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Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 7th January 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Heather Crossland and Paul Osborne.

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe, Edwina Furber, Stuart Hogg, Gordon Howarth, Bob Jenkinson, Tony Quinn, Margaret Worden, Geoff Smale and Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator).

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Meeting 1/12/98 . Approval held over due to lack of a quorum.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

(i) Official Opening. This had been cancelled at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony as agreed. A lot of work had however been done by Hyndburn BC to tidy up the site and it had been possible to use the new facility to advantage for everyone to congregate in safety for the tree lighting and carol singing.

No work had been done on site since and it had not been possible to get an indication when work by Hyndburn BC would be completed. An internal target of end February had been requested. Remaining to be done were :- installation of litter bin, dog dirt bin, cauldrons and play equipment (with associated edging, flagging and play mulch) and also some remedial work and balance of planting. The mosaic was waiting for Hyndburn BC to replace the concrete screed they had removed when relaying the centre circle edging.

(ii) Notice Board. Slight rusting was being attended to and the manufacturers were experimenting with different inside material to try and reduce condensation. Sponsors display materials were still being assembled. Andrew was negotiating with the Library to see if they would act as a receiving agent for notices for display.

(iii) Grimewatch. Our written presentation had been submitted by the deadline date of 18/12/98. Judging was taking place 20/1/99 and the results would be announced in March.

Associated with this, a photo opportunity had been created on site when two surplus (slightly substandard) wall tiles had been presented to two pupils representing Norden and Rishton Methodist schools as souvenirs of their part in making the tiles and mosaic. Also presented by a representative of Barclays 'SiteSavers' was the prize voucher for the spot-the-difference competition. This went to Haley Butterworth of Rishton Methodist School. Photographs appeared in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph 30/12/98.

(iv) Finance. It was still unclear how the scheme would cost out as a number of accounts still remained to be presented. Colin was putting together the necessary paperwork to claim the grant from Mersey Basin.

6. Bottom 'Rec'.

(i) Lease. A letter had been received from Andrew Leah, Hyndburn BC's Principal Estates Surveyor advising that the current lease expired 2/2/2005. The Council did however have security of tenure and could therefore elect to extend the lease further. However the Council was currently undertaking a review of its current land holdings and associated maintenance liabilities with a view to possible reductions. This was due to be completed mid-1999. Until this process had been completed, no guarantees for the future could be given.

(ii) Wildlife Habitat Survey. Copies of the final report from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust had been received. The final version was not vastly different from the draft already circulated but anyone wishing to see the final version was welcome to request it. Details of the recommendations would be circulated.

Discussion followed on how best to tackle the potential development projects suggested by the report and in what order. Clearly they would need to be phased, possibly over a number of years, as finance and planning allowed. First would be the hedgelaying (see below). Thereafter, development of the ponds could make an interesting starting point but this would be more easily achieved if part or all of the path system could be constructed for access. Who would be best to help the Panel design, cost and manage the scheme? Groundwork or LWT perhaps or possibly the new PROSPECTS Community Project Officer when appointed in the Spring. The making and fixing of bat and bird boxes would make and interesting exercise, probably with schools involvement. The position regarding the future of the football pitch(es) needed clarification.

The position on adjoining land needed further investigation. Colin had yet to contact Park View Nurseries again about the coppice. Some lines of communication needed to be opened up with the Dunkenhalgh Estate over the other areas.

(iii) Hedgelaying Project. BTCV had timetabled Wednesday & Thursday, 27th & 28th January for their mid-week team. They would provide training for any volunteers who came and press on with the work. We had the option of the Saturday or Sunday before or after for more training (and work) when it was anticipated more volunteers could be available. It was agreed to opt for Saturday 30/1/99. The aim was to complete half the length now and a similar exercise would take place in October 1999 to complete the other half.

It was agreed that posters advertising the event be displayed in the Library, shops, etc as well as on the new notice board. The papers and Radio Lancashire should also be informed. Concern had been expressed that the hedgelaying process might be misunderstood as damaging and explanatory material to allay people's fears should be provided.

7. Towpath Upgrade. Work on the towpath was progressing steadily. The working party on signage had met as planned 7/12/98 and decided on the siting and detail to be included in notices and information boards. Fiona was now working these up on her computer prior to submission to Stephanie Wray (British Waterways) for costing.

8. Credit Union. No report.

9. Other Projects.

(i) Parish Map. No report.

(ii) Ladybird Trail and Deer Walk. Thanks to Geoff Smale a copy of the old Ladybird Trail leaflet and questionnaire had come to light. Further copies would be printed and circulated to those interested/involved in this project. An updated version might now be an aim.

(iii) Hanging Baskets/Shop Front Competition. Await further information from Lesley.

10. Any Other Business.

.(i) PROSPECTS Forum Meeting Tuesday 26/1/99. The Rishton Panel was to host this meeting. Primetime accommodation had been booked and Colin would tie in with Maureen and Margaret over refreshments, etc.

(ii) Rishton Panel Logo. Paul suggested the Panel should have its own logo. This could be the subject of a competition in the schools. To be pursued further.

(iii) Natural Pioneers Millennium Awards. Further details had been received and these had been passed to Paul for study and report back, with possible personal interest. Awards of £4500 were for individuals to undertake the design and implementation of an environmental project in their area, including any training needed. £1000 would be provided for materials, etc to carry out the project itself. The Bottom Rec might provide a suitable subject.

11. Next Meeting. Tuesday 9th February 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at thePrimetime Centre 9th February 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Cllr Russell Davies, Cllr Stan Horne, Bob Jenkinson, Margaret Worden.

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe, Edwina Furber, Stuart Hogg, Gordon Howarth, Paul Osborne, Tony Quinn, Geoff Smale and Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator).

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Meetings 1/12/98 and 7/1/99. Approved.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

(a) Completion of Work. Colin reported that in discussion with Andrew Hayhurst, a target completion of End February had been indicated. No further work had been done since the Christmas tree lighting and there was an expressed lack of confidence that this latest completion date would be met. Russell asked for a list of outstanding work so that he could follow this up.

(b) Notice Board. The board was now ready for notices to be posted, although some paintwork touch-up still required doing. Colin showed samples of initial notices he was proposing, giving some basic information about the project and acknowledging the sponsors. The Library had not yet been contacted about being a receiving point for community notices and Colin agreed to follow this up. [Later : Library has agreed. Notices for display to be collected and posted on Mondays. Notice to this effect to be displayed on notice board.]

(c) Grimewatch. Our submission had been shortlisted for an award in the Community Group category. Winners to be announced at a ceremony on the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd March at St Christophers School. Awards to be presented by David Bellamy.

(d) Opening Event. It was agreed that we should attempt some opening event on the site in April/May depending on work completion. The ideal would be to have a marquee in which to mount displays, build bird/bat boxes, have face painting, etc, etc., although there must be a question mark over the ground conditions if we were to have it on the grass. The main aim apart from having an official opening and showing off the Parker St project, would be to raise the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel profile and hopefully recruit more members. It would also be a good opportunity to give publicity to the Bottom Rec project and encourage more people to get involved. A Saturday or Sunday from 1.00pm to 5.00pm was suggested. The Accrington Panel could be consulted over the arrangements they made for their display on Broadway. The main thing at this stage would be to get some idea of costs and those present agreed to make various soundings.

6. Towpath Upgrade and Signage. Work on the path was going well with the base work completed from Norden to High St and work well on coming from the aqueduct back to High St.

Fiona tabled draft proposals on signage resulting from the working groups deliberations. This was likely to result in an information board at the High St mooring with one or two welcome notices at Norden and High St (Norden side). Pricing information for preferred board designs from Stephanie Rea (not Wray)(BW) was only just to hand. It was agreed that the working group should complete the designs and liaise with BW accordingly.

It was further agreed that once the sign costings had been finalised, any of the £3000 left over should be spent on benches; probably 2 or 3, to be placed near the bridges. BW required order details to be complete by end March, ie by the end of the financial year.

7. Bottom 'Rec'.

(a) Hedge Laying Project - 27th/28th & 30th January 1999. The hedge laying had been very successful with the target of 50% of the length almost being achieved. However community support had been almost non-existent and although the schools were invited to send groups to watch, none had done so. So a golden opportunity to learn this art/skill had been missed. The weather had been very kind for the time of year, so was not a valid excuse. Thankfully there had been good support from two day-care centres and BTCV volunteers. A pile of unwanted cut branches remained to be cleared and Mark had negotiated a price with Hyndburn BC to clear these with their shredder. The resulting pile of mulch could be used on Parker St (where a thicker depth was required) and on other suitable Panel projects.

