. Mark still to follow up further with Heather and Anne.

6. Derelict land survey. Jean explained that her main responsibilities were derelict land and the 'Facelift' scheme, which was originally for landscaping demolition sites but had since been widened in application. They had been a little bit disappointed that the Panels had not uncovered many sites not already known to them. She had liaised with Margaret on our list and would now look at identifying site owners. It was easier if we considered Council owned sites first. These could either be rented from or managed for the Council by the Panel and public liability insurance arranged through them at about £40.

Areas around the pit yard were mentioned, but Fiona cautioned activity/expenditure here. There was a lot of adverse feeling at the moment that the money being spent on the rash of speed bumps should have been better spent on driving the new road through from Walmsley St. No one seemed to know what was happening with this and letters to the Council were being ignored.

7. Parker St/Hermitage St corner. Adele explained the sort of things that might be done with this plot and handed round photographs of other schemes to help generate ideas. It was up to us to decide what we wanted and then she would assist in drawing up a feasible scheme and finding funding. To minimise the vandalism risk she strongly advised that the community round about be involved. If the locals felt it was their scheme, they were more likely to look after it. So local consultation and involvement (NB. children) was essential even if this took time and delayed the start of any practical work. If the Panel just went ahead with its scheme, it was not likely to be looked on any more favourably than any Council scheme.

Mark offered to make copies of the site outline available to go out with the minutes. Everyone should then sketch in their ideas and bring them to the next meeting. Adele would come back to the May meeting to help pull the ideas together. There was a strong feeling that we should go for minimum maintenance to try to encourage the Council to continue with the site maintenance, albeit in a different form.

It was noted that now the Panel night had been changed to Thursday, a room at Primetime was available every Thursday evening, should working parties wish to meet at Primetime in between the monthly meetings.

8. High St bridge flower bed area. Mark reported that coupled with the approved towpath renovation scheme was work on the wall behind the flower bed area. Once this was done, the bed could be handed over for our use. Canalside signs were also included in the scheme.

Jean and Adele were thanked for their contributions to the meeting and then had to leave for another meeting.

9. Hanging baskets. Mark, Andrew and Beverley had attended a meeting with Andrew Hayhurst of Hyndburn BC Leisure Dept 18/3/97. As a spin off from Accrington's plans for entering the 'Britain in Bloom' competition, 20 of their 13" hanging baskets could be supplied to us. These were of substantial design weighing 20kg dry (25kg wet), containing 25/30 plants, hung on a substantial bracket 2.8 metres from the ground (for safety). These could be supplied for £75 each which would include making up the baskets, fixing the brackets, watering three times per week, feeding one watering in three, and public liability insurance cover. They would be purchased by the shop owners (or shared between two) and become their property. Subsequent years cost would be £42 for plants, maintenance and insurance.

Doubts were expressed as to whether shops would be prepared to pay. Mark suggested we apply to the Council for a grant of 1/3 cost (£500). To get the best effect, it was decided to concentrate the baskets in the area from the Post Office up to Parsons on the one side and the Auberge down to the library on the other. Andrew Hayhurst was preparing a leaflet giving details of the baskets together with a contact address and phone number. Val and Mavis volunteered to visit every shop in the designated area when the leaflet was available, to elicit support from the shopkeepers . If the response was good we might be able to get more than 20 baskets. If this pilot was successful, we might look to extending it to other shops next year. We had to be in a position to place an order by the 18th April.

10. Report back :- a) Ladybird Trail and b) Deer Walk. (BT Environment Week starting 10th May 1997) Michael reported briefly that these had been surveyed and photos were circulated. Leaflets were available. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

c) Visits : NWWWTW and Whinney Hill. Michael reported that visits could be arranged to both and he would give further details at the next meeting.

11. Hyndburn Forum Launch : Tuesday 25th March 1997, 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Mark reported that the venue had had to be changed at short notice to the Dunkenhalgh due to a lack of disabled access at the Berkley.

12. Environmental Awareness Day : Saturday 10th May 1997, Accrington Town Hall.

No time for discussion.

