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Thursday, 26th February, 2004


Area Council Members: Councillors Mrs J. Butler (Chair), Councillor Mrs. Scaife and Councillor Miss Jackson.

Co-optees: P. Schaffel, Inspector J. O’Reilly and Mrs. M. Worden.

Residents: M. Aubrey, J. Baron, K. Briars, L. Burns, R. Colling, C. Cooper, Fr. M. Dowd, T. Fisher, B. Griggs, C. Hammerton, J. Hargreaves, D. Haworth, D. Haworth, J.N. Haworth, D. Hoskins, J. Jackson, A. Kinsella, P. Lightbown, Mrs. McGloughlin, G. Mearcroft, A. O’Brien, . W. O’Brien, E. Parker, Mrs. Pieper, D. Pinnington, J. Pollard, M. Pollard, M. Skellorn, F. Smith, D. Webster, P. Wilkinson, F. Winter and S. Wood.

Press Attending: John Fahey - Accrington Observer

Officers Attending: S. Watson, L. Spencer, N. Rix, D. Peacock, I. Chaplin and S. Gardner.

Police: P.S. Mark Skellorn and P.S. Paul Langley


1157 The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Butler, welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council.

Formal Business

Apologies for Absence

1158 Apologies for absence were received from Dorothy Hastings and Neil Yates.

Minutes of the Meeting of 18th September, 2003

1159 The Minutes of the Meeting of the Area Council were submitted (Paper A1).

Resolved - That the minutes be approved and accepted as a correct record.

Minutes of the Budget Meeting of 18th December, 2003

1160 The minutes of the Budget meeting were submitted (Paper A2).

Resolved - That the minutes be approved and accepted as a correct record.

Open Forum Follow Up & What’s Happening About

1161 The Chairman referred residents to the information outlined on Paper B of the agenda relating to what’s happening about. Updates were provided on the following issues:-

Remembrance Day Band - The Chairman gave thanks to the Civic Services Officer for securing a band for Remembrance Day and also to the Balderstone Brass Band. A ‘Thank You’ card was circulated for residents to sign so that this could be forwarded on.

Accredited Landlord Scheme - Steve Watson reported that a total of 11 landlords had joined the scheme in Rishton, who owned a total of 36 properties between them. He informed the meeting that Regeneration UK was currently assisting with the preparation and delivery of the scheme.

Holt Street Lease - the Chairman reported that the agents of the land owner had indicated that there had not been a problem with either an extension to or the renewal of the existing lease but the actual details of the lease still had to be agreed. She welcomed ideas from residents.

Holt Street Garages - Councillor Mrs. Scaife reported that they had been unsuccessful in contacting the tenants of the garages and that Ingham and Yorke had not yet contacted the Dunkenhalgh Estate. She indicated that problems had arisen from the leasing rights held by the tenants of the garages and that Ingham and Yorke had requested details of actions the Council would like them to take, so that they could calculate costs. She pointed out that they had agreed to visit the site to see the mess for themselves and further updates would be provided at future meetings.

A resident suggested that the Dunkenhalgh estate was trying to avoid their responsibilities as they knew that rubbish was being tipped on the site and had not done anything about it.

Councillor Mrs. Scaife informed the meeting that the Council would clear the site of rubbish but the cost for this work would be forwarded to the owners of the land.

Mr. Rix, Director Hyndburn FIRST, suggested that a walkabout with Eric Miller of Ingham and Yorke should be arranged and requested that the invitation be extended through the Accrington Observer, as a way of drawing attention to local issues. Residents were invited to join the walk and Councillor Mrs. Scaife extended the invitation to Inspector O’Reilly.

Walmsley Avenue Path - Steve Watson reported that 900 had been set aside for the construction of a footpath but due to the Council’s financial difficulties the project would be unable to proceed, although it would remain for consideration under the Area Council’s 2004/05 budget.

Chapel Street Flats – Mr. Rix reported on the proposal for the Chapel Street flats and outlined the Council’s aim to empower local people to develop local schemes themselves. He referred to the proposals for a community garden and parking spaces but suggested that the funding they had acquired, would not be enough to cover all parts of the scheme. He therefore advised that work on the garden should commence first and that the most expensive part of the proposal, the parking bays, should be left until further funding had been obtained. He questioned the quotes they had received for the work and suggested that further enquiries and comparisons be made to local providers and that the Area Council should also consider securing sponsorship. Mr. Rix suggested that insurance and maintenance could be re-evaluated for a reduced amount if a blanket policy across the borough could be negotiated.

