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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 6th June 2017

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chair), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Ursula Hurst, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ken Moss, Keith Sharpe

2. Apologies

Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer)

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, It was noted that Margaret was not in attendance and that this was due to an accident at home resulting in a fractured leg. Many good wishes for a speedy recovery had been expressed.

3. Minutes of the meeting on the 4th April 2017.

(There had been no meeting in May) The minutes were agreed as a true record. (to be signed in the minute book at a later date)

4. Matters arising:

None, other than those covered by the main agenda.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

Margaret had provided a paper copy of the bank statement as at 05/06/17. The current account stands at £137.34 (£387.34), £250 of the LCC grant of £330.00 having been spent on wildflower seeds. The investment account stands at £598.50 (598.46)

6. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. Wendy had confirmed to Colin that she wished to continue with her raised bed but there didn’t seem to be much activity on it. Similarly, despite confirming his continued interest, there didn’t seem to be much activity on Lionel’s beds either. Margaret was following this up again. Ashley’s potatoes were doing well. Colin had repaired the water butts and the main one was almost full and would eventually flow into the smaller one. Colin still to get new system lock for the gate from Brian Haworth.

b) Canal Adoption. No news of the promised cleaning barge. If it had been through, we had not been informed and there was still a lot of litter in the water in places. Colin to follow up with Alice/Emma and at the same time send Alice the annual volunteer hours statement we had promised

c) Station Adoption. No sign of a ‘clean-up event’ for the car park via Brian Haworth. Colin to pursue with Brian. In the meantime Colin was continuing with his idea of regular strimming of the mares tails to try to weaken them and had acquired a battery powered strimmer for the purpose. The shrubbery area looked a lot tidier as a result, with the shrubs not being choked. Only time would tell whether the mares tails were being weakened.

Sanita was coming over from Darwen periodically to continue her work on the shrubbery beds to the left of the ramp up to the platforms. As a result they were looking quite tidy. She seemed a little disappointed that we didn’t seem to be doing much to them in between her visits.

Roger Plum’s green team had scraped and weeded the cobbled area under the footbridge steps. They just needed a good brush and some rain to finish them off.

The fence had been painted but the old fencing panels needed disposing of via a skip. Colin had contacted Mark Lenton and a skip was now in place. This would also be used to remove piles of hedge pruning's in the laurel shrubbery which were drying out and could be a fire hazard.

Colin and Graham had attended the adoption groups’ H & S briefing at Burnley â€" Manchester Rd station on the 17th May and had been ‘passed off’ (certified â€" new Arriva North rule), with responsibility to similarly brief members of the Panel (and others) on the essentials of working safely on and around the station (record to be kept of the names of those so briefed). As an aid to and basis of the briefing, delegates had been sent copies of H & S procedures beforehand. These had been extracted from the new Arriva North handbook issued to all adoption groups. The briefing had been conducted by Theo McLaughlan, the new Regional Station Manager, who proceeded to use a completely different set of procedures to illustrate his talk. The talk was not well presented and frustration was evident from those present through their questions and comments.

Colin had subsequently emailed Vicky Cropper expressing his and Graham’s feelings. In response, she admitted that the briefing had not gone as she had planned it but had fulfilled the Arriva North requirements.

Theo indicated that he hoped to arrange bi-monthly meetings of adoption groups to enable groups to pass on good practice and share ideas.

One main requirement was that all those working on the station platforms should wear orange hi-vis jackets. These were recognised by train drivers and other staff as being worn by approved personnel. Vicky Cropper would arrange for Brian Haworth to provide us with a selection of these. He had not yet done so.

Fiona had prepared drafts of the notices/posters to go in the community section of the new information board, advising the public and residents what our future plans were for the station. These to be finalised.

Brian Haworth had been contacted with a view to going ahead with a station mural project involving local schools, coordinated by Ursula Hurst. Ursula was keen to get involved and produced a guide quote of £1250 for four murals on weather ply and including the cost of hours spent with the schools A meeting had been held at the station 05/05/17 with Brian, Ursula, Margaret and Colin (Fiona and Ruth unable to come) when various mural possibilities were explored. An idea of hanging murals under each ‘Rishton’ sign was discounted as Brian said that from experience elsewhere, Northern would insist that they were secured in place by railway staff and this could be very expensive.

Brian had suggested that we visit other stations to view murals there. Arrangements were subsequently made to visit Pleasington and Rosegrove by train, viewing Cherry Tree and Huncoat in passing, leaving Langho to be viewed another time. Fixing a date proved difficult but Brian, Fiona and Colin did ‘the tour’ on 12/05/17 with instructions to take photos that those who were not able to go could see later, especially Ursula.

Ursula said that Brian had recommended that Di-bond composite panels be used, rather than ply, as had been used on some of his previous projects. This could be cut into various shapes (not just rectangles) and the designs printed on. Ursula suggested a series of designs spaced at intervals along the fence or banking that could be seen successively as trains passed through. The designs might be Rishton historical or railway related. With Paul’s permission, ideas might be culled from the Rishton website. Ursula questioned whether the website was up and running as she had had no success with it on another project. Ruth said she knew Paul was in Ireland at the moment but she had a contact and would see what she could find out.