At the moment the plan was to complete the laying of the rest of the hedge in October. Hopefully there would be better support then.

(b) Future Action. It was agreed to await the appointment of the proposed new PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer before proceeding much further. Hopefully this could be one of the first major projects he could be involved in and provide advice and guidance for. All being well, this would tie in with Hyndburn BC's review of leases, as it was felt there was little point in developing long term plans unless there was a commitment to extend the lease beyond 2005.

Apart from finishing the hedge laying, it was agreed that the first new development should be the planting of the proposed new native species hedge along the south east border to hide the garages.

Colin and Andrew had tried to contact Ingham and Yorke, the Dunkenhalgh agents, to discuss the position regarding the adjoining land that we might be interested in, but without success so far.

Concern was expressed about damage to trees in the south west corner. Margaret said she would follow this up with Mark Cox (Hyndburn BC's trees officer).

Mark had obtained details for Bob about the 'Trees of time and place' scheme. Bob wondered if the Bottom Rec might be suitable for this. Again Margaret agreed to follow this up.

8. Clayton Fields Trail (Ladybird Trail). Now details of the Trail were available, Rishton Ramblers were proposing to walk round it (8 miles). It was felt that members of the Panel might like to join them and it was agreed that the date of the walk be established and publicised. [Later : Sunday 11th April 1999, meet at Primetime at 10.00am.]

9. Hanging Baskets/Shop Front Competition. Await further information from Lesley.

10. Credit Union. A further meeting of the steering group had taken place 28/1/99 and despite concerns still about adequate support, information gathering and plans for training were going ahead. The next meeting of the steering group was planned for a Saturday to see if this would generate more support : Saturday 20th February 1999 at 2.00pm at Churchfield House, GH.

11. Parish Map. Details were given of an Elaine Sagar of the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe who gave talks on the subject. Margaret agreed to follow this up.

12. Other Projects.

(a) Rishton Panel Logo. Held over.

(b) Natural Pioneers Millennium Awards. Held over.

13. Any Other Business.

(a) Old Railway Path - Norden. Fiona reported constant blockage due to flooding under the road bridge which the Councillors promised to follow up.

14. Next Meeting. Tuesday 16th March 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 16th March 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Maureen Cunliffe, Bob Jenkinson, Paul Osborne, Margaret Worden and Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator).

2. Apologies : Cllr Russell Davies, Edwina Furber, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Geoff Smale.

Andrew being delayed on duty, Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a particular welcome to Susan Goodwin, the meeting's guest speaker from RAKU.

3. Minutes of Meetings 9/2/99. Approved.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Grimewatch' Presentation 23/3/99. It was confirmed that the Panel would be represented by Andrew, Colin, Margaret and Mark. Mark asked whether it would be possible also to include Sophie Murray the newly appointed PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer who was to take up her post that week. Colin to confirm with the 'Grimewatch' Coordinator.

5. Parish Maps. Susan outlined the wide variety of forms that Parish Maps could take; the mediums that could be used (they were not all tapestry/embroidery!); the ways of involving a professional artist; funding and management through the group/outside agency.

She opened up discussion on the Panel's ideas which seemed to lean towards something outdoors, in a mixture of mediums and in a number of locations, reflecting village life past and present. A prime aim was to get as many groups and organisations as possible within the village involved.

A core group of Margaret, Fiona, Andrew and Colin was set up to pursue the ideas further and a first meeting of 23/3/99 at Primetime at 7.00pm was arranged. Susan offered the further involvement of RAKU who had their own artists and had built up a wealth of experience in this field. She was thanked for her presentation. (RAKU = Japanese = gentle, joyous and spontaneous).

6. Hyndburn Visual Arts Festival. At a meeting of the Hyndburn PROSPECTS Panels 18/2/99, Yvonne Robbins of RAKU had explained that RAKU had been invited by Hyndburn BC to lead a Visual Arts Festival over the period May to September this year. Included would be two free 'taster' art workshops, exhibitions of local artistic talent, two gala weekends, etc. The PROSPECTS Panels were being asked to register by end March for the art workshops, which it was hoped would lead to more ambitious plans for the future eg Parish Maps. It was agreed that this could fit in well with our Parish Map plans and Andrew would complete the necessary registration form.

7. Towpath Signage Update. Andrew had costed various combinations of signs and benches within the £3000 allocated and it was agree we should opt for : one large sign (@ £816.65) on the wharfeside; two small signs (@ £242.08 each), one by Norden Bridge and one the

Norden side of High St Bridge; three benches (@ £370 + £49 fixing tool), one each near Norden Bridge (High St side), Spring St Bridge (High St side) and one on the wharfe side. This totalled £2459.81 and it was questioned whether the balance might be used to plant up the canalside flower bed at High St Bridge. It was thought that British Waterways had agreed to refurbish the stone benches associated with this flower bed. Andrew would discuss these points with Stephanie Rea when he reported the decision about the signs proposed. Regarding the designs to go on the signs, Fiona was still working on these.

Matt Hargreaves of HBC had indicated to Colin that sufficient funding remained to extend the towpath refurbishment to Cut Lane Bridge and possibly to Sidebeet Lane Bridge, but there were access problems at the latter. In the other direction a footpath/cycleway would be established along the line of the Clayton Fields Trail from the M65 aqueduct across the fields to Church. He did not know whether repointing of the stonework at High St Bridge had been completed but would report back. He needed to know urgently where we wished to site the benches and Andrew agreed to contact him about this. It was agreed the benches should be 'Rootfast' 1.8 metre metal seats made by Earth Anchors which did not need a concrete plinth.

8. Parker St/Hermitage St Project. Andrew Hayhurst (HBC) had indicated to Colin the previous day that there was a 'danger' that work would soon be going ahead to complete the project now that the weather was improving, but he could not be specific as to when.

It had been planned to lay the mosaic Monday 1/3/99 and schools had been alerted, but a further muddle of communications between Groundwork and departments of HBC had lead to the foundations being incorrectly laid the previous Friday. HBC had now placed an order on the Hyndburn Wall and Tile Co to lay the foundation as well as to fix the mosaic. Timing was now in their hands.

Any plans for an opening event were effectively on hold until a better indication of a finish date was established. Margaret had however found out that the hire of a marquee would cost about £260.

Stan Horne had reported to Colin that the amenity area where Nos 8 & 9 Parker St used to be was to be refurbished by Hyndburn BC with financial assistance from Gaskells. Also, Gaskells were being pressed to do something about rebuilding the wall on Hermitage St where the 'temporary' boarding currently was. Both schemes would complement the Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

9. Bottom 'Rec'.

a) 'Trees of Time and Place'. Having studied the literature about the scheme, Bob wondered if the Bottom Rec might be a suitable planting location. Colin was asked to write to Andrew Hayhurst to seek Hyndburn BC's authorisation.

b) Community Projects Officer. Mark reported that Ms Sophie Murray had been appointed to the post and would be starting 22/3/99. She was a fully qualified landscape architect and had experience of working with communities and running projects. Recently she had helped with the running of her father's landscape business, designing schemes, supervising contracts, helping to look after the office and doing practical work on the ground.

10. Other Projects.

a) Norden Bridge Railway Path. Colin reported that coincident with the concerns expressed at our last meeting, we had been approached by the Great Harwood Panel to assist them with their long running efforts to have something done about the flooding. Hyndburn BC had initially denied responsibility, but contact with Railtrack by the GH Panel had eventually uncovered a written agreement to responsibility and drawings of the drainage scheme. The problem was established as a blocked drain which was flushed through and the problem now appeared to be solved. Any recurrence of flooding was to be reported to HBC for action.

b) Clayton Fields Trail (Ladybird Trail). Held over.

c) Hanging Baskets/Shop Front Competition. Held over.

d) Credit Union. Held over.

e) Rishton Panel Logo. Colin tabled a design for the Rishton coat of arms and an explanation of the derivation of the Rishton name. Held over for future consideration.

f) Natural Pioneers Millennium Awards. Now that he was in full time employment, Paul did not have time to pursue this.

11. Any Other Business.

a) 'Grot' Spots. Details were given of Hyndburn BC's 'HEAP' (Hyndburn Environmental Action Programme) scheme which was to start 1/4/99. Under this scheme, areas needing clearing of rubbish, litter, etc could be reported by telephoning 356222 and four local areas had already been identified.

