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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 6th January 2015

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Susan Robertson, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies:

Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Wilkinson.

Fiona wished everyone a Happy New Year and welcomed all to our first meeting of 2015.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 4th November 2014

were agreed and signed, including the AGM.

4. Matters Arising: AGM.

The AGM had been quorate but we still needed to follow up with Nigel Burns and Paul Andrews to see if they wished to become formal members of the Panel

5. Project Update

a). Station Food Growing. Roger has had a look at the raised bed area at the station. We now need to meet with Roger and Julie to progress the clearance of more ground.

b) Halstead 500/Station Grass Cutting. We are still looking for suggestions for the £500 donated to the Panel by Susan Halstead. Colin suggested that we could refurbish the RISHTON sign on the Blackburn platform at the station and Ruth suggested wildflower planting on the banking at the rear of the sign. Roger Plum to be approached for good advice on planting such a grassy area.

The use of Roger’s team had proved successful in clearing the vegetation on the banking at Norden Bridge and it was suggested we use them to do the same at the station when strimming was needed. They could also be involved in the ground preparation on the banking before sowing the wildflower seeds.

c) Star Delph Nothing to report.

d) White Path. In Paul’s absence there was nothing to report on the white path.

e) Canal CRT had published details of 3 national awards to recognise volunteers who play a significant part in volunteering for the Trust. Categories are:

Heroes of the Waterways Award, long service volunteers (with BW & CRT)

Explorers Education Volunteer Award - developing young people (CRT “Explorer Volunteers” only)

Young Volunteer Award (13 â€" 25 yrs).

£500 to the winner in each category. The application form will take some filling in and requires a detailed history of a nominees involvement. Not impossible but would take time and determination.

There seems to have been less rubbish in the canal lately. It does collect in various places and it was suggested that if suitable nets could be purchased it would be easy to remove. Perhaps we could ask Matt where the ones CRT use could be bought.

Paul, as far as Colin knows, has had no contact from CRT/Council/Police regarding fencing and A-frames

6. Treasurers Report

The current account stands at £599.34 (£599.34) and the investment account at £697.54 (£697.46).

7. Foundation.

The Management Committee have started a “common purpose review” of what the Foundation does and how it might be developed in the future.

8. Green Spaces Forum.

Plans were being developed to enter a display once again in the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. Entries in the last few years had been very successful and showcased the work of Hyndburn Parks Dept and local community groups.

9. Magazines and Newsletters


10. Time Booking


11. Working Parties.

To be left until March. Please pencil in 14th March 2015. Meet at High Street Bridge 9.30 am to clear flowerbed.


The gate at Norden Bridge needs scrubbing again.

The footbridge at the Station has a trip hazard which has already been reported but nothing has been done. Fiona suggested that all Panel members individually email Network Rail if nothing is done about this.

Colin reported on the Station Adopters meeting held at Carnforth Station on the 11th Dec. 2014 which Colin, Patrick and Paul had attended. It had been a useful session where they had talked to some, they hoped, influential people.

On the 13th Nov. 2014 Colin and Paul had attended a Presentation Evening in Blackburn at Graham and Brown given by N.W. Waterways Partnership when they introduced their 10 year Strategic Plan.

United Utilities has set up a £10,000 community fund (£1,000 for every kilometre of new pipeline) targeted at communities impacted by the pipeline work they had undertaken. They are offering grants from £500 to £1,000 to community groups for projects that have a “charitable” purpose and will “make the area a better place to live, work and play”.

Paul was looking for support for a project to upgrade his network server to enable “streaming” of local events to the website as they happen. Additional hardware and software valued at about £2000 would be required. A U.U. grant would go some way towards this. (Note: The website has been viewed 353,723 times by 106,688 visitors from some 169 countries in the past 2 years).

The Panel members felt that it would be of more community value to apply for grant money to install computer equipment in the Centre for the use of the whole village.