Ursula promised to source the material and produce a revised quote. She would also broach the idea with her local school contacts with a view to starting in earnest in the new school year. T.his would then enable us to contact Vicky Cropper to see if we could get a grant from the station adoption fund.

7. Piggy Park Community Gardening Association

8. Foundation.

A full report (see appendix) of the Panel’s activities during the year had been duly prepared for the Foundation Annual report. As usual this had been considerably abridged for the report itself. The AGM had taken place on the 31st May at the Woodnook Community Centre and was unusual in that it was preceded by a pleasant walk in Woodnook Vale to see some of the work undertaken by Rogers green team, Woody and others to bring the area up to a standard to become a Local Nature Reserve. There were no Management Committee changes.

Roger was looking to set up a team of Conservation Rangers for the Coppice (another area destined to become a LNR). Training to be given. A preliminary meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 20th June 2017 at the Prospects Environment Centre.

There was to be a Brush Cutter and Strimming course also on the 20th June, 9.30am to 16.30pm at the Prospects Training Centre in Oak Hill Park. Colin was keen to get qualified but the date clashed with a planned walk. No one else was available to go. Keith advised that he had groundsman’s qualifications which should enable him to use the Prospects tools and he would look out his certificates

9. Green Spaces Forum.

Colin had not been able to attend a recent meeting.

Next meeting :

Thursday 20th July

10. Time Booking.

Fiona weeding at station, 2hours. Ken weed spraying in neighbouring streets, 2 hours. Ruth 2 hours, various.

11. Working Parties.

The working party planned for 6th April to create ‘weed free’ bare patches on Norden banking prior to new wild flower seed sowing, had done the best they could in difficult circumstances with new growth of existing wild flowers and weeds well advanced.

The gate had been cleaned as planned with Margaret supervising a team of her grandchildren, Dylan, William and Hannah who did an excellent job.

Colin calculated that only £250 out of the LCC grant of £330 would be needed for seed (Pictorial Meadows ‘Classic’ annual wild flower mix) to cover the area of the ‘patches’, leaving some funding for further sowing if necessary. Having ordered seed, etc Colin eventually managed to do the final prep and sowed the seeds 03/0517. He estimated that there was enough seed left to repeat the exercise (sown @ 4gm per square metre)

As he completed sowing, he was approached by representatives of the Canal and River Trust, Bell Ingham (Chartered Surveyors) and the National Grid and advised that to facilitate some safe working on the overhead power lines, it was proposed to erect scaffold towers on either side of Harwood Rd to support a safety net. The one on our side would be planted on ‘our’ banking. Colin advised them of our interest in the banking and our efforts to create a wild flower meadow. They were unaware of our existence or aims or interest in the banking but there was little that could be done about it as the power line work had to go ahead.

Colin had subsequent correspondence with a Mr Simon Bewsher of Bell Ingham who expressed regret and did advise that, ‘National Grid do have an obligation to reinstate behind their works and I have already informed them that this site will have to be reinstated as a wild flower meadow to continue your good work. They will use a specialist contractor to undertake this on their behalf.’ The power line work would take about 3 months.

Colin thanked them for their consideration and it was agreed that we could only wait and see what damage occurred and to what extent the vegetation could recover.

Nurture had advised that the summer bedding plants would be available to collect on Saturday 10th June between 8.30 am and 12.00 noon. It was agreed that those who could should meet at Nurture at 9.00am. Because so many had other commitments, it was agreed that all the plants be transported to Colin’s house (30 Thornhill Ave) and ad hoc arrangements be made the following week for planting.

12 Any other business.

a) Bird boxes. During Vicky Cropper’s visit she had noted that there were no bird boxes at the station. It was agreed that at an appropriate time some should be fitted

b) Rishton Festival (1st July 2017). It was decided not to have a stall at this year’s Festival but as many members were involved with other groups, they should receive our support instead.

13. Dates of next meetings

4th July 2017

No meeting August

5th September

3rd October (AGM)

Meeting closed at 8.45pm


Prospects Foundation Annual Report April 2016 to March 2017


This year we decided to consolidate our efforts on some of our older projects whilst still planning new ones for the future.

As official adopters of Rishton railway station, this was given new impetus when Arriva North took over the Northern Rail franchise and with it the promise of significant investment in new trains, etc and funding for station adoption groups like ours, much to our delight. In November we attended a station adopters’ conference in Manchester and were able to listen to and talk with senior managers about their plans for the network. Since then we have met at Rishton station with the Regional Facilities Manager for Carillion, (the new station maintenance contractors); the new Regional Community and Sustainability Manager (who has a fund to assist Adoption groups); and our local contact for Community Rail Lancashire. This has resulted in us gaining their help and support in improving the station platform areas, including; overdue cleaning of the shelter roofs; replacement and repainting of fences; strimming overgrown banking; and clearing track maintenance materials dumped in the station car park.

From these meetings we have also been encouraged to develop a new project with a local artist and all the schools in Rishton, to produce some decorative murals for the station and in this way celebrate the 20th birthday of the Panel later this year.

A canal side housing development by Gleeson on a 'brown field' site, is now becoming a reality and we look forward to seeing how it will improve the canal towpath area in the town centre.

Meanwhile we have continued to liaise with and work alongside the Canal and River Trust, in our position as canal adopters, reporting any concerns we have along the canal and towpath and planning future activities. Last year some of our members were involved with their milestone replacement programme to celebrate the 200 years of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal's existence.