Mr. Rix referred to the costs of the proposals and misrepresentation in the media of issues related to the plans for the site. Steve Watson reassured residents that parking bays would not be forgotten if it was decided that the project should commence with the construction of the garden first.

Resolved - That work be commenced on the community garden within the constraints of the current budget and that the second phase, to construct the parking bays, began once further funding had been secured.

Heskdale Site - Steve Watson reported that the site had been inspected on 11th November, 2003 and found that the fencing at the main entrance was in need of repair. After speaking to the owners, the fencing had been repaired and no other faults had been found during that inspection or a further inspection held on 23rd February. He pointed out that no further planning applications had been received and that they were continuing to monitor the site.

Sausage Factory - Councillor Miss Jackson reported that full planning permission had been given for six houses in 2002 and that this permission was valid for five years. She pointed out that there had been no further developments since and no further information from the owner. She referred to new Council restrictions on housing developments but that they still had a further three years in which they could build houses on the site.

Cutt Wood - Councillor Mrs. Scaife reported that the drainage problems at Cutt Wood were still unresolved and that further works would have to be considered within the 2004/05 budget. She pointed out that the area was in need of improvement works and that Cutt Lane had problems with unreasonable car owners. She suggested that Cutt Lane could be made into a proper car parking facility and referred residents to appendix A, a plan for the car park.

A resident expressed concern that trees would have to be cut down to make way for a car park and that this would not be environmentally friendly. Reference was also made to Government health concerns and that people should have the amenities to participate in activities such as walking and that Cutt Wood provided an arena for this. The resident suggested that people should be prevented from parking in the wrong places and ideas for this included yellow lines, erecting signs, creating parking bays and having a residents’ only parking scheme.

The Police reported that yellow lines could not be placed on unadopted roads and that it was difficult to enforce parking restrictions in these areas.

Steve Watson reminded residents that the proposal for a car park had only been one possible option to resolve the current problems and encourage residents to submit further ideas.

Whitebirk Knowledge Park - Mr. Rix, Director’ Hyndburn FIRST, reported on the proposed Whitebirk Knowledge Park and pointed out that it would be one of the most important strategic parks in the region. He explained that the planning application had been submitted last summer and referred to the boundaries of the site. He indicated that funding for the project would come from the North-West Development Agency, who had agreed to purchase the site subject to planning permission and that they had an agreement with the trustees of the Dunkenhalgh to lease the site. Mr. Rix informed the meeting that the park would aim to attract higher value businesses and therefore, higher wages and greater skilled jobs. He pointed out that they would continue to support the usual manufacturing industries in the area but that it was their intention to diversify and create links to Universities.

The Highway Agency would determine access onto the site and once planning permission was in place they would be required to put a bid into the Department of Trade and Industry because it was a multi-million pound project and permission would be needed from the Secretary of State. He referred to the relevance of the project to the town of Rishton and the potential economical opportunities that could arise as a result of the site.

Residents submitted the following questions:

Mr. Rix explained that the proposed site had a number of level changes and that the excavation of the site would use the profile of the land and manage the water table. In relation to the screening of the park, he indicated that many trees would be planted to project the character of the site. He pointed out that they had already begun to address the requirement of health provision in Hyndburn and were in the process of identifying new medical centres in the area. Work on the infrastructure for Whitebirk Knowledge Park would be likely to commence in 2005 and he reassured residents that the hotels in Hyndburn would not lose out if one was built on the site because there was not enough hotels to service the area as it was.

Policing in Rishton

Inspector O’Reilly reported that progress had been made on some of the major issues in the community. He explained that the Police had undertaken raids on Monroe’s Nite Club involving the local Police and that as a result it had been shut down. He referred to how this had effected the immediate policing of the area. He pointed out that statistics had shown a decrease in the number of victims of crime in comparison with the figure for the previous year and that the main problem in the area continued to be juvenile nuisance. He referred to the availability of new Police powers to deal with these problems, such as Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, but welcomed any additional ideas and suggestions from residents. Inspector O’Reilly reported that the division had recently been deemed one of the best in the country.

He informed the meeting that P.S. Langley would be leaving Great Harwood Police for a short while to take up other operational duties and that another sergeant would replace him until his return.

P.S. Skellorn updated residents on his local newsletter and indicated that it would cover issues in the area.

Community Issues

Councillor Miss Jackson updated residents on the progress of the Primary Care Trust. She informed the meeting that an extension would be built to Dr. Hancock’s surgery in an effort to entice young GP’s to train in the area. She also reported that similar efforts were being made in other areas of the borough to attract more medical practitioners.

