1945 Rishton Sanitation Report

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Report of the Sanitary Inspector For the Year ended 31st December, 1945.

Mr. Chairman, Lady and Gentlemen,

I beg to submit a report of the work done in the Sanitary Department during the year 1945.


Public Health Officers of the Council.

Medical Officer of Health : Dr. J. Ross. Part-time Officer. Salary contributed to.

Sanitary Inspector : C. Woodcock, Certified Inspector of Meat and Other Foods, Certified in the carrying out of Meat and Sanitary Inspector's duties. Whole-time Officer. Salary contributed to.,

Laboratory Facilities.

Pathological and bacteriological examinations are carried out at the Health Laboratory, Blackburn, with the exception of sputum examinations for Tuberculosis, these being examined at the Tuberculosis Dispensary, Accrington.


Maternity and Child Welfare.

Situation. Accommodation by whom provided.
Chief Centre - High Street, Rishton Owned by the County Council. Meeting and consultations every Tuesday afternoon. L. H. V. also attends daily during week to interview mothers and give advice
School Clinic - High Street, Rishton Eye, Ear and Dental and Minor Ailments  Clinic. County Council
Tuberculosis - Accrington Tuberculosis Dispensary.    County Council
Venereal Diseases - Blackburn Royal Infirmary. Out-patients Department. (Twice a week for males and females) County Council
Orthopaedic Clinic - Rishton.   County Council

Public Health Tuberculosis Regulations, 1930.

Pulmonary.   Non-Pulmonary.   Total Pulmonary and Non-Pulmonary. 
M.   F.   Total.   M.   F.   Total.   M.   F.   Total.
8   10   18 ... 1   6   7 ... 9   16   25

Public Health (Prevention of Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1925.

No action has been called for under the above regulations, which concerns tuberculosis employees in the milk trade.

Notifible Diseases during the Year.

A table giving the number of infectious diseases notified during the year, also the ages at which cases occurred, is given below :-

  Cases Notified Years
Under 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 10 10 15 15 20 20 35 35 45 45 65 over 65
Scarlet Fever 5 3 2
Enteric Fever
Measles 41 1 5 13 9 2 9 1 1
Whooping Cough 12 2 1 2 2 4 1
Pneumonia 5 1 1 2 1
Puerperal Pyrexia
Cerebro-Spinal Fever  
Acute Poliomyelitis
Acute Polio Encephalitis
Encephalitis Lethargica
Ophthalmia Beonatorum
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Totals     63 3 7 15 11 2 16 3 1 2 2 1

Rainfall, 1945.

The following is the rainfall for the year 1945, which was provided by Mr. H. W. Gilman, M. Inst. M. & Cy. E., Engineer and Surveyor.

January 1.52 July  2.98
February 2.62 August  1.82
March 1.04 September  1.77
April 1.11 October  5.69
May 3.46 November  0.18
June 3.08 December  1.49

The total rainfall for 1945 was 26.76.

Details of Salvage Collected and Sold during 1945/46.

    £   s.   d.
40 tons Waste Paper   231   14   6
2 tons Scrap Iron   3   10   0
7 cwts. Rags   4   14   0
24lbs. Aluminium    0   6   0
60lbs. Lead   0   10   0
Bottles   0   7   0
630 bins Kitchen Waste   15   5   0
    256   16   6

Closet Accommodation at end of 1945.

Number of middens, none.

Number of closets attached to middens, none.

Number of pail closets, 29.

Number of dry ashpits, none.

Number of movable ashbins, approximately 2,000.

Number of houses on water carriage system, 1,878.

Number of fresh water closets, 628.

Number of waste water closets, 1,250.

Conversions during 1945, 13.

Sanitary Inspections during 1945.

Number of premises visited, 1,156.

Defects or nuisancesâ€"number discovered, 330;

number abated, 315.

Number of notices servedâ€"informal, 40 ; statutory, 4.

No legal proceedings have been taken during the year.

Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919. Infestation Order, 1943.

15 infestations were dealt with during the year.

Milk and Dairies Order, 1926.

The number of farms in the district is 26, and they are inspected at least twice each year. Their condition is, in most cases, good. The shippons at Whitebirk North Farm have been re-modelled during the year.

There are four Accredited Milk Producers, and one is about to produce Tuberculin Tested Milk (Certified), i.e., from cows which have passed a veterinary examination and a Tuberculin Test.

Milk Supply.

The milk produced within, or brought into the township, is on the whole of good quality.

The Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1936.

Number of dealers' licences issued during 1945 in respect of :â€"

  Tuberculin Tested Milk None
  Accredited (Distribution) 4
Total number of cowkeepers   26
Number on the register   26
Number of inspections during the year   60

Dairy farms, 26 approximately. Number of cows in the district, 600.

Other Foods.

Bakehouses (12 in number) and other premises where foods are manufactured, stored or exposed for sale, have been inspected from time to time and their condition found satisfactory.

Food and Drugs Adulteration (Food and Drugs Act), 1938.

Public Health (Condensed Milk) Reg., 1923-27.

Public Health (Dried Milk) Reg., 1923-27.

Public Health (Preservatives in Food) Reg., 1925-27.

The above are administered by the County Council. During the year 18 samples of milk were examined for quality ; all samples were sufficient in fats.



There were no cases of diphtheria during the year, and five cases of scarlet fever, compared with six last year.

There has been no marked prevalence of other infectious diseases.

The result of the action taken to provide immunisation against diphtheria to children to 31st December, 1945, is :â€"605 have been immunised. 45 per cent, under five years and 76.6 per cent, from five to fourteen years of age. -

Number of Premises.

Dwellings 1,724
Shops (lock-up) 32
Shops and Dwellings 140
Offices and Dwellings 3
Hotels 5
Off-Licence 1
Farms (houses not included in first item) 26
Cotton Mills 4
Electricity Generating Station 1
Electricity Sub-Stations (one with office) 2
Other Works 19
Halls 4
Churches 7
Schools 5
Cinema 1
Clubs 5
Clinic 1
Public Buildings 5
Other Buildings 13

In conclusion, I desire to acknowledge the many kindnesses extended to me by the Chairman and Members of the Health Committee and Clerk of the Council, Medical Officer of Health, Collector, Surveyor, my staff, and other members who have assisted me in the discharge of my duties.

I have the honour to be,
  Your obedient servant.
               (Signed) C. WOODCOCK,
                            Mem. Royal Sanitary Institute. Cert. lnsp. of Meat & Other Foods. Mem. Sanitary Inspectors' Assoc.