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Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 7th January 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Claire Tindall (PROSPECTS Development Manager). Shonagh Ingram (PROSPECTS Community Development Officer). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways). Mary Walker (Lords House Farm).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Vice-Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Claire and Shonagh who had only taken up their posts with the Foundation the day before, together with Catherine Ackroyd (PROSPECTS Publicity and Administration Officer).

3. Minutes of Meeting 3/12/02. Agreed these were a correct record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising from Minutes.

a) Cafe use of towpath and ideas for corner plot. Jackie was pursuing this. Also see 5(a) below.

b) Litter-pickers and bibs. Mike was to order 4 litter-pickers @ £11 each to be paid for by the Panel. He had sourced the suppliers of bibs to the Church Panel as Porter Bros. & Gardner in Huncoat @ £6.50 + vat. It was agreed that 10 be bought with suitable identification printed on the backs. Colin to pursue.

c) Norden Meeting 11/12/02. Fiona reported on the meeting she had attended on the Panel's behalf. The headteacher, Mrs Denise Parkinson, gave a brief presentation with questions afterwards outlining details of the proposed new all-weather pitch and sports hall. The all-weather pitch would be on the site of the old one across the canal but would be smaller, accomodating a full sized hockey pitch or two 5 aside football pitches across the width. Work was expected to start after Christmas. A major stumbling block at present was the provision of lighting because of the overhead electricity wires. Competition height could not be achieved, but it was hoped a solution could be found as night use, particularly in winter, would not be possible without some form of lighting..

The sports hall and associated car parking would be on the site of the current football pitch at the side of the school. It was hoped to have this built in 2004.

It was planned that both new facilities would be for dual school and community use, although how this would be administered had not yet been finalised. Mary reported that Lords House Farm was planning to develop activity holidays and these facilities could be very useful to them.

5. Canal Improvement Project.

a) Slipway resurfacing. Vaughan reported that Hyndburn BC had quoted BW £2800 to do the resurfacing work. This could be reduced if BW did the preparation work. BW did not however have funding in this years budget to pay for this work but they were conscious of the Panel's aim to have it done in time for the 10th May event. They did however have funding for the two raised flowerbeds (one at the top of

the slipway and one in the cafe corner on the towpath). Vaughan questioned whether the flowerbeds could be offset against the slipway and the latter then be funded from the Improvement Project. Mike agreed to look into this. Vaughan to provide Mike with a copy of the quote. It was also agreed that Vaughan, Mike, Colin and Mark Overum should have a site meeting. [Later fixed for 16/1/03 at 10.00am]. It might be possible then to talk to the cafe about their potential interest in the towpath site. One thing they might not be happy about was the placing of 3 bollards (1collapsable) at the top of the slipway to prevent parking there to safeguard access to the towpath in case of emergency. (Cafe staff park there at present).

b) Jubilee Gate. Manufacture still held by MW Graphics pending details of the resurfacing that might affect the hinge placement. Mike to see David Law to see if a spec was available that might help.

c) Raised flowerbeds. See 5(a) above.

d) Viewing points. MW Graphics had worked with Groundwork on similar projects and would supply details to give ideas of what might be appropriate.

e) Ornamental gateways at Norden and Tottlleworth bridges. Ideas only at this stage.

6. Community Garden.

a) Realign boarding, replant shrubs, sow grass at bottom end. This refurbishment work to be undertaken by HBC Parks. Colin to write thanking them for bulbs and polyanthus plants and enquire when they might be starting work and whether we could assist in any way.

b) Grasses for planter. Norden HS were obtaining grasses for the spare land by the new all-weather pitch from British Seed Houses Ltd. Colin to write to them seeking advice on suitable low maintenance, hard wearing grasses for the planter. Alternatively, they might be able to suggest something other than grass.

7. BTCV Membership. Mike reported that he was pursuing the idea of membership for the Foundation, which the Panels could then be part of.

8. Canal Spring event - Saturday 10th May 2003. Vaughan confirmed that the Kennet would be made available for the day and the Wheelton Boat Club had it on their list of events. Colin had spoken to Gerry Lee of the Hyndburn and Blackburn Angling Assn and he had confirmed that they had nothing planned at Rishton on that day and would ensure nothing was. Fiona was still trying to contact Mike Clarke of the Canal Society.

General discussion followed when a numbers of suggestion of activities on the day were made. An initial focus would be the official opening of the Jubilee gate, refurbished slipway and flowerbed, possibly by the Mayor. Mike Clarke it was hoped would organise some guided historical walks along the towpath. Fiona had ideas for a children's treasure hunt. Claire wondered if it could link in with CVS's 'Stepping Out' programme of walks. Mike would talk to Melissa Taylor who was leading this. It was suggested some link with Lords House Farm might be possible, although Mary said Saturday wasn't the best of days to receive visitors because of other activities on Saturdays.

It was agreed that for safety reasons any canalside barbeque should be restricted to Panel members and boaters. However, the event might present an opportunity to join forces with the Sand's and Gardener's Residents Associations. An evening disco or other entertainment at the Free Gardeners Club might be a joint venture. To enable the boaters to attend this with peace of mind over security for their boats as it was some distance from the canal, it might be necessary to consider hiring some security personnel. Colin would contact the two residents associations and enquire if the club was available.

Fiona invited all those with an interest in planning the event to a Working Group meeting on Monday 27th January 2003 at 7.00pm at her house, 17 Elm Close, Rishton. Vaughan asked whether the Boat Club should be invited to this meeting but it was felt they were better attending a later meeting when plans were a little more advanced. In the meantime, Fiona encouraged members to be thinking of more ideas.

The main ideas in holding the event were to raise the profile of the Panel and engender community spirit, particularly if other community groups could be involved.

9. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Still to be done.

10. Star Delph. Mary reported that it had now been established that the LCC lease had 15 years to run, not 5 as was first thought. There were advantages therefore it LCC retaining the lease and sub-leasing to Lords House Farm, notably in obtaining funding from English Nature who would only deal with LCC. A sub-leasing agreement was therefore being drawn up on this basis.

The access path from LHF to the edge of the quarry had been completed and the 'green team' from Lancashire Wildlife Trust were to start work soon on clearing a pathway through the 'jungle' in the quarry to give access to the rock face. In due course it was planned to convert the access path to a woodland walk by planting trees. A grant from 'Elwood' was being applied for for this and community support planting trees would be encouraged.

Following interviews before Christmas, the Environmental Placement Officer post had been filled, her start date depending upon finalisation of the agreement with LCC. She had however already submitted some project ideas as part of the final selection process.

Facilities would include a nature trail and a blind trail. It was hoped to involve the community in some environmental art. Contact had been made with Mid Pennine Arts about developing an outdoor theatre in the quarry and involving Norden HS in this.

11. Fairtrade Town. Mike circulated copies of 'Fairtrade Town - Goals and Action Guide'. He had arranged a meeting of potentially interested parties for Thursday, 23rd January 2003 at Scaitcliffe House at 7.00pm when it was proposed to explore the possibility of Hyndburn becoming a Fairtrade town. All members of the Panel were welcome but to assist with arrangements it would help if those proposing to attend would let Mike know first.

12. Friends of Rishton Youth. The next meeting was set for Thursday 16/1/03 at Rishton Methodist Church at 7.00pm. All Panel members welcome.

FoRY had written to Mike Chambers, Chief Exec. HBC for definitive clarification on the status and future proposals for the 'Bottom Rec'. An answer was promised at the next Rishton Area Council meeting on the 30th January 2003.

13. Foundation news. The arrival of Claire, Shonagh and Catherine marked a significant point in the development of the PROSPECTS movement and they were wished every success in helping the Foundation and the Panels to build on their achievements so far.

It was good to announce that the Recycling Project, named 'Prosperity Recycling Ltd' was up and running. It was unique in its field with new product development from recycled cardboard, plastic and wood and with employment for people with special needs.

14. Working party, Saturday 11/01/03, 10.00am. It was agreed that as nothing particularly required doing, there would be no working party that day.

Mike advised that two more Saturdays were planned for the Millennium Baby Woodland, Saturdays the 25th January and 15th February 2003. All help welcomed.

15. Membership/Circulation list. Colin read out the names of those currently on the list. Some deletions and amendments were agreed.

16. Any other business.

a) Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). Colin advised members that he had been sent details of this new service that had been set up by the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Primary Care Trust (NHS). "When you need advice, have worries or don't know where to turn ..... we're here to help." Telephone : 08456 015 908. (10.00am to 4.00pm - answerphone available outside hours).

b) CVS Newsletter. Colin had received the January 2003 CVS Hyndburn Small Groups News Bulletin with a wealth of information including sources of funding. Available from Colin on request - 885007. Also included was the CVS training programme for the next three months.

Claire asked that any training needs for Panel members be 'flagged up' to her at any time and she would see what could be arranged.

c) Dyke Nook. Mike had supplied Colin with details of the planting schedule for Dyke Nook Gardens which might be of assistance for any future planting schemes we might have.

17. Dates of next meetings :

Tuesday 4th February 2003.

Tuesday 4th March 2003.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 4th February 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ann Scaife. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways). Gemma Thomson (Lords House Farm).

2. Apologies : Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary). Shonagh Ingram (PROSPECTS Community Development Officer).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Gemma who was to develop the Star Delph project for Lords House Farm.

3. Minutes of Meeting 7/1/03. Agreed these were a correct record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising from Minutes.

a) Cafe. Jackie had contacted the occupiers of the Bridge Cafe (who were not in fact the owners of the building, a Jean Avis was) and informed them about the towpath flowerbed proposals and the 10th May event. They were interested in both and asked to be kept informed.

b) Litter-pickers and bibs. The 4 litter-pickers had been received and were in store at Colins. Colin had not yet pursued Porter Bros. & Gardner in Huncoat for the bibs.

c) BTCV Membership. Mike had only to send a cheque to BTCV to finalise membership for the Foundation, which the Panels could then be part of.

5. Canal Improvement Project (CIP).

a) Funding. Mike reported that he had walked the canal looking at the location of the proposed CIP projects with Jackie Dunn of LEF. She was happy with what she had seen and LEF had subsequently confirmed their grant of £50,000. He was to carry out a similar exercise with Richard Kirkby of LCC with a view to firming up on their offer of £30,000. A decision was expected 22/2/03 on our application for £105,000 from 'Fairshare' (New Opportunities Fund - lottery) via Hyndburn FIRST. We were very hopeful we would be successful.

b) Slipway resurfacing. A useful canalside meeting had taken place 16/1/03 between Mike, Colin, Mark Overam (BW) and Ian Stanworth (BW). Agreement had been reached for BW to construct the raised flowerbed at the top of the slipway and in the Cafe corner on the towpath. They would also do the preparation work prior to Hyndburn BC tarmacing the slipway to reduce the cost. All BW work would be considered 'in kind' for the purposes of the CIP. Vaughan had subsequently confirmed this in writing to Mike with costings. It was hoped to do the work late February/early March. The cost of the tarmacing would come out of CIP funds. Mike was trying to contact David Law (HBC) to ensure a tie up with BW and also that HBC did not hold BW up. Colin to assist if necessary.

Colin was still to contact Gaskells about a new paling fence to replace the delapidated one bordering the slipway. Ann advised name of MD. [Later : Colin written 6/2/03.]

c) Raised flowerbeds. See 5(b) above.

d) Jubilee Gate. Manufacture still held by MW Graphics pending details of the resurfacing that might affect the hinge placement. Mike had established that no spec for the resurfacing was yet available that  might help.

e) Viewing points. Colin tabled examples of information boards that MW Graphics had produced for other schemes. These were not quite in the style we had in mind and Mike reported that MW Graphics were producing something more appropriate for Dyke Nook Gardens. Colin to pursue.

f) Ornamental gateways at Norden and Tottlleworth bridges. Ideas only at this stage.