Next Meeting

3rd March 2015

Meeting ended 8.15 pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 3rd March 2015

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

2. Apologies:

Wendy Flanagan

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 6th January, 2015

were agreed and signed.

4..Matters Arising.

Footbridge tripping hazard. Colin has raised this with Brian Howarth.

5. Project Update

a). Station Food Growing. Roger revisited on 5th February specifically to look at what is needed to extend the food growing area, although at the moment we are not too sure if there will be a need to extend the site depending on what happens with Piggy Park. A Piggy Park meeting was held on the 12th Feb. which Colin attended. The meeting, chaired by Harry Grayson, discussed the setting up of a Friends Group with Constitution and Committee assisted by Dorothy Shears of CVS. This will be pursued at a following meeting in the Centre at 5.00 pm on the 11th March. Fiona feels that we might be better holding off on our plot for the time being. Ruth suggested we be advised by Julie. If we do not extend our site, should we offer the wood intended for more raised beds, to Julie? Patrick informed the Panel that he would be giving up his raised bed as he is moving out of the area.

b) Halstead 500/Station Grass Cutting. We have now decided to use this money to refurbish the RISHTON sign on the Blackburn platform at the station. Colin has emailed Brian Howarth to get his guidance on Contractor working permission. When Roger visited the station on the 5th Feb. he also had a look at the banking where we were proposing to sow wildflower seeds. Roger suggested we needed to clear some areas of grass to get to soil for the wildflower seeds. We need a team to clear and dig some patches. Roger has given us a variety of seeds, however, these do not include Yellow Rattle which he advised should be incorporated as they eat grass roots and will hopefully discourage the grass from growing over the patches again. We need to source a supply of these seeds. [Colin has subsequently done this].

c) Star Delph Colin had popped in one day when returning from Wilpshire, but there was nothing to report. (see 7 below).

d) White Path. In Paul’s absence there was nothing to report.

e) Canal Still need to clean Norden Gate. Colin to organise mid-week working party when weather warms up.

6. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £599.34 (£599.34) and the investment account at £697.58 (£697.54).

7. Foundation.

The Management Committee have been looking into future projects with a possibility of working with Lancashire Wildlife Trust on some of their local Nature Reserves. Phil Barwood suggested Star Delph could be included with Woody getting involved. They are applying to Heritage Lottery for funding.

8. Green Spaces Forum.

Meeting held on 19th Feb. A prom will be held in Oak Hill Park on 25th June which will form part of the Accrington PALS Centenary and will include an Armed Forces tribute. The day will culminate in a ‘Last Night of the Proms’ style event. There will also be an event to celebrate the centenary of Mercer Park. This will be a re-enactment of the opening ceremony and in some way will commemorate the Battle of the Somme whose anniversary is on the 1st July.

9. Magazines and Newsletters

Colin emailed round the Community Rail Lancashire Annual Report 2014 which had been appreciated.

10.Time Booking


11. Working Parties.

With the invaluable assistance and practical experience/know how of local resident Ursula Hurst, a small team had successfully pruned and restructured the willow arbour and tunnel in Cut Wood Park on the afternoons of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February 2015. This included repairs to the arbour. {Ursula is a freelance artist and has a fledgling business called “Art Daze”. She works with schools etc and includes willow structures}.

A working party was arranged to carry out our annual weeding, pruning etc. at the corner raised bed on the canal by High Street Bridge. Meet at High Street Bridge 9.30 am. on Saturday 14th March.


We have received an invitation to the 2015 Station adoption series of regional events. These will be in the form of drop-ins this year. The nearest drop-in is at the Carlton Hotel, Blackpool on the 16h April. Northern Rail staff will be available to answer questions. There is also a longer event at The Portland, Manchester on the 6th May. This will include a presentation by Pete Myers about Northern and the adopters’ achievements in 2014.

Anyone interested to contact Colin who will probably go to Manchester. Full list of dates and venues from Colin.

Margaret has been in touch with Nurture Landscapes to ask if they will again be able to supply us with the summer bedding plants for our planters around Rishton. [Nurture has subsequently replied that they will donate plants similar to our order last year] Margaret has emailed our thanks.