Peter Schaffer, Chairman of ACORN Residents Association, reported on the installation of CCTV in Eachill Gardens and the extra security measures that had been taken at the Residential Home. He outlined other projects that the Residents Association was considering and welcomed new members to the organisation.

Margaret Worden, Assistant Secretary of Prospects, reported that the organisation had helped several groups in the area and referred to the progress made with the canal garden and the skate board park. She reported that they met at Norden High School on the first Tuesday of every month.

Mr. Cooper gave further details on the proposed skate-board park and reported that they were working in conjunction with Hyndburn’s Parks Department. He pointed out that they had spent a morning planting shrubs and trees but were now waiting for the Parks Department to carry out their part of the plan. He reported that there would be a small area for play equipment and that existing play facilities would be upgraded. He pointed out that the last minutes of Rishton Area Council relating to ‘Rishton Prospects Meeting’ were incorrect and that no planting had yet taken place to mark the Coronation. However, he reported that they had now received a letter giving permission to proceed with the scheme but any planting would be deferred until the following season.

Open Forum

1162 Steve Watson referred residents to the Open Forum, Paper E.

Mrs. Winter – responsibility for cleaning the area around the garages behind St. Peter’s St and Howard St., Rishton. Steve Watson reported that the complaint had been dealt with.

Mr. Schaffel – repairs/restoration to the play area on Walmsley St. Steve Watson reported that the Council currently had financial problems and they would have to wait to see what was set before they could decide upon any improvement works to the play area.

Mr. Schaffel – restrictions on wagons, lorries etc parked in residential areas. Steve Watson reported that vehicles that had operators’ licences were required to have a designated off the road location to keep their vehicles. He indicated that this could also apply to high sided vans over a particular weight.

Councillor Miss Jackson commented that it was difficult to prevent lorries from parking in residential areas. Inspector O’Reilly indicated that if they had licences they must have a place to park and if they parked on footpaths they would be obstructing the highway.

Mr. Schaffel – plans for a second road into the estate onto Walmsley Avenue. Steve Watson reported that there were no current plans to put in a second road accessing the estate.

A resident expressed concern that there would be no access road and suggested that the developer be contacted and requested to put a road in to prevent further traffic congestion. A resident also reported that a lamp-post had been left with wires showing.

Steve Watson agreed that the Area Council should keep pushing for an access road and explained that they had received a government grant to fund the work to Pithead. He reported that the link road had not been built because Hyndburn Borough Council had used the funding elsewhere. He agreed to extend an invitation to the Head of Transportation and Technical Services for his attendance at the next meeting of Rishton Area Council.

Mr. Rix, Director’ Hyndburn FIRST, suggested that a written report be submitted to the next Area Council to show how money had been spent, why the link road had not remained a priority and on issues relating to traffic congestion in the area. He also referred to the importance of encouraging young people to attend Area Councils and present their ideas for the future of Rishton.

Mr. Schaffel pointed out that it would take too long to wait until the next Area Council and suggested that a meeting be arranged to discuss the above issues before the next scheduled meeting. Mr. Rix suggested that a meeting be arranged with the Head of Transportation and Technical Services.

A resident volunteered to go out with a Youth Worker to encourage the attendance of young people at Area Council meetings. Steve Watson explained what they were doing to encourage youth participation and were considering Shadow Area Councils in Schools. A resident indicated that money would have to be raised to fund any initiatives for youth and that the Friends of Rishton Youth had already raised 12,000 to build a skate park.

Advertising of Area Councils – a resident suggested that Area Council meetings were publicised more. Steve Watson advised how they currently advertised meetings and that further promotion would require additional money. He pointed out that the Area Council’s team always carried out a promotion drive once a year and agreed to consider a resident’s suggestion that posters should also placed in high street shops.

Mr. Yates, the Council’s recycling scheme – Steve Watson suggested that Mr. Yates contacted the Helpline to get assistance with the disposal of his household refuse.

Mr. Edmundson, water under the Rishton bridge on the old railway track. Steve Watson agreed that the problem had been persistent for a number of years but pointed out that the Council would be unable to do anything until the current financial situation changed.

A resident pointed out that the problem was related to tree roots growing in drains and that it had previously been resolved and could be again. Steve Watson indicated that this would require annual drainage maintenance.