6. Canal Spring Event - 10/5/03. See Appendix I. To be the main item for discussion at the next Panel meeting 4/3/03, to be followed by a working group meeting at 17 Elm Close, Monday 24/3/03 at 7.00pm.

7. Community Garden.

a) Realign boarding, replant shrubs, sow grass at bottom end. Colin had written to Andrew Hayhurst (HBC Parks) 28/1/03 thanking them for bulbs and polyanthus plants and confirming the refurbishment work they had agreed to do. He had enquired when they might be starting work and offered our assistance.

b) Grasses for planter. Colin had written to British Seed Houses Ltd 11/1/03 seeking their advice on suitable grasses or other hard wearing plants and was disappointed not to have received a reply or acknowledgement. To follow up with Mike's assistance.

8. Star Delph. Gemma reported that the Lancashire Wildlife Trust 'Green Team' had cleared a path to the quarry face. She could not yet take up her post officially until the licencing arrangements between LHF and LCC had been finalised but she was doing some preparatory work on a voluntary basis. Her post was to be funded initially for 6 months but she would be looking to help seek funding for longer than this. Those present wished her well and looked forward to assisting in some appropriate way in the future. Once again some liaison with the Trees for Hyndburn project was suggested, particularly when the new TfH Officer was appointed. Both projects were looking to do work with local schools.

9. Fairtrade Town. Mike reported that a useful initial meeting of potentially interested parties had taken place 23/1/03 at Scaitcliffe House. Unfortunately no councillors had been able to be present but he had had discussions with Cllrs O'Kane and Myles since and Cllr Myles in particular was keen to champion the Fairtrade cause with the Council. This was crucial if it was to succeed. Mike was to give a presentation to the Cabinet the following Friday. Following Council backing, the next stage would be to set up a steering group. Fairtrade 'week' was the 3rd to 16th March and Mike hoped to be able to give it some publicity in the local media then.

10. Friends of Rishton Youth. At the meeting 16/1/03 members were advised by the police to source the half pipe from a specialist company, as the DIY version originally planned with police help did not now look to be possible due to long term sickness of key people involved. Funding was available to support this option and professionally prepared scheme drawings would aid the planning application process which was held up waiting for them. It was agreed to pursue this line of approach.

A new suggestion put forward at the meeting, questionned the possibility of some sharing arrangement between the older residents in the village and its youth of the Old Peoples Centre on the corner of School St and Commercial St. It was believed the Centre was not used as much as it had been and it could be an ideal location for a 'drop-in' centre for young people.

The members were waiting with anticipation for the Council's response to their letter about the future of the 'Bottom Rec' promised at the next Rishton Area Council meeting 30/1/03.

11. Area Council 30/1/03.

a) Bottom Rec. Cllr Myles reported that no decision had yet been made as to whether the lease should be renewed or not. He acknowledged the feeling of those 'below the bridge' but this had to be set against the Council's desire to reduce it lease holdings to save money and the more than generous (nationally) provision of play areas in the Borough and the cost of maintaining them. The subject was to be reported on and debated further at the meeting of the Gardeners Residents Association 6/2/03. [Later : At the GRA meeting strong feelings were voiced once again about the lack of leisure facilities 'below the bridge'. A new development was announced, that Hyndburn FIRST were negotiating with The Dunkenhalgh Estate about the possible purchase of some currently leased land including the 'Bottom Rec'.]

b) Pit Head. Waiting to see what the builder was going to do on landscaping now the development was well advanced. In particular, the state of the path from Eachill Gardens to the Walmsley St/Walmsley Ave junction was causing increasing concern, although this was not the responsibility of the builder and some of it passed through Dunkenhalgh land..

12. Foundation news. All members should have received a joint letter from the three new members of staff introducing themselves. Included was a training questionnaire and members were urged to complete this and return it as soon as possible.

Mike issued a hand-out from Shonagh about Community Appraisals (Appendix II) and it was agreed members should study this ready for a discussion at the next meeting.

13. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Still to be done.

14. Working party, Saturday 8/2/03, 10.00am. While there was some litter on the Community Garden, this hardly warranted a working party. Perhaps individual members could find time to do a bit of litter picking (wherever it occurred) on their own.

Mike reminded members that a further Saturday was planned for the Millennium Baby Woodland, 15/2/03 at 10.00am. All help welcomed.

15. Any other business.

a) HSBC. Mike pointed out that HSBC were now allowing 10 cheques per month free.

b) Maintenance team. Mike advised that thought ws being given to the setting up of a Panels' maintenance team to go round completed Panel projects carrying out maintenance work. This would be particularly aimed at those who declare that they prefer to 'get their hands dirty' rather than 'sit in meetings'.

16. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 4th March 2003.

Tuesday 1st April 2003.

Appendix I

Canal Event, 10/5/03.

Working Group meeting, 27/1/03 : Fiona, Lesley, Margaret, Colin, Vaughan.

Timing : PM onward to give boats time to arrive.

2.30pm official opening of new gate by the Mayor of Hyndburn.

3.00 to 5.00pm, canalside activities.

6.00/6.30pm barbeque by landing stage.

8.00pm evening entertainment at Free Gardeners Club. Finish time?

Kennet booked and Wheelton Boat Club (and others?) informed.

Childrens colouring competition on board. (+ videos?)

Fiona still trying to contact Mike Clarke re historical walks along towpath.

Fiona well on with childrens walk (accompanied by adult).

Margaret to check Mayor & Consort (Cllrs Sandra and Doug Hayes) available and arrange to book .

Free Gardeners Club booked via Gardeners Residents Assn (Iris Presho) - evening entertainment : disco, quiz night, other? - hope GRA will take responsibility for organising - entry free but tickets for number evaluation? - refreshments? - raffle? : prizes from village shops/businesses? - profit to GRA/charity.

Possibly also involve Christies Crafters, Sands & Bridgefield Residents Assn, other orgs. - to do what?

Involve Church Panel - to marshal and safety patrol towpath - help with BBQ.

BBQ restricted to Panel members, boaters, residents assns, guests, etc - cater for 150 (100 catered for at Church @ £200) - possibly spread into farm yard - Colin to speak to Andrew to find out who now owns and get permission - boaters to bring their BBQ - need to find one other large one + 2 (?) party ones.

Vaughan offered to provide refreshments for Mayor & Consort on his boat after opening.

Vaughan to find out cost of security patrol for boats while owners at Free Gardiners - BW might provide donation towards this if we write requesting contribution.

Mike to be asked to look into insurance cover, also possible source of funding for the event.

Risk assessment by Bernard Scully?

Announce at Area Council meeting 30/1/03.

Let police know : Mark Skellorn, Community Beat Manager.

BW to arrange to cut grass on towpath. Panel to have clear up week before and on morning.

Might fit in with CVS 'Stepping Out' walks : Melissa Taylor.

Lords House Farm possibly too far away to tie in..


Mayor booked, paperwork to finalise.

Announcement made at Area Council. Will do likewise at GRA meeting 6/2/03. Sands RA spoken to at Area Council meeting but no commitment.

Mike suggested CVS for funding, will supply application form when available.

Ruth suggested that to add 'colour' we might have band for opening - Colin to approach Geoff Smale (BB Band) - could also play on Community Garden from 2.00pm.

Ann to talk to Styropak to tidy up their section of towpath.

Jackie will talk to Sutcliffes who she believes still own farm buildings to see about use of farmyard.

Approach angling Club about possibly doing angling demonstrations?

Face painting? - who to do?

Colin to write to Mike Clarke as he still hasn't responded to Fiona's telephone messages.

Tie in with Cafe on opening for refreshments in afternoon.


Letters sent to Mike Clarke, police, Gaskells Carpets (re fence).

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 4th March 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse. David Haworth (Gardener's Residents Association). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways). Gemma Thomson (Lords House Farm). Shonagh Ingram (PROSPECTS Community Development Officer)

2. Apologies : Lesley Jackson, Cllr Ann Scaife. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). PC Mark Skellorn (Community Beat Manager - Rishton).

A representative of Christies Crafters had also been invited to attend.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular David from the GRA with whom it was planned to work jointly on the May 10th event.

3. Minutes of Meeting 4/2/03. Agreed these were a correct record and signed as such.

4. Progress reports :

a) Bibs. Colin reported 10 were on order with Porter Bros and Gardner @ £10 + vat each.

b) BTCV Membership. Mike had still to finalise this for the Foundation and through it, the Panels. Jackie reported that she had recently discovered a cheque for £26.67 from BTCV being a partial insurance premium refund when they withdrew cover last year. This had been mislaid and had consequently expired. She had approached BTCV who had issued a new cheque.

c) Insurance. The Foundation was still exploring this with a number of possible brokers and meetings were imminent with the March expiry of the current insurance very much in mind.

d) Canal Improvement Project:

i) Funding. In Mikes absence there was no report.

ii) Slipway resurfacing. Colin had spoken to both Mark Overam (BW) and David Law (HBC). Mark was still anticipating starting work on the raised flower beds and slipway preparation mid/late March. David was confident he could soon arrange for the bitmacing of the slipway once Mark advised him preparation was in hand.

Colin had written to Brian Edwards, MD of Gaskells (6/2/03) about renewing the fence bordering the slipway but was disappointed he had had no reply. Colin to follow up.

iii) Raised flower beds : slipway and canalside cafe corner. See (i) above.

iv) Jubilee Gate. Colin had advised MW Graphics May 10th was definitely on and gate needed to be ready for then.

v) Viewing points : near aqueduct and near Tottleworth Bridge. No further progress. Could do with BW landscape architect drawing up schemes. Vaughan to explore.

vi) Ornamental gateways : Tottleworth Bridge and Norden Bridge. Again, assistance from BW's landscape architect would be desirable.

e) Community garden :

i) Realign boarding, replant shrubs, sow grass bottom end. Colin had tried to follow up his letter (28/1/03) to HBC confirming the work agreed, only to be advised that Andrew Hayhurst was off work and it might be as well to raise the matter with Mr Tanti, Chief of Leisure Services. Colin to do this.

ii) Grasses for planter. Having received no reply to his letter to British Seed Houses, Lincoln, Colin had written to their Bristol depot. A reply had been received advising that the Lincoln depot would definitely be responding. This had duly happened by phone, a particular mixture of grass seed being suggested as suitable for our purpose, a quantity of which they were going to send at a cost of £56. The meeting suggested we investigate also some suitable flower seed to grow among the grass.

iii) Live Christmas tree. At the last GRA meeting it had been suggested that as the Christmas tree had been 'lost' to the Parker St site, consideration might be given to planting a live Christmas tree there as a permanent feature, near the existing electricity supply. It was believed a similar scheme was being considered for Stanhill with the tree either in a raised walled bed or protected by metal railings. On Colin enquiring, HBC Parks did not think the Stanhill scheme was going ahead but it was still felt to be a cost effective idea, pursued possibly through the Area Council.

Some members still felt there should also be a Christmas tree in Station Rd opposite the Parish Church, as there used to be. The tree in Eachill Gardens was a waste of time, particularly as last year it had no lights.

f) Star Delph. Gemma reported that the leases between LHF and LCC had now been finalised and her post as Environmental Development Officer confirmed. English Nature had advised that the amphitheatre idea would not be possible as it was a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) not only because of the rock formations, but there was also some flora of special interest which might be put at risk.

2000 trees had been delivered to create a woodland walk from LHF to the quarry. These had to be planted in the next fortnight to meet funding criteria and it was hoped to involve local schools and BAe Systems volunteers, but Panel members would be very welcome to help. Most of the planting would be done in the week but Saturday morning 8/3/03 was also being set aside.

Education packs were to be developed for schools.