12. Next Meeting. Tuesday 27th April 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 27th April 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman) P/T, Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), C.Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Jacqueline Achaski, June Butler, Cllr Russell Davies, Gordon Howarth, Bob Jenkinson, Paul Osborne, Margaret Worden and Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator) P/T.

2. Apologies : Heather Crossland, Maureen Cunliffe, Edwina Furber, Cllr Stan Horne, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Sophie Murray, Geoff Smale.

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting, particularly new members and was pleased to welcome to Susan Goodwin from RAKU once again .

3. Minutes of Meetings 16/3/99. Approved.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Grimewatch' Presentation 23/3/99. The Panel's entry had not won the top prize in its category but had been highly commended and had been presented with a framed certificate which it was proposed to display at Primetime. Andrew was also arranging a coloured photocopy for display in the community noticeboard. Letters of congratulation had been received from the Mayor of Hyndburn and the PROSPECTS Forum.

b) Hyndburn Visual Arts Festival. Andrew had completed the necessary registration form.

c) Trees of Time and Place. Colin had written to Andrew Hayhurst seeking permission to use some part of the Bottom Rec as a potential tree nursery but had as yet not received a reply.

d) Hanging Baskets. It was noted that Hyndburn BC were putting baskets up and in some cases having to erect special poles. Mention was made that in Great Harwood the Rotary Club were organising a complementary competition for shops,businesses and individuals to display baskets, window boxes and pots. It was thought we might learn from their experience for the future.

5. Parish Maps. The core group had met 23/3/99 and developed some design ideas along the the lines of village life past, present and future. A meeting with an artist to pursue these ideas further scheduled for 22/4/99 had had to be postponed. Locations suggested included the end wall of Tom Duckworths butchers, the wall in the Roebuck car park and a wall on Whiteheads. An approach had been made to Trevor Dawsons estate agents about the use of the Roebuck car park wall and they were consulting their clients. Cllr Davies pointed out that we would also need planning permission which might not be readily forthcoming due to a perceived danger of distracting vehicle drivers, especially being near the pedestrian crossing.

Cost for something on this wall could amount to £20/30,000 and it was questionned whether the money might be better spent elsewhere. It was pointed out that any grants obtained would probably be project restricted and could not therefore be used elsewhere. It would certainly not be from Council Tax money. More importantly the project had to be seen as one drawing all parts of

the community together with a common purpose and would be invaluable as such.

A further meeting of the core group was scheduled for 11/5/99 at 7.00pm at Primetime. More members for this group would be welcome.

6. Towpath.

a) Signage and Seating. Andrew had ordered the sign boards and seating agreed at the last meeting through British Waterways and had communicated with Matt Hargreaves (Hyndburn BC) on positioning. Fiona was still working on the design to go with the information board.

b) Flower Bed and Seating. It was still not clear whether the repointing of the wall above the canalside flowerbed had been completed or whether the stone seating was to be rebuilt. Andrew to pursue with Matt Hargreaves and British Waterways respectively.

7. Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

a) Apology from Hyndburn BC. As a result of representations made to Mike Chambers, Hyndburn Chief Executive, informally at the Grimewatch awards, a letter had been received from Peter Clegg, Deputy Director, Operations Dept, apologising for 'the lack of action and progress' and 'the way in which the scheme has been handled to date'. He declared an intent 'to take a personal interest in the progress of the scheme to ensure that it is completed as quickly and effectively as possible'.

b) Completion of Work. The mosaic had eventually been fixed in place 15/4/99 when four girls from Norden had very effectively helped Alan Brown and his team from Clitheroe Tile Co. It required some touching up of the final grouting due to the damp weather on the day.

The same day Hyndburn BC had fixed some of the wooden animals in place. They had had to make far more substantial fixing brackets than those supplied and the end result seemed reasonably vandal proof. In the event the area that had been allowed was only sufficient for four of the five animals to give safe spacing, so the fifth animal remained to be installed somewhere else.

The grassed area was beginning to look even more of a mess as the grass had not yet been cut. It was commented that had people seen it looking nice, there might have been more respect shown and plants, especially from the planters, might not have been lost. In compensation, Hyndburn BC might be asked to replace some of the plants. Colin to pursue when discussing costs at a meeting 12/5/99.

c) Opening Event. Still await completion date.

d) Notice Board. Only one notice had so far been left at the Library for display in the notice board. Hopefully in time it would be used more. Colin had asked Maureen for a selection of Primetime notices for display.

8. Bottom 'Rec'.

We had been successful in getting an appointment to see a representative of Ingham and Yorke (the Dunkenhalgh agents) 11/5/99 when it was hoped to establish some sort of rapport with them that might be useful in future for us and other Panels.

9. Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail.

Rishton Ramblers had done their preliminary recce on Sunday 11/4/99. Many of the old ladybird markers still existed to point the way and most parts were passable. New markers were required in some places to point the way where the way was in doubt or there had been path changes.

As the trail went through a number of Panel areas, Mark said it was hoped to include something in the next bid for landfill tax money.

10. Other Projects.

a) Credit Union. Held over.

b) Rishton Panel Logo. Held over.

c) Coniston Way. Mr Jack Hargreaves who lived in Coniston Way had been in touch about possible enhancement of the flora and fauna in the green belt between the houses and the fields. Sophie, Mark and Colin had had discussions with him and Sophie was preparing some schemes.

11. Any Other Business.

a) Canal Project 2000. Details were given of an environmental art scheme to be fronted by Mid-Pennine Arts to provide artwork along the canal. At this stage they were looking for ideas from community groups of what might appeal. The Panel suggested ornamental gateways at high St and Spring St bridges. Colin to complete the necessary forms.

12. Next Meeting. Tuesday 18th May 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 18th May 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman) P/T, Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Jacqueline Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Margaret Worden and Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer) and Jimmy Swindells (British Waterways Community Development Officer).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe, Cllr Russell Davies, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Stan Horne, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Paul Osborne, Geoff Smale.

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Sophie Murray and Jimmy Swindells.

3. Minutes of Meetings 27/4/99. Approved.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Hyndburn Visual Arts Festival. There was to be a meeting at Mercer House, C-L-M on Wednesday evening 26th May 1999 at which further details would be given. Andrew and Colin volunteered to go. We had been allocated workshops on ceramics and wood carving hosted by Groundwork, to take place on Saturday 24th July 1999, probably at Primetime.

b) Canal Project 2000. Colin had submitted the gateway ideas suggested at the last meeting. Sophie had added two more and coordinated the responses of all the Panels for submission to Mid-Pennine Arts. She would be acting as the PROSPECTS liaison officer and would welcome lots more ideas. Jimmy stressed that they were not only looking for ideas of permanent artwork but also celebratory events that could be held along the canal.

Details were given of two associated barge trips through Hyndburn, one on Thursday 20/5/99 from Burnley Rosegrove to Norden and the other on Monday 24/5/99 from Norden to Chorley, both starting at 9.00am and finishing at approx 5.00pm. The barge had already successfully travelled the stretch prior to Rosegrove. There were artists on board and representatives of community and other interested groups, the idea being to generate further ideas and to give a 'feel' of the surrounding areas when viewed from the canal. Andrew said he would try for 20/5/99 and Jacqueline volunteered for 24/5/99.

5. Towpath.

a) Signage and Seating. Jimmy reported that the seats were available. Sophie would communicate this to Matt Hargreaves (HBC) so that they could be fixed in place now the path was finished from Norden to High St. Progress on the signs was dependant on the designs being cleared and Fiona said she would do all she could to complete these as soon as possible.

[Later : Sophie reported Matt Hargreaves as saying that he was waiting a location map from the Panel. Andrew thought he had agreed location sites when he visited Matt some weeks previously. Andrew to contact Matt again.]

b) Flower Bed and Seating. Colin had checked with Matt Hargreaves and the pointing of the wall had not yet been satisfactorily completed, so no progress was possible on the flower bed. There appeared to be no plans or money to renovate the two stone seats.

c) Further Upgrading of the Towpath. A start was imminent on the stretch from Norden to Sidebeet Lane.

d) Dog Dirt Bins. Now such a fine job had been made of the towpath, it was suggested that dog dirt bins be provided in an effort to reduce this nuisance. Colin to take up with HBC.

[Later : Jimmy Swindells offered to provide dog dirt bins for the canal area, provided HBC would arrange to empty them. Sophie would discuss with Jimmy the design and numbers of bins available. Andrew Hayhurst would suggest locations after discussion with the Panel.]

6. Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

a) Completion of work. Regrouting of the mosaic appeared to have been done. The paintwork on the notice board had been touched up where rust was showing and the sealant round the polycarbonate renewed in places where it was coming away from the frame. Some harrowing and reseeding had taken place on the grass but other rough areas and dips remained to be attended to. [Later : Andrew Hayhurst confirmed that more was to be done but there were difficulties at present getting top soil.] There was no information on the cauldrons and litter bin. There was a difference of opinion with HBC as to whether a dog dirt bin would encourage people to 'poop scoop' or be counter-productive and merely encourage more people to use the area for their dogs and perhaps we ought to wait and see. After some discussion, the meeting concluded that it would be preferable to have a bin. [Later : Sophie took this up with Andrew Hayhurst and it was agreed that a bin would be provided.]

Because of the mess it was making as ammunition for play fights, Colin had removed the gravel from the planters. There was evidence that the planter beds were being well walked on and a lot of plants had been lost as a result. Andrew Hayhurst had suggested that the planters be topped up with top soil and planted with camomile which would be hard wearing and aromatic. This seemed a good idea.

b) Costs. Colin had attended a meeting 12/5/99 with Mark Hopley, Andrew Hayhurst (HBC) and Maggie Flynn (Groundwork EL) to resolve some cost questions and draw up a balance sheet for the project. Progress had been made and a further meeting was scheduled for 21/5/99. Initial indications were that the grant monies we had obtained should cover the costs.

c) Opening Event. Still await completion date.

7. Bottom 'Rec'.

a) Visit to Ingham and Yorke. Andrew, Colin and Mark had visited Ingham and Yorke (the Dunkenhalgh agents) 11/5/99 and had a discussion with their Mr Andrew Gardner (assistant to Mr Eric Millar). The purpose of the visit was to establish contact which had proved difficult for other groups in the past and more specifically to enquire whether plots adjacent to the main HBC area might be included in any plans for developing the Bottom Rec'. Mr Gardner undertook to contact the current leaseholders. It remained to be seen how well I & Y responded to this and one or two other matters that Mark raised.

b) Trees of Time and Place. There had as yet been no response from HBC over our request in principle to use some area of the Bottom Rec' as a tree nursery. Colin to follow up.

c) Play Equipment. Carol reported that she and a number of others had sent letters to Cllr Russell Davies as he had asked, requesting urgent consideration to the provision of a childrens' play area at the 'bottom end' of the village (on the Bottom Rec' ??).

8. Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail.

Nothing further to report.

9. Other Projects.

a) Credit Union. Held over.

b) Rishton Panel Logo. Held over.

c) Coniston Way. Sophie reported that Andrew Hayhurst was preparing some schemes and they would then contact Mr Hargreaves and arrange some form of local consultation.

10. Parish Map. The core group had met again with Sue Goodwin (Raku) 11/5/99. While we had some ideas of our own of a design for the map, it was decided that if it was to be a truly community project, the widest possible consultation should take place at the design stage. To this end, a circular letter had been prepared by Margaret which it was planned to send to all community groups, youth organisations, schools, clubs, businesses, etc inviting them to take part and particularly at this stage to submit ideas. If they wanted, members of the Panel would go and talk to their groups or alternatively the first half hour of the next two Panel meetings would be used as 'drop-in' sessions for any person or group that might be interested. To enable the letter to be completed, the dates of the next two meetings were agreed as Tuesdays the 22nd June and 3rd August 1999. The core group was planning to meet again on Tuesday 8th June at Primetime to complete the letters and address the envelopes ready for posting. Help from other members would be welcome.

Colin reported that a tentative verbal OK had been given by Mr J. Alcock of the Rishton Motor Company (?) to the use of their wall alongside the Roebuck car park. Margaret reported that discussions with HBC Planning officers indicated that planning permission for this site should not be a problem and the idea would be generally welcomed.

Margaret was also preparing an article about the parish map proposals to go in the next edition of the Hyndburn Arts Newsletter, which should give it further publicity.

Sophie would provide information on potential funding.

[Later : Colin contacted Mr Alcock to seek his agreement to 'going public' on the use of the wall alongside the Roebuck car park, only to be told that permission from the brewery would also be necessary. This might not be easy to acquire as he had had problems with them in the past over a hoarding he had erected and had eventually had to take down. Access was needed over their land to get to the site and in theory anything on the wall was overhanging their land, hence the brewery's involvement.]

11. Any Other Business.

a) REEL Action Week - 19th to 27th June 1999. Sophie gave details of of the Action Week planned by River Enhancement East Lancashire and its associated Awards Scheme and photographic competition. She questioned whether the Panel was planning any activity associated with the week but was advised that nothing was being considered at present.

b) Great Harwood Civic Society - Annual Boundary Walk - Saturday 12th June 1999.

A letter was read out giving details of the Boundary Walk commencing at 9.30am at the Lidgett Hotel and members were asked to consider joining in and making the event known generally. The full distance was 10 miles in 5 stages and any number of stages could be undertaken.

c) 'Grot Spots'. A leaflet was now available (in the rack at Primetime) about the HEAP Scheme (Hyndburn Environmental Action Programme). This was being run in conjunction with the Accrington Observer. ' Grot spots' could either be reported to the Observer on 871444 or HBC on 356222. The Council's clearance team was operating in Rishton, West End and Knuzden w/c 17th and 24th May.

d) Aluminium Drinks Can Recycling Scheme. The Scheme had been relaunched at the Awards Presentation after the first year's operation on the 13th May1999. Participation in the first year had been very disappointing and it was hoped more schools and community groups would consider taking it up. A new leaflet was available.

12. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 22nd June and 3rd August 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.


It is with considerable sadness that we record the recent death of Edwina Furber, one of our founder members. Despite failing health and increasing blindness which prevented her from attending meetings, Edwina continued to take an interest in the Panel's activities. In her last letter to the Panel, she said how pleased she was that we were seriously looking at doing something on the Roebuck car park wall. Despite the recent set-back, it would be nice if we could still achieve something in this respect in her memory.


Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 22nd June 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman) , Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Jacqueline Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Cllr Stan Horne, Paul Osborne, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer) and Jimmy Swindells (British Waterways Community Development Officer).

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Heather Crossland, Maureen Cunliffe, Cllr Russell Davies, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Geoff Smale.

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Meetings 18/5/99. Approved.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Parish Map.

a) Hyndburn Visual Arts Festival. The meeting with Raku at Mercer House, C-L-M on Wednesday evening 26th May 1999 confirmed that the allocated workshops for Rishton would be on ceramics and wood carving hosted by Groundwork, to take place on Saturday 24th July 1999, probably at Primetime. A poster for these and a timetable for the other workshops and their location had also been issued. It was agreed that a copy of the poster and the timetable should go out with the letter to community groups etc. and also with the minutes of this meeting. Places for woodcarving were limited and needed to be booked with Raku.

b) Letter to community groups. In view of the doubts now about using the Roebuck car park wall, the core group meeting 8/6/99 had decided to redraft the letter. A draft was read out to the meeting and agreed. Colin and Margaret would try to put together a distribution list and Margaret would arrange typing, photocopying and posting.

c) Siting problems. Colin had contacted the landlady at the Roebuck and been given a brewery contact to write to. No reply had yet been received. If the Roebuck site failed, it was agreed we should try for the gable end on Duckworths the butchers.

6. Towpath.

a) Signage and Seating. Andrew had contacted Matt Hargreaves and reaffirmed the approximate sites for the seating. Matt would tie in with British Waterways who had the seats in store and fix final positioning with the contractors when they came back on site to start the next phase of the towpath upgrade. This had been delayed by the adverse weather conditions.

Fiona had made further progress on the designs for the signs and was doing all she could to finish them off.

b) Flower Bed and Seating. The pointing of the wall around the flower bed would again be done when the contractors came back on site to progress the towpath.

c) Dog Dirt Bins. June had followed this up with HBC and it had been agreed in principle.

British Waterways had agreed to provide the bins but there was some confusion with HBC about the design. Sophie would try to resolve this with Andrew Hayhurst.

d) Canal Project 2000. Elizabeth and Jacqueline had gone on the barge trip from Norden to Chorley 24/5/99 and enjoyed the experience despite the wet weather. They commented particularly on the absence of trees on the Rishton to Blackburn stretch compared with other areas. It was felt that negotiations with landowners over suitable sites for tree planting might prove difficult but should not be discounted. More immediately we might consider some bulb planting in the verges where the towpath had been upgraded.