13. Cycleway Map. Guest speaker to be invited to the next meeting.

14. Any Other Business - Membership list. Next meeting.

15. Next Meeting. Thursday 10th April 1997 at 7.30pm at Primetime Community Centre.

On hold : Floral display competition, parish map, notice board, mosaic, project for larger environmental impact, Waste Watch.

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 10th April 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker ; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley ; Hyndburn BC : Ian Richardson.

1. Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Ian. Members present : 10.

2. Apologies : Colin Cooper, Val Eddleston, Jean Goodall, Anne Sherburn, Mavis Shorrock, Harold Tootle.

3. Minutes. The minutes of the meeting 20th March 1997 as circulated were approved. An apology was given for late circulation which was due to doubts about the meeting date and the holidays.

4. Matters Arising. None

5. Cycleways. Mark introduced Ian who explained about the Council's efforts to reduce traffic levels by introducing a safe cycle path network. Ian produced maps showing the proposed 'commuting' routes which the council have started to locate and other possible feasible routes. Ian asked for input on other possible routes in the categories 'to school' , 'commuting' and 'leisure'. Typical was the proposal to link Rishton and Gt Harwood with a cycle path along the old railway line. Also required were ideas for locations for bike parking facilities. A working group meeting was arranged for Thursday 24th April 1997, at Primetime at 7.30 pm, to follow this up.

6. Young People's Questionnaire. Mark had arranged a meeting with Heather and Anne at Primetime on Wednesday 30th April 1997 at 7.30pm to pursue this further with Myra Ainsworth (Youth Leader) and Maureen.

7. Derelict land survey. Nothing further to report at this stage. Waiting list of site owners.

8. Parker St/Hermitage St corner. Some sketches had been received. To be discussed at the next meeting.

9. Hanging baskets. Andrew reported that the publicity leaflet had only just been received, and he was unhappy about the prices quoted. This he would clarify with Andrew Hayhurst and have the leaflet modified if neccessary. Mark indicated that a £500 grant was to be made available by Hyndburn BC. This was welcomed by the Panel. He asked that the leaflet should indicate this was a 'one off'. It was agreed that if the response from the limited number of shopkeepers previously agreed was insufficient then other shopkeepers could be approached. Because of the delay, Andrew would try to get an extension to the deadline.

10. Ladybird Trail and Deer Walk. Michael reported that some maintenance work was needed along the paths. It was agreed that he and Mark would walk these routes so that Mark could verify the needs and make proposals.

11. Visits: NWWWTW and Whinney Hill. There were problems with available times for visits which Mark would pursue.

12. Environmental Awareness Day : Saturday 10th May 1997, Accrington Town Hall. Mark would arrange to circulate information about this with the minutes in time for the next meeting.

13. Hyndburn Panel. The next meeting had been rearranged for Thursday 17th April to enable a presentation to be made by a representative of the Walter Segal Self Build Trust about timber framed buildings.

14. Next Meeting. Thursday 8th May 1997 at 7.30pm at Primetime Community Centre.

On hold : Floral display competition, parish map, notice board, mosaic, project for larger environmental impact, Waste Watch (rep. to talk about recycling) , High St bridge flowerbed area (wait towpath improvements),

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 8th May 1997

Chair : Fiona Cook ; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley; Inspector John Pennington (Gt.H. Police); Myra Ainsworth (Youth & Community Worker - Norden); Karen Roach (H.B.C. Park Ranger).

1. Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular the guests. Members present : 5.

2. Apologies : Colin Cooper, Harold Tootle, Mrs Williams.

3. Minutes. Because of the low attendance, approval of the minutes of the meeting 10th April 1997 was held over.

4. Matters Arising. See 3 above.

5. Hanging Baskets. Andrew reported that despite following Val and Mavis's efforts to interest shopkeepers in the scheme, only one had been prepared to take part, Maurice Jones, who had submitted the appropriate application together with a cheque. Andrew was to follow up with Andrew Hayhurst to see if Hyndburn BC would be prepared to do this one basket.