Two problems they had at present were how to dispose of about 50 tyres found in the quarry and they also needed an outlet for a 'mountain' of horse manure.

g) Fairtrade Town. Hyndburn BC had given the iniative its backing at the Council meeting 25/2/03 and for PROSPECTS to take the lead. There would be a stand at the Accrington Food Festival 6th and 7th March in the Town Hall and also at Churches Together in C-L-M 11/3/03.

h) Friends of Rishton Youth. At its meeting 18/2/03 it was announced that the Secretary, Colin Kay, had had to give up on health grounds. The Treasurer, Christine Hammerton, was to act in this capacity pro tem. It was confirmed that the Group had been granted Charity status. The Soroptimists had offered their backing and any possible practical help. The half-pipe was awaiting a site visit from the manufacturers.

Reports were presented about the Bottom Rec, viz. that at the Area Council meeting 30/1/03 it was confirmed that HBC could exercise its option to renew the lease on the Bottom Rec but finance to maintain it thereafter was a problem. This was followed up at the meeting of the GRA 6/2/03 when those present left the Councillors in attendance in no doubt that there was a strong demand for recreation facilities to be provided there and this should be

conveyed to 'the powers that be'. The meeting was advised that Hyndburn FIRST were in negotiations with the Dunkenhalgh Estate to purchase various plots of land, including the Bottom Rec.

Next FoRY meeting to be held on 25/3/03 in the Library at Norden HS which was to become the regular meeting venue.

i) Bottom Rec. See (g) above.

j) Pit Head. Nothing to report on landscaping but HBC had erected bollards on the pathway from Eachill gardens to the Walmsley St/Walmsley Ave crossing to stop cars using it.

k) Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Colin had arranged a meeting with Claire to start looking at this together.

5. Community Appraisal It had been decided that the Oswaldtwistle Panel should pilot the first Community Appraisal. Rishton's turn should come later in the year. More details would be given at the next Panels' meeting to be held at Scaitcliffe House 25/3/03. Details would also be given of the new PROSPECTS Newsletter that was being launched. To relaunch the Panels' meetings, it was proposed to start this one with a buffet at 6.30 pm prior to the meeting starting at 7.00pm. All members had been circulated about the meeting and Shonagh asked for an indication of who would be going. There was a good response.

6. Foundation news. A lot was going on as the three new staff members continued to settle in but there was nothing of particular note to report other than items elsewhere in the minutes.

7. Working party - Saturday 8th March 2003. There was some litter on the Community Garden but it did not warrant a working party. Jackie volunteered to go up sometime and clear it when her shifts allowed. Thanks to Jackie.

Mike was having another working party on the Millennium Baby Woodland that day and would welcome as much assistance as possible to try to get the necessary work on that site completed at last. And as had already been noted, Gemma was also tree planting at LHF.

8. Any other business.

a) Chapel St flats. At the GRA meeting 6/2/03 it had been commented that the site where the Chapel St flats had stood had become a dumping ground for litter, etc. Colin suggested that if HBC did not clear it, then the local community might organise a litter pick if HBC could provide a skip. The Panel could take a lead in this if necessary.

It had also been suggested that the site might be appropriate for creating a wild flower meadow while a decision was awaited about a permanent use for the site. Mike was getting some information on this.

b) Landmark Trees Regeneration Project. Details had been sent to Colin by Mark Cocks, HBC's Trees and Woodlands Officer, about a request sent to the Mayor for something to be done to regenerate a copse of trees on the sky line above Rishton running west from the top of Close Brow. Originally planted in 1819, some new/replacement planting had been done to commemorate the Coronation in 1953. However, there were now significant gaps in the trees and others were diseased and needed to be felled, so a lot of new/replacement planting was needed once again.

It was agreed that the situation be presented to the Rishton Panel to see if it was interested in fronting such a regeneration project. After some discussion, the meeting agreed to consider it seriously with HBC and community support and probably 'professional' assistance from Groundwork.

Colin had written to Ingham and Yorke to try to establish ownership of the copse. They had replied promptly by phone, confirming that it was owned by the Dunkenhalgh Estate and was part of Dunscar farm whose farmer was a Mr English. They were passing the letter on to Dunkenhalgh for comment about the possible scheme.

c) Canal clean-up at Church. This was to take place on Saturday 5/4/03 being initiated by the Inland Waterways Assn and supported by the Church and Oswaldtwistle Panels. All help welcome.

9. Canal Spring Event - 10/5/03.

Done since last meeting : Mayor booked.

Announced at Area Council meeting 30/1/03.

PC Mark Skellorn written to 6/2/03

Mike Clarke written to 6/2/03 but still no response.

Geoff Smale (BB band) approached. Promising response.

June Butler had advised that Threlfalls were now running the canalside farm. Jackie to contact.

David reported that Iris Presho was making enquiries about booking a family disco for the evening event. They were also looking to run a raffle and have a potato pie supper. Iris would be coming to the planning meeting at Fiona's Monday 24/3/03.

The GRA were considering having a video made. This could be shown on Kennet.

Vaughan had approached three security companies but none was interested. To consult PC Skellorn and/or approach Guardhall.

Jackie was arranging to have the event advertised on the Rishton web site.

We should try to involve the Sands and Bridgefield RA as well as contacting Soroptimists, the Community Assn, Scouts, Guides, Brownies, etc.

Everyone interested was welcome to the planning meeting at Fiona's, 17 Elm Close, on Monday 24th March 2003 at 7.00pm.

10. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 1st April 2003.

Tuesday 7th May 2003.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 1st April 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of Meeting 4/3/03. The meeting was not quorate, so the minutes could not be passed

4. Progress reports :

a) Bibs. 10 had now been received after modification to the wording on them.

b) BTCV Membership. The PROSPECTS Foundation was now registered. The Panel could receive the benefits through this membership.

c) Insurance. The Foundation had decided to renew for 12 months through AON (who also acted for HBC). In that time other brokers might be explored.

d) Canal Improvement Project:

i) Funding. All funding was now in place, viz. £100,000 Fairshare (Lottery); £51,000 LEF (Landfill); £30,000 LCC; £15,000 BW & volunteers in kind. Mike was congratulated for his part in this achievement.

ii) Slipway resurfacing and fence. Preparation work by BW was imminent and Mike was liaising with HBC for bitmacing to follow soon afterwards.

Colin had been contacted by a Lyall Cairns of Gaskells who was progressing the fence replacement with 10th May in mind.

iii) Raised flower beds : slipway and canalside cafe corner. The walling for both flowerbeds had been completed thanks to BW. BW had also provided topsoil for the slipway flowerbed which Colin and Paul Osborne had shovelled into place. BW would provide more topsoil for the cafe corner when the slipway resurfacing was complete. A working party with 3 wheelbarrows would be needed and it was suggested this be done one Friday evening before 10th May. [Later : Set for 2/5/03 at 6.00pm] It was agreed that summer annuals be put in the flowerbeds for now.

iv) Jubilee Gate. Colin had advised MW Graphics that the May 10th was definitely on and the gate needed to be ready for then. (no change)

v) Viewing points : near aqueduct and near Tottleworth Bridge. No further progress. Could do with BW landscape architect drawing up schemes. Vaughan to explore. (no change)

vi) Ornamental gateways : Tottleworth Bridge and Norden Bridge. Again, assistance from BW's landscape architect would be desirable. (no change)

It was suggested items (v) & (vi) could be a subject for suggestions on Kennet on the 10th May.

e) Community garden :

i) Realign boarding, replant shrubs, sow grass bottom end. Colin had written to Mr Tanti, Chief of Leisure Services (5/3/03). Having received no reply after 2 weeks, when chased, Mr Tanti claimed never to have received the letter. Colin took a further copy, which elicited an apology and advice that it was being followed up by Daryl Parkinson. [Later : Daryl met Fiona and Colin on site 15/4/03 and a modified schedule of work was agreed which was promised to be complete for 10th May.]

Colin reported that the tortoise table had been badly vandalised but was thought to be repairable.

ii) Grasses for planter. Grass seed received from British Seed Houses and sown by Colin with some wild flower seeds amongst it.

iii) Live Christmas tree. To be raised with the Area Council as part of Christmas tree provision in general.

f) Star Delph. Mary had contacted Colin to advise that the previous minute about the amphitheatre was not quite correct. While it would not be possible to go ahead with the idea in its original form, there were other ways of achieving a similar effect without endangering the SSSI status.

Tree planting along the pathway to Star Delph had been completed with assistance from local schools and BAe Systems volunteers.

g) Fairtrade Town. The initiative was gathering momentum. There was a need now to get more shops and catering outlets 'on board'.

h) Friends of Rishton Youth. At its meeting 25/3/03 it was reported that comparative quotes for the half-pipe were being obtained prior to applying for planning permission. There was also discussion about some possible sharing of the old Peoples Centre to create a YP's drop-in centre.

. i) Bottom Rec. No report. [Later : Colin was advised by Cllr June Butler that the Council were looking at renewing the lease for a further 15 years.]

j) Pit Head. No report. [Later : Colin was advised by Cllr Butler that the Dunkenhalgh Estate had agreed to their part of pathway to Eachill Gardens being resurfaced when HBC did the rest. The builder was to grass the extended mound and Cllr Butler enquired whether wildflower seeding might also be appropriate. Colin advised that from his exploration of a similar idea for the Chapel St flats area, it was not so simple as we may have believed and was probably not appropriate without proper preparation and subsequent maintenance.]

k) Chapel St flats area. See (j) above re wild flower meadow. Colin had prices for seed. This did not stop us having a litter-pick with local residents (at regular intervals if necessary).

l) Landmark trees regeneration project. Mark Cocks (HBC) was believed to have contacted Groundwork EL with a view to developing a scheme.

k) Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Colin had had a meeting with Claire (20/3/03 ) who had supplied Colin with various guidelines to assist the process.

5. Review of PROSPECTS Panels' 'Get Together' 25/3/03. The meeting had been very well attended by Panel members, including our own, and guests from other organisations. There were presentations on the PROSPECTS Development Programme, BW's Canal Corridor Study, Prosperity Recycling, the Fairtrade initiative, CVS funding and the Hyndburn Community Empowerment Network (HYCEN), Community Appraisals, and the launch of the new PROSPECTS newsletter. There was an excellent buffet beforehand and the meeting was thought to be encouraging and informative, however, it was felt that many of the speakers were not clearly identified or introduced. Also questioners should introduce themselves.

Phil Barwood was presented with the first of a new annual 'Prospector of the Year' awards by the Foundation's Chairman, John Wells, in recognition of his incalculable service to the PROSPECTS movement since its inception.

6. Foundation news. Nothing additional to (5) above.

7. Working party - Saturday 5th April 2003. Not needed.

8. Any other business.

a) Home Office letter 17/3/03. The Home Office's Research, Development & Statistics Directorate was setting up a 'major new research initiative', the 'State of the Sector Panel', with a view to monitoring progress in increasing voluntary and community sector activity and also to explore matters of concern to those sectors. A copy of their letter had been received via CVS, inviting the Panel to register as an organisation that could take part in surveys over the next three years to help the research. The meeting felt that it would be more appropriate for the Foundation. Colin to discuss with Claire.

b) HBC letter 21/3/03. The letter from Chief Executive, Mike Chambers, was urging organisations to encourage their members to take part in the the experimental 'all postal' ballot for the local elections on the 1st May 2003. It also urged organisations to become familiar with the soon to be published 'Community Strategy' and to play their part in seeing that its targets were achieved. Thirdly, it warned against possible community unrest emanating from current international tensions. The contents were noted by those present.

9. Canal Spring Event - 10/5/03. See Appendix I (where attached).

10. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 6th May 2003.

Tuesday 3rd June 2003.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 6th May 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse, Geoff Smale. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). David Haworth (GRA), Iris Presho (GRA).

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr Lesley Jackson. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of Meeting 4/3/03 & 1/4/03. Agreed as a correct record and signed as such.