Sophie announced that she was arranging a meeting 24/6/99 for representatives of the Hyndburn Panels and Mid-Pennine Arts to discuss outline proposals for projects and events (see Page 4) that were emerging from the various consultations to celebrate Canal 2000. Andrew and Colin volunteered to represent the Rishton Panel at that meeting and report back.

7. Parker St/Hermitage St Project.

a) Completion of work. The latest promise Sophie had been able to extract from HBC was completion of all work, including cauldrons, litter and dog-dirt bins and camomile in the planters by 22/7/99. Colin had planted the spare plants left over from November's planting but there were still some spare shrubs which couldn't be moved until next dormant season. Lancashire Landscapes had supplied some spare lengths of treated timber to be used to replace damaged seating laths and these were stored in Colin's garage. The spare animal had still to be transferred from HBC to Colin for storing, Sophie to follow up.

b) Costs. The further meeting with Groundwork and HBC 21/5/99 had reaffirmed that the grant monies would cover costs but some outstanding details still needed to be resolved before the figures could be finalised.

c) Opening Event. Still await project completion.

d) Amenity Area. Stan reported that the order had gone out for the refurbishment of the amenity area where Nos. 8 & 9 Parker St used to be. Gaskells were meeting half of the cost. It was also noted that the work on Gaskell's wall on Hermitage St was almost complete, so further tidying up the area.

8. Bottom 'Rec'.

a) Visit to Ingham and Yorke. No response had yet been received following the visit 11/5/99. Sophie to check whether Mark had received any reply to his queries. Colin/Andrew to follow up.

b) Trees of Time and Place. There had still been no formal response from HBC over our request in principle to use some area of the Bottom Rec' as a tree nursery, although a tentative verbal OK had been indicated. In view of the vandalism to mature tree in the area, it was questioned whether this was a safe place to have a tree nursery. If we were to do something for the next seed collecting and planting season we needed to be developing some definite plans soon. Colin to follow up with Bob who had initiated the idea..

c) Play Equipment. Carole reported that a 500 signature petition had been raised requesting urgent consideration to the provision of a childrens' play area at the 'bottom end' of the village and this had been passed on to Cllr Davies. Stan in his capacity now as Vice- Chairman of Leisure Services said he would follow this up with Russell.

d) Ponds. Carole reported that concern was being expressed about the possible provision of ponds in the Bottom Rec scheme. These could be a safety hazard to young children. It was noted that in a scheme in C-L-M a pond there was being securely fenced off with access only through a lockable gate.

9. Aluminium Can Recycling Scheme.

Sophie asked if there was more that the Panel could do to 'push' the scheme. It seemed a shame that more schools and organisations couldn't take advantage of this way of raising funds and also help the Borough reach the government's target of a reduction of waste by 25% by 2005.

It was commented that there seemed to be a reluctance from the local schools contacted previously to take on the additional organisational and administrative burden involved. In some cases the bringing of cans to school was forbidden. Sophie pointed out that it wasn't only for schools but for any community groups. Paul said he would broach the subject with the Boys' Brigade group.

10. Crime and Disorder.

Colin reported that he had been attending meetings of the Rishton Crime and Disorder Subgroup on the Panel's behalf following HBC's crime and disorder audit and in preparation for the publication of HBC's Crime and Disorder Strategy soon. Maureen had also been attending in her community role. One of the elements being considered was that of juvenile nuisance in Rishton and a copy of the results of the Panel's Young People's Questionnaire had been submitted to help in this consideration. Stan said that he was hopeful more CCTV would be provided in Rishton. Carole expressed concern about known drug 'pushers' in the village. Stan assured her that the police were aware of the problem and who was involved.

11. Other Projects.

a) Credit Union. No up-to-date information available.

b) Rishton Panel Logo. Andrew to look at. Fiona has the design details of the Rishton crest.

c) Coniston Way. Still with Andrew Hayhurst to prepare some schemes and then contact Mr Hargreaves and arrange some form of local consultation. Stan expressed surprise that little progress appeared to have been made since he had been involved some time previously and understood a scheme was going ahead. It was known that Andrew had a heavy workload but clearly something needed to be moving soon if we were not to miss the hedge planting season this winter. He would follow this up.

12. Any Other Business.

a) Canal Boat. The Church Panel had been offered the purchase of a Force Five Tender boat for use on canal projects, particularly with safety in mind. Promised funding had fallen through and Mark had approached the four Panel's with access to the canal who might therefore have an interest in using the boat, to see if they could share the cost of £450. As a quick decision was needed, the Rishton Panel executive had decided that this would be a worthwhile investment and agreed a contribution of £100. Subsequently when two of the other Panel's were unable to raise their share, a loan of a further £125 was made (ie £225 total). The meeting endorsed this action.

b) REEL Action Week - 19th to 27th June 1999. Sophie reported that the Church Panel was organising a project the following weekend as part of the Week when, in conjunction with British Waterways, they were hoping to build a mooring stage on the canalside and improve the surrounding area. Help would be very welcome and Andrew said he hoped to go.

Paul suggested that on a future such Week, we might have a clean-up of the stream at the back of Maple Crescent and the brook at the bottom of Tottleworth. Sophie advised that there would be another Week in October.

c) 'Grot Spots'. It was difficult to tell whether many of the reported 'grot spots' had been tackled during Rishton's fortnight (w/c 17th and 24th May) as many of the areas had become overgrown since they were reported. It was to be hoped therefore that the scheme would continue into the winter when the rubbish would be visible again.

d) Photography Course. Details were given of a training course in documentary photography being organised by the Hyndburn Projects Reportage Group and lead by Action Factory Community Arts commencing 7/7/99.

e) Hyndburn Arts Forum. Andrew had received a questionnaire regarding the possible setting up of a Hyndburn Arts Forum as part of the Hyndburn Arts Strategy. It was agreed that Andrew complete the questionnaire on the Panel's behalf.

f) Health and Safety. Sophie advised that HBC had drawn up new guidelines on safety procedures and licencing for groups working on Council owned land/property. She would advise on this when necessary and it was important that Panels let her know of any such work they were proposing to undertake.

13. Next Meeting. Tuesday 3rd August 1999 at Primetime at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 28th September 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman) (part-time), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Beverley Moorhouse (Secretary), Colin Cooper (Treasurer), Jacqueline Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Alan Holden (L&L Canal Society), Cllr Stan Horne, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Paul Osborne, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer) and Jimmy Swindells (British Waterways Community Development Officer).

2. Apologies : Ruth Colling, Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Heather Crossland, Cllr Russell Davies, Gordon Howarth, Geoff Smale and Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator).

In the absence of Andrew who was on duty until later, Fiona took the chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and proposed that the meeting proceed to Item 7 (project review) of the agenda until Andrew's arrival. This was agreed.

7. Review of current projects and plans for the future. (Refer also to notes in Appendix I)

(1) Young Peoples Questionnaire. ) Most recent use of the findings of the YP

(13) Crime and Disorder. ) Questionnaire was by Amanda Edwards (Youth Worker) who was carrying out her own survey among the groups of young people who congregated in various parts of Rishton. Results were being fed to the Crime and Disorder Group who were targetting juvenile nuisance in Rishton as one of their priorities. As a result it seemed likely that a trial vandal-proof shelter would be erected somewhere in the village as a congregating point for young people. This would be serviced by out-reach youth workers. A drop-in centre was also being considered but a more immediate need was for an information and one-to-one counselling centre. Such a centre was also needed by the police (for surgeries), the domestic violence service, etc. Current proposal was to make the flat in Sands Rd being made available to the Sands Residents Association also open to other groups/services.

The Panel had also been asked to advise on the siting of more litter bins to help improve the tidiness of the village, which was another C&D Group remit. Members had met with HBC representatives for an inspection tour of the High St area 28/9/99 and more bins were promised at suggested key locations.

(2) Parker St Community Garden. Costs remained to be finalised but it seemed certain that they would be covered by the grants obtained. Now it was finished and looking nice, it was hoped to resubmit it for this years Grimewatch competition.

(3) Holt St Fields ('Bottom Rec'). ) The questions of retaining/extending the lease were still

(18) Play Equipment. ) under review, with a report due to be presented to the Council's Leisure Board in November. With regard to the play equipment, no better location had been found. It was being suggested that derelict garages be demolished and the playground sited in their place. This would remove an eyesore and open the site to view from Holt St. It would however require negotiation with Dunkenhalgh and Stan requested the Panel's backing for a two pronged approach with HBC. There was a definite intent to budget for a new playground which would be properly fenced and provided with new equipment (not second-hand).