Objections from shopkeepers included :-

a) Too expensive (£108 including vat), particularly as they believed that shopkeepers in Accrington were to get theirs free under the Britain in Bloom competition.

b) Some shops had received grants from the Council under other schemes but others hadn't.

c) Some felt that their sunblinds would get in the way.

d) A better location would be fixed to the street lights.

e) There was considerable discontent about the treatment some were getting from the Council about the banning of 'A' frames from the pavements.

6. Cycleways. The working group had met as planned on the 24th April 1997. Potential cycleway routes in the area had been identified and categorised under work, school, sport and leisure. Andrew agreed to circulate a summary with the minutes to see if any further suggestions might be forthcoming from other Panel members.

Inspector Pennington suggested that if we had any projects requiring safety advice, the best police contact would be Traffic Management Officer, Sgt Loughland.

7. Ladybird Trail and Deer Walk. Mark and Michael had still to arrange a date to survey these paths. Karen reported that they needed a lot of maintenance work doing on them. Mark would prepare a report for the Council, with costings.

8. Parker St/Hermitage St corner. Myra was attending the meeting because the Youth Club had also independently come up with the idea of doing something on this land. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to work together on the project. Mark would provide Myra with blank outlines for the Youth Club to sketch in their ideas. These could then be considered with all the others.

In this respect it was suggested that all villagers be given an opportunity to contribute their ideas. Beverley was to arrange for a poster and blank outlines to be placed in the Library for people to make their contributions. Deadline date 2nd June 1997

[Later : amended to the 9th June 1997] to enable the sketches to be sent to Adele Adams (Groundwork EL) for assessment prior to the next Panel meeting, which she was to be invited to attend. The Observer to be contacted to advertise this idea.

9. Young People's Questionnaire. It had not been possible to proceed with the planned meeting for Mark , Heather and Anne to pursue this further with Myra Ainsworth (Youth Leader) and Maureen. A new provisional date of the 28th May 1997 was agreed. Myra would do her best to find out the results of previous surveys that had been carried out among young people in Rishton.

10. Environmental Awareness Day : Saturday 10th May 1997. Not now Accrington Town Hall but in marquees on Broadway and renamed 'Prospects Roadshow'. Details had been circulated with the agenda and Mark reiterated his appeal for as much help from members as possible.

11. Visits: NWWWTW and Whinney Hill. There were problems with available times for visits which Mark was still pursuing.

12. Any Other Business. There had been a letter with follow-up article in the local paper about debris, including dead sheep, in the canal, which it was claimed British Waterways were being slow to react to. Colin was trying to contact BW to see if there was any way in which the Panel might assist with a clear up project. He hoped to report something at the next meeting. Fiona offered to provide details of waterways groups that might be of assistance.

13. Next Meeting. Thursday 26th June 1997 at 7.30pm at Primetime Community Centre.

On hold : Floral display competition, parish map, notice board, mosaic, project for larger environmental impact, Waste Watch (rep. to talk about recycling) , High St bridge flowerbed area (wait towpath improvements),

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 26th June 1997

Chair :Colin Cooper; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley; Groundwork EL : Adele Adams.

1. Members present : 6. Adele was welcomed.

2. Apologies : Val Eddlestone, Beverley Moorhouse, Andrew Parker, Michael Waters, Margaret Worden.

3. Minutes. Minutes of the meetings 10th April and 8th May 1997 still require formal approval.

4. Matters Arising. See 3 above.

5. Hanging Baskets. Mark reported that Maurice Jones had decided not to take part in the scheme after all, in view of the lack of response from other shopkeepers. His cheque had been cancelled. As this was the first real scheme undertaken by the Panel, it was disappointing that it had ultimately come to nought. The timing had perhaps been unfortunate when there was a tide of anti-Hyndburn BC feeling among some shopkeepers. Cost had also been a factor.