4. Canal Event 10/5/03.

a) Canal Improvements. The slipway had been resurfaced thanks to BW and HBC. BW had supplied 2 ton of top soil which a working party had laboriously barrowed from the foot of the slipway to the cafe flowerbed in miserably wet weather on Friday evening 2/5/03. Colin would be getting bedding plants for this the following day and planting them up. Colin was pursuing Gaskells but while they were reported to have the materials to renew the fence, it seemed that other more pressing priorities would prevent them erecting it in time for the Event. Gary of MW Graphics was confident he would have the gate erected on Friday (9/5/03). (Gary and his wife Caroline had been invited to be present at the opening and to the barbeque).

b) Final Arrangements.

HBC had given the OK to hold the event. HBC Parks had started work on refurbishing the Community Garden and had given a assurance that it would be tidied, the cauldron posts repositioned and the grass on the 'green' cut by 9/5/03.

Colin had contacted PC Mark Skellorn who had promised 'Police Slow' notices at the approaches to the event. He had suggested other notices that the Panel could provide to warn motorists and pedestrians. He would not be on duty on the day but his Police Community Support Officer (Kate ? ) would be. Colin issued an invitation to them both to the barbeque.

Mike and Colin had met with Bernard Scully 28/4/03 to carry out a risk assessment. Copies of his recommendations were issued at the meeting, studied and necessary action agreed. Mike reported that Andrew Leah and his wife from the Church Panel were coming to help with the marshalling on the day. This was appreciated.

Mike was arranging for the following :- walkie-talkies, PA system, stakes and tape to rope off the 'green', spray to mark the grass for the stall pitches, the PROSPECTS Foundation and Fairtrade stalls and gezebos, whistles, 1st aid kit, laminated notices ['motorists beware people crossing' (2), 'pedestrians are advised to use the pedestrian crossing' (2), '1st aid post', 'lost child centre', 'this way to 'Kennet'','guided historical walk from here at 4.00pm', security badges for boaters]. Mike was also liaising with Melissa Taylor of CVS about a stall for their 'Walking Out' scheme. Catherine and Shonagh would be on the Foundation stall which would double as 1st aid and lost children post.

Margaret would arrange a bouquet for the Mayor and button hole for the Consort plus green ribbon for cutting to officially open the gate. Iris would arrange for one of the children from the GRA to present the flowers. Margaret reminded about parking for the Mayor's car on Parker St. Colin to arrange cones for this and to stop parking at the top of the slipway.

Joyce Fiddies had advised Colin that definitely 5 and maybe 7 boats would be coming (12/16 people). Vaughan's boat would not however be ready, so entertaining would be on the 'Kennet'. Vaughan would still be making the event known at Skipton so the number of boats could increase. Colin would phone Vaughan to confirm final arrangements, eg cups, saucers, tea, milk, sugar, 'freebies', prizes for children doing Fiona's towpath trail,etc. Fiona offered to bake some cakes for the Mayor and guests. Vaughan would act as 'boat master' for the mooring of the boats, etc. and issue passes and disco tickets.

It was agreed with Geoff that the BB Band would do two 'slots', one before and one after the gate opening ceremony. They would spend all their time at the Community Garden and not go (as a band) to the opening ceremony or play at the 48 hour mooring. Colin would arrange for 14 chairs.

Colin had suceeded in contacting Mike Clarke at last and he had agreed to do one guided towpath walk at 4.00pm. He was unable to do more because of other commitments.

Colin reported that he had sent letters out to more than 30 local organisations and had had a positive response from about 12 so far which was encouraging. He would work out a layout on the 'green' and mark the pitches with bamboo canes and Mike's spray. He would also provide the Panel's gazebo for the GRA to use.

Jackie had approached the Bridge Cafe (Tania Bailey) about doing a barbeque and they were keen to do it. They quoted £3.50 per head based on 80/100. An executive decision had been made to go ahead on this basis and a deposit of £100 paid, final numbers to be confirmed by Thursday. It was agreed to confirm at 80.

David and Iris confirmed that all arrangements for the disco were in place. In addition to the booking fee of £40 for the Club, the disco would be £50 and the suppers £1.20 per head (120 x £1.20 = £144.00). Tickets were going well. Mike had arranged to hire one security man from Guardhall @ £12.00 per hour for 4 hours (20.00 to 24.00 hrs). BW had offered to pay for this. Thanks to BW.

The application to the Lancashire Environment Action Fund (LEAF) for funding of £500 (maximum allowed) towards the event had had to be scaled down to £350 but we were hopeful of getting this.

5. Progress reports on other items :

a) Viewing points : near aqueduct and near Tottleworth Bridge. No further progress. Could do with BW landscape architect drawing up schemes. Vaughan to explore. (no change)

b) Ornamental gateways : Tottleworth Bridge and Norden Bridge. Again, assistance from BW's landscape architect would be desirable. (no change)

c) Community garden : Colin had repaired the tortoise table and Shetland pony.

d) Star Delph. No report.

e) Fairtrade Town. Next meeting Monday 12th May 2003 7.00pm at Scaitcliffe house.

f) Friends of Rishton Youth. Meeting 6/5/03 clashed with Panel meeting .

g) Bottom Rec. There appeared to be some uncertainty as to where the 15 year extension proposal had got to. Colin to talk to Andrew Leah. Would there be a policy change with the change of party power base following the Council elections?

h) Pit Head. Watching brief.

i) Chapel St flats area. Still need to look at the possibility of a litter-pick as a temporary measure.

j) Landmark trees regeneration project. Colin to follow up letter to Ingham and Yorke to see if they have had any reaction from their 'client'.

k) Revised Constitution/Charity registration. No further progress.

6. Foundation news. The AGM was scheduled for Monday 19th May 2003, 6.30 to 8.30pm at Scaitcliffe House. Margaret agreed to be renominated for election as a member of the Management Committee. It was agreed that Beverley be nominated to represent the Panel at the AGM.

There was to be a special meeting of Panel Reps on Wednesday 14/5/03 to discuss a number of issues that needed to be put before Panels for consideration.

7. Any other business. None

8. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 3rd June 2003.

Tuesday 1st July 2003

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 3rd June 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Cllr Lesley Jackson.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of Meeting 6/5/03. Agreed as a correct record.

4. Canal Event 10/5/03. This was felt to have been a great success and enhanced by a fine sunny day, a 'one-off' among some days when rain had fallen at some stage.

Thanks were expressed to :

- the Gardeners Resident's Association for their considerable support, particularly for the Charity Fayre and Disco.

- Vaughan and Kate of BW for manning the barge and supervising the children's walk which was enjoyed by some 80 participants. It was particularly appreciated that when 'Kennet' became stuck the wrong side of damaged lock gates at Wigan, Vaughan arranged for Blackburn's barge the 'Bill Hunt' to come instead.

- Mike for liaising with HBC and others for stakes, PA system (excellent), walkie-talkies (not actually used), printing and laminating signs, displays, etc. Also Catherine and Shonagh for their support and Andrew Leah from the Church Panel.

- Colin for coordinating.

Letters of thanks had been sent to :

- the Boys' Brigade Band who had far exceeded the original amount of time they were going to play and were much appreciated.

- The Wheelton Boat Club whose six boats had proved a great attraction (pity Vaughan's didn't make it!).

- Lord's House Farm whose pony had proved a magnet to children and adults alike.

Letters would be sent to :

- MW Graphics when the gate was finally finished. (It had been good to see Gary and his wife Caroline at the Opening).

- Gaskells when the fence was eventually done. (They had the materials but not the manpower to get the job done before the Day).

- the Bridge Cafe, particularly for arranging to hire a barbeque when the Panel's arrangement for one failed through a lack of communication.

It was disappointing that due to serious injuries sustained in a car accident the day before, Mike Clarke had been unable to attend and his historical walk had had to be cancelled. 'Get well' cards had been sent from the Panel.

Lessons to be learnt :

- marshalling needs to be more detailed and better controlled, nb. provision for supervising lots of unaccompanied children both on the towpath and on the barge ('safeguarding')

- tickets should have been issued for the barbeque (free) to ensure there were no unauthorised recipients.

It was pleasing to note that we had been awarded £355 by the Lancashire Environmental Action Fund. This would cover the barbeque costs which were higher than anticipated due to increased numbers and the hire of the barbeque.

It was estimated that well over £500 had been raised by the stall holders. GRA alone had raised over £350 from their tombola, sponge throwing, face painting and disco raffle.

5. Community Garden refurbishment. HBC Parks had rotavated and grass seeded the area from the centre circle to Parker St. Any remaining shrubs in this area had been moved to other locations with varying degrees of success. Colin had put three brooms in the cross-canal flower bed and a mountain ash on the main canalside bed, hopefully to eventually take the place of the elder that had been killed by vandals stripping the bark off it. HBC Parks had resited the cauldrons to group them near the Hermitage St edge to inhibit their use as goal posts. The special grass in the planters was growing well and standing up to being trampled on. All this had been done in time for the Canal Celebration, including cutting the grass, and the site looked well for the event.

6. Canal Improvement Project. MW Graphics had managed to erect the Jubilee Gate in time for the Canal Celebration and it had met with much approval by the local community. Unfortunately the original support post had been found to be less secure than originally thought and would need recementing to make it strong enough to hold the new gate which was heavier than the original. Gary had agreed with BW that he would do this work. It would mean putting the old gate back for a time until the cement hardened. Gary would use this occasion to do some polishing on the gate to make the lettering stand out more.

Vaughan would check the latest position on the erection of bollards at the top of the slipway.

Mike tabled a revised timetable for the Project. Work on the proposed viewing points and other gateways was scheduled for Sept 03 to Feb 04. Initially it hinged on getting the services of a landscape artist. It had been hoped this could be done by BW but Vaughan advised that some restructuring was taking place within BW to be effective by the 1st September 2003 and until this was done they would be unable to assist. It was hoped that ultimately the restructuring would improve liaison with community groups. To move the schemes on, Mike was looking at alternative providers of landscape design. Park View was suggested but Vaughan pointed out that the providers and the schemes would need BW approval.

7. Landmark trees regeneration project. Colin had contacted Ingham and Yorke who ultimately advised that their client was in agreement with the proposal in principle. They suggested a site meeting with the farmer and Colin was trying to arrange a mutually acceptable date to include Mark Cocks, HBC's Trees Officer. It was still hoped something could be done for the next planting season.

8. Bottom Rec. The question of extending the lease was to be reported on at the next Rishton Area Council meeting on the 25th June 2003. It was believed Dunkenhalgh Estate were amenable to an extension, subject to acceptable plans for the areas use. The GRA had been asked to submit ideas for this to HBC Leisure Services and Colin had supplied David Haworth with a copy of our original scheme drawn up by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust following their wildlife habitat survey.

Colin had also submitted an application to LWT for the area to be designated an East Lancashire Local Nature Reserve under the new initiative LWT were engaged in.

9. Star Delph. Nothing specific to report but development of the scheme was ongoing.

10. Chapel St flats area. The Rishton Area Council had called a special meeting on the 5th June 2003 to discuss ideas for this area. To be included were the GRA, our Panel and the Friends of Rishton Youth. Colin and Margaret agreed to attend on the Panel's behalf but it was felt our contribution would be limited and it was more important to have Chapel St residents represented. Colin was to discuss this with David Haworth (GRA). It was agreed that we should be as supportive as possible but in view of our other projects, not take any leading role.

11. Pit head. It was questioned whether the builder had completed any landscaping he was planning to do. At the moment he appeared only to have sown grass on the bund he had extended.

It was noted that HBC had erected bollards on the pathway from Eachill Gardens to the Walmsley St/Walmsley Ave junction. It was also believed that agreement had been reached with the Dunkenhalgh Estate for HBC to include their land in a pathway surface improvement scheme where the path ran over it.