Once again we must thank Nurture Landscapes based in Rishton for their generous donations of bedding plants each spring and autumn which enable us to make such a difference to the environment around the village. Sadly the planters outside the Library that we planted up in the autumn have been severely vandalised during the winter and have had to be moved to a new location where they will hopefully be better respected.

In the autumn Nurture also strimmed our wild flower banking at Norden Bridge which we are currently in the process of reseeding in places with a more colourful mix, thanks to a grant from our local county councillor.

We continue to work with many local groups, including Piggy Park Community Gardening Association who are successfully developing and managing a disused children's playground for food growing on behalf of the Prospects Foundation.

We have trimmed the willow arbour and tunnel in Cutwood Park ourselves this time but have been assisted by HBC Parks Department who provided much needed wood mulch for the muddy areas around them.

So next year we hope to have even more news on these projects. However, perhaps our main concern is that, as ever with voluntary groups, we are in need of new blood and would love to see more people join us in our efforts to improve the local environment.

Note : appropriate photos were inserted in the final printed report

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 4th July 2017

1. Present

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer) Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Jeff Scales

2. Apologies:

Ursula Hurst, Keith Sharpe

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 6th June 2017.

Agreed and signed.

4. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account now stands at £137.34 (£137.34) inclusive of £80 which is left from the LCC grant. The investment account at £598.52 (£598.50).

5. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. As per last month. It was suggested that we organise a working party to carry out weeding and tidying up around the raised beds. Colin has emailed Brian Haworth regarding renewing the padlock for the entrance gate and also to chase up the high viz jackets we are required to wear whilst working on the station. At the same time Colin brought Brian up to date on our thinking about the proposed mural project.

b) Canal. No change. Colin still to contact Alice/Emma of CRT about clearing litter from the canal.

c) Station Adoption. Colin has strimmed the far bed on the car park. This is now looking a lot better and hopefully will go a long way to keeping the mares tails under control. Colin will also email Mark Lenton to request the removal of the skip which has been filled but not removed. It was agreed that we need to organise a working party to tidy the beds around the car park. There will be an Adoption Conference held in Leeds on the 25th September.

Following the H & S briefing that Colin and Graham went to, there was a need to arrange some H & S briefing for Panel members and record it.

d) Piggy Park Community Garden Assoc. (PPCGA) Jeff gave us an update. Representatives of Piggy Park manned a stall at Rishton Festival selling plants and herbs etc. and raised a very healthy £170 for the project. Jeff showed us photographs of the sign, designed and made by Ursula Hurst, above the entrance which everyone agreed was very impressive. The Association are looking into having a wood sculpture of a pig installed within the garden. Colin had supplied Jeff with details of the sculptor who sculptured the owl in Colin’s garden. Jeff also reported that they are trying to get some forest schools training for the teachers at St Charles’ School and other adults who may be working with children.

e). Library. As yet no news. The Conservative group who had taken control of LCC following the election, had promised to try to keep open the libraries threatened with closure under Labour.

6. Foundation.

Nothing to report.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Next meeting 20th July 2017.

8. Time Booking.

Colin has recorded all time booked by members.

9 .Working Parties.

The bedding plants donated by Nurture were picked up by Colin, Fiona and John (Margaret’s husband) on Saturday morning the 10th June. As the weather was very wet they were deposited on Colin’s drive and were planted as and when members had time during the following week. In excess of 800 plants were gifted to us which included Begonias, Petunias, Geraniums and Fuchsia. However, in the hot weather it was a nightmare watering them all, and members put in over 10 hours with watering cans until rain came and took over. Sourcing water supplies was a problem but some residents had offered their outside taps.

Margaret had used the occasion to draft a Press Release acknowledging Nurtures support and encouraging residents near our planters to do some watering to help. It also invited others to join the Panel and gave details of our meetings. It was sent to Accrington Observer and the Lancashire Telegraph.

10. Any other business.

It was suggested that we hold an executive meeting to look at a holistic view of the station. We are required to produce an Annual Outline Plan anyway as a prerequisite to obtaining funding. For the Mural Project we intend to invite Ursula to a meeting as she has given us revised quotes for the murals being done on di-bond. Margaret will contact Ursula when she returns from her archaeological dig. We need to then contact Vicky Cropper with a view to submitting funding applications.

Ruth suggested using some of the money left from the LCC fund for the wildflower seeds to make ourselves better known. Suggestions included having a dedicated e-mail address and a possible facebook page. Fiona is in the process of producing posters to be placed in the station noticeboards giving information about the Station Adoption Group.

Mike Stapleford had forwarded a query submitted by Peter Baron regarding the strimming of the wildflower meadow by Norden Bridge. It was assumed that this was in preparation for the building of a scaffold on the meadow site. Colin had sought confirmation from Simon Bewsher of Bell Ingham, Chartered Surveyors, who had advised us initially about the overhead power line work and its scaffolding impact on the banking. No reply had been received but work to build a scaffold tower on both sides of the main road (to support netting) had started.

Beverley reported that Norden School will become an Academy in the next academic year starting in September. The Green Team, staff and children of Norden wished to thank the Prospects Panel for their support and help and also for the many plants and flowers which have been donated to the school. We are hopeful that there will be a continued association with Hyndburn Academy.