6. Parker St/Hermitage St corner. There had been some response to the display in the Library seeking sketched ideas for improving the corner plot. Publicity for this in the Accrington Observer had been welcome. The Youth Club had also submitted a number of ideas, so that Adele had had about a dozen sketches to consider. With her assistance, the meeting set about trying to draw up a master sketch, using as many of the ideas as possible. At the end, Adele promised to do her utmost to have a master plan drawn up in time for the next meeting. This could then be used as the basis for a consultation exercise in the area. Further ideas and modifications could be incorporated at any stage before the scheme was finalised. Adele was thanked for her assistance.

7. Cycleways. The report of the working group that had met on the 24th April 1997 had been circulated as agreed. There were no further suggestions at the meeting, but further action was postponed in the light of a protest letter Fiona had sent to Hyndburn BC, which she read out to the meeting.

The letter was prompted by a number of dangerous incidents that had occurred as she cycled to and from work in Blackburn and around the village. It encompassed observations on the hazards of the marked cycleways and other new road markings, bicycle parking provision, problems with the new Rishton- Great Harwood cycleway, poor advertising of the National Bike Week events, etc. and the apparent lack of heed to suggestions made in the past. Her overall concern was that little of what had been done so far was going to encourage more people to use their bicycles, which was the main aim of all that was being done, and that the money spent could have been used more effectively.

Mark reported that he had been made aware of the letter and that it was being considered by the Council officers responsible for cycling matters. He felt that the Panel should involve itself in making some constructive comment. It was suggested that the Panel cycleway working group might be reconvened to consider what action to take.

7. Ladybird Trail and Deer Walk. Mark and Michael had partially completed a survey of these paths on the 28th May 1997 and were to arrange a date to complete the survey. They had identified a number of possible projects that could be undertaken to improve the maintenance of the paths, probably with BTCV assistance. As the paths also went through parts of Great Harwood and Clayton-le-Moors, this could possibly be a joint venture with those Panels. A reissue of the maps would also be helpful.

9. Young People's Questionnaire. Mark, Heather and Anne had met with Myra Ainsworth (Youth Leader) on the 28th May 1997 as planned. Myra brought along a copy of the results of a previous survey of young people in Rishton which could be useful for future reference. It had been agreed however to proceed with our own questionnaire and to get Royal Mail to deliver it to every household in Rishton (whether they had young people or not). Mark was confident a grant could be obtained from 'Rural Action' to cover all the costs.

Heather presented a revised version of questionnaire, designed to make it more 'environmentally friendly'. Improvements to the layout, information additions, modifications, etc were suggested. Mark was concerned to have as professional a document as possible, as a copy would have to be submitted with the grant application and could be returned if they were not impressed. Heather promised to try to have a revised draft ready the following week. It was hoped the grant application could be turned round within two weeks of submission.

Mark gave details of cost estimates totalling about £540. This was for approx. 3000 questionnaires printed locally by Parsons on recycled paper and 'stuffed' in recycled envelopes (by Panel members?). Due to holidays, Parsons could not print until early August. It was felt that the questionnaires needed to be returned before the new school term started. It was agreed to set a deadline of the 1st September 1997 for the return of the completed questionnaires. Those doing so would be entered in a prize draw, the prize for which would be a £20 voucher purchased locally [Do It All (WH Smiths) - Whitebirk (Rishton)]. Two weeks should be long enough from receipt to return. It should be publicised in the Observer for 3 weeks. Mark was trying to get permission to use election ballot boxes. Suggested locations were the Library, Whiteheads and the 'butty' shop 'over the bridge'

It was agreed to proceed along the lines suggested and in view of the coming holidays, to empower the officers to make any arrangements necessary..

10. Reports : Prospects Roadshow and first Forum meeting. No reports - no time!

11. Visits: NWWWTW and Whinney Hill. No further report - no time!

12. Canal Clean-up. Colin had contacted Roy Gibbons (British Waterways - Burnley) to see, a) if the Panel could help with any canal clean-up work and b) if there was any start date for the proposed upgrading of the towpath from High St to Norden bridges. The canal had in fact been considerably cleaned up since the earlier complaints but we would be born in mind for future occasions now they knew of our existence. He promised to come back on the upgrading project but had not yet done so. The impression given was that it was not imminent.