Bottle Bins – Councillor Mrs. Scaife reported that she had received complaints that the area surrounding the recycling bins, behind the Co-op, had been littered with bottles in bags, boxes and broken glass, left after people had brought their refuse to be recycled. She asked the meeting if they considered the recycling facility a necessity or whether they considered it should be removed to prevent the area from continually being a mess. Residents indicated that they would prefer the recycling facilities to remain but expressed concern that the area near to the canal was a mess. Councillor Mrs. Scaife reminded the meeting that this area was owned by British Waterways and therefore, the Council would be unable to fine people for dumping rubbish in this area. Mr. Rix suggested that a second walk around be organised to include representatives of British Waterways.

A resident referred to the waste collection problems experienced by the community during the Christmas period. Councillor Mrs. Scaife explained that DEFRA had supplied them with the waste collection wagons and that front door collections had been stipulated. She pointed out that the Council had provided the best service they could in the current financial circumstances.

Disabled Drop Crossing Points

Steve Watson reported that money had been allocated to specifically use on drop kerbs and requested that residents indicated where they would like drop kerb crossing points installed by placing a mark on the displayed map.

Next Rishton Area Council Meeting

1163 The Chairman thanked residents for attending and requested that they completed and returned the feedback forms. She indicated that the next meeting of the Rishton Area Council had yet to be determined but invitations would be extended in the usual way and the meeting advertised in the Accrington Observer.

Thursday, 29th April, 2004


Area Council Members: Councillors Mrs Butler & Mrs Scaife

Officers attending: S.Watson and A.Harwood

Formal Business

Apologies for Absence

1488 Apologies for absence were received on behalf of Councillor Miss Jackson and P.Schaffel.

Steve Watson, Rishton Area Council Co-ordinator, explained that the meeting was deemed inquorate, but in order to deal with the business of the meeting spending proposals could be discussed and agreed followed by the use of emergency powers. Emergency powers delegate the decision to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Area Council Budget

1489 Steve Watson, Rishton Area Council Co-ordinator informed colleagues that the purpose of the special budget meeting was to receive an update on 2004/05 Rishton Area Council budget, to consider spending proposals for the budget and to consider grant applications deferred from the last Area Council meeting.

He referred colleagues to Paper A and explained that changes in 2004/05 Area Council funding now required that spending for all Area Councils had to be split into 4 streams. Paper A provided information on what each stream of funding could be used for and the amount of funding for each stream which had been allocated to Rishton Area Council by Hyndburn Borough Council.

Update on This Year’s Budget for The Area Council

Spending Proposals

1490 Colleagues were referred to Paper B of the agenda which provided brief details and approximate costs of proposed Capital Projects to be funded from the Rishton’s Capital and Revenue budgets 2004/05.



Amount ()


Resurfacing scheme with Norden Valley path being a priority, approved previously



Chapel Street – landscaped area, approved previously


The Area Council discussed the above approved projects and confirmed that they should both go ahead and be funded from the Capital Budget 2004/05.



Amount ()


Holt Street – this is a new project for consideration


The Area Council discussed the Holt Street project and agreed the urgent necessity for the scheme.



Amount ()


Prospects Top O’ Th’ Heights on Wilpshire Road, discussed previously and decision deferred.


The Area Council Co-ordinator advised that the above project had been proposed for consideration for funding from the Capital Project 2004/05 but due to the changes in the structure of the Area Council grants the project could be proposed as a bid to the Central fund.

The Area Council discussed the options and agreed in principal that this project should be considered for inclusion in the Rishton Area Council’s bids to the Central fund.



Amount ()


Poster campaign, approved 2003/04, subject to final costings being submitted


The Area Council was advised that this project had progressed since the last Area Council meeting and was now ready for implementation. Funding may still be available from last years approval of this scheme and this would be investigated.

The Area Council discussed the options and agreed in principal that should funding not be available from last year’s allocation, this project would be funding from the grant allocation and should be considered for inclusion in the Rishton Area Councils bid to the Central Fund.



Amount ()


Christmas Lights above shops, previously paid from Revenue budget.


The Area Council were advised that the above item had previously been paid from the Revenue Budget, there is a possibility that central funding may be available for this project this year, but should this funding not be available the project could be proposed as a bid to the Central fund.

The Area Council discussed the options and agreed in principal that this project should be considered for inclusion in the Rishton Area Councils bid to the Central Fund.


Amount ()


Chapel Street Flats site


The Area Council was advised that the above item had previously been identified as a possible Revenue item, but due to the changes in the structure of the Area Council grants the project could be proposed as a bid to the central fund. It was proposed that the project be paid

from the Revenue Budget, with a subsequent application to the central fund to be made to recover some or all of the costs.

Resolved (1) That powers be delegated to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Rishton Area Council to confirm approval of the resurfacing scheme and the Chapel Street Scheme.