Beverley also said that Norden still has a number of bird and bat boxes that she fears will probably be “skipped” as soon as the school starts a clear out over the summer holidays. We agreed that we could use these at the station and that they would be taken to Colin’s in the meantime.

Disappointment was expressed at the lack of grass cutting outside the now disused Clinic in the centre of the village and also Parker Street Green, These areas are both in prominent positions and are a total eyesore to the village. Jeff would get in touch with Ken Moss. {Update: Ken has subsequently emailed members that he will get in touch with the relevant bodies to see if this problem can be rectified}.

Jeff asked that we contact him when we are having a working party. This we agreed to do.

We had been advised that David Brown currently Chief Executive at Transport for the North, was to be Managing Director of Northern.

11. Date of next meeting

There will be no meeting in August.

Next meeting 5th September 2017

Meeting closed at 8.45 pm.

August - No Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 5th September 2017

1. Present:

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer) Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson, Cllr. Jeff Scales, and Ursula Hurst (Artdaze)

2. Apologies:

No apologies had been received.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 4th July 2017.

Agreed and signed.

4. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account now stands at £137.34 (£137.34) inclusive of £80 which is left from the LCC grant. The investment account at £598.56 (£598.52). The annual rental payment to Rishton People’s Centre, our meeting venue, is due. Margaret had produced an invoice for the Centre (15.15 hrs. at £8 p.h. = £122.00). A cheque was signed for this amount which Colin will take into the Centre.

5. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. It had been suggested that we organise a working party to carry out weeding and tidying up around the raised beds. Unfortunately due to holidays etc. this had not materialised. Colin will contact Roger Plumb with a view to his Green Team carrying out general tidying around the raised beds. Colin has emailed Brian Haworth regarding renewing the padlock for the entrance gate and also to chase up the high viz jackets we are required to wear whilst working on the station. At the same time Colin brought Brian up to date on our thinking about the proposed mural project.

b) Canal. No change.

c) Station Adoption. Colin has strimmed the far bed on the car park. This is now looking a lot better and to date horsetails are not apparent. Colin reported that the shrubs have put on a lot of new growth this year, much better than previous years. Ruth & Steve had been down weeding and had planted Dog Daisies and Crocosmia in the stone planter on the Blackburn platform.

Northern’s Community Rail Conference will be held at the Hilton Leeds City Hotel on Monday the 25th September. The agenda for the day has been developed with colleagues from community rail partnerships and station adoption groups with a mix of presentations, networking time and workshops. Each community group has initially been allocated 2 places. No decision was made as to who would represent the Panel. Colin was the only member so far available.

Fiona, Colin and Margaret had met with Ursula to discuss ideas for the art project. Ursula explained her thoughts regarding involving children from the three primary schools in Rishton. We wanted an historical theme incorporating the local cotton mills, coal mines and the “wakes” weeks. She had the idea of creating posters similar to the old British Rail adverts encouraging tourists to visit, mainly seaside towns. Ursula would design posters incorporating the children’s ideas on the “delights” of Rishton. She would circulate the draft sketches of her ideas and prepare a revised quote. A meeting would then be arranged with Vicky Cropper asap to advance the project. It was hoped to get funding from the Station Adoption Fund. A pre-requisite for obtaining funding from them was a need to prepare an Annual Outline Plan/Station Adoption Plan for the coming year. This we had done and submitted to Vicky. She had given it her approval and stated that “all you have planned would definitely be eligible for funding through the Station Adoption Fund”.

Margaret asked if the new Academy (was Norden High School now Hyndburn Academy) would be willing to be involved. Bev. said that the school probably would be as they seem to be enthusiastic about being involved with the local community. As Wendy had suggested links to the station throughout the village perhaps QR codes on mobile phones would be a good idea. This is something that the Academy could get involved with. Ursula will contact the school to discuss.

Paul Wilkinson is also keen to be involved and because he has some fantastic historical data Ursula is keen to make contact with him. However, he is still having problems with his server.

Following the H & S briefing that Colin and Graham went to, there was a need to arrange some H & S briefings for Panel members at the station and record it.

We had been asked to support a petition to the Department of Transport by Chinley & Buxworth Transport Group in Derbyshire whose station had a footbridge like ours. They were asking for “step free access”. Clearly they are not alone and we will be watching how they get on with interest.

d) Piggy Park Community Garden Assoc. (PPCGA). Jeff gave us an update. The Assoc. has bought a shredder. This is to assist more rapid decomposition of their extensive composting material. The final Council money will be used to create new raised beds and to install bat boxes. The Association are looking into having a wood sculpture of a pig totem within the garden. They are looking to the Windfall Fund to fund hedgehog houses. More groups are keen to become involved and they now have two Brownie groups on board. Ruth extended her congratulations to all involved in this successful project saying it looks splendid.

Jeff has cleaned off the graffiti which has been sprayed on the Cricket Club redbrick wall along Blackburn Road. Thanks were extended to Jeff for his hard work.

e). Library. Miles reported that a well known charity is interested in running the library but with other uses incorporated. Lancashire C.C. is now also keen to see libraries remain open. However, Jeff felt that the charity interested may be a better opportunity to keep the library open for the long term, as LCC could in the future have further funding cuts.