12. Friends of Rishton Youth. Unfortunately their recent meetings were clashing with our meetings but they were reviewing their meeting night. At the Canal Celebration they initiated a petition about the Bottom Rec 'to encourage HBC to renew the lease' and this was ongoing, as were the plans for a half-pipe on the Middle Rec and exploration of the use of the Old Peoples' Centre for young people as well.

13. Fairtrade Town. Efforts to get more outlets stocking and serving Fairtrade products were ongoing.

Mike was developing an information pack to be used by individuals/groups in approaching potential outlets. It was an agenda item on the next Rishton Area Council meeting.

14. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Colin hoped to make progress on this during the summer break.

15. PROSPECTS Foundation. Following on from a special Panel reps. meeting 14/5/03, a number of items were referred back to the Panels for discussion and decision :-

a) Admin costs. As part of the Foundation's Development Programme, each Panel was to receive £250 pa for the next three years towards admin costs. Each Panel had been asked to prepare a budget estimate of how this was to be used. It was questioned whether our Panel incurred this level of costs particularly in view of the 'free' assistance on photocopying, postage, etc it received from the Foundation/HBC. Colin was to seek further guidance from Claire on what could be included and whether some of the 'free' assistance could be charged back to the Panel to release funds that the Foundation could then use elsewhere. Colin then to use his best judgement to prepare the budget estimate.

b) Insurance (General). Under new arrangements, cover for public liability, third party, etc had been negotiated by the Foundation on the Panels' behalf at a cost of £1000 which the Foundation had so far covered. However, the Foundation did not have long term finance for this and the Panels were being asked to consider making a contribution. In so far as they previously had to pay for this themselves through BTCV (or other) this did not seem unreasonable. The meeting agreed with this in principle but it was

questioned how the funds for this could be raised. Some specific fundraising activities might have to be undertaken. Another suggestion was to seek sponsorship from local companies/businesses for Panel activities/insurance and Claire was drafting a suggested letter that Panels could use for this purpose. This idea had some appeal and it would also be a way of involving the community more. Claire was also going to contact BTCV again to see if their insurance situation had changed to Panels' advantage.

c) Insurance (Personal Accident). Panels do not at present have cover in the case of an accident to one of their members/volunteers and some Panels felt strongly that they should have. Cover could be provided for 50 volunteers @ £125 + tax for £10,000 lump sum OR £312.50 + tax for £25,000 lump sum. A number of Panels could share the cost. The meeting expressed no strong need for such cover but agreed that if the cost could be shared reasonably, then it was willing to take part.

d) Recording volunteer time. It was necessary for funding applications and other purposes for the Foundation to be able to quote the amount of volunteer time expended by the Panels. Panels were therefore now being asked to record volunteer time at meetings and on projects and forms for this had been provided.

e) Hosting Panels' meetings. It was hoped to reintroduce Panels hosting Panels' meetings on a rota basis once again. Oswaldtwistle had offered to start by inviting everyone to a barbeque at Tinker Brook and the evening of Friday 20th June 2003 was being suggested [Later changed to 27th June 2003]. The Panel agreed to take its turn if the timing could be fitted in with Primetime availability.

The Reps meeting was also advised that funding had now been secured to continue Mike's post of Community Projects Manager until the end of 2003. However two thirds of his time would have to be spent on delivering the Canal Improvement Programme which would leave less time for other support. Other members of staff would assist where they could. It was hoped in the coming months to secure further longer term funding for the post and to make it five days rather than the current four.

16. Working Party. A working party was set for Saturday 7th June 2003 at 9.30am, mainly to weed and tidy up the main canalside flower bed. If time allowed those involved would look at the two proposed viewing sites and generate some firm ideas.

17. Any other business.

a) Logo labels. MW Graphics had provided two quotes for sticky logo labels for use on letter heads, posters, etc @ £60 + vat for 600 OR £80 + vat for 1200. It was agreed in view of the assistance with admin costs that we should order 1200.

b) Comunity Beat Manager. A letter dated 1/6/03 had been received from PC Mark Skellorn expressing pleasure at the number of community groups that were emerging (a new one being recently formed in the Petre Crescent area) and the work they were doing. However he was concerned that there could be duplication of effort and suggested setting up some coordinating body, although conscious of peoples' time commitments.

The meeting did not altogether share his concerns but agreed that provided any associated meetings were not more often than every six months, we should lend our support.

c) Oswaldtwistle Community Appraisal Exhibition. This was to take place at Oswaldtwistle Mills on Thursday 5th June 2003 at 6.30pm onwards and would feature displays of information, etc collected during the Community Appraisal exercise over the past few months.

All welcome.

d) CVS Newsletter. The Summer Edition of the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley CVS Newsletter had been received and Colin would be happy to let members see it if they wished. CVS had now moved to 21 Cannon St, Accrington, BB5 1NJ. Tel : 879966.

18. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 1st July 2003

Tuesday 2nd September 2003. (It was agreed there should be a summer break in August)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 1st July 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Cllr Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse. David Haworth (Gardeners Residents Association).

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways). CVS

Fiona opened the meeting with a welcome.

3. Minutes of Meeting 3/6/03. As the meeting was not quorate, these minutes could not be agreed.

4. Matters arising :

a) Logo labels. These were promised by MW Graphics that week. [Later : due to equipment breakdown and repair they were not delivered until 13/7/03.]

b) Rishton Community Groups Coordination. Colin had responded to PC Mark Skellorn's letter (1/6/03) in a letter dated 14/6/03 expressing the Panel's view that we saw no great need at present for a coordinating body but would nonetheless be happy to support anything that fostered better community relations. David reported that PC Skellorn was definitely going to call an initial exploratory meeting [Later : Took place 14/7/03. Colin attended. Next meeting Monday 8/9/03.]

c) Admin costs budget. Colin still to do. [ Later : Completed and given to Claire 9/7/03.]

d) Insurance (Personal Accident). The Foundation had arranged a policy for the three Panels interested to cover 30 volunteers (un-named) for up to £10,000 + weekly benefit for £40 each, to last until March 2003. [Later : cheque for £40 given to Claire 9/7/03.]

5. Canal Improvement Project.

The Jubilee gate had been rehung by MW Graphics on a strengthened support post and the lettering and crest polished. (Much consternation was expressed by many residents when the gate disappeared for a few days while work progressed and there were fears it had been stolen!). Colin had followed up the proposed bollards at the top of the slipway with BW. They had not been forgotten but no promise was given of when they would be fitted.

David thanked the Panel for the opportunity for the GRA to be involved with the Celebration Day. Fiona in turn responded that the day would not have been the success it was without their invaluable support.

Mike had reported to Colin that he hoped to have the final element of funding in place by the end of the week (an agreement with HBC over the New Opportunities Fund (Lottery) money that they were administering.). Mike was then proposing to engage Groundwork EL to provide a landscape architect to draw up our viewing point schemes as our next phase.

6. Landmark trees regeneration project. Colin was still awaiting a date from Ingham & Yorke for a site visit.

7. Chapel St flats area. The special meeting called by Rishton Area

Council on the 5th June 2003 to discuss ideas for this area had proved very positive, thanks mainly to groundwork done by Jane Hogg with residents in the area, culminating in her being able to draw up sketch proposals of what they would like on the site. These were to be properly drawn up and costed. The GRA had called a meeting at the Free Gardeners Club for 2/7/03 when Ian Marfleet of Hyndburn First would be present to help move matters on further. [Later : Yet again the 2/7/03 meeting had been very positive and Ian had agreed to front : a) the drawing up and costing of revised plans ; b) the drawing up of a licencing agreement between the GRA and HBC ; c) an application for planning permission ; d) applications for funding.]

8. Bottom Rec. From the Area Council meeting 25/6/03, there appeared now to be a determination by HBC to negotiate an extension of the lease but for how long was uncertain. Nor was it certain just how far negotiations with the Dunkenhalgh Estate had reached. It was agreed that a minimum extension to make it worthwhile would be 15 years.

David expressed some concern over the involvement of Rishton United who were talking in terms of two football pitches, which would severely limit the area available for other uses. There was clearly a need for all parties that might be involved to get together to pool ideas once the lease had been resolved.

9. Star Delph. Nothing to report.

10. Fairtrade Town. Reference was made at the Rishton Area Council Meeting 25/6/03 to Hyndburn's Fairtrade Town initiative and everyone was encouraged to think in terms of Fairtrade products both in terms of their own purchases and to encourage outlets to hold stocks. The next meeting of the Fairtrade group was scheduled for 3/7/03. As Colin was not able to go to this, Lesley offered to go in his place.

11. Pit head. There was uncertainty whether the 'landscaping' done by the builder was complete. Lesley would endeavour to find out.

12. Friends of Rishton Youth. The next meeting which had been scheduled for 15/7/03 to avoid recent clashes with PROSPECTS had now been put back one day to enable Cllr Brian Walmsley (new portfolio holder for Leisure) to attend to report on leasing for the Bottom Rec. At the meeting 3/6/03 Dorothy Casey was elected Secretary, with Beryl Timmins as Minutes Secretary. Plans were still awaited from Play Dale for equipment for the Middle Rec. This might not now be a 'half-pipe' but more modest skate board/bike equipment more suited to the site. The 'half-pipe' was probably more appropriate to the Bottom Rec scheme.

13. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Colin was still hoping to make progress on this during the summer break.

14. PROSPECTS Foundation. The Panels' BBQ at Tinker Brook had been a great success despite poor weather. Unfortunately no one from Rishton had been able to be present.

The Panels were not to be asked to contribute to the General Insurance provision this time, the Foundation standing the £1000 premium involved. This would be up for review by the end March 2004. It might well be that we would be going back to BTCV again.

Members should have had a copy of the second Newsletter by now.

15. Working Parties. These were set for 9.30am at High St bridge : Sat 5/7/03

Sat 9/8/03

16. Any other business.

a) Area Council Cooptee. This item should have been raised but was inadvertently missed and should therefore be an agenda item at the next meeting. The view was expressed at the Area Council Meeting 25/6/03 that as Andrew Parker is no longer resident in Rishton and has other priorities since getting married, PROSPECTS might like to nominate someone else to take his place as a cooptee on the Area Council. Next Rishton Area Council Meeting was scheduled for Thursday the 18th September 2003.

17. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 2nd September 2003.

Tuesday 7th October 2003. (AGM)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 2nd September 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling. David Haworth (Gardeners Residents Association). Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Cllr June Butler, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ann Scaife. Jemma Thomson (Lords House Farm)

Fiona opened the meeting with a welcome.

3. Minutes of Meeting 3/6/03 an 1/7/03. As the meeting was not quorate, these minutes could not be agreed.

4. Matters arising :

a) Logo labels. Received 13/7/03.

b) Admin costs budget. Submitted 9/7/03.

c) Insurance (Personal Accident). Premium of £40 paid 9/7/03.

5. Canal Improvement Scheme.

Mike reported that legal problems over the administration of the NOF grant by HBC were still preventing progress on the Scheme. The matter was being pursued with all urgency by the Foundation with Hyndburn FIRST but was proving complicated, with no easy solutions.

On the 16th August the Jubilee Gate had sustained damage that appeared to have been caused by a car either deliberately or accidentally being driven into it. Colin had carried out some interim repairs and the gate (which had been forced open by the impact) was secure again, but with a bend in its length. It was reported to the police, Log Ref : 276EQ17. MW Graphics had advised that less than £100 would be needed to remove and straighten it, but a kink in the bottom section was likely to remain. Colin advised that no action be taken on the repair until BW had erected the planned bollards at the entrance to the slipway. This was agreed. Vaughan advised that the erection of the bollards was in their work programme but as yet they could give no date as to when it would be done.

It had been noted that one of the BW panels in the information board by the 48 hour mooring had had the polycarbonate smashed and the information panel damaged. Vaughan reported that replacements were in hand.