13. Any Other Business. Prompted by the Environmental Agency as a potential clean-up site, Colin and Mark had surveyed the stream running at the back of Talbot St on the 20th June 1997. They concluded that because of the very steep banking and the grossly overgrown nature of the site, it was not a feasible proposition at the moment. To be looked at again in winter when the vegetation had died down. There did not appear to be an awful lot of debris anyway. Tentative booking, prior to survey, for assistance by BTCV for Sunday 6th July 1997 had been cancelled

An alternative possibility of a 'litter pick' along the canal towpath was explored but very little litter was in evidence. It did however highlight the need for dog dirt bins when the towpath was upgraded to make it a more pleasant place to walk.

14. Next Meetings. Thursdays 7th August 1997

11th September 1997

at 7.30pm at Primetime Community Centre.

On hold : Floral display competition, parish map, notice board, mosaic, project for larger environmental impact, Waste Watch (rep. to talk about recycling) , High St bridge flowerbed area (following towpath improvement works by Hyndburn BC).

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 8th August 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley; Groundwork EL : Adele Adams ; Community Police : PC Ian Procter.

1. Members present : 6. PC Procter (recently appointed Community Policeman for Rishton) was welcomed.

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook , Val Eddlestone, Beverley Moorhouse and Harold Tootle.

3. Minutes. Minutes of the meetings 10th April, 8th May and 26th June 1997 were formally approved.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Parker St/Hermitage St corner. Adele was welcomed again and presented her colourful sketched proposal for the site. This resulted from the ideas suggested at the previous meeting which tried to incorporate some feature(s) from the various sketches submitted by local people. Her proposal was warmly received and it was generally agreed as an excellent basis on which to move forward, although it was appreciated that changes could be made as the project progressed. There was scope for schools involvement, possibly with artistic guidance. Reservations were expressed about potential vandalism. The key to this could be local 'ownership' of the scheme and as the next stage a local consultation process would be vital. Displays of the scheme should be mounted in key locations and houses in the area possibly leafletted and comments sought via a questionnaire. Mark would arrange to have A3 b&w copies made and encapsulated in plastic for display purposes. Gaskells Carpets should be approached about the scheme and the Free Gardners WMC could also be a point of local contact.

Cost for the scheme was estimated at about £20,000, but as well as local fund raising, there was confidence that sponsorship and grants could be obtained to make it a viable proposition. One element was a restructuring of the pathway and Hyndburn BC had already indicated a willingness to fund this (£2500). It might be 'sold' as a Millenium project. Adele was thanked for her efforts thus far but she advised that any further involvement by Groundwork EL would need to be costed as part of the scheme.

6. Young People's Questionnaire. Application had been submitted to 'Rural Action' for a grant of £692.56 to cover the estimated cost of printing and circulating the questionnaire. Colin had met an approved assessor from Rural Action to discuss the scheme. The impression given to him was that the scheme would be recommended for full grant. However Andrew had subsequently received a letter indicating that only a one third grant would be given because on further consideration it was deemed that only one third of the questions were environmental. Mark had taken the matter up on the Panel's behalf and managed to 'stretch' them to one half, but he was certain they would go no further. However he was confident funding could be found elsewhere to make up the difference and that the scheme would still go ahead. [Later confirmed that balance of funding would be provided from PROSPECTS budget]

Rural Action had requested modifications to some of the questions and revised wording was agreed by the meeting. RA also felt the scheme was expensive. Two elements that might reduce the cost could be the use of ordinary paper rather than recycled and getting competitive quotes from other printers rather than relying solely on a Rishton printer. The meeting agreed that the principle of using recycled paper should be adhered to, as should the use of a local printer.

The covering letter needed shortening to increase its impact and Michael produced an edited version.

When the results were eventually evaluated a press release should be prepared and a summary provided to such as the librarian, youth leaders, and Panel members.