6. Foundation.

Colin went on a visit, organised by Julie Livesey as part of her Re-wilding Project in the Woodnook, area to identify wildflower species in grass meadows in that area. The visit was led by Phil Reddell of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Phil is involved in a 5 year project in the South Pennines (“The South Pennines Grassland Project”) focusing on Biological Heritage sites, identified in the past as being part of a network of species rich grasslands. In partnership with landowners they hope to restore their grasslands to a flower and insect rich habitat.

Jeff said he is keen to establish wildflowers on some verges in Rishton, particularly on the Southside Estate.

Colin also went on a visit to view the construction of a fish pass by River Ribble Trust in Clayton-le-Moors to bypass a weir on Hyndburn Brook. The scheme involves work elsewhere to help trout and salmon to reach higher spawning grounds. A photo competition associated with it had been referred to Ashley Hale who is a keen photographer.

7. Green Spaces Forum.

Nothing to report.

8. Time Booking.

Colin has recorded all time booked by members.

9. Any other business

Colin had visited the Norden Bridge wildflower banking to see what effect the scaffold structure erected on the banking was having on it. Some wildflowers are surviving and showing a strong presence.

We have inherited bat and bird boxes made by the former Green Team at Norden School. Some bat boxes will go to Jeff for use at Piggy Park.

The grassed areas at the Clinic and also Parker Street corner have eventually been cut following strong representations by Panel members and others.

There had been some complaints regarding mud and horse manure on the white path. The mud has been caused by plant and machinery associated with the plylon and overhead line replacement work being carried out near the white path. This was being taken up with the contractors.

Cllrs said there was nothing that could be done regarding horse manure and that its not a health hazard as is dog fouling.

We asked if there was a timeframe for the building work to start on Parker Street corner in relation to Autumn planting in the planters on the Green. The position was not clear and would be pursued.

Although Prospects business was complete, a further discussion took place regarding the proposed new dwellings to be built on the former play area adjacent to the Methodist Church and on the former mill site behind Eachill Road. Reservations were expressed regarding the access route to the site along the already congested Station Road and Walmsley Avenue. Both Miles and Jeff understood the reservations but stressed that this would be a highway and planning issue once planning permission had been sought.

11. Date of next meeting

3rd October

7th November (AGM)

Meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 3rd October 2017

1. Present:

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer) Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Wendy Flanagan, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr. Jeff Scales

2. Apologies:

Cllr. Ken Moss

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 5th September 2017.

Agreed and signed. Wendy asked if these could be displayed on the Foundation website under the Rishton Panel page. Margaret will contact Mike Stapleford to see if this is feasible. {Update: Margaret has contacted Mike and he said that this can be done}

4. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account now stands at £15.34 (£137.34) The annual rental of £122.00 has been paid. The investment account at £598.58 (£598.56).

5. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. The raised beds and the area around them is becoming choked with weeds. Colin has arranged with Roger Plumb for his Green Team to clear out the raised beds as well as the area around them. Colin to follow up with Roger to fix a date. Roger is also willing to erect bird boxes at the Station. Wendy asked if bird feeders could also be put up. Colin has sprayed the cobbles below the steps with herbicide but has yet to check if this has made a difference. {Update: It is working}. Colin will again chase Brian Howarth regarding high viz jackets, although we will shortly be meeting him. Ruth suggested advertising the availability of raised beds and perhaps organising set times to meet. Fiona said we could launch this next Spring.

b) Canal. We are invited to Canal & River Trusts Annual Public Meeting “Celebrating our Waterways” to be held in the Banqueting Room at Lancaster Town Hall on Tuesday 10th October 13.30 to 15.00. Colin and Paul had attended in previous years but had not found it particularly helpful to the Panel. No one volunteered to go.

c) Station Adoption. Carillion have taken over strimming the shrubbery around the car park from Colin. It’s looking a lot tidier this year than last and so far is keeping down the Mares Tails.

Colin attended Northern’s Annual Community Rail Conference at the Hilton in Leeds 25/09/17 (see attachment).

The Health & Safety briefing for members is still to be done.

6. Station Art Project.

We have arranged a meeting with Ursula and Brian Haworth along with Vicky Cropper to discuss the proposed project. The meeting is arranged for the morning of the 25th October. Ursula’s draft sketches have been accepted by Vicky.

Ursula has now made contact with Paul Wilkinson regarding historical data on Rishton.

7. Piggy Park.

Jeff reported that new compost bins have been made. The last raised bed has now been let with the Methodist School interested in an area, yet to be cultivated, vacated by the craft tent. The group are applying to the Windfall Fund for funding for wildflower plugs.

8. Foundation.

Jeff Scales will present an overview of Piggy Park to the next Management Committee meeting 19/10/17.

9. Green Spaces.

Shirley Parkinson, Green Spaces Officer, Hyndburn B.C. who has been off sick for some time, is now back part-time

Colin also went on a visit to view the construction of a fish pass by Ribble Rivers Trust in Clayton-le-Moors to bypass Oakenshaw Weir on Hyndburn Brook. The scheme involves work elsewhere to help trout and salmon to reach higher spawning grounds. The fish pass is due to be opened on either the 12th or 20th October. {Update: later confirmed for 12/10.1}. Colin will let us know which date panel members are able to attend. A photo competition associated with it had been referred to Ashley Hale who is a keen photograph. We don’t know if Ashley actually submitted anything.