(2) That powers be delegated to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Rishton Area Council to determine the allocation of 3,500 of the Capital Budget 2004/05 for the Holt Street scheme.

(3) That powers be delegated to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Rishton Area Council to determine the allocation of 500 of the Revenue Grants Budget 2004/05 for the Poster Campaign as outlined; and

(4) That powers be delegated to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Rishton Area Council to determine the allocation of 400 of the Revenue Budget 2004/05 for the Chapel Street flats scheme.

Additional Projects

Hanging Baskets

1491 The Chairman requested that consideration be given to the siting of hanging baskets in Rishton. This was discussed and it was agreed in principal that the project should be considered for inclusion in Rishton Area Council’s bid to the Central Fund.

Summer School placement subsidies

The Chairman requested that consideration be given to subsidising placements at the Summer School in Rishton. This was discussed and it was agreed in principal that the project should be considered for inclusion in Rishton Area Council’s bid to the Central Fund.

Siting of benches between Library and Clinic

The Chairman requested that consideration be given to the siting of two benches between the Library and the clinic. This was discussed and it was agreed in principal that the project should be considered for inclusion in Rishton Area Council’s bid to the Central fund.

Siting of picnic benches in the park

The Chairman requested that consideration be given to the siting of two picnic benches in the park. This was discussed and it was agreed in principal that the project should be considered for inclusion in Rishton Area Council’s bid to the Central Fund.

Cutt Wood park refurbishment and toilet scheme

The Chairman requested that consideration be given to the refurbishment and installation of toilets in Cutt Wood park. This was discussed and it was agreed in principal that residents be consulted to gain their views and that by using the seed capital a consultant could be engaged to provide proposals for the scheme

Spring Street regeneration scheme

Councillor Scaife asked for the Area Council to consider the regeneration of the Spring Street area.

Steve Watson advised that consultants could be engaged to identify possible improvements designed to include the raising of the image of the area. He advised that seed capital could be used to fund the consultants costs.


Steve Watson requested that consideration be given to a ‘Gateway’ project for Rishton. The Area Council discussed the project and proposed that this be put out to consultation with the residents to seek their views and proposals.

The meeting closed 3.00pm.

Thursday, 28th October, 2004


Area Council Members: Councillor Miss Jackson and Councillor Mrs. Scaife

Co-optees: M. Worden, C. Heart

Residents: D. Atkinson, R. Atkinson, C. Atherton, M. Aubrey, C. Ballet, J. Baron, M. Borg, L. Burns, L. Burton, D. Casey, J. Clarke, C. Cooper, P. Crossley, T. Crossley, M. Cunliffe, D. Entwistle, T. Fisher, C. Graham, B. Griggs, C. Hammerton, D. Haworth, J. Haworth, C. Hart, L. Heys, J. Hogg, F. Hoyle, M. Kilroy, A. Kinsella, C. Knoh, A & Y Masterman, B. Moorcroft, E. Parker, T. Perkins, M. Pollard, J. Pollard, A. Presho, B. Ramsborttom, J. Ramsborrom, E. Sharp, N. Sharrock, C. Shaw, K. Shuttleworth, P. Smith, A. Snowden, J. Standage, B. Timmins, M. Walsh , P. Wilkinson, S. Wood

Officers Attending: S. Watson, E. Flynn, D. Peacock, H. Gee

I. Marfleet, Hyndburn FIRST

C Peters-Green (HyCen)

J. Simpson, Lancashire County Council

Police: P. S. D. Reddin, PCSO K. Stutt


Steve Watson, lead officer Rishton Area Council, welcomed residents to the meeting. He also thanked the headteacher and staff of St Charles’ School for accommodating the Area Council meeting and preparing the meeting room so speedily following building work in the school. He then explained that the quorum for Area Council meeting was four members, which included co-optees, but at least two of the four must be Hyndburn Borough Council elected Councillors.

Formal Business

Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Mrs Butler, Peter Schaffel and Police Inspector O’Reilly.

Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair For 2004/05

It was reported that at the Borough Council’s Annual General Meeting on 1st July, the Chair and Vice-Chair of Rishton Area Council for 2004/05 had been appointed as follows:-

Chair: Councillor Mrs Butler

Vice-Chair: Councillor Mrs Scaife

In the absence of Councillor Mrs Butler, Councillor Mrs Scaife then chaired this meeting.

Illness of Councillor Mrs Butler

Residents asked of the health of Councillor Mrs Butler and Councillor Mrs Scaife gave a progress report.

Resolved - That a letter of good wishes be sent to Councillor Mrs Butler on behalf of Rishton Area Council.