Sophie advised that the revised dates for the next phase of the hedge laying were Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday the 12th, 13th and 15th January 2000.

Concern was expressed at Cllr Davies' reported remarks in the Accrington Observer 24/9/99 about the Panel's adverse reaction to the suggestion that the new playground might be sited on the Parker St/Hermitage St corner. The remarks were felt to be inaccurate and could harm the Panel's efforts to involve more of the community in trying to improve the quality of life in Rishton. The meeting requested Colin to write to Russell expressing their concerns. The Panel needed every encouragement and this sort of publicity was not helpful.

5. Clayton Fields ('Ladybird') Trail. See Appendix I.

6. Credit Union. See Appendix I.

7. Canal Signage and Seating. Andrew had had recent discussion with HBC about siting the seats and it was hoped they would be put in place soon. Fiona was to complete the signage designs as soon as possible, to give ample time for the signs to made so that they were ready to be erected at the same time as the proposed new landing stage. Panel members had met with BW representatives 25/8/99 on the canalside to discuss problems at the 48 hour mooring at High St bridge and had been advised about plans for a new recycled plastic stage to be erected in 2000. Agreed best location was on the south side of the bridge. Jim would bring pictures of similar stages to the next meeting.

10. Canal Gateways. ) Sophie reported that as part of Canal 2000 she was

17. Bulb Planting, Canal Towpath. ) applying for funding for the various schemes that she was acting as coordinator for, including our gateway ideas for High St and Spring St bridges. There was also to be a Borough-wide bulb planting exercise along the towpath with obvious buying economies of scale. The meeting agreed however that if for some reason this fell through then the Panel should buy and plant some bulbs of its own. Sophie hoped to have definite news on the Canal 2000 proposals for the next meeting.

Alan had noted the Panel's thoughts about tree planting along the canal and said any such scheme would have his full backing. He appreciated however the problems there might be in establishing land ownership and owners' agreements.

11. Flower Bed, Canalside, High St Bridge. Andrew had been given to understand that some rebuilding of bridge wall was now required as well as repointing. It was still hoped to have this done by next Spring and Sophie agreed to prepare some planting ideas in readiness.

8. Parker St Amenity Area. This area had now been repaved and a seat put in. It did not look as though the Panel were now going to be asked to contribute to the seating. A little remedial brickwork remained to be done.

9. Parish Map. There had been no further response to our initial letter to community groups, etc. which was disappointing. A separate letter was being drafted for local businesses but it was agreed to hold this for the time being until we could be sure of more community support. A further letter should be sent to the community groups.

12. Trees of Time and Place. The meeting with Cyril Hurst 7/9/99 had been very enlightening and the scheme seemed a very worthwhile one to pursue with the local schools and youth groups. However Cyril had virtually made it his 'life's work' and it probably needed someone similar to make a success of it in Rishton, not necessarily an existing Panel member. No one came immediately to mind. Time was now getting short to get a major scheme off the ground this winter and it was agreed to support Bob and Gordon as a pilot scheme with their cubs for now. Priority should be for the Panel to concentrate on the Parish Map with the schools at the moment. While ToT&P was a Millennium scheme, it was obviously longer term than just the year 2000, so there was plenty of time to follow it up.

14. Aluminium Can Recycling. Paul had not been successful so far in persuading the Boys Brigade to get involved. Storage seemed to be the main problem together with problems of smell and wasps (in season).

15. Coniston Way. Stan reported that this hedge planting scheme was included in the Borough's amenity planting programme for this winter, together with a stretch of the lane alongside Cut Wood. Finance was available. Sophie had sent details to Jack Hargreaves and was awaitng his response as to the local support for the scheme. She would advise further about any possible Panel involvement.

16. Mersey BasinTrust Stream Clearance. A MB Weekend was imminent (8th to 11th October) and clearly the Panel was not prepared for this. Sophie/Colin to try to give more warning the next time one was due.

Their AGM was due 16/10/99 at Croxteth Hall, Chester. Paul had attended on the Panel's behalf last year and would be willing to go again. His offer was accepted and the Panel would fund his rail fare and any other expenses.

19. Hanging Baskets/Shop Displays Competition. See Appendix I. Lesley reported that HBC were to work with a group of Hyndburn artists called Art-on-the-Street who were going to put on art displays to brighten up the windows of empty shops. This had been found elsewhere to make the shops more attractive for letting. She suggested that she and June submit a list of suitable shops in Rishton for consideration as part of this Art Attack initiative.

3. Chairman's Address and Review of the Year.

Andrew said that clearly the review had already been thoroughly done in his absence. He did however wish to thank most sincerely all who had supported the Panel in any way during the past year. Without that support, the Panel could not have achieved all that it had. He hoped those that had been actively involved would continue their support and that ways could be found to encourage more people to get involved. There were a lot of projects 'in the pipeline' but there was a limit to the number that could be followed up at any one time due to our limited resources.

He also thanked those who had represented the Panel at other meetings and on bodies such as the PROSPECTS Forum and Foundation.

4. Treasurer's Report. Colin presented a financial statement for the year 30/9/98 to 28/9/99 (see over). This had not yet been audited. He had hoped to finalise the Parker St project costings by now and include this in the statement but this had not proved possible. It seemed certain there would be a surplus from this project which he had been advised could be used on future schemes.

Maureen was thanked for providing photocopying and posting facilities at no cost to the Panel.

It was agreed that Colin could claim reasonable expenses towards petrol and telephone costs.

5. Review of Membership List. The names of those currently on the list were read out and a number were suggested for deletion, having failed to achieve the necessary attendance. Colin would discuss these with Maureen before they were put into effect.

6. Election of Officers and Representatives. Beverley indicated that for family reasons she did not wish to stand again as Secretary.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and elected unopposed :

Chairman Andrew Parker

Vice Chairman Fiona Cook

Secretary Colin Cooper

Minutes Secretary (new post) Paul Osborne

Treasurer Jacqueline Achaski

Membership Secretary Maureen Cunliffe

Forum Representatives (2) Margaret Worden

Colin Cooper

8. Any Other Business.

Bob asked what was the position on the once proposed Norden Lottery bid for a canalside leisure centre but in Maureen's absence no one seemed to know. Maureen to be consulted.

9. Dates of next ordinary meetings.

Tuesday 19th October 1999.

Tuesday 16th November 1999.

Tuesday 14th December 1999.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 19th October 1999

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Paul Osborne (Minutes Secretary), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Jacqueline Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Jack Hargreaves, Catherine Hargreaves, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Margaret Worden, Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator)

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Heather Crossland, Cllr Russell Davies, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Beverley Moorhouse, Geoff Smale, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer) and Jimmy Swindells (British Waterways Community Development Officer).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, with a particular welcome to Jack and Catherine Hargreaves to their first meeting.

It was agreed that a 'get well' card be sent to Maureen who had been taken ill once again.

3. Minutes of Meetings 22/6/99, 3/8/99 and AGM 28/9/99. These were approved as previously circulated. Colin apologised for the late arrival of the AGM minutes and this meeting's agenda which had been as a consequence of Maureen's absence. However, he was grateful to the Youth and Community office who had 'pulled out all the stops' once the problem was realised.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Art Attack'. June and Lesley tabled a list of empty shops whose windows could benefit from artwork under the 'Art Attack' scheme. It was suggested Colin write direct to the the artists, Art-on-the-Street.

b) Norden Lottery bid. In Maureen's absence no information was available. Other sources of information to be sought.

c) Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail. Sophie was intending to make this a major agenda item at the meeting of the Hyndburn Panel on Thursday 2/12/99 at the Hyndburn Bridge Hotel at 7.00pm when reps from all the interested Panels would be present. As Colin would be unable to go, Jacqueline agreed to represent the Rishton Panel, although others would be welcome to accompany her if they wished.

d) Logo. Paul reported that he was contacting the art dept at Norden HS with a view to organising a logo competition.

e) Mersey Basin Trust AGM. Paul had attended the AGM 16/10/99 at Croxteth Hall on the Panel's behalf. It was an interesting day but there was nothing significant to report. They did suggest however that one way of raising a group's profile was to have lots of competitions.

5. Parish Map.

In the light of the poor response to the initial letter to community groups, a number of questions had to be asked :

Was the mural scheme proposed too 'grand' and difficult for groups to envisage how they might get involved?

