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THURSDAY, 20th APRIL 2005.


Area Council Members:

Councillor Mrs. Scaife (Acting Chair), Councillors Ms Hamilton and Miss Jackson

Co-optees: C. Hart

Residents: J. Ainsworth, L. Ainsworth, M. Aubrey, N. Butterworth, C. Carter, D. Casey, J. Clarke, T. Clough, R. Colling, S. Derbyshire, M. Dowd, D. Entwistle, B. Griggs, C. Hammerton, D. Cronshaw, A. Granite, J. Hargreaves, D. Haworth, D. Haworth, S. Haworth, L. Heys, J. Hogg, B. Holve, H. Horsefield, G. Jones, A. Kinsella, J. Livesey, L. Livesey, A. Lockhart, K. Lockhart, M. McKenna, D. Masterman, C. Mayor, H. McIntosh, B. Moorcroft, C. Nataller, C. Nawis, R. Nawis, A. O’Brien, W. O’Brien, E. Parker, D. Pinington, J. Pollard, M. Pollard, A. Presto, E. Sharp, N. Sharrock, H. Snowden, C. Stinton, N. Simpson, S. Waddington, D. Waterhouse.

In attendance: S. Watson, E. Flynn, D. Peacock, H. Gee, P. Hartley, Arts Development, Hyndburn B.C. D. Law, Traffic & Transportation Manager, Hyndburn B.C., C. Barnes, Community Beat Officer, S. Charnley, PCSO, G. Lander, Youth and Community Service, S. Wood and G. Allen, Hyndburn Stray Dogs in Need, Sue Biggar and Stuart Hayman, Community Wardens






Apologies for absence were received from Peter Schaffel, Julie Standage, Margaret Worden, N. Watson (the new Community Beat Manager), M. Ormerod (LCC), C. Stretton and Police Inspector O’Reilly.


Councillor Miss Jackson declared a personal interest in the question raised in the Open Forum section by Mrs D. Casey of St Charles RC Primary School, the nature of her interest being that she was a governor of the school.


The minutes of the meetings of the Area Council held on 28th October and 11th November 2004 were submitted.

Resolved - That the minutes be approved and accepted as a correct record.


It was reported that Peter Schaffel from Acorn Residents Association had tendered his resignation as a co-opted member on the Area Council due to work commitments. A report would be brought to the next Area Council meeting to re-appoint co-optees for the next Municipal Year. In the meantime, residents were invited to put forward any suitable names.


It was reported that nine people had submitted open forum questions at the October meeting, and the replies were circulated in Paper B of the agenda. In addition, the following "Your issues" items had been raised - to look at speed problems on Blackburn Road, toilets for Rishton, Chapel St Flats Site and a community forum for Rishton. The first three issues were covered later on the agenda; the idea of a community forum would be taken up by the Area Council.

Paper B also gave details of the outcome from the youth facilities questionnaires circulated at the last meeting; the options would be investigated further with a report back to a future meeting.

One nomination for the Rishton Award had been received and would be considered for the next meeting.

The Chairman then referred residents to the information outlined on the agenda to follow up issues previously discussed and highlighted the following:-

a) Holt Street Recreation Ground & Lease –It was reported that instructions had been given to the Council's Legal Department on 17th January agreeing to an extension of the lease.

The Council had agreed to a 14 year lease with the option to extend this by a further 6 years providing a possible 20 years lease for funding purposes. The Dunkenhalgh Estate had been contacted but no response received to date. A further reminder had been sent to the Dunkenhalgh Estate on 8th April. A resident expressed concern at the lack of progress on this matter.

Rishton Area Council had also allocated 3,500 for a feasibility study into Holt Street Recreation Ground, which would take place as soon as the lease was secured.

b) Holt Street Garages - A detailed list of the work to tidy up the Dunkenhalgh Garage areas was submitted. This included a number of areas as well as Holt Street. Whilst good work had been achieved, there were some sites still in need of attention and pressure would continue to be put on the Dunkenhalgh Estate to resolve this.

c) Path Repairs –It was reported that the Area Council still had 1,900 funding for path repairs. Residents were invited to place their priority paths for repair from this fund on a map located in the meeting room.

d) Chapel Street Garden Site (now named the Ladybird Garden) – The Chair welcomed to the meeting Alyson Hobin and Sue Johnson, the daughters of the late Councillor Mrs June Butler. This was in connection with the completion of the gardens on the Chapel Street site and its naming as the Ladybird Garden in her memory. The official opening would be on 7th May 2005.