10. Time Booking.

Colin has recorded all time booked by members.

11. Any other business

Jeff has contacted ELHT asking if the grass fronting the clinic could again be cut. Ian Turner, Building Supervisor E.L. NHS Trust replied that Nurture have been booked to tidy up the area and cut the grass within the next week.

There had been some complaints regarding mud and horse manure on the white path. The mud has been caused by plant and machinery associated with the pylon and overhead line replacement work being carried out near the white path. Following representations to the contractors it was reported that the mud has now been cleared. Colin had walked the white path to check and confirmed that the main accumulation had gone and some significant rain should wash the rest away.

We asked if there was a timeframe for the building work to start on Parker Street corner in relation to Autumn planting in the planters on the Green. Gleesons have now purchased the area but their future intentions for it were not known.

The Panel have received an invitation from Northern to attend a Seminar on new and refurbished trains to be held on Monday 30th October. (Venue to be confirmed). Attendance to be reviewed once venue known.

Colin has received the Panel’s train passes.

The Panel agreed that we should be involved in the community project Rishton Christmas Tree Festival 2017 organised and held in St. Peter & St Paul’s Church. All schools, community groups and businesses are invited to fill the church with lights and creatively decorated trees, themed to represent the aims of the group. The festival will take place over the weekend of Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December, finishing on the Sunday with a carol concert at 6.00 pm.  Margaret has filled out and submitted an entry form provided by Ruth. We now need ideas as to how we decorate our tree on an environmental theme.

11. Date of next meeting

7th November (AGM)

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Minutes of the Twenty First Annual General Meeting of the Rishton Prospects Panel held at the Peoples’ Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th November 2017

1. Present

Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chairman), Margaret Worden, (Secretary/Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Project Co-Ordinator/Asst. Secretary), Cllr. Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson.

2. Apologies.

Wendy Flanagan, Bev. Moorhouse, Cllr. Jeff Scales

Fiona welcomed everyone and declared the meeting quorate (One quarter membership or 4 members, whichever is the greater).

3. Membership.

We have a total signed up membership of 11. Colin confirmed that all volunteers are covered by Prospects insurance.

4. Minutes of the AGM meeting held on 1st November 2016.

Agreed and signed.

5. Chairman’s Address and Review of the Year.

Fiona submitted a written report to the meeting which is attached herewith at Appendix I.

6. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts.

Margaret presented the Financial Statement for the year from 1st November 2016 to 7th November 2017.

The closing balance in the Current Account at 7/11/17 was £15.34 (opened at £57.34). The closing balance in the Investment Account was £598.62 (opened at £598.36).

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted unanimously and it was agreed it should be signed appropriately.

7. Election of Officers and Representatives.

The following were duly proposed, seconded and unanimously elected.

Chairman Fiona Cook
Vice Chairman Ruth Colling
Treasurer & Secretary Margaret Worden
Project Co-ordinator/Asst. Secretary Colin Cooper

Prospects Found. Management Committee Rep.

Colin Cooper

(It was noted that Margaret was also on the Foundation Management Committee as a directly elected member).

8. Any Other Business.

i) Colin expressed some concern about the sustainability of the Panel in view of the dwindling numbers of active members.

ii) Our major project for the next 12 months will be Rishton Station Art Project in conjunction with Northern Rail, Ursula Hurst (Artdaze) and the four Rishton schools.

Rishton Prospects Panel Chairman’s Report, November 2017

The years seem to pass quicker than ever but this year has been a busy one for the Rishton Prospects Panel. Once again much of the hard work goes on behind the scenes, liaising with different groups and charities. However our original aim to improve the local environment does not change and as a small band of volunteers, with the support and encouragement of others, we certainly feel we do this. We would welcome more members and hope that we can encourage others to join us in our endeavours.

I would like to begin my report by thanking The Prospects Foundation, Hyndburn Borough Council, our Local Councillors, Arriva North ( Northern Rail) , Nurture landscapes(was Park View Nurseries), Canal and River Trust (CART) and numerous others without whose support and advice, as well as that from other businesses, groups and organisations, we would not be so successful.

Once again NURTURE have been extremely generous, donating summer and winter bedding plants which we plant in the various planters seen around Rishton:- Harwood Rd corner, High Street canal bridge, Rishton Station, outside St Charles Church, end of Station Rd and whilst not built on by Gleeson Homes, Parker St Corner. Unfortunately due to the continued vandalism of the planters at the library we had to ask Hyndburn Borough Council for help to move these and they are now added to those at Harwood Rd corner.

Arriva North is now fully in control of our local station and services. Meanwhile our work on maintaining and improving the Station and car park continues. They appointed a Regional Community and Sustainability Manager, Vicky Cropper, with whom we have developed a good working and supportive relationship. Together with her help and that of Brain Haworth, LCC. Community Rail Officer, Mark Lenton from Carillion (Station Maintenance Contractor), we seem to be making huge leaps in our plans for improving the environment and ambiance of our station.