7. Cycleways. The working group had met again on the 31st July 1997 to consider the Hyndburn BC response to Fiona's letter. This had not answered all the points she had raised and there was still some difficulty in understanding the rationale behind some of the traffic calming measures and the marking of cycle lanes. Particular concern was expressed about the continuing delay in cutting back the vegetation which was overhanging the cycle lane coming up from the paper mill. It was then some six weeks since Fiona first raised the matter and appeared to show a lack of concern.

It had been agreed that Colin should seek a meeting with Ian Richardson, the HBC engineer responsible. This had taken place on 6th August and a good exchange of views had taken place and a better understanding developed. He had chased the contractor almost daily on the cutting back of the vegetation and was as concerned as anyone to see it done. He was always keen to get positive feed-back on any schemes.

The traffic calming measures would be completed soon and would then be subject to a visual inspection with the police and county authorities to ensure they met prescribed criteria. Ian would welcome input from the Panel also at that time. He was very willing to meet the Panel (or a sub-group) again and in fact through Mark had subsequently requested a meeting with particular reference to the canal towpath from Norden to Whitebirk. Colin to contact him to arrange a meeting with the working group.

8. Ladybird Trail and Deer Walk. It had not been possible to arrange further surveys but Mark would contact Michael soon to do so.

9. Canal Towpath - High St to Norden. Colin reported that he had had a meeting with Tania Hindle, the HBC officer responsible for the towpath upgrading scheme, on 4th August 1997. Money was definitely set aside for the scheme in the 1997/98 budget but arrangements had still to be made with British Waterways as to the best time to carry out the work.

10. Visits: NWWWTW and Whinney Hill. Michael still pursuing.

11. Constitution Change and AGM. To better meet various funding requirements, changes to the constitution were being proposed. Under the current constitution, changes should be made at an AGM. As the Panel had been in existence for about 12 months, it seemed appropriate to make the next meeting an AGM and the suggested amendments to the constitution could be examined then.

The previously proposed date of the next meeting of the 11th September was not convenient to some present and it was agreed to reschedule the meeting for Thursday the 18th September 1997 at Primetime. It was also agreed that in future meeting times would be from 7.00 to 9.00pm. Arrangements to be made to give the required

21 days notice of the AGM and to circulate copies of the proposed revision to the constitution.

While the Panel was still keen that as many people as possible were involved in Prospects, there were a number on the mailing list who had not attended any meetings. Opportunity should therefore be given for people to have their names withdrawn so that a formal membership list could be drawn up.

12. Any Other Business.

Community Association. Maureen advised that the Panel could be represented on the Community Association. This met every three months and could be a means of widening interest in the Panel's activities.

13. Next Meeting. AGM : Thursday 18th September 1997 at 7.00pm at Primetime Community Centre.

Annual General Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 18th September 1997

Chair : Andrew Parker; Prospects Coordinator : Mark Hopley.

1. Members present : 14. Maureen reported that she had received very few slips back requesting removal of names from the Panel mailing/membership list. She would now proceed to draw up a definitive membership list on this basis. It was noted that in the new Constitution provision was made to terminate membership through non-attendance without apologies.

2. Apologies : Val Eddlestone, Coun. Bessie Hillman, Coun. Harold Tootle and Rev. Michael Waters.

3. Chairman's Address and Committee Report. Andrew reviewed the activities of the last twelve months and looked forward to increased progress in the coming year.

4. Treasurer's Report and Accounts. Colin reported that a Current Account had been opened with Midland Bank, Rishton in which had been deposited a cheque for £100 from Hyndburn BC for administrative expenses and £346.28 from Rural Action as part funding for the Young People's Questionnaire. Accrued bank interest was 21p . There was no expenditure, leaving a balance in the account of £446.49.