We have been invited by the CVS to have a stall at a Charity Fair on the 15th June on Accrington Market.

Next Meeting.

It was decided that we did not necessarily need to meet monthly and the next meeting would therefore be on the 5th May 2015. Working parties etc. could be arranged via email.

Meeting ended 8.30 pm


Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 5th May 2015

1. Present:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Roger Plum Prospects Foundation.

2. Apologies:

Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March, 2015

were agreed and signed.

4. Project Update

a). Station Food Growing. We are still trying to find out if Hazel wants to continue with her raised bed. We have been unsuccessful in contacting Hazel by phone, however, Julie has her address and will write to her. [Later 11/05/15: Julie has made contact and Hazel wises to continue. She has been ill but is ok now]. Ashley and Maureen Hale are keen to take on a raised bed. It was suggested that they could take over Hazel’s if she does not wish to continue. However, Ashley may need a higher bed similar to Gerry’s. We have timber for two more beds. A meeting was held with Julie at the raised bed site on the 21st April. Lena and Gerry attended this meeting, The next meeting will be on the 11th May 2015 at 5.00 pm. [Later 11/05/15: Ashley attended this meeting. Julie will get additional timber to add to that we have and arrange for a higher bed to be made. A plot position was agreed.]

Colin had noted that the station lights were coming on in daylight. He has written to the Managing Director of Northern Rail to this effect and also mentioned that it would be nice if the white lines on the edge of the platforms could be painted white.

b) Halstead 500. The Rishton sign has been refurbished. Colin emailed Susan and Trevor Halstead explaining the history of the Rishton sign, that it had weathered over the years and was in need of refurbishment. He explained that we had used their donation to have this refurbishment carried our professionally. He attached to his email before and after photographs and explained a little of what the builder had had to do, such as carry all his materials etc. over the footbridge and that we (Colin) had repainted the letters â€" colour: “Sandstone” to make a change from white (to be reviewed)

Subsequently, Colin received an email from Susan thanking him and explaining that she would forward the photographs to her sister. She thought their donation had been expended in a fitting and worthwhile way to commemorate their mother and that she would be visiting the station in the near future.

Star Delph Colin along with members of the Methodist Church, who were out walking made their way into the Delph today (5/5/15). Things are ok but it will be getting more overgrown as summer progresses.

d) Canal. Still need to clean Norden Gate. Wendy has offered to clean this gate. Colin has been litter picking on the other side of the canal by High Street bridge. A small working party tidied up the canal bed at High Street on the 14th March.

5. Treasurers Report

The current account stands at £119.34 (£599.34. A cheque for £480.00 was paid to I. Stewart for the work he carried out on the ‘Rishton’ sign. The investment account stands at £697.66 (£697.54). 8p. interest.

6. Foundation.

The AGM will be held on the 27th May at the Peel Park Hotel at 7.00 pm. 15 people attended the Dawn Chorus Walk in Cutwood Park on the 26th April when approximately 36 bird calls were recorded.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Work is still ongoing in preparation for the display at Tatton Park. Nothing has been heard on funding to replace the Green Partnership Awards.

Green Flag judging will be carried out at Cutwood Park on Friday 15th May. Please meet at the entrance at 10.15 am.

8. Magazines and Newsletters


9. Time Booking

Margaret 2 hrs.

10. Working Parties.

A small working party met on the 8th April and along with Roger cleared a long narrow strip of grass behind the Blackburn platform where we scattered wildflower seeds. If this proves to be successful we hope to do some more next year.

Nurture had confirmed that they would be happy to supply bedding plants once again. Pencilled in for 6th June, we are guessing that the plants will be ready for collection on that Saturday. An email confirming this and setting out times and places will be sent round.


The Station Adoption drop in at the Thistle Hotel, Manchester. No-one available to attend

There is a party for volunteer organisations, organised by the CVS to be held at Enfield Cricket Club at 7.30 pm on the 4th June. All welcome. Entry by free ticket. Names to Coln by Friday 15th May 2015.