Appointment of Co-optees, 2004/05

Steve Watson requested that the Area Council confirm the appointment of co-optees for the Municipal Year 2004/05 as follows:-

County Councillor Michael Hindley: Lancashire County Council

Inspector J. O’Reilly: Lancashire Police

Margaret Worden: Rishton Prospects

Clive Heart: Eaves Brook Housing Association

Peter Schaffel: Acorn Residents’ Association

Resolved - That the above be appointed co-optees to Rishton Area Council for the Municipal Year 2004/05.

Minutes of the Meetings held on 26th February and 29th April 2004

The minutes of the meetings of the Area Council held on 26th February and 29th April 2004 were submitted.

Resolved - That the minutes be approved and accepted as a correct record.

Open Forum - Follow up & what’s happening about

The Chairman referred residents to the information outlined on the agenda to follow up issues previously discussed and highlighted the following:-

Accredited Landlord Scheme - It was reported that there were three accredited landlords with a total of six properties in Rishton; others were working towards accreditation.

Holt Street Recreation Ground – Steve Watson reported that a meeting had been held with representatives of the Dunkenhalgh Estate, who had indicated that the Council could lease the land with the additional garage/garden plots, but it would be liable for future maintenance and improvements to the garages, for which budgetary provision would need to be available. The position was noted at this stage.

Holt Street Garages - Steve Watson reported that the agents for the landowner had informed the Council's solicitor that a quotation had been obtained to carry out the necessary work to remove the derelict garage and rubbish on site. The agents had also indicated that they were in the process of leasing both of the dilapidated garages at Harwood Road and it was understood that the occupiers of the garage sites were in the process of obtaining consent from the Council to demolish the old garages and build new ones.

Chapel St Garden Site

It was reported that funding had now been secured for the project as follows:

Big Lottery 6,500

Rishton Area Council Cap 3,500

Rishton Area Council Rev 400

Green partnership 500

Area Council/ Capital Programme 3,500 - Total 14,400

Steve Watson informed the meeting that the whole amount could be used for Chapel Street, or even providing a good scheme; a portion of the funding could be used elsewhere for other schemes in Rishton (eg the pit head). On seeking residents’ views, the majority was in favour of a portion of the funding being utilised elsewhere, provided it was not detrimental to the Chapel Street scheme. The voting members of the Area Council therefore decided as follows:-

Resolved - - That a portion of the funding for Chapel Street be utilised elsewhere, provided it was not detrimental to the Chapel street scheme.

Land Fronting the Turrets

Steve Watson reported that there had been several complaints regarding the unauthorised erection of gates and fencing on the land fronting the Turrets. The former coachhouse to the rear of the garden had a right of passage over and obligation to maintain the track in question. In order to increase security and prevent inappropriate access, the owners had erected fencing, but had accepted that the erection of the fence and gates on Council land was unauthorised and that planning permission was required. That said, the fencing in question was of good quality and not unattractive.

Subject to their obtaining planning consent and entering into a licence with the Council, it was suggested that the Council allow the fence and gates to remain in situ. A condition of the licence would be that the main and side gates remain open to allow public access during daylight hours. Residents were therefore asked for their views on the matter. After discussion, the following options were put to the meeting:-

Option 1: Accept the current potion

Option 2: Reject the current position

The majority of residents at the meeting were of the opinion that the fencing and gates remaining in the current position should be rejected.

With that in mind, residents were asked for their views as to whether,

a) There should be no gates at all, or

b) whether officers should look at the possibility of their relocation.

The majority of residents favoured b)

Resolved - That the Council officers be asked to liase with the owners to remove the gates in question and to negotiate with the owners to relocate them and report back.

Main Items

Area Council Award to Patricia Broughton

The Chairman was pleased to report that the award had been presented to Pat Broughton, for the devotion and dedication she has given to so many families during her career as District Nurse. Councillor June Butler had presented her with the award at Rishton Clinic on 8th September.

Youth facilities and Involvement

The Chair introduced Dorothy Casey of Friends of Rishton Youth, who outlined the work of the organisation, in promoting facilities for the young people of Rishton.

Linked to that, the Area Council then debated the provision of facilities for young people, for which capital funding could be sought. In particular, there was a lengthy discussion on a proposal to provide a skateboarding facility on the Middle Rec., an existing play area. A section of residents felt strongly that this facility should not be provided, because of the potential nuisance and anti-social behaviour, yet another section was in favour.

Carol Peters-Green of HyCen also explained the role of HyCEN in the consultation process on this proposal.