It was reported that there had been numerous comments about the two new raised flower beds making a colourful show.

It was reported that Cllr Scaife was liaising with HBC and BW to see what might be done to improve the cleanliness and outlook of the canal through Rishton and in particular from Tottleworth to High St bridges. Agreement had been reached to give the Dog Warden jurisdiction over the towpath in and effort to actively tackle the dog dirt menace.

Concern was expressed once again about motor bikes on the towpath but who was to police this?

6. Landmark trees regeneration project. After 'chasing' Ingham & Yorke further for a date to talk to the farmer, Mike England, a visit to Dunscar Farm eventually took place 12/8/03 with Fiona, Colin, Mark Cocks (HBC), Paul Holden (GH & R Rotary) and Eric Millar (I & Y) in attendance. General agreement was reached that a scheme could go ahead subject to the production of a detailed plan and its approval by I & Y. The farmer might want compensation for loss of grazing due to necessary fencing off

A subsequent site visit took place 14/8/03 with Fiona, Colin, Mike Stapleford, Mark Cocks and Paul Holden in attendance. Mark roughly mapped out the area indicating where dead trees would need to be felled and suitable spaces for new planting. He agreed to work up a scheme for the Panel to consider. It was likely that the scale of the scheme would require considerable professional assistance.

7. Community Organisations Coordinating Group. Representatives of a number of community groups in Rishton had met for an initial informal meeting in Norden HS library 14/7/03 under the auspices of the Community Beat Manager, PC Mark Skellorn. Ways in which groups might help each other and the police were discussed. Funding of projects seemed a key issue and guidance on how and where to get such assistance would be helpful, possibly from CVS. It was suggested that some reference on the Rishton web site would be useful and Paul Wilkinson would be approached about this. It was agreed that a meeting every two months to share information and ideas could be useful. The next meeting was set for 8/9/03.

8. Chapel St Community Garden. At a General Meeting of the GRA 13/8/03 final scheme drawings had been presented and agreed. The scheme was now being worked up and costed so that planning permission and funding could be applied for. It had been proposed that HBC undertake the necessary work and invoice the GRA. It was also being suggested that the land be leased to the GRA but this was being resisted due to the insurance implications etc. A maintenance agreement would be more appropriate.

9. Bottom Rec. David had drawn up an initial sketch plan of what might be done in the area but it was still unclear where HBC had got to on extending the lease. Mike said he would follow this up with Andrew Leah (HBC)

10. Friends of Rishton Youth. At the meeting 15/7/03 Dorothy Casey had presented drawings prepared by 'Play Dale' of a proposed skate board/bike facility for the 'Middle Rec' of more modest proportions than originally envisaged, but also details of half-pipe etc equipment that it was felt would be more suitable for the 'Bottom Rec'. It had been agreed she pursue the 'Middle Rec' scheme with HBC to get planning permission etc. but she had subsequently been frustrated at complications that did not appear to have been raised by HBC when they had been involved previously.

The next meeting was scheduled for 10/9/03 but Colin could not go due to a Foundation meeting.

11. Fairtrade Town. Lesley had attended the meeting 3/7/03. Mike reported that she had been able to make some very positive contributions. Emphasis was still on persuading more outlets to stock and use fairtrade products and on publicity. Could we approach the Bridge Cafe and other possible outlets and the local churches? Mike was preparing some information packs and was doing all he could but had no specific funding for this work.

12. Star Delph. Jemma had submitted a brief written report. Construction of a path and boardwalk was going well with the help of a team from Lancashire Wildlife Trust and was expected to be complete by the end of September. An open day was being planned, date TBA. A leaflet about the quarry was being prepared. On a general note, environmental education activities were now available for schools, linked to the National Curriculum.

13. Co-optee on to Rishton Area Council. The Panel had been asked to nominate someone to replace Andrew Parker. It was agreed Colin approach Margaret Worden when she returned from holiday. Fiona, while very much in favour of Margaret, offered to do it if she declined.

14. Housing land provision in Hyndburn. Consequent upon the publication of the Regional Planning Guidance for the North West and the Joint Lancashire Structure Plan, a reduced housing figure for Lancashire and Hyndburn was being proposed up to 2016. As a result HBC was considering revising its Supplementary Planning Guidance, but before doing so was seeking comments and had sent the Panel a copy of the draft of the proposed revision to the SPG.

Even with a house building policy in place which gives priority to the re-use of previously developed sites ('brownfield') over greenfield sites, the Borough was likely to exceed its housebuilding allocation up to 2006. Even more stringent controls would be necessary if the reduced housing figure to 2016 was not to be exceeded. It was estimated that sufficient previously developed sites would more than meet future housebuilding requirements.

There was little time in the meeting to discuss the draft but the principle of using 'brownfield' rather than greenfield sites was endorsed and Colin was to write back to that effect. It was hoped this policy would further protect the 'Bottom Rec' from housing development.

15. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Colin had failed to make any progress on this during the summer break as he had hoped..

16. PROSPECTS Foundation. The third PROSPECTS Newsletter had been produced and members should have received a copy. (If not, contact Colin.)

The next Panels' Get-together was scheduled for Wednesday 24/9/03 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the Supper Room of Accrington Town Hall prior to a talk entitled 'Planet, People and Prosperity' based on the Johannesburg Earth Summit by Chris Mahon of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Supper was to be served during the Get-together.

17. Working Parties. There was no particular need at present. Colin would do the little bit of weeding that was needed in the new flowerbeds and Fiona said she would do some tidying up on the Community garden one evening.

18. Time booking. We were now being asked to record all volunteer time for Charity Commission and other purposes, so this would become a regular agenda item so that members could record any time they had spent on PROSPECTS activities. Colin therefore asked all members to keep some sort of note of any such time that they spent.

19. Any other business.

a) Mersey Basin Trust questionnaire. We had received a questionnaire enlisting our help in establishing a priority list of sustainability indicators for an exercise they were carrying out as part of a university research project. Again, the meeting did not have time to consider this in detail and Fiona undertook to respond on the Panel's behalf.

b) Christies Crafters. David reported that while the fund raising afternoon this year had been very successful and raised over £3000, Christies Crafters did feel it was becoming too big an undertaking for them to do every year. They were wondering therefore if they could alternate with other community groups like the GRA, PROSPECTS, FoRY, etc. The meeting was not against the idea in principle.

20. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 7th October 2003. (AGM)

Tuesday 4th November 2003.

Minutes of the 7th Annual General Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 7th October 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst. Secretary), Cllr Lesley Jackson, Cllr Ann Scaife. Claire Tindall (PROSPECTS Foundation) Vaughan Jones (British Waterways). PC Ian Dawber, PCSO Kath Stretton.

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Dorothy Casey, Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager)

Fiona welcomed everyone, in particular PC Dawber and PCSO Stretton. PC Dawber explained that he was the newly appointed Community Beat Manager for Great Harwood. To some extent he was standing in at the meeting for PC Mark Skellorn but he was also attending to help him get the 'feel' of local organisations like PROSPECTS. PCSO Stretton was already well known to the Panel, although this was the first time she had attended a meeting. She was now allocated fully to Rishton having previously been shared with Clayton-le-Moors.

While the meeting was not quorate, Fiona proposed proceeding with the Agenda much as published, with the exception of the election of officers for the coming year. The existing officers agreed to continue until the next meeting when it was hoped the elections could take place.

3. Chairman's address and review of the year. See Appendix I.

4. Treasurer's report and accounts. Colin presented the financial statement 2002/2003 prepared by Jacqui. Income totalled £635.71 which included £250 from the Foundation for admin expenses and £355 from LEAF for the Canal Event. Expenditure was £1162.07 which included £537.50 for the Canal Event; £47.72 fror litter pickers; £94.00 for logo stickers and £361.47 for Secretary's expenses. Of the latter, £117.00 was for bibs; £72.08 for the Canal Event (=£609.58 in total) and £55.32 for bulbs, plants, etc. So from an opening balance of £5,233.19, the balance remaining to be carried forward was £4706.83. Of this, £320.68 still remained from the Area Council Pit Head project grant which had been set aside for Community Garden refurbishment, but the cost of this work so far had been carried by HBC. The Panel's contribution towards the cost of the Jubilee Gate of £490 + vat (BW share £1750 + vat) would now come out of the Foundation's Canal Improvement Scheme.

Jaqui was thanked in her absence for looking after the Panel's finances. It was not possible to formally accept the financial statement but those present were happy with the figures as presented.

5. Election of Officers and Representatives. Held over.

6. Membership. Held over.

7. Review of current projects and plans for the future.

(i) Canal Improvement Scheme. Claire reported that with Ann's help in her councillor's role, a degree of urgency had been injected into sorting out a legal agreement with Hyndburn FIRST (administrators of Fairshare in Hyndburn) which should lead soon to the release of funding and enable the Scheme to go ahead, and critically secure Mike's post for the time being. There were still a few 'bugs' to sort out but Mike could now go ahead and reprogramme the various projects in view of the lost time. He would aim to get on with some of the smaller, more easily achieved projects first. It was questioned whether work arranged by the Panels would be charged to the Panels and reclaimed from the Scheme or whether the Foundation would be charged direct. It was felt the latter was the most likely.

ii) Top O'th Heights Landmark Trees. Claire reported that Mike had had a site meeting with Andrew Kitchling of 'ELWood' and as a result he was hopeful they would back the scheme. They had large stocks of trees and fencing materials which they would supply 'in kind' rather than make a monetary grant. To cover the cost of felling diseased and dangerous trees and other works, Mike was proposing to apply for a Woodland Improvement grant from the Forestry Commission. The deadline for applying for the latter is 31/10/03 and the former 3/11/03.

(iii) Chapel St Community Garden . In David Haworth's absence there was no up to date report.

(iv) Friends of Rishton Youth. The Panel had been asked to consider taking responsibility for the landscaping element (mainly to screen the local houses) of the proposed skate park on the Middle Rec'. Andrew Hayhurst (HBC Parks) had drawn up a detailed scheme costing £3478.33. The meeting agreed that the Panel should help out in this way. It had been suggested we apply for funding from 'Awards for All'. Colin had obtained the application forms in anticipation and would prepare an appropriate bid. Work to create the new skating area would be undertaken by HBC together with work to refurbish the existing playground, but this could not be done until the new financial year in April 2004. The landscaping could however be done independently prior to this in this winters planting season. It had further been suggested that Norden YC and other young people could help with the planting. Alternatively, the Foundation had successfully received labouring assistance from the Probation Service on various projects.

(v) Bottom Rec'. It was believed plans were going ahead for HBC to apply for an extension of the lease by 20 years or alternatively to buy the land.

8. Minutes of meetings 3/6/03, 1/7/03 & 2/9/03. These could not be formally agreed but there were no comments from those present.