Roger Plum told us that the Princes Trust and the National Citizens Scheme are looking for small projects for the volunteers to carry out.

Next Meeting.

1st September 2015

Although we have no plans to meet formally over the summer it has been decided that Panel members will remain in touch via email etc. especially in relation to organising our input to Rishton Festival.

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

June - No Meeting

July - No Meeting

August - No Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton, on the 1st September 2015

1. Present:

Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Wendy Flanagan, Sanita Bluma, Ian Whittaker

2. Apologies:

Fiona Cook, Beverley Moorhouse

Ruth welcomed new members Sanita Bluma and Ian Whittaker to our meeting, [Sanita hailed originally from Latvia and had an interest in gardening etc. She had met Colin, Margaret and Ruth by chance at the station and expressed a wish to help. She had already done some weeding and planting around the car park (30 hours) for which she was thanked. She introduced her friend Ian].

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 5th May, 2015

were agreed and signed.

4. Project Update

a). Station Food Growing. The higher raised bed has now been handed over to Ashley and Maureen Hale who have subsequently planted this up. Some of the other beds are in a bit of a mess. Perhaps next year we need to think about looking after this area better. Maybe all getting together say once a fortnight for tidying etc.

Ruth has misplaced her small ladies spade. She last used it at the station and is asking everyone to keep a look out for it. Colin suggested that Ruth make contact with Julie Livesey, as she may just have it in her toolstore.

The area around the raised beds has become very overgrown with weeds and Julie suggested that Red Rose may be able to help. The platforms have also got untidy with weeds and grass growing round the shelters. Our planters also need weeding, so a working party seems to be a necessity. (See Item 12). In the longer term the raised bed users probably need to accept more responsibility for the areas around the beds.

The wildflower experimentation on the banking on the Blackburn platform has not been successful so far. The existing grass cover was clearly a major problem.

b) Star Delph Nothing further to report but it’s probably very overgrown by now.

c) Canal. Still need to clean Norden Gate. Ian asked about High Street Bridge gate. The gate it leaning as its too heavy for the posts. It was suggested that Derek Rostron be asked to look how this might be rectified. Ian suggested that a notice could be put in place with the information that a key for the gatelock is deposited with the Canal Café. (At present any padlocks used on the gate were being removed with bolt cutters).

Paul and Colin had done some tree trimming of overgrown branches on the canal towpath and along the white path where they presented a hazard to walkers and cyclists especially when wet with rain.

The litter bin at High Street Bridge was being obscured by bushes. Paul and Colin cut this back and also weeded the rose garden.

Colin and Paul were thanked for their work, on the Panels behalf, done over the summer.

We had been approached by Ruth Shorrock of ‘Newground’ (or Groundwork East Lancs). They had received funding to develop an arts project named “Super Slow Way” related to local watersays. Without really understanding where she was “coming from”, Paul and Colin had met Ruth (12/06/15) and shown her the stretch of canal from High Street to Norden. She was then going to contact the Foundation for further discussion.

d) Summer BeddingBedding plants donated by Nurture were delivered to the nursery on the 6th June. As no members were available that day to collect them, Nurture staff kindly put them to one side and we collected the following Monday. All the plants, a generous 700 or more, were planted during the following two weeks, taking numerous volunteer hours. Some left over plants were given to local schools and other community groups.

5. Treasurers Report.

The current account stands at £51.34 (£119.34). A cheque for £68.00 was paid to The Centre for 12 months rent for our meetings. The investment account stands at £697.82 (£697.66). 16p. interest.

6. Foundation.

The AGM was held on the 27th May 2015 at the Peel Park Hotel. No major changes resulted. (Copies of Annual Reports for the Foundation and Panels and the Windfall Fund were available at the Panel meeting.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

The August meeting was cancelled. Next meeting 17th Sept. The Forum arranged a series of one day events at many of the Hyndburn Parks during the school holidays including a “Fun in the Park” at Cut Wood during August. Attendance at Cut Wood was quite good despite poor weather. However, it was felt that it was poorly advertised.

