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Based in the Scout Hut in the grounds of the Baptist Church on Commercial Street, the scouts were lucky to obtain this custom building. Taking in Cubs as they become old enough from all the cub packs in Rishton, the Scouts meet on Monday evenings.

The 2nd Rishton (Baptist) was opened on 21st March 1949 and was sponsored by the church committee under the Rev. Fred O. Gardner. The Group Scoutmaster was Mr Frank Moyle and the Assistant Cub Mistress was Miss Bernice Shacklock. It had 18 Wolf Cubs.

General Sir Robert Baden-Powel was an officer and hero at the siege of Mafeking. He had a distinguished career in the army taking part in many famous events when Great Britain had a huge empire to rule. In 1930 Robert Baden-Powell was made a Lord and married Olave St. Claire Soames making them Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

In 1903 the annual display at the Royal Albert Hall was of special significance - from it can be traced the very start of the Boy Scout movement! General Baden-Powell, back from his exploits in Mafeking, agreed to preside over the forthcoming display and began a sincere friendship with the founder. Baden-Powell saw the possibility of teaching the Boys the art of Scouting. The seeds of the Scout movement had been sown and were soon to spread like a prairie fire.

The Scouts Association which was for boys only was formed in 1908 by the request of boys who were inspired by Baden-Powell's book Scouting for Boys.

Rishton Scouts at Lands End in 1939.
Back row ? , ? , Frank Moyle, ?
Middle row David Baxendale(*), ? , ? , ? , Allan Smith (**), ?
Front Row ? , ? , ?
(Picture supplied by Barry Smith and used with permission)

During the 2nd World War, Rishton's Scout troop was based, and run under the confines of the Church of England, the Scout leader at this time being (Mr or Mrs) Slater.

Lord and Lady Baden-Powell travelled the world forming Associations in every country who would let them in. The movement is still world wide. When countries such as Russia opened their borders to the world the Scout and Guide Associations moved in and started units.

Creed, colour and religion hold no barriers. Until recently they were single sex organisations. However, the boys opened their doors to girls. The Girl Guide Association had to drop the word girl to be politically correct, but it is still girls only. Parents prefer this for a number of reasons.

Rishton formed another Scout group in the early 1970's, under the leadership of Mrs. Hilary Knagg, but due to her commitments to the cub pack that she also looked after, was unable to fulfil both tasks, and disbanded the Scouts after only a short period due to not being able to find anyone to continue the leadership of them.

David Baxendale marries Anne Fielding at the Baptist Church, David was the Scout leader at this time.

The Group with the title Rishton Parish and still sponsored by the church under the Rev. R. McCullough was registered on 23rd September 1985. Joan Schaefer was Cub Scout Leader and Olivia Lingard was Assistant. This may have been the follow on Group to the 1st Rishton [Parish Church]

David Baxendale married Ann Fielding, as seen here. She had brothers John and David. David and Ann moved to Rochdale? David died about 1995. Second from the right is Robert Johnson of Woodside Avenue, forming part of the guard of honour.


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Mrs. Hilary Knagg.

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