In spring and autumn we filled the planters on the station with bedding plants donated by Nurture. We regularly inspect and report any problems regarding maintenance to Carillion, who have responded very positively to this. We met Mark Lenton at the station, to discuss maintenance issues and were very impressed when his team came and cleaned the algae from the shelters and replaced many of the plastic glazing panels, as well as much of the fence on the Accrington platform, repainting it so it now looks much smarter. He offered to repaint the “RISHTON” sign on the Blackburn Platform but as we already had some paint left from previous years it was decided we would do it ourselves again this year, and Colin subsequently did a brilliant job.

Colin has also been instrumental in tackling the ever demanding problem of “Horsetail weeds” in the station car park beds. So far his regular strimming of them seems to be working and we await to see how it looks next year. The shrubs which were previously being strangled are beginning to thrive again. The other beds near the car park have continued to be maintained by our members and Sanita, despite now living in Darwen continues to come over to help maintain these.

Thanks to the support of Brian Haworth and Mark Lenton, the piles of materials left in the car park by Railtrack have now been cleared and Marks team have also cut back some of the bushes. Roger Plum ( The Prospects Foundation) and his Green Team have cleared the cobbled area under the foot bridge of moss and weeds and hopefully will soon help clear the paths around the food growing area,. This has not been so well used this year and we appreciate the need to get some more people interested in using these food growing beds.

The most exciting work though at the station has mainly been behind the scenes, as we hope to install a large art community project there next year. This has involved our members and a local artist Ursula Hurst meeting regularly to discuss ideas, Fiona and Colin going on an exploratory rail trip with Brian Haworth to look at other station’s artwork and discussions with Vicky Cropper and Brain Haworth as to the feasibility of these and funding for them. We are aiming to involve the local schools and showcase the history of Rishton to rail travellers. Perhaps next year I will be able to include some photographs of the completed work.

Last Christmas Colin and I attended the get together of the Canal and River Trust in Burnley and were able to discuss some of the issues we have in Rishton with Alice Kay Following on from this Emma came to one of our regular meetings and as a result, we hoped to arrange a clean up using their boat but unfortunately this did not materialise. We continue to be adopters of the canal through the centre of Rishton and want to further our relationship with CART throughout the next year.

Earlier in the year we refurbished the wildflower meadow at Norden Bridge along the canal. We carefully cleared the area of nettles and thanks to an unexpected grant from County Councillor Miles Parkinson were able to buy a large amount of new wildflower seeds. Unfortunately the same day as Colin sowed the new seeds, he met a representative of the Electricity company and CART there, who were discussing the need to erect scaffolding directly on this area for some work involving the pylons and related cabling. However we have been promised that after the work is completed and the scaffolding down, they will get a specialist contractor to re instate this area. Maybe it will be an even better outcome than we had thought,. We will see.

Piggy Park Food Growing Project is a great success and Piggy Park Community Garden Association (PPCGA) have lots of exciting ideas to come including a Forest Schools Area. We are continuing to support this community group in any way we can and hope that this endeavour can become even more successful next year.

Rishton Community Association (RCA), a community group formed due to concerns about the current housing development on Parker Street by Gleeson Homes appears to have folded, but we continue to monitor the development and how it will help improve the canal towpath along its border. There has been some confusion as to whether/when they were going to build on Parker St corner, but we now believe they will be doing so in the future. Despite this we have planted up the beds in that area and liaised with Councillor Ken Moss to ensure the grass was cut,( but only once so far ). We await to hear whether we need to plant up the planters this autumn. Meanwhile we are hoping to arrange with Ken new homes, for the wooden animals.

Other projects and work have included;

Attending meetings of :-

Hyndburn Green Space Forum

The Prospects Foundation.

Unfortunately we were not able to support the Rishton Festival this year as our members were either on holiday or already involved with other groups at this event.

We would be less effective without the continued support and encouragement from The Prospects Foundation, who not only provide us with hands on help, such as that from Roger Plum and the Green team, amongst other things, but also offer excellent courses at their base in Accrington which have been attended by some of our members. We thank them for their continued work and support.

I would like to particularly thank Councillors Jeff Scales, and Ken Moss and County Councillor Miles Parkinson for making time in their busy schedules to attend some of our meetings and update us on local issues. It is much appreciated.

Finally I wish to thank all the members for their support and time and hope for an equally successful year in 2017-18.

Fiona Cook, Chair Rishton Prospects Panel, November 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held in the People’s Centre, School Street, Rishton on the 7th November 2017

1. Present:

Fiona Cook, (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice-Chair), Margaret Worden (Secretary/Treasurer) Colin Cooper (Project Coordinator/Asst Secretary), Cllr Ken Moss, C.Cllr. Miles Parkinson.

2. Apologies:

Wendy Flanagan, Bev. Moorhouse, Cllr Jeff Scales.

3. Minutes of the meetings on the 3rd October 2017.

Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising:

Cllr. Ken Moss informed the Panel that Gleesons have now bought Parker Street Green. The plan is to build two houses on this piece of land. Ken asked what we wish to happen to the animals. A suggestion was made that Piggy Park may want to have the pig and Ken said he would have a word with Jeff Scales. Ken suggested that the rest could be placed in the Ladybird Garden on Chapel Street. However, there is a laurel hedge surrounding the garden which needs to be trimmed back to enable children playing there to remain visible for their safety. Ken will organise this work. Ken also asked if we wanted to retain the three planters on the Green and if so, where would we like them moved to. Some discussion took place but eventually we decided that they could be placed on the grassed area to the side of Norden Court along the Harwood Road frontage.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

The current account now stands at £15.34 (£15.34). The investment account at £598.62 (£598.56).