8. Green Flag.

Judging was carried out at Cutwood Park on Friday 15th May. A number of Panel members attended and spoke to the judges. Ultimately, we were advised the inspection had been successful with the Park retaining its Green Flag status.

9. Magazines and Newsletters.


10. Working Parties.

A working party for weeding and other work at the station was agreed for Saturday 12th September at 9.30 am.


Colin had noted that the station lights were coming on in daylight. He has written to the Managing Director of Northern Rail to this effect and also mentioned that it would be nice if the white lines on the edge of the platforms could be repainted. Colin has had no reply to his letter but will try again.

Rishton Festival. As most of our members were away at the time of the Festival, we arranged a static display of the Panels work, in order to keep our name in the public eye.

CVS Thank You Event. There was a party for volunteer organisations, organised by the CVS and held at Enfield Cricket Club at 7.30 pm on the 4th June. None of our members were available to go, so it’s not known if this was successful.

Piggy Park The Allotment Group at Piggy Park had met a number of times at the Centre. Cllr Moss has taken over from Cllr. Grayson on this project. A Constitution was now in place but progress was slow due to legal considerations.

Clean our Waterways A community clean up on the canal took place on Sunday the 23rd August 1-4 pm and proved to be very successful with a good volunteer turnout. It was organised by a Stephanie Clarkson as part of an International Citizen Service (ICS) programme for 18-25 year olds, she was taking part in, in conjunction with Tearfund. This had taken her to South Africa to work in poor rural communities. She now had to do a project at home and as an ex-Rishtoner she knew the canal needed a clean from time to time. She wanted to involve the community in doing something about it. The clean up had the support of Canal and River Trust who provided their barge and personnel. A significant amount of litter was collected from the towpath and its surrounds and from the water from the Aqueduct to Norden bridge. Stephanie hopes to organise a follow-up in six months.

Damaged Stonework There was a report of stonework by the waters edge at High Street bridge being dislodged by children and being thrown into the canal. It had been reported to CRT in case it was made worse.

Redevelopment Project (Rishton Canalside) (Supplementary Planning Draft) Two Consultation events were held at Rishton Conservative Club. The documents and plans shown are a vision as to what could be achieved. The challenge then will be to get developers interested in the scheme. The document is still in the consultation process with the deadline for comments being 11th September. It was agreed the ideas were worth pursuing and we should formally comment to this effect.

Public Consultation on the Electoral Review of Lancashire. This review is of County Council electoral divisions within Hyndburn. Colin contacted the Boundary Commission to ask for an extension of time for the consultation process as this closed the day before the Panel met, this was granted and Panel members discussed the review at some length. The consensus of opinion was that the electoral divisions of the County Council for Hyndburn already reflected the interests and identities of the local communities as well as providing effective and convenient Local Government. The Group felt that no change was necessary or appropriate. Margaret agreed to write to the Boundary Commission with our views. [subsequently a letter was sent via email that evening and an acknowledgement received the following day].

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel in the People’s Centre School Street, Rishton, on the 6th October 2015


Ruth Colling, (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden, (Secretary/ Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Wendy Flanagan.

2. Apologies:

Gordon Baldam, Fiona Cook, Beverley Moorhouse.


As the meeting was not quorate, we were unable to agree the minutes of our last meeting,

4. Project Update

a) Station Food Growing. One of Margaret’s neighbours, Lionel Pickup, had asked if there were any raised beds that he could take on. Lionel had previously been an allotment holder at Norden. He was keen to start growing vegetables once again. There is one bed available and as Colin is finding it difficult to make time to tend to his bed he offered to let Lionel tend to that as well. Margaret will see Lionel and go down to the station with him. Colin said he will contact Julie with a view to organising a meeting with all the plot holders to review the future and get tips on winter sowing etc. Nothing seemed to have been done on Hazel’s bed so perhaps Julie should contact her again.

b) Canal. We need to organise a working party to work at Norden Bridge. The wildflowers have been growing well and even crowding out the grass, but they now need their annual harvesting. Colin will contact Roger Plum to do some strimming with his Green Team. Whilst we are down there we could also clean the gate.