5. Amendments to the Panel Constitution. The draft amended Constitution had been circulated to all members with the meeting agenda. It was examined in detail with Mark explaining the reasons for the changes. Essentially these were to strengthen the Constitution on solicitor's advice to meet likely future requirements by such as the Lotteries Board and Charity Commissioners. Some changes were also felt advisable in the light of the experience of other Panels and organisations. Various other amendments were suggested, discussed and agreed. Mark to arrange typing of amended draft for adoption at the next meeting.

6. Election of Officers and Representatives. The following were proposed, seconded and unanimously elected:-

Chairman Andrew Parker

Secretary Beverley Moorhouse

Treasurer Colin Cooper

Membership Secretary Maureen Cunliffe

Publicity Officer Edwina Furber

Forum Representatives Margaret Worden

Beverley Moorhouse

In the absence of Janet Green, election of the Vice Chairman was held over until the next meeting. Beverley indicated that she might not be able to serve a full twelve months as Secretary but she agreed to be appointed for now until a replacement could be found.

Office holders for the past year were warmly thanked for their efforts.

7. Any other business. There was no other business and the meeting proceeded to the agenda for the normal meeting.

Meeting of Rishton Prospects Panel held at Primetime Centre 18th September 1997

(Following on from AGM)

1. Minutes. The meeting date heading the minutes of the meeting of the 7th August 1997 was corrected to read 7th August and not the 8th as printed. The minutes were then formally approved.

2. Matters Arising. None.

3. Progress on Young People's Questionnaire. 3000 copies of the questionnaire had been printed by Jim Parsons. Envelope design by Heather was being drawn up on computer ready for printing. Still required for covering letter was source of music voucher for acknowledgement. Suggested by meeting that Whiteheads be approached as third location for ballot box in addition to Library and SPAR, Burton St. Mark arranging envelope design and voucher, Colin to approach Whiteheads, then liaise with Parsons in good time to have all printed material ready by Friday 3rd October 1997.

Mark had placed order with Royal Mail to deliver questionnaires to all houses in Rishton week commencing 20th October at a cost of £131.82. They required them at their Wigan depot 7/14 days prior to delivery week. Following programme agreed for preparing envelopes :-

Norden Youth Club (Myra) Monday 6/10/97

1st Rishton Parish Church Cub Pack (Gordon/Bob) Wednesday 8/10/97 Prospects Panel Thursday 9/10/97

Gordon offered to deliver to Wigan, Friday 10/10/97.

Agreed to set a return date for questionnaires of the 5th November 1997.

Colin reported that we had received 50% funding (£346.28) from Rural Action and Mark reported that he had been able to negotiate the balance from Prospects funds.

4. Progress on Parker St/ Hermitage St site. Mark had arranged for A3 copies of the plan to be produced for consultation purposes and A0 copy to be laminated for display purposes. Agreed that next meeting should decide how best to carry out local consultation which was considered essential to long term success of the project.

Mark and Colin had drawn up a tentative budget and Colin was writing to various organisations about possible funding. It was agreed that we apply for membership of the Mersey Basin Trust who might be able to assist in this respect.

5. Progress on other Projects.

a) Canal towpath, High St -Norden. Colin reported that the improvement scheme was still planned for completion in the 1997/98 financial year. Hyndburn BC finalising start date arrangements with British Waterways.

b) Cycleways. Colin and Andrew had meet Ian Richardson (Hyndburn BC) to look at possible access to canal towpath from Whitebirk canal bridge to open up cycle corridor along canal to avoid Whitebirk roundabout. Subsequent response from Lancashire CC encouraging. Hyndburn would also like to see towpath from Norden to Whitebirk improved. Definite plans to improve towpath High St bridge towards Church.

Andrew had had no feed back from PC Procter (Community Police Officer) on legal queries raised at the last meeting regarding cycling/parking.. To be followed up.

6. Any Other Business. None.

7. Next Meeting. Thursday 9th October 1997 at 7.00pm at Primetime Community Centre.

Thereafter meetings to be third Thursday in the month, viz 20/11/97, 18/12/97, 15/1/98.

Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at Primetime Centre 18th December 1997

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), David Brayley-Willmetts, Heather Crossland, Mike Mulcahy, Roy Robinson, Michael Waters and PROSPECTS Coordinator : Mark Hopley.

