1935 Rishton Sanitation Report

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Report of the Sanitary Inspector

For the Year ended December 31st, 1935.

Sanitary Department,

Council Offices,


To the Chairman and Members of the Rishton Urban District Council.


I beg to submit a report of the work done in the Sanitary Department during the year 1935.

The number of complaints investigated were 125, action being taken in each case and the necessary work carried out.

1,500 visits were made to premises, and 223 nuisances were discovered.

Number of Informal Notices served - 75

Number of Formal Notices - 40

Number of Nuisances discovered - 223

Number of Nuisances abated - 218

In most cases the owners attention was drawn to the nuisances, which had the desired effect.

Sanitary Defects discovered:

Defective bins, 105. Choked and defective waste water closets, 72.
Ashpits abolished, 25. Broken and decayed plaster, 1.
Accumulations, 10. Broken waste pipes from sinks, 9.
Defective drains, 20. Defective and dilapidated waste water closets, 6.
Damp walls, 25. Chimney stacks defective, 2
Defective yard doors, 20. Rain water pipes defective or choked, 20.
Defective eaves gutters, 22. Keeping of animals so as to be nuisance, 0.
Defective roofs, 40. Defective kitchen boilers and ovens, 10.
Offensive accumulations, 0. Dangerous and defective yard wails, 1.
Defective chimney flues, 1. Broken window cords, 15.
Defective fire grates, 12. Defective wash boilers, 10.
Walls requiring pointing, 3. Stairs requiring handrails, 15.
Defective sinks, 6. Defective window frames, 20.
Defective ashpits, 6. Broken floors, 6.

Infectious Disease.

During the year 35 cases of infectious diseases were notified

(2 Scarlet Fever, 10 Pneumonia, 14 Chicken Pox, 2 Erysipelas, 7 Tuberculosis). All premises were visited and isolation of the patients was carried out at home.

No cases were sent to hospitals during the year.

Each case has been visited and disinfectants supplied gratis, together with instructions regarding home nursing and preventative measures.

At the termination of the disease, when the patient is nursed at home, and on receipt of notice to that effect from the doctor attending the case, the infected bedding is disinfected, the infected room is sprayed with Formaldehyde, and afterwards fumigated.

Where the patient is removed to hospital, the above method of disinfection is carried out immediately after the removal has taken place.

Schools are notified where children of school age are either affected or in contact with infectious disease; Schools are also sprayed and fumigated from time to time, as occasion may require. Library books from infected houses are returned to Preston for disinfection, and afterwards returned to the Public Library; the Librarian is also notified.

Number of houses fumigated with formaldehyde gas ... 25


The Ambulance has been called out on 208 occasions during the year.

Removed to and from hospital:â€"

For Sickness, 198. For Accidents, .10.

Milk and Dairies Order, 1926.

The above Order came into operation on October 1st, 1926, and we have 28 Cowkeepers and 6 Dairymen registered. There were 210 visits paid to their premises.

Improvements have been carried out at two farms regarding reconstruction work, the increase of air space, amount of lighting and ventilation, improvements in paving and drainage work, and water supply.

It is pleasing to report that there is an increased desire on the part of Cowkeepers to improve their premises.

The approximate expenditure involved in the alterations of the two farms in question cost the owners the sum of £500.

200 visits were made to these premises.

Inspection of Food.

Regular inspection is made of places where food is prepared; no case of food poisoning has been reported during the year. The general cleanliness of these places is very good, and every facility is given to me at the time of inspection. As far as practicable attention is given to the perishable foodstuffs which are retailed within the District.

Inspection of Foods.

Bovines 115

Sheep and Lambs 1,296

Pigs 320

Calves 5

Amount of food condemned and surrendered during 1935 as unfit for human consumption

Tuberculosis carcases and partsâ€"

3 pigs, 15 heads, 15 lungs, livers, etc., 600 lbs.

Other diseased meatâ€"

2 beast livers, 20 sheep livers (distomatosis) 60 lbs.

Unwholesome foodsâ€"

2 tins of corned beef 12 lbs.

1 small pig 50 lbs.

10 crates of cauliflowers.

12 crates of lettuce.

No legal proceedings were necessary.

No action required for any cases of food poisoning

Frequent visits were made to food shops, which were found to be kept clean, and the various meats displayed were always found to be of good quality. Strict attention is being given to premises where ice-cream is manufactured.

Bakehouses, 19 in number, and other premises where foods are manufactured, stored or exposed for sale have been inspected from time to time and their condition found satisfactory. No legal proceeding were necessary nor was any instance found in which existing powers were inadequate for dealing with any defects each case.


450 houses were inspected under the Public Health Acts and the 1-lousing Acts, 1930 and 1935. The number of dwelling houses found not to be in all respects reasonably fit for human habitation was 200.

75 informal notices were served under the Housing Acts, 1930, and 40 Statutory Notices, during 1935.

Closet Accommodation.

The following table shows the particulars of the closet accommodation in the district:â€"

Fresh Water Closets 564

Waste Water Closets 1,442

Pail Closets 30

Offensive Trades.

There are 19 premises on the register, viz., Bone Collector, 1; Gut Scrapers, 1; Marine Store Dealers, 3; Fried Fish Shops, 14.

All these premises have been frequently visited and were found to be kept very clean, giving no cause for complaint.

Factories and Workshops.

There are 75 Factories and Workshops on the register. Several visits have been made to these premises and no cause for complaint was found.

No notices were served, verbal warnings only being necessary.

Refuse Collection and Disposal.

The household refuse is collected by a horse vehicle occupied whole time. All ashbins are emptied weekly and ashpits monthly.

The refuse is deposited on land, and the practice of controlled tipping has removed all cause for complaint.

25 ashpits have been abolished during the year.

Refuse Receptacles.

Steady progress has been made in the conversion of ashpits to the movable dustbin system.

Cleansing Dept., Collection and Disposal of House Refuse.

The whole of the cleansing both refuse collection and disposal, is carried out by the Council, under my supervision, through the Cleansing Department, and the work is carried out systematically, no complaints being received.

Shop refuse is collected twice weekly and deposited on the Council’s tip, and satisfactorily covered.

The house refuse is disposed of entirely by tipping. The tips are satisfactory, and free from nuisance.

Petroleum Licenses.

The following Licenses have been renewed:â€"

Petroleum, 14; Carbide of Calcium, 1.

There were no infringements observed.

In conclusion, I desire to acknowledge the many kindnesses extended to me by the Chairman and Members of the Health Committee, the Clerk to the Council, Medical Officer of Health, the Accountant, Surveyor, my staff, and all others who have assisted me in the discharge of my duties.

I have the honour to be,

Your obedient servant,


Member Royal Sanitary Institute,

Associate Member Institution of Sanitary Engineer.

(Cert. Inspector of Meat and other Foods).

(Cert. of the Royal San. Inst. in the Work of a Sanitary Inspector).

Sanitary Inspector and Superintendent of Refuse Collection and Disposal, and Petroleum Officer