Damaged stonework at High Street Bridge. Nothing has been done by CRT to rectify this problem.

Prior to our meeting Colin had gone down to High Street bridge to check on the gate. This appears to have been fixed. It’s been lifted off the ground and a new padlock put on, but we don’t know who has the key. We don’t know who had done this, however, it looked very good.

Canal Redevelopment Project. A planning application has now been submitted to Hyndburn Borough Council for residential development of the Britannia Mill site.

c) Station. Colin met Brian Haworth, at the station on the 28th Sept. The eco light is not working properly and Brian said he will look into a maintenance contract with a suitable contractor. Brian also noted that the flooring on the bridge has still not been repaired although this has been reported. He would follow this up.

d) Piggy Park. Next meeting will be on Thursday 8th Oct. Margaret will attend on behalf of the Panel and on behalf of Joanna Troughton from St. Charles School.

5. Treasurers Report.

he current account stands at £51.34 (as last month) and the investment account stands at £697.90 (£697.82).

6. Foundation.

The lease for the Eco-Centre on Broadway is coming to an end. A sub-committee was formed to look at other, potentially larger properties to provide more room for the many project groups which use it. However, the present landlord has agreed renewal of the lease at the same rent. Hyndburn Council also have a building in Oakhill Park that could be used as storage for the tool shed and provides space for workshops etc. This is now being considered.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Nothing to report. “Fun in the Park” will run again in some of the Parks at half term.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.


9. Working Parties.

Sat. 12th Sep. Ruth delivered flyers to all the residents nearby informing them that we would be working at the station and car park on Saturday morning. A couple that live on Station Close came and joined us and we weeded one of the beds on the car park. Another resident also showed interest in helping at our next working party, so it was agreed that informing the residents when we will be there is the way forward.

We are collecting autumn bedding plants from Nurture on Tuesday morning the 13th October. We will meet at Nurture at 9.30 am. If anyone is available to transport plants in their car it would be appreciated. We hope to start planting on Wednesday afternoon 14th October and carry on planting on Friday morning 16th October.

Meeting ended 8.30 pm

Minutes of the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 3rd November 2015

1. Present

Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-Ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Baldam, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson

2. Apologies

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Paul Wilkinson

Ruth welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate (One quarter membership or 4 members, whichever is the greater).

3. Membership.

The names of those on the membership roll were reviewed and following additions and deletions (left area etc.) we have a total signed up membership of 13

4. Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year.

Ruth thanked all Panel members for their support along with the Ward Councillors and our County Councillor. Thanks were also expressed to Hyndburn Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, Northern Rail and Nurture Landscaping. (See Appendix I â€" Chairman’s Address). Although Fiona was unable to attend the AGM, she nevertheless submitted a very comprehensive Report on our work over the last 12 months, for which she was thanked in her absence.

5. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts.

Margaret presented the Financial Statement for the year from 2nd October 2014 to 2nd October 2015.

The closing balance in the Current Account at 2/10/15 was £51.34 (opened at £599.34). The closing balance in the Investment Account was £697.82 (opened at £697.38).

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was greed it should be signed appropriately.

6. Election of Officers and Representatives.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected.

Chairman                                                                    Fiona Cook

Vice Chairman                                                                        Ruth Colling

Treasurer & Secretary                                                            Margaret Worden

Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary                         Colin Cooper

Prospects Found. Management Committee Rep.      Colin Cooper

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member).

7. Any Other Business.

Colin wished to record his thanks to both Ruth and Margaret for their continued help and support.