9. Matters arising.

a) Bollards at the top of the Slipway, High St bridge. Vaughan confirmed these were still in BW's work programme but he could give no date when they would be done.

b) Canal and towpath litter. Ann was still pursuing her campaign to have the canal and towpath tidied up. PC Dawber agreed to look into the ownership and licencing of an unsightly boat moored on the Spring St side of the canal. Vaughan reported that BW hoped to have a 'state of the art' litter barge in the future and a bid had gone in to the North West Development Agency for this.

c) Community Organisations Coordinating Group. The Group had met again 8/9/03. Unfortunately it had not been possible for someone to attend from CVS to talk about fundraising as hoped. Norden Headteacher, Denise Parkinson, gave more details about the new sports facilities and how these would benefit the community. They were now only £4000 short of the £48,000 needed for the floodlights on the new all-weather pitch following a £10,000 promise from HBC from next years budget. She also gave details of the School's bid to become a

specialist Sports College and 'Hub' School, outlining the financial benefits. The former required the School to raise £50,000. She gave details of the fundraising efforts being planned to achieve this and asked for community support.

d) Fairtrade Town. Steady progress was being made. Mike was preparing a handout to assist with approaches to shops, etc to encourage them to stock/use Fairtrade products. He was also seeking the best sources of supply. The next meeting was scheduled for 9/10/03 at St Paul's, Oswaldtwistle. Colin couldn't go but Lesley was. Colin reported that at their recent Synod, Methodist churches in the North Lancs District were being encouraged to use Fairtrade products and he noticed that the Blackburn Diocese of the Church of England was bidding to become a Fairtrade diocese.

e) Star Delph. Work was now complete and an Open Day was planned for Friday, 31st October 2003 starting at 2.00pm to which Panel members were invited.

f) Co-optee on to Rishton Area Council. Margaret had agreed to be nominated to replace Andrew and this had been accepted at the Area Council meeting 18/9/03. Margaret had also become a member of the new Acorn Resident's Association which was to cover the Petre Crescent area. They were trying to make Eachill Gardens more secure with the installation of CCTV and other measures. They were also looking at improving the area at the Walmsley St/Walmsley Avenue junction. Their next meeting was at Eachill Gardens 16/10/03.

g) Revision to Supplementary Planning Guidance. Colin had responded on the Panel's behalf.

h) Mersey Basin Trust questionnaire. Fiona had responded on the Panel's behalf.

10. Working party, Saturday 11th October 2003. It was agreed to have a working party starting at 9.00am. The main aim would be to strip and replant the bed on High St bridge and to tidy up the main canalside bed. Colin felt that the towpath bed in the cafe corner could be left for now with just a little weeding. He floated the idea of making this into a rose bed. It was agreed that he obtain some rose catalogues. It was believed that there was a rose called 'Jubilee' which could be appropriate.

11. Any other business.

(i) Community Projects Manager. Claire reported that while Mike's post was secure until the year end with agreement being reached on the funding for the Canal Improvement Scheme, bids were being prepared for the longer term with the Lancashire Environment Fund (as a follow-up to the original Community Action Programme) and with the Tudor Trust.

(ii) Sustainability Action Plan. Claire provided copies of this Plan for members who might not already have received one. Production of the Plan for HBC had been the main aim of the PROSPECTS Forum. Progress on its implementation by HBC was now being reviewed. Anne Hourican, HBC's new Senior Environmental Initiatives Officer was heading this review. If anyone had any comments, she would be pleased to receive them. An 'event' following the review was planned for 2004.

(iii) Membership Pack. Claire invited everyone to consider becoming individual members of the PROSPECTS Foundation and issued Membership Packs to those wishing to do so. As well as the already elected members, the need to establish an official individual membership list became apparent for voting at the last Foundation AGM. Those who had signed up then were asked to complete the new form so that a new list could be established for the future.

(iv) Practical pool. There could be people in the local community who were 'doers', who might be happy to 'get their hands dirty' but not keen on attending meetings. Claire suggested the Panel give some thought to trying to establish a pool of such people who could help with working parties and other practical work. In a similar vein, the Foundation was looking to establish a group of roving volunteers who could help the various Panels with practical work when there was a need.

(v) PROSPECTS News. The next edition was due out mid-November. If anyone had anything they wished to contribute they should submit it to Catherine by 31/10/03.

12. Time booking. Panels were being asked to log all volunteer time. This would be helpful to the Foundation when applying for funding and for dealing with the Charity Commission. This would therefore become a regular agenda item and members were asked to keep a record of time they spent on PROSPECTS activities so that they could report it at the meetings. Ann said she spent at least an hour per week picking up litter on the towpath. Fiona likewise spent an average of 2 hours per month picking up litter on the Community Garden and elsewhere.

13. Dates of next ordinary meetings.

Tuesday 4th November 2003

Tuesday 2nd December 2003.

Chairman's Report for AGM of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel 7th October 2003

I would like to start my report by thanking all our members and supporters for all their work and enthusiasm this past year. It has been a successful year, when we have not only managed to celebrate the completion of some projects but have started work on others.

This time last year we bought and planted nearly 500 bulbs along the towpath and with the support of more bulbs and plants from HBC we were able to improve the flower beds on the canalside and on the Community Garden. Spare bulbs were shared out between the local churches to enable them to colour their gardens too. I know that these flowers were appreciated by many of the residents and I hope that through our efforts even more groups will help improve the environment in this way.

To help local people realise we are all volunteers, we have purchased some fluorescent titled bibs to wear whilst participating in our projects.

In November the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Primetime Community Centre was celebrated, when we provided children's activities such as mask making and we also ran the raffle for which we donated a £20 gardening voucher. All profits from this event were given to the Centre to help them improve their facilities some of which we use, free of charge, each month.

Work has continued all year to improve the look of our first project, the Community Garden at the top of Parker St., which was suffering from mis-use. With the aid of HBC Parks, the area was refurbished and the cauldrons repositioned to try and prevent them being used as goalposts! After much consultation we tried to plant the inner planter here with hard wearing special grass and some wild flowers that would stand being trampled on, but it didn't seem to work! Repair work was carried out on the Shetland pony, tortoise table, mosaic and wooden seating (frequently). Thank you Colin.

The major event of the year for us was the Canal Celebration Event on 10/5/03. This was the culmination of major towpath work and canalside improvements by PROSPECTS and our partners British Waterways and Hyndburn Borough Council over the last 2/3 years. Before this day, the slipway was resurfaced by BW and HBC, raised flowerbeds were built in reclaimed stone by BW at the top of the slipway and under the bridge at High St, BW then providing us with top soil to fill them. A small team of our members and helpers spent a wet evening doing this! Planting with summer bedding plants followed. What a lovely sight they have been all summer. Many people have commented to me about the bed at the top of the slipway which has been such a colourful landmark for the village. The beautiful, elegant Jubilee Gate, which was made for us by MW Graphics of Great Harwood was then erected.

Our thanks must go to the Gardeners Resident's Association for their help in running the Canal Event. The Mayor of Hyndburn attended and officially opened the Jubilee Gate. Fund raising stalls were run by many local groups on the Community Garden; the Boys' Brigade Band entertained; Wheelton Boat Club brought a number of their boats; BW ran a successful activity centre on a canal boat; Lords House Farm brought one of their ponies and the Bridge Cafe put on an excellent BBQ in the early evening before a Family Disco rounded off the day at the Free Gardeners Club

All in all it was a lovely day, blessed with good weather and made even more special by the participation of so many local groups. We thank them all for their support.

Shortly after this, Gaskells repaired the fence alongside the slipway, which has certainly improved the look of the area.

Since then, various working parties have met to try and keep these areas tidy, litter pickers having been purchased to help us in this never ending task! To ensure we are covered whilst doing this, we have purchased personal accident cover through the PROSPECTS Foundation.

We are now planning activities for the future to further improve the local environment. As part of the PROSPECTS Foundation's Canal Improvement Scheme we will be continuing to enhance the canal area. Plans include viewing points near Tottleworth Bridge and near the aqueduct over the motorway and new gates, similar to the Jubilee Gate, at Tottleworth and Norden bridges. We hope to involve the local schools in their design.

We have been approached by a local businessman to see if we can coordinate the replanting and improvement of the Top o' th' Heights landmark trees area. Meetings have been held with representatives of the Dunkenhalgh Estate, the tenant farmer involved, HBC's Trees Officer, the PROSPECTS Foundation and ourselves to sort out the logistics and feasibility of this. It looks like going ahead with help from ELWood and the Forestry Commission.

We are also planning to support the Gardeners Resident's Association in their plans for a Community Garden on the site of the old Chapel St flats and their projected development of the Bottom Rec' for community use. We have also agreed to undertake the landscaping on the new skate park the Friends of Rishton Youth are having constructed on the Middle Rec'.

At a lesser level we have tried to support other friends in their efforts : Lords House Farm in their Star Delph project; the PROSPECTS Foundation's Millennium Baby woodland project; Rishton Area Council; Hyndburn's Fairtrade initiative and the newly formed Coordinating Group for residents associations and other local organisations under the auspices of the police's new Community Beat Manager.

On behalf of all our members, I would especially like to thank Mike (PROSPECTS Foundation), Vaughan (British Waterways), David and Iris (Gardeners Resident's Association) and our local Councillors for their support, advice and help over this year. Without this support we could not do as much as we do.

However, I am sure that everybody will also want me to thank our own member, Colin Cooper, for his unfailing work both in front and behind the scenes. Without you, Colin, we would not be so successful as we are.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 4th November 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer),Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Ruth Colling, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Cllr Ann Scaife.

Fiona welcomed everyone, in particular Paul for the first time, and declared the meeting quorate.

3. Minutes of Meeting 3/6/03, 1/7/03, 3/9/03 & AGM 7/10/03. These were all agreed as true records and signed.

4. Election of officers and representatives. The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected :

Chairman Fiona Cook

Vice Chairman Lesley Jackson

Treasurer Jacqueline Achaski

Secretary Colin Cooper

Assistant Secretary Margaret Worden

Representatives :

Forum Margaret Worden

Colin Cooper

Foundation Managem't Comm. Colin Cooper

(Margaret Worden was also on the Foundation Management Committee as an AGM elected member)

Fiona thanked those who had supported her and the Panel during the past year and looked forward to another rewarding year. She in turn was thanked for her leadership.

5. Formal acceptance of Financial Statement. This had been presented in detail at the AGM and summarised in the minutes. Copies were available for examination. It was unanimously agreed these be formally accepted as a true record of the Panel's finances. Jacqui was thanked.

As the Panel was fortunate in having a healthy bank balance (£4707) due mainly to over-provision on the Community Garden project, it was questioned whether some of this should not be invested in an account giving better interest until it could be used on a future project(s). It was agreed this be investigated and Jacqui would enquire what HBSC had to offer in the first place. It was noted however that if we were unsuccessful in new funding applications, £2000 or so might need to be used on the skate park landscaping or phase 1 of the landmark trees project.

6. Membership. The membership list was reviewed. Some names were removed under paragraph 4 of the Constitution whereby non-attendance without apologies for three meetings could be deemed as a resignation. It was felt that all the residents associations in Rishton should be included on the mailing list for agendas and minutes as an aid to mutual cooperation. They were very welcome to send representatives to Panel meetings.

7. Canal Improvement Project. Mike reported that the legal agreement between PROSPECTS and Hyndburn FIRST had finally been signed. The first £14,000 of funding via the Council is awaited. One of the main projects for Panel involvement is the Norden bridge gateway and Beverley agreed to raise the question of involvement in its design by pupils at Norden with the Headteacher. Vaughan offered to carry out a half-day workshop with the pupils on local canal culture and it was felt that the Spring term would be best for this.

The disabled fishing platform was discussed. It was agreed that we ought to write to the local fishing community to seek their advice on the best siting for it. Alongside Norden bridge was suggested because of the availability of car parking nearby.

Mike reported that within this financial year, ramps are to be installed at Whitebirk for cyclists to access the towpath instead of having to negotiate the very dangerous roundabout there.

8. Landmark trees regeneration project. Mike had visited the site again with Mark Cocks (HBC Trees Officer) and they had identified 4 compartments within the woodland that needed attention. 22 trees were either dead or dangerous and would need to be felled. 17 were in compartments 1 & 2 and 5 were in compartments 3 & 4. It was felt this would be too costly to do in one year and therefore it was proposed to split the work between this winter and the next, doing the less costly 3 & 4 first. ELWOOD (East Lancashire Woodland) were willing to supply the trees, tree protection and fencing materials. Some trees could also come from the Oswaldtwistle Panel's Tinker Brook tree nursery. Rishton Area Council were being approached for funding to fell the trees and erect the fencing in year1. Funding for year 2 (more substantial) would be sought later. The Panel would be responsible for the maintenance of the site for five years.