The Chair then asked for a show of hands to gauge feelings on the issue and the majority indicated support for progressing the proposals.

Open Forum

Questions were submitted as follows:-

Q. Mr G. Holden had telephoned regarding the proposal to remove the payphone on Holt St/Hermitage St.

A. BT had been contacted regarding this payphone and put forward Mr Holden’s objections. Unfortunately, the consultation period had closed and the response from BT was that work was in hand to remove the phone box and they were unable to look at any further representations. BT had stated, however, that there was an alternative payphone 440 meters away on High Street, which was felt to be close enough for community provision.

Q. Would you please consider having benches placed in the area around the library in Rishton's High Street, for the use of people shopping or visiting the clinic etc. The only choice at the moment is a small brick wall near the library, which is neither comfortable nor dignified. Two or three benches would be appreciated (Mr Greaves).

A. The land in question belongs to the County Council whose permission would be needed to add some benches. Funding for a bench in this area was applied for but was unsuccessful; other funding sources will be approached and the Area Council kept informed.

Q. I would like someone to look at the path at the back of St Albans R. The tarmac has all worn away in parts, making small crevices, where one can trip over. Also I would like thank you for the wastepaper bin outside the Roebuck Inn (J. Hargreaves).

A. The Engineering Section has advised that this section of road is an unadopted highway. The path leads through to Shaw Brook Close and is adopted within the boundary of that development. On investigation it appears the land may belong to the Council but there is no maintenance budget for it. The Area Council has successfully bid for 1,900 from the Capital budget to improve pathways.

Q. Can something be done about the state of the garages at the back of St Peters St? This is used by children going to and from school. The area is covered in rubbish, dog excrement, builders rubbish etc. and some of the garages are practically falling down (B. Griggs).

A The Council’s Planning Section has done a considerable amount of work on this issue and the site has been cleaned considerably. Further work is being done to ensure that this problem is resolved satisfactorily. Copies of the plans for the work carried out were available at the meeting for inspection.

Q. What if anything is going to be done about the wagons using Parker Street? They speed down the road block access/egress. Speed bumps have been placed in other spots around Rishton where in my opinion none were needed. It is only a matter of time before a serious if not fatal accident occurs (S. Vaughan).

A. This question has been raised a number of times at the Area Council. Due to the industrial estate at the end of Parker Street road humps are not a practical solution. Speed survey and accidents statistics of the area have not provided evidence that this is a high priority area at this time. It is also considered that Parker Street is not used as a ‘rat-run’ by motorist from outside the area taking a short cut and should only be used by the local residents and businesses to that area. We therefore once again plead to the local residents not to speed along this stretch of road.

Q. Abuse of the parking area at Spring Street Canal bridge. Several times recently I have reached the top of Moor Lane along the new pad footpath to find the entrance blocked with cars, presumably by people using Norden Playing fields for football (P. Wilkinson).

A. The area is not adopted and, subject to verification, appears to be owned by the Council. If this is the case, the parking or the pathways would have to be formalised to prevent access being blocked.

Q. Street Sweeper – a resident submitted a complaint about the street sweeper and his effectiveness. (P. Wilkinson).

A. The issue had been reported and is being dealt with in accordance with the appropriate Council polices.

Q. The swings in Cutt Wood Park were to be refurbished and fitted with rotary bearings to reduce accidents by 2003 as promised as part of the five year business plan. Please can we have an update on when this work will be carried out (M. Aubrey).

A. Cutt Wood park was due to be refurbished as part of the capital program Unfortunately , as with all programmes, there is the uncertainty of funding availability. Funds were not available in the financial year 2003-2004 and the bulk of the funding for play area refurbishment was deferred to 2004-2005 to deliver on disability/ integrated play at two major

sites, Mercer and Oakhill Parks. The refurbishment program has been re-assessed and Cutt Wood is still a priority site but without capital program funding there is little that can be done to progress the matter.

However, subject to the project receiving approval from external funders, the recreation ground off Norfolk Street should see a major improvement program in the next few months.

Q. Would it be possible to block off a parking space in front of the bollards on the car park of the library and health centre. People with walking aids and wheelchair users and people with prams cannot access Scholl Street to HC or library through the car park.(J. Standage)

A. Our Engineer had a look at this recently and the cheapest solution would be to just hatch the area to discourage parking. This would have limited success however, and it may be more physical deterrent ie bollard etc would be needed. It is a council car park so I imagine the AC can request it to be done if they have some money.