Colin also wished to add a further comment to the Chairs Report regarding the very welcome help that Ursula Hurst had given to the Panel in the form of repairs to the willow arbour in Cut Wood Park. However, a lot of this work was undone as once again vandals had caused a great deal of damage to the arbour. Ursula had offered to assist with repairs once again at the appropriate time in the New Year and we wish to put on record our grateful thanks to her for all her assistance and advice.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel in the People’s Centre School Street, Rishton, on the 3rd November, 2015

1 Present:

Ruth Colling, (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden, (Secretary/ Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Gordon Beldam , Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson

2. Apologies:

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Paul Wilkinson

3. Minutes of the meetings held on 1st September and 6th October 2015

were agreed and signed. (It was reported at our last meeting that the minutes of the 1st September could not be agreed as we weren’t quorate. However, after checking we were in fact quorate.)

4. Project Update

a) Station Food Growing. It was decided that it wasn’t necessary to organise a meeting with Julie with a view to getting tips on winter sowing. Lionel has already done quite a bit of work on the raised beds that he has taken over and seems to know more about food growing than we do. Although Margaret has tried on several occasions to contact Hazel with a view to ascertaining if she still wants her raised bed, she has had no luck. It was decided that if he wished, Lionel could go ahead and cultivate that particular raised bed too.

b) Canal. A working party met on Monday 2nd November to work at Norden Bridge. Roger Plum strimmed the wildflower banking and his Green Team, along with Colin and Ruth, raked the strimmings clear and stacked them on the verge to rot down. There was no time to clean the gate onto the canal towpath as planned, however, we decided that this would be better done in the spring.

Damaged stonework at High Street Bridge. Nothing has been done by CRT to rectify this problem.

Miles then updated us on the presentation made by Gleeson Homes for the site of the old Gaskills mill and incorporating the Parker Street corner. This company specialises in brownfield sites. They plan to build semi and detached affordable houses.

c) StationBoth eco lights are now not working.Colin to follow up with Brian Haworth.

d) Piggy Park. The Prospects Foundation proposal for assistance with legal problems will go to the next Prospects Foundation Management meeting to be held on the 25th November 2015.

5. Treasurers Report.

As reported to the AGM meeting.

6. Foundation.

Nothing to report.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Fun in the Park” was held again in Cut Wood Park during half term. However, publicity for this seemed no better than during the summer so attendance was poor once more. The next meeting of Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum will be held on the 19th November, 2015.

8. Magazines and Newsletters.

Nothing to report.

9. Working Parties.

Winter bedding plants were collected on the 13th October. Once again Nurture were extremely generous. Planting at the station was carried out the same day along with planting at St Charles Road which was carried out with the help of children from St. Charles’ school. Planting at the corner of Harwood Road and the bed on High Street Bridge was carried out on the 16th October.

Due to budget cuts Hyndburn BC are unable to continue to plant up the planters outside the Library and on Parker Street corner and these were due to be removed. We contacted Cllr. Ken Moss and asked if the Panel could adopt these planters as long as Nurture are able to donate plants to us. This was agreed and on the 29th October we planted up the planters outside the Library and on Parker Street corner along with the planters around the circle. It was agreed that the remainder of the plants would be donated to the local schools. St. Charles’ school had already received plants which Margaret had planted with the children.

We have a working party booked for the 16th November at High Street Bridge to tidy up the beds on the canal side.

10. AOB

i) It was agreed that the quorum for normal meetings should be the same as AGM/Special Meetings i.e. one quarter membership or 4 whichever is the greater.

ii) Colin reported that Graham Liver, the Radio Lancashire presenter at breakfast time is planning to canoe down the Lancaster Canal and along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to Barrowford in five days in aid of Children in Need. He is due to go through Rishton about 11.00 am on Thursday 12th November and Colin wondered if we could do something to encourage people to go down and support him. We could perhaps involve the café. Colin to discuss with Paul. Social media seems the best advertising medium these days.


As we don’t do as much over the winter months it was agreed that we would not meet again until February. However, members would keep in touch by e-mail and if necessary we would organise working parties.

Meeting ended 8.30 pm.