2. Apologies : Geoff Bennette, Maureen Cunliffe, Gordon Howarth, Coun. Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Geoff Smale and Margaret Worden.

3. Minutes of meeting 20th November 1997. There being insufficent members present to form a quorum, this item was held over to the next meeting.

4. Matters arising. See 3. above.

5. Treasurer's report. See 3. above.

6. Young People's Questionnaire. A working party had met as planned on 2/12/97. After some useful discussion, it was agreed that more time was needed to digest all the information contained in the response summary that had been produced. A further meeting had been planned for 6/1/98 at Primetime at 7.00pm, but this was not now possible and a new date was to be arranged at the next full Panel meeting.

7. Parker St/ Hermitage St project. Andrew welcomed Roy Robinson as an interested resident of Hermitage St and Mike Mulcahy, another Hermitage St resident but also Hon Chairman of the Blackburn and Darwen Society for the Blind. Roy expresed two main concerns, vandalism/late night noise nuisance and dog fouling. He felt that to succeed, there would need to be greater security by way of additional CCTV or police patrol presence and ideally dogs should be banned. Litter could also be a problem.

Andrew explained that community involvement and community 'ownership' were seen from the outset as key elements if vandalism was to be minimised. Hence our efforts to consult the local community at this stage and hopefully get as many people as possible involved in the construction phases. This approach had been successful in similar schemes elsewhere. David said that since Norden School had become a community facility, vandalism had been significantly reduced. It was also intended to design out as many vandal risks as possible. However, it was agreed to write to the local police to seek their advice.

On the question of dog fouling it was unlikely that dogs could be banned completely but under the recent strengthening of the regulations, with greater penalties, it was hoped to have the site declared a 'designated area'. It was also hoped that dog dirt bins could be provided.

Mike made a plea for elements to be incorporated in the scheme for the visually impaired, as he could see the facility being an attraction for them. The Society might be able to help in various ways and in particular at this stage, he would obtain details on garden design for the visually impaired for the Panel's use. From their experience, education was a key factor and involving schools, youth groups etc., was important. Provision for the visually impaired in a scheme was often helpful when applying for grants.

Andrew thanked Mike for his helpful suggestions which had been duly noted. He pointed out that Norden Youth Club had been interested in the scheme at an early stage and it was intended to involve the schools in the artwork and in other ways.

Mark reported that permission in principle for the Panel to develop the site had been given by HBC's Leisure Services Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Colin reported that a grant from Shell had 'cleared the first hurdle' and he had submitted further imformation at their request. Very welcome financial support had been promised by Gaskell Carpets Ltd. Protection Packaging Ltd (ex Scapa) - Parker St, were interested in the scheme but were concerned about the narrow access to Parker St from Hermitage St for their large vehicles. They had thoughts about widening the entrance by taking land off the site. Mark advised that they should approach Hyndburn BC direct and that it was not a consideration for the PROSPECTS Panel.

8. Any other business.

a) PROSPECTS Foundation. Mark reported that the PROSPECTS Forum were proposing to set up a charitable PROSPECTS Foundation to enable it to access Landfill Tax rebate monies. Steering group meetings were planned for 8/1/98 and then 27/1/98 if needed. One representative was required from each of the seven PROSPECTS Panels. Colin volunteered to be the Rishton representative and this was accepted.

9. BTCV Membership Application. Colin had applied as agreed but was now advised that the annual membership fee had been raised in April from £20 to £25 and it was now a condition of membership that Public Liability insurance cover was in place. This could be done through BTCV at a current premium of £30.

In the absence of a full meeting quorum, a committee decision was made to proceed with the application at the increased fee and to obtain insurance cover through BTCV.

10. Next Meeting. Thursday 15th January 1998 at 7.00pm at Primetime Community Centre. (Probably in Norden School Library)

Suggested dates for future meetings (to be confirmed)

19th February 1998

19th March 1998

16th April 1998.