Q. I am fairly new to the area and very impressed with the easy access onto the canal towpath, but sometimes find getting through the gate off Hermitage Street difficult due to parked cars. Is there anything that can be done to limit parking immediately in front of the gateway? Also the second hand furniture shop on the main street has items on display which are blocking the pavement and making it hard for disabled scooters etc to get by.

A. The canal entrance is owned by British Waterways and it is up to them to manage the access, the Council has no responsibility for this, however we will pass on the concerns to British Waterways and ask them for a response.

The Council’s Highways Section will liaise with the shop-owners on High Street concerning the reported obstruction to resolve the problem.

Q. David Haworth raised a number of complaints on behalf of the residents association relating to a wide-ranging number of issues, including:-

Lack of Facilities in Rishton

Lack of maintenance

Traffic Calming measures

Location of speed cameras

A. The Chair thanked Mr Haworth for raising these issues.

Q. How far have proposals got provide a car park at Cutt Wood, as parking by visitors on Cutt Lane caused obstruction for residents, often unable to access their own drive?.

A. Mr Watson reported that this had been discussed at a previous meeting but no consensus had been reached.

Policing Issues

Police Sergeant Reddin gave an update on the policing issues currently affecting Rishton. The main issue was juvenile nuisance and problems caused by congregating youths.

Community Issues

Mrs M. Worden of the Prospects Panel gave a progress report on various schemes with which they were involved, including the planting of a flower bed on the canal, the planting of landmark tress to replace diseased or dying ones on the Dunkenhalgh Estate and involving young people in community projects.

Grants and Budgets

Residents were referred to paper D, containing a schedule showing the budget available for 2004/05 and details of specific schemes.

Resolved- (1) That Friends of Rishton Youth be awarded 749 form the revenue grants budget.

(2) That the recommendation not to support the Trees above Shops scheme be supported; and

(3) That the following schemes be supported for funding from the Green Partnership Awards:-

Additional funding for Chapel Street Gardens: 500

Benches at Library: 350

Next Rishton Area Council Meeting

Councillor Mrs Scaife thanked residents for attending and reminded them that the next meeting would be on Thursday, 20th January 2005 at 7.00 p.m.

Thursday, 11th November, 2004


Area Council Members: Councillors Mrs. Scaife (Chair) and Councillor Miss Jackson.

Co-optees: P.C. K. Barnes

Officers Attending: S. Watson, Andrew Hayhurst, Ian Marfleet and Susan Gardner

In Attendance: P.C.S.O. K. Stutt


Councillor Mrs Scaife, Chairman, welcomed members to a Special Rishton Area Council.

Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Mrs. Butler, Clive Heart (Eavesbrook Housing Association), Margaret Worden, Peter Pshaffel, P.S. Mark Skellorn and Inspector Riley.

Declaration of Interest

Councillor Miss Jackson submitted a personal interest in the proposal for the Rishton Skate Facility in respect of being Chair of the Friends of Rishton Youth.

Skate Facility Provision Proposals

Ian Marfleet, Hyndburn FIRST, outlined details relating to the proposal for the skate facility in Rishton. He pointed out that there had been objections to the proposal and circulated a copy of a petition from local residents. He reported that the original plans had been revised and that a 100,000 lottery grant had been released to fund one or more community play facility. He pointed out that, in agreement with the LSP, NOF and Hycen, the money would fund four proposed schemes, although the funding dictated that all schemes would have to take place simultaneously.

Mr. Marfleet reported that residents at Rishton Area Council had been in favour of the proposal although approximately one-third of residents had indicated that they were against it. He circulated a ‘Report on an investigation into Complaints No. 01/B/09371 and 01/B/I2606 against North Wiltshire District Council’ and referred to provision being made in the plans to prevent noise nuisance and consider the rights of local residents.

Andrew Hayhurst reported that the skate facility would cater for children age 12 years onwards and that the site would be located next to a play area catering for children 4 – 12 years old. He reported that a Cabinet report would be submitted to ensure that the proposal would include provision for maintenance and cleansing requirements within existing budgets.

Ian Marfleet circulated details of the proposal and outlined the main issues. He requested that the Police patrolled this area as soon as work began. P.C. Barnes indicated that the Police would target areas if they became a problem but would keep observations.

Andrew Hayhurst explained how the tender procedure worked and advised that play equipment purchased by the Council had guarantees of approximately 25 years . He advised that lottery funding would only allow play equipment of a specific standard to be purchased. He reported that further updates on the proposal would be given at the January Area Council.

Resolved - That emergency powers be taken by the Managing Director in consultation with the two active Rishton Councillors to approve the proposed recreation ground improvement specifically including the proposed skate facilities.