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Covering the whole of Rishton there is the Prospects Panel, and if there must be a tiered system, there is also now the area council.

Acorn Residents Association.

Formed early in 2003, the A. R. A. covers the South Side of Rishton, including Eachill, Knowles, and Saint Charles Roads. They hold their meetings in the Community Room in Eachill Gardens, and are very keen to promote activities available in the area. Sadly during 2006 the group folded with not enough residents attending.

Sands Estate Tenants and Residents Association.

Formed early in 2003, the Sands estates tenants have been working hard all of 2003 to complete a base with which to work from. This was rewarded In August 2003, when the Sands Association were presented with £1,000 towards buying computer equipment, with the aim of providing computer sessions for youngsters at the Associations Sands Estate Flat, in Sands Close. Once the course is established they hope to provide the same for adults. The money was given as a grant from the Rishton Area Council.

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