Would something smaller that could be broken down into sections for various groups to work on be more appealing?

Was the 'parish map' concept difficult to understand and so did not fire any enthusiasm?

Was the poor response just indicative of a general lack of community spirit in Rishton?

Was the timing wrong?

Was the approach by letter wrong or would personal approaches through selected individuals have been more productive?

After considerable discussion, it was agreed that the idea was still worth pursuing and that the original core group of Margaret, Fiona, Andrew and Colin be joined by Jacqueline and meet again on Monday 8/11/99 at Primetime at 7.30pm to review the situation and report back. Sue Goodwin of Raku had been approached and was willing to meet with the group again but it was decided not to invite her to do so at this stage.

Mark advised that, if and when approaches were made to local businesses for financial support, use be made of the Gift Aid scheme through the PROSPECTS Foundation which was now a registered charity.

6. Bottom 'Rec'. Colin reported that he had written to Cllr Davies as requested to express the Panel's disquiet about the item that had appeared in the Accrington Observer. This had prompted Cllr Davies to contact Mark Hopley, as a result of which Mark had arranged a meeting 5/10/99 between Cllr Davies, Cllr Horne, Andrew and Colin, with himself in the chair, to try to 'clear the air'. It had not proved possible to resolve all the differences but it had been agreed that there was a need to 'move on' and present a united front to support the local community in its desire for a new playground in the area of the Bottom Rec. It was also agreed to make a statement to this effect to the Observer (Appendix I) if the Panel agreed. Mark read out a draft of the statement and while some members present were not entirely happy, it was agreed Mark arrange to have it published.

Carol expressed some confusion as to what was going on. Getting up the original petition had involved a lot of time and effort and now people were asking her what was happening and she wasn't able to tell them. Mark explained that the request for a playground had been 'taken on board' by HBC and was being seriously considered by the Leisure Services Committee. (See Appendix II for full response). The scheme would be competing with others for funding in the 2000/2001 capital programme and there was no guarantee that it would be successful. Carol should contact her local councillors for any further clarification. There was very little the Panel/community could do now except support the local councillors in their endeavours to see that the the scheme was given top priority at the appropriate times. As Dunkenhalgh land was involved, they could also add their weight to any approaches that were made to Ingham & Yorke.

The Panel could become directly involved in the scheme by carrying out environmental work associated with it.

7. Canal Seating and Signage.

a) Seating. There was no sign yet of the seating being installed and Colin was asked to write to the Director of HBC's Operations Dept requesting a status report and installation date in time for the next meeting.

b) Sign design. Fiona promised to have this clear before the year end.

8. Flowerbed, High St bridge.

a) Wall rebuilding/repointing and other canalside items. Again, the expected work on rebuilding/repointing the bridge wall had not been done yet and Colin was to raise this at the same time as the seating. It was also suggested that the subjects of the path leading on to the canal, the untidy Gaskell's wall at the side of this path and the installation of the dog dirt bins be included in the same letter.

b) Planting ideas. Sophie was to survey the site and prepare some planting ideas.

9. Canal 2000.

a) Gateways. We needed to be generating some design ideas.

b) Bulb planting. Sophie was now suggesting that we 'did our own thing', with her assistance.

She was however awaiting guidance from British Waterways on their preferred locations for bulb planting along the towpath.

10. Parker St/Hermitage St.

a) Accounts. Andrew Hayhurst was on sick leave and Mark was trying to get the last of the invoices cleared so that the accounts for the scheme could be finalised.

b) Opening Event. It was agreed that it was a bit late now for an 'opening' event but that a 'celebration' event should be held on Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May 2000. There would be displays, activities, demonstrations, fun events, etc, etc. Paul would enquire whether the Boys' Brigade band might be able to play.

Mark suggested that funding for this and other projects might be obtained from the 'Awards for All' scheme. Grants up to £5000 were available until June 2000 for 'community development' but four months were required for processing applications. Mark would supply a pack of information in readiness for further discussion at the next meeting.

c) Bulb planting and routine maintenance. It was believed that HBC Parks still had some bulbs to plant on site left over from last year. Colin was to contact Karen Roach in Andrew Hayhurst's absence to pursue this. He was also asked to establish where responsibility for on-going shrubbery maintenance lay, with the Panel or HBC. It was noted that more bark mulch was required.

d) Raised stone at pathway entrance from Parker St. This was still considered to be a tripping hazard. Colin to include in letter to the Operations Director.

11. Coniston Way.

Jack outlined the history of the deteriorating condition of the wooden fence bordering the land at the end of Coniston Way and Cut Lane. He demonstrated the proposals prepared by HBC to replace the existing fence with a double stock type fence planted in between with native hedging. This should provide a secure natural barrier. He tabled a list of 13 local householders prepared to give their support to the scheme.

The questions now were, who was actually going to do the work, when was it planned to do it and who would bear the cost? Mark said he would follow this up with Sophie. Jack questioned whether 'amateurs' would be capable of putting up the stock fence. Mark said that from his previous experience they should be able to after some initial guidance. Jack was concerned not to miss another planting season.

12. Trees of Time and Place.

Bob reported that the cubs had made a start and had planted some horse chestnuts and acorns which they had taken home to nurture. The cost was minimal and would not require Panel assistance at this stage.

Colin reported that Cyril Hurst had been enquiring about progress and was pleased we had made a start. When he had addressed the working group he had advised against using a peat based planting medium on environmental grounds. He had since been advised that most alternatives were based on coconut husks and were no more environmentally friendly. It was up to us therefore what we used.

13. Any other business. None.

14. Dates of next meetings. Tuesday 16th November 1999.

Tuesday 14th December 1999.

Proposed Press Statement Appendix I

Working together for a Better Rishton.

Hyndburn Borough Council and the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel have united in their efforts to respond to the needs of the residents in lower Rishton. Earlier this summer residents presented a five hundred name petition to the Council requesting a play area for their neighbourhood.

The Council has listened and a suitable long term site is currently being investigated and the request will be considered alongside other demands on the Council's capital programme, including other demands for play area investment, during the 2000/2001 budget process.

The majority of suitable land is owned by the Dunkenhalgh Estate. It is here that the Council and Panel are looking to pool their knowledge and expertise to persuade Dunkenhalgh Estates to make land available for community use in the long term.

Councillor Russ Davies emphasised that "by working together the Council, Panel and community of Rishton could help persuade Dunkenhalgh Estates of the value and need for a suitable site in the long term".

Andrew Parker, PROSPECTS Panel Chairman said, "the Panel are supportive of this scheme to meet community needs, recognising that the finance needs to be considered by the Council and the provision of land with the owner". Andrew went on to say that the Panel felt that they could contribute to the design and funding of environmental aspects of the scheme.

Appendix II

Leisure Services Committee resolution.

249. Petition for Children's Playground - Holt St, Rishton.

The Chief Executive submitted a report requesting that Committee consider a petition requesting a new play area for residents in the Holt St area of Rishton.

Resolved. (1) That the petition for a new children's play area be received;

(2) That officers establish whether land at the Holt St Recreation Ground or other site in close proximity to house a play area can be secured long term;

(3) That members consider the request alongside other demands on the Council's capital programme including other demands for play area investment during the 2000/2001 budget process; and

(4) That officers inform the petitioners of the decision and liaise with them at the time of considering play investment later in the financial year.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 16th November 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Paul Osborne (Minutes Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Jacqueline Hinton, Gordon Howarth, Bob Jenkinson, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer) and Jimmy Swindells (British Waterways Community Development Officer).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Heather Crossland, Cllr Russell Davies, Jack Hargreaves, Catherine Hargreaves, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Cllr Stan Horne, Beverley Moorhouse, Geoff Smale, Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator)

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting and particularly Jacqueline Hinton who was attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of Meeting 19/10/99. These were approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Art Attack'. Colin, June and Lesley had found out further information about the empty shops on the High St (nb ownership) and this had been forwarded to Judith Cormack, the artist who was coordinating the scheme. She had advised that they had already taken initiatives in approaching some of the owners and they were happy to continue this with the Panel's support.

b) Norden Lottery bid. Colin reported that the bid had appeared to have 'stalled'. Mark had e-mailed Stuart Kellet (Head of Leisure, HBC) on our behalf to follow this up.

c) Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail. Panel representatives were due to discuss this at the meeting of the Hyndburn Panel on Thursday 2/12/99 at the Hyndburn Bridge Hotel at 7.00pm. Jacqueline was representing the Rishton Panel, but any others would be very welcome to accompany her.

d) Logo. No progress had been made. Sophie mentioned a possibility of tying the logo into the Canal 2000 scheme.

e) Canal Signs. Fiona reported that some further progress had been made.