6. Project Update :

a) Station Food Growing. Lionel has been has been working on his raised beds. These have been cleared and it looks like he has limed the soil. Roger Plumb and his Green Team are going down on Monday 20th Nov at about 10.30 am to tidy up between the beds and put up bird boxes. We need to decide where we wish the bird boxes to be placed. There was a suggestion that we could include Bug Hotels and Hedgehog Houses if we can source these. Could the Beavers and Cubs be asked to make some for us as they have at Piggy Park?

Poor weather had prevented any more car park strimming but there was an encouraging absence of mares tails and the shrubbery looked very tidy compared to last year. Steve and Ruth had split some plants from their own garden and planted them in various places at the station.

b) Canal. We had been invited to Canal & River Trusts Annual Public Meeting “Celebrating our Waterways” in the Banqueting Room at Lancaster Town Hall on Tuesday 10th October 13.30 to 15.00. However, no one was able to attend.

c) Station Adoption. 6 High viz jackets have been provided. Colin will carry out a Health and Safety briefing for members in the spring.

Colin had been invited to Burnley Manchester Road station to a meeting with Paul Maynard MP (Blackpool North and Cleveleys), the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for rail, accessibility and HS2. He was there to launch a project to review and initiate a consultation on the 1995 Community Rail Strategy. Colin had been invited to represent station adoption groups and was able to speak with the Under-Secretary and Consultation process as times goes on,

7. Station Art Project.

Colin, Margaret, Ursula and Brian Haworth along with Vicky Cropper had met on the station and discussed ideas. Brian and Vicky had pointed out various pitfalls in actually installing the artwork on the bankings leading into the station. They both felt that Network Rail would turn down that part of the project on safety grounds. Discussion then took place as to alternative locations and we all felt that artwork placed on the metal fencing to the rear of the Blackburn platform would be more acceptable. Ursula subsequently submitted new sketches and a new estimate. Colin took these along to show them to Brian and Vicky when he attended the meeting at Burnley. Their response was very positive. Vicky has access to a couple of pots of funding, but we would like to raise some funding ourselves and will hopefully liaise with Jeff Scales to ascertain where funding could be accessed.

8. Piggy Park.

In Jeff’s absence there was no update.

9. Foundation

Jeff Scales had made an illustrated presentation of the development of Piggy Park to the Management Committee meeting on the 19/10/17.  This was very well received.

10. Green Spaces.

The next meeting will be held on the 23rd November 2017.

11. Working Parties.

A working party was arranged for the 8th November. Meet at the corner of High Street and Harwood Road to clear the plants from the planters at Norden Court and replace with the winter bedding plants supplied by Nurture.

12. Time Booking.

Colin has recorded all time booked by members.

13. Any other business.

Colin will meet with Julie Livesey at 10.15 am on the 28th November in Cut Wood. Julie will assist in the repair to the willow arbour. However, it’s been badly vandalised this last year.

Ken reported that the road layout to the new housing development on the old Albert Mill site has now been resolved between the developer and the Highway Authority.

The Panel agreed that we should be involved in the community project Rishton Christmas Tree Festival 2017 organised and held in St. Peter & St Paul’s Church. With this in mind a meeting has been organised at Fiona’s on Monday 13th November at 7.30 pm to discuss ideas as to how we decorate the tree with an environmental theme.

11. Date of next meeting

5th December 2017

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.

December - No Meeting

Northern Community Rail Conference, the Hilton, Leeds, 25th September 2017.

The Conference started with an update on all Northern’s new investment plans for the future. This was given by the temporary MD of Northern in the absence of David Brown their newly appointed MD, who was engaged in a period of Company familiarisation prior to taking up his responsibilities in October. A programme of complete overhaul and modernisation of rolling stock and facilities was well under way and the first of a new fleet of trains was due from the manufacturers in Spain in December 2017.

‘Marketplace’ followed where contractors and other train associated interest groups had representatives on ‘stalls’ willing to talk to anyone about their activities. Last year our contact there with station maintenance company ‘Carillion ‘ had proved very useful but this year it didn’t seem so well organised and it was a job to tell ‘who was who and what was what.

After an excellent lunch various workshops took place : a) Marketing and Promotion; b) Managing contact with a vulnerable person on the railway; c) Station Adoption; d) Funding and Revenue Opportunities; e) Engaging with Diverse Communities.  Colin went to c) & d).

Three adoption groups gave a presentation on their group’s activities. It is always interesting to see what others are doing. Apart from a variety of gardening projects, planters and flower beds , etc, artwork with schools seemed popular and one group was majoring on a project to help those was dementia. Another group was using the station as a facility for fund raising activities including a teddy bears’ picnic where families could have a free one stop ride on the local train provided they were accompanied by a teddy!

Funding focused on a group’s success in raising sponsorship from local businesses and how to go about it.

Travel to and from the venue was by train using our new concessionary rail card. Connection at Accrington for Rishton on return at teatime was dire and motorised transport was called upon!