9. Skate park landscaping. Colin had submitted a bid to 'Awards for All' for £3,500 on the Panel's behalf. This could take up to 3 months to finalise. If successful, this would still be in time for Spring 2004 planting.

10. Chapel St community garden. No report.

11. Holt St recreation ground ('Bottom Rec'). Peter Baron (HBCLeisure Services) was arranging a meeting at Norden HS 19/11/03 between interested groups and HBC officers with the intention of forming a working group to develop and progress a scheme for the site. This would follow the Friends of Rishton Youth AGM earlier the same evening. Two representatives were requested and it was agreed Colin and Lesley would attend.

12. Star Delph. Jacqui, Beverley and Colin had attended an open afternoon 31/10/03 so that those interested and involved in the project could see what had been done before Gemma left at the end of her contract. Jacqui reported that the basic paths and decking were there but needed some finishing off. A lot had been achieved since Fiona and Colin visited the site 12/8/03 and it proved to be an interesting afternoon.

13. Fairtrade Town. Lesley had attended the last meeting of the steering group (9/10/03) and had offered assistance in various ways including contacting Rishton churches to ensure their support. Mike was still working on an information sheet and sample pack to aid approaches to local retail and catering outlets. Jacqui offered to help distribute these to potential outlets in Rishton when they were available.

Next meeting 27/11/03. Colin and Lesley hope to attend but others are more than welcome.

14. Bollards, High St bridge. Vaughan had no specific information but promised to chase the matter up.

15. Rotavation of towpath verge. Ann, June Butler and Colin had met with Craig Horabin (HBC) 24/10/03 at High St bridge to discuss rotavating the towpath verge around the area of the dog dirt and litter bins and to have the latter resited in a tidier manner. Craig agreed to have both done in the New Year in time for planting. Vaughan didn't think there would be any problem as far as BW was concerned but he would have a check made to ensure no services ran underneath. Fiona asked if our thoughts and ideas on a planting scheme for this area could be brought to the next meeting.

16. Recruitment of 'doers'. Jacqui agreed to organise posters to be circulated in the village asking for volunteers to help with working parties, etc.

Mike reported that the Foundation is to set up a database of volunteers and in 2004 will organise a day a month when these volunteers can visit different projects and help with the work involved. The Foundation can then issue Certificates of Practical Experience to assist with job applications, etc.

17. Community Organisations Coordinating Group. The next meeting was scheduled for 17/11/03. Colin could not go as he and Margaret would be attending the Foundation's future planning and development meeting. Fiona agreed to go instead.

18. Friends of Rishton Youth. Next meeting 19/11/03. Lesley and Colin to attend (see 11 above).

19. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. This might prove critical for the 'Awards for All' application. If so, it would need to be picked up with some urgency.

20. PROSPECTS Foundation news. See AOB.

21. Working Parties. It seemed Saturday 8/11/03 was not convenient to most present and it was left that Margaret, Lesley, Jacqui and Colin would arrange to meet up one day the following week to plant more bulbs along the towpath.

22. Time booking. Jacqui did 2 hours clean-up on the Community Garden. Colin to total up the Panel's volunteer hours that he had recorded from January to October 2003 and pass these to Mike/Catherine.

23. Any other business.

i) Christmas Quiz Night. Mike reported that the Foundation was organising a quiz night to be held at the Canine WMC in Accrington on Wednesday 26th December 2003 at 8.00pm for an 8.30pm start. Teams of 4 to 6 from voluntary or community groups were welcome to take part at £2.00 per head, which included a potato pie supper. It was agreed the Panel should enter a team.

ii) Millennium Baby Woodland. Mike reported that there was to be an official opening at 10.30am on Saturday 6th December 2003. The display board with the babies' names would be unveiled. some of the babies actually performing the opening ceremony. There would also be an opportunity to see the new kissing gate, disabled access and picnic area.

The following day was to be an action day for replanting failed trees from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Any help would be very welcome.

iii) Damaged mosaic and wall tiles, Community Garden. Beverley had enquired at Norden HS about spare mosaic tiles and wall tiles. There were none. However she was advised that some mosaic wall panels that had been hung in the entrance foyer at the school had had to be removed when the foyer was refurbished. It was uncertain what their condition was or what the school intended to do with them. They were however made of similar tiles to the mosaic on the Community Garden and might be cannibalised or reassembled elsewhere. Beverley would look into it further in time for the next meeting.

iv) Benches. Paul asked if there was money available if benches could be provided in various strategic locations to replace many that have disappeared over the years. It was agreed that this item be brought to the next meeting.

v) Litter Commission. Vaughan and Colin had attended the Litter Commission meeting earlier in the evening at the Town Hall in Accrington. As a result of a questionnaire completed by those who had attended the previous meeting, a list of 13 priorities had been identifed as being key in the fight against litter. The meeting concentrated on the first four which were (in order of priority) :

1. Action on flytipping.

2. Action on people who litter.

3. More litter bins and more regular emptying.

4. Action on untidy back streets.

An update was given on how these issues were being addressed and comments from the floor of the meeting were noted. The Commission requested more community views and Colin was asked to present Rishton PROSPECTS views to the next meeting (mid January), which would hopefully reflect the views of the community at large.

24. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 2nd December 2003.

Tuesday 6th January 2004

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 2nd December 2003

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse.

2. Apologies : Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Cllr Ann Scaife. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

3. Minutes of Meeting 4/11/03. Approval held over due to lack of a quorum.

4. Matters arising :

i) Investment account. In Jacqui's absence there was no report on this. [Information subsequently given by Jacqui to Colin for discussion at the next meeting.]

ii) Bulb Planting. Margaret, Lesley and Colin had met at High St bridge13/11/03 am and planted approx 300 daffodil and narcissus bulbs between the towpath and the fence, continuing on from where last years planting finished (a length of about 50 yards)

iii) Skate park landscaping. The application to 'Awards for All' for a grant of £3500 had been successful. Colin had advised Andrew Hayhurst (HBC) and discussed possible dates for starting work. Half-term (wc 16/2/04) had been suggested, when the young people would be available to assist. Andrew would report back.

iv) Chapel St Community Garden. There appeared to have been a set-back with Hyndburn FIRST advising the GRA that they would need to fund £1500 annually for maintenance costs. This GRA were not prepared to commit themselves to, nor did they consider it reasonable. The matter was now being looked into by Peter Baron (HBC Leisure Services).

v) Bollards, High St bridge. No date had yet been set for installing these.

vi) Rotavation towpath verge. Vaughan had confirmed that there were no underground services to worry about in the verge at the foot of the slipway at High St bridge. It was agreed that the area be planted with robust shrubs and some bulbs. Margaret would research suitable shrubs.

vii) Recruitment of 'doers'. Jacqui had reported that she had put up a number of posters in the village but there had been no response so far.

viii) Christmas Quiz Night, 3/12/03. Having agreed at the last meeting to enter a team for this PROSPECTS event at the Canine WMC, seven Panel members and three spouses had been entered, enough for two teams.

ix) Millennium Baby Woodland. It was noted that the official opening was to take place on Saturday 6/12/03 at 10.30pm. Everyone welcome. There was also to be a replanting day on the Sunday, 10.00am to 2.00pm, to replace saplings that had not survived. Again, any help would be appreciated.

x) Norden mosaics. Nothing further to report.

5. Canal Improvement Project. Mike had met with Mark Overam and Ian Stanworth of BW to schedule the projects for the first quarter, Nov 03 to Feb 04. As far as Rishton was concerned this involved the fixing of a bench at each of the two proposed viewing points and the construction of a disabled fishing platform. However, Mike had as yet had no response from the Angling Association about the best position for the platform. The plan was for BW to build the first one in Church to establish a specification and cost. The remaining three (one each, Rishton, C-L-M, Oswaldtwistle) would be put out to tender.

The Panel questioned whether the bench between High St and Tottleworth bridges could be fixed in isolation as it was to be part of the construction of the viewing platform. The one near the aqueduct would be OK fixed in the towpath with back to the wall, as there was no need for a platform there.

In the Feb - Apr quarter, it was planned to finish the viewing points and design the Norden gates. BW were also planning to do some improvement work on the towpath access points at Tottleworth bridge.

Beverley had spoken to the Headteacher at Norden who had agreed that the School could be involved in the gate design work. She had however suggested that it might be appropriate if the Panel reciprocated by supporting the School in its bid to become a specialist sports college. As ultimately the community would benefit, the meeting readily agreed and it was decided to pledge a sum of £100. Beverley would get a pledge form.

The offer by Vaughan of a half day canal themed workshop had been welcomed by the Head.

6. Landmark trees regeneration project. Mike had still had no response to the scheme details submitted 4/11/03 to Ingham and Yorke. He had gone ahead however and applied to Elwood for trees and fencing materials. But he was holding back for the moment on applying to Rishton Area Council for funding for tree felling and fence erecting. Colin offered to help chase I & Y if necessary.

7. Holt St recreation ground ('Bottom Rec'). The steering group meeting chaired by Peter Baron (HBC Leisure Services) had taken place 19/11/03 as planned. It was confirmed that HBC had applied for an extension of the lease by twenty years and negotiations with I & Y were ongoing. Discussion centred on the draft layout prepared by David Haworth. It was agreed all the interested parties would look at this in more detail and come to the next meeting arranged for 14/1/04 (7.30pm) with comments and suggestions.

8. Fairtrade Town. Mike was planning a presentation at Oswaldtwistle Mills either the 15th or 22nd January 04 at which the Mayor would be present. He was aiming to have potential outlet/stockist recruitment information packs with samples ready by Christmas but now the Canal Improvement Scheme was under way he was finding it difficult to devote the necessary time to Fairtrade. Lesley had attended the last meeting of the steering group (27/11/03) and in view of HBC's declared commitment to Fairtrade, was to see David Welsby (HBC Director) to see if Mike could be given any assistance.

9. Community Organisations, Coordinating Group. The meeting scheduled for 17/11/03 had had to be cancelled at short notice. No new date was yet available

10. Friends of Rishton Youth. The AGM 19/11/03 had elected a new committee and reviewed current and future projects. Next meeting 14/1/04, 6.00pm prior to the Bottom Rec meeting (above).

11. Benches. In the absence of Paul who had raised the subject, there was nothing to report.

12. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. In view of the success of the 'Awards for All' application, this had not proved as critical as feared. However, it still needed doing.

13. PROSPECTS Foundation news. Margaret and Colin had attended the Foundation future development meeting 17/11/03 facilitated by Noel Camm of 'Bootstrap'. It had been an absorbing and exhausting evening and hopefully a fruitful one. Noel was to summarise the findings and present these to the next Management Meeting (date TBA)

14. Working Parties. As nothing desperate needed doing, it was agreed that those who could should support the opening of the Baby Woodland the following Saturday.

15. Time booking. Colin had recorded the time he, Margaret and Lesley had spent bulb planting.

16. Any other business.

i) Mailing list. On later reflection, Colin was unhappy at some of the suggested extensions to the mailing list at the previous meeting, when he had hoped to revise it to a more effective level and if possible to save on cost. It was agreed it be left to his discretion provided a copy was placed in the Library.

ii) Hycen (Hyndburn Community Empowered Network). As registered members of this new community organisation, we were now being asked to nominate people to stand for election to its initial management board. No one present was particularly keen to be nominated but it was left for Colin to discuss further with Claire to see if there was any Foundation guidance/policy.

iii) Training courses. The Foundation was still trying to set up a range of courses with BTCV but response so far had been poor. Lord's House Farm were now interested in taking part and it was hoped to set something up for weekends once a fortnight in the New Year.

iv) Rose bed. It was agreed that we would try to establish the new raised bed on the towpath in the cafe corner as a rose bed. Colin had obtained some rose growers' catalogues and Margaret agreed to study these and make suggestions about possible varieties to plant.

17. Dates of next meetings : Tuesday 6th January 2004

Tuesday 3rd February 2004