5. HBC Response to letter 27/10/99.

Colin had written to Alan Hodge (Director : Operations Dept, HBC) with our concerns about : a) Canal seating ; b) Flower bed High St bridge ; c) Towpath dog dirt bins ; d) Slipway/Gaskell's wall High St bridge ; e) Raised stone,pathway entrance Parker St. As yet no response had been received. Concern was raised about the length of time the reply was taking. Colin was to follow this matter up.

6. Parish Map.

The meeting of the core group 8/11/99 had concluded that the project would probably be more manageable and acceptable to other groups if it was scaled down, possibly moving into textiles. Jacqueline (A) had put forward some interesting design ideas.

Andrew had learnt that the Great Harwood and Rishton Soroptomists might be considering their own Parish Map. Margaret had tried to follow this up with Mrs Dorothy Casey (Headteacher at St Charles and also a Soroptomist) without success so far. It was agreed to await a response from them on possible cooperation and the core group would meet again on Thursday 9/12/99 at Primetime at 7.30pm.

Sophie reported that regrettably Raku had gone into voluntary liquidation but hopefully some other way could be found to provide professional assistance when the scheme was ready to go ahead.

7. Canal 2000.

a) Bulb Planting. It was agreed that Andrew would arrange to purchase 1000 mixed bulbs from Panel funds, planting to take place on Sunday 28/11/99 at 12.00 noon meeting at High St bridge. Jimmy advised that it would be best to plant on the ground between the towpath and the canal and he would carry out a safety check for any underground cables 23/11/99.

b) Gateway designs. Sophie urged the Panel to start considering ideas for the gateway so that the artists would have a direction. Colin suggested a design at High St with similar features to the community notice board and agreed to develop the idea.

8. Coniston Way. Sophie reported that Cllr Horne was progressing this scheme with HBC Operations Dept, who it was believed would be carrying out the work in the near future. The local residents seemed to be happy with the plans.

9. Hermitage St/Parker St.

a) Christmas Tree lighting. The lighting by the Mayor and carol singing would once again be centred on the community garden. Date : Wednesday 1/12/99 at 7.00pm.

b) Grimewatch entry. Colin had registered our entry once again and he would 'revamp' last years bid with new photos, etc.

c) Celebration event Monday 1/5/00. Paul reported the the Boys' Brigade band would not be able to take part. More ideas for the event were discussed including a maypole. It was suggested that an organisation like Action Factory Community Arts might be contacted to see what it would cost to have them organise the event. Colin to contact. Sophie gave details of how to contact the NW office of 'Awards for All' about possible funding. It was agreed to set up a core group and combine this with the Parish Map meeting 9/12/99 at Primetime at 7.30pm. All welcome.

d) Routine maintenance. Sophie was trying to establish to what extent HBC were accepting responsibility for maintaining the shrubbery, etc, as well as the grass. It was suggested Colin write to Gaskells about cutting back the vegetation on their side of the fence that was growing through and choking some of our planting.

e) Accounts. Colin and Mark were trying to finalise these but it was proving difficult with Andrew Hayhurst's continued absence.

10. Bottom 'Rec'.

It was believed Cllr Horne was still awaiting a reply from Ingham and Yorke regarding land around the 'Rec'.

11. Flowerbed High St Bridge.

Sophie would provide planting ideas when we were able to progress the scheme.

12. Crime and Disorder. Colin reported that Insp Bob Ford was applying for funding for a vandal-proof youth shelter, possibly to be located in the pit yard area Walmsley St. The Panel agreed to offer its assistance with any associated environmental work.

13. Any Other Business.

a) 'Rishton Remembered'. Bob Dobson had approached the Panel about being a sales agent for this publication (cost £4.00 v sales price £6.00) which the Library had been selling for some time. Agreed to offer selling at Parker St Celebration event on sale or return basis.

b) Aluminium can recycling. It was believed the Tutorial Centre had been involved in a scheme for some time. Colin to enquire if the Panel could support the scheme in any way.

c) Transport Issue. Reference was made to the recent Hyndburn Circular consultation document. June said she was more concerned about getting a more direct service to Hyndburn and in particular to the Sports Centre to help the young people who had approached her about better swimming provision.

14. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 14/12/99 and 18/1/00.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 14th December 1999

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Paul Osborne (Minutes Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Cllr Russell Davies, Jacqueline Hinton, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Geoff Smale.

Andrew welcomed those present to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Meeting 16/11/99. These were held over as the meeting was not quorate.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Art Attack'. Judith Cormack, the artist who was coordinating the scheme, had advised that one shop location had now been agreed for all parts of the Borough except Church. Rishton's location was to be 36 High St (Susan Stace). Preview advertising would be displayed early in January and artwork would be on show by the end of the month.

b) Logo. Held over.

c) Canal Signs. Held over.

d) Aluminium can recycling. Colin still to contact the Tutorial centre.

5. HBC Response to letter 27/10/99.

Colin had written again to Alan Hodge (Director : Operations Dept, HBC) expressing disappointment that there had been no response to his first letter and advising him of the date of this meeting. There had still been no response. Cllr Davies had promised to follow this up. It had been noted however that one item, the fixing of the three seats along the canal, had been attended to and in fact two additional seats, at Cut Lane and Sidebeet Lane bridges, had been provided.

6. Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail. Jacqueline had attended the meeting of Hyndburn Panel representatives at the Hyndburn Bridge Hotel on 2/12/99. She reported that a group of volunteers would walk the Trail on Sunday 16/1/00 to compile a list of the improvements needed. The walk would leave the Hyndburn Bridge at 10.00am and all were welcome to join in. It would be helpful if those wishing to go would let Sophie know beforehand on 01254-380176.

7. Parish Map.

At the meeting of the core group 9/12/99, Margaret reported that although Mrs Casey had not responded regarding possible Soroptomist involvement, a letter had been received from her indicating that Year 6 pupils at St Charles R.C. Primary School would be available to help with the project after the SATTs exams in May. This response was welcomed, but it would still be helpful to know the Soroptomists ideas and Colin would be asked to follow this up.

8. Hermitage St/Parker St.

a) Celebration event Monday 1/5/00. The core group had met 9/12/99 and reported back a list of ideas for the event including various stalls, environmental projects (composting, bird/bat boxes, etc) and the possible mooring of the 'Kennet' on the canal. Colin had not yet contacted Action Factory about the possibility of them organising the event. It was agreed to continue this line of enquiry to be able to compare costings and advantages/disadvantages in other ways of organising the event ourselves.

b) Accounts. Colin and Mark were to meet 17/12/99 in an effort to finalise the accounts for the project.

c) Grimewatch entry. Colin had finished the new presentation for entry and submitted it. Judging was to take place in January with the final results to be announced in March.

d) Routine maintenance. Sophie was still trying to establish to what extent HBC were accepting responsibility for maintaining the shrubbery, etc, as well as the grass, but in Andrew Hayhurst's continued absence this was proving difficult. She had however looked at the site herself and felt that the shrubs could be left this winter to get further established. Colin had not yet contacted Gaskells about cutting back the vegetation on their side of the fence.

9. Canal 2000.

a) Bulb Planting. A hardy few, including Sophie and Jimmy Swindells, had planted 1050 mixed bulbs as planned on Sunday 28/11/99 after Jimmy had checked for underground cables. Andrew and Colin had planted a further 250 later to take the planting almost to halfway from High St bridge to Spring St bridge.

b) Gateway designs. Colin had not progressed his ideas any further but was still in favour of incorporating similar features to the community notice board plus ladybirds plus Panel/Rishton logo.

10. Coniston Way. Sophie reported that the project had been costed and planned and HBC would carry out the work sometime in the New Year.

11. Any Other Business.

a) BTCV Membership. This was due for renewal before 4/1/00 (including Paul's free individual membership). Those present agreed that Jacqueline should proceed with the renewal but in the absence of a quorum, Andrew would consult a few more members first.

b) Hedgelaying. Sophie confirmed that arrangements were in hand with BTCV for the second phase of hedgelaying on the Bottom Rec on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday the 12th, 13th and 15th January. All the help the could be mustered would be welcome.

12. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 18/1/00 and 15/2/00.