Residents wished to thank Gardeners Residents Association for their persistence and hard work over the past five years, together with Park View Nurseries for their landscaping work to the new garden site.

A resident expressed concern at the involvement of the Council’s Parks Department in the scheme and, at the suggestion of the Chair, a representative of the Department would be invited to the next meeting to explain their role in the project.

e) Speed Surveys, Blackburn Road – The results were reported of a speed survey carried out on Blackburn Road opposite the Esplanade on 25 January 2005 between 18.45 and 20.45 in dry weather conditions.

The following speeds had been recorded:-

East (into Rishton) Average Speed 32mph 85th percentile 37mph (366 vehicles)

West (towards B/burn) Average Speed 32.5mph 85th percentile 38mph (270 vehicles)

The Highways Section had therefore included Blackburn Road, Rishton (Cut Lane to Highfield Road) in the Community Concern Speed Enforcement Sites submission to the Community Safety Partnership for consideration. The sites would be evaluated by Lancashire County Council and a prioritised list drawn up for the 2005/06 target roads.

f) Land Fronting the Turrets – Residents were asked to clarify for the benefit of the Council’s Property Services staff the decision taken at the last meeting, when residents had asked Council officers to liase with the owners to remove the gates and to negotiate with the owners to relocate them. The consensus at the meeting was that the gates should be moved back to the boundary.

g) Middle Rec Dog Gate and Upgrade – It was reported that the upgrade work was still with Lancashire County and the funding from Groundwork is still to be finalised. A dog gate was to be included as part of the upgrade work and included as a cost for the upgrade.

h) Walmsley Street Digger – It was reported that a removal notice had been issued for the removal of the mechanical digger on Walmsley Avenue Rishton, with a deadline of 25th April for its removal. If not taken away, the Council would take the necessary action to remove it.



Residents discussed the situation regarding the planned link road between Walmsley Avenue and Walmsley Street. The link road had been planned back in the 1990s, although had never been built. Dave Law, the Traffic and Transportation Officer attended the meeting to explain the current situation. He advised that the road no longer met with Highways approval, in that the streets could not cope with the extra traffic demand, the resulting extra congestion on High Street and the safety risk. In addition, the costs involved were beyond the current resources available.

Residents discussed the advice now given and expressed concern that there were now no plans for a link road. Of particular concern was the fact that there was just one road out of the estate and no alternative access road for the emergency services. Residents felt that there was congestion now, particularly on Station Road which needed to be addressed.

The Chair advised that there appeared to be little more that could be done at this stage.


It was reported that from 6th September 2004, parking enforcement had become the responsibility of local authorities. Lancashire County Council had applied for the enforcement rights and to share those with each of the Districts through the local Highways Agreements.

The Council could therefore now influence traffic enforcement within the Borough. Residents were asked to indicate on maps now displayed their preferences for parking restrictions, including:

Where existing double or single yellow lines were not needed.

Where double or single yellow lines that are needed.

Where parking enforcement should be prioritised by having more warden patrols.


Residents viewed a film created by some of the young people of Rishton from the Norden Youth Club at Primetime. The film gave the young people an opportunity to express their thoughts and views on a number of the issues relating to the area.

The film was introduced by Paul Hartley, Hyndburn’s Youth Arts Officer, together with some of the young people who had taken part.

Residents expressed their appreciation for the hard work and commitment shown by those who had worked on the project.


Steve Wood, Chair of Hyndburn Stray Dogs in need gave a presentation on the work of the charity which funded treatment and provided fostering for injured stray dogs. He outlined how the public could be involved in the charity, for example by becoming a foster carer, or becoming involved in fund-raising.

Steve and his colleague, Georgina, were thanks for their presentation.

Community Caretaker and Warden for Rishton

The Chair reported that the Area Councils had been investigating methods to provide community staff to area council areas. A Community Caretaker had been employed since 2004 between the Baxenden, Church and Peel & Barnfield Area Councils. At the Cabinet meeting of the 13th April it was agreed that this position would be made permanent. Cabinet had also agreed that Area Councils would provide funding for part of a warden position.

A Community Caretaker and a Community Warden had therefore been provided to spend some time in the Rishton area.

To demonstrate the kind of work they would be involved in, the Community Wardens reported back on issues they had found whilst patrolling Rishton during the meeting, including instances of flytipping, unsecure properties, street lamps out of action, together with having recruited 3 junior wardens.


A range of questions had been submitted in advance of the meeting. The questions and answers were read out if the questioner was present at the meeting. Written responses would be sent to those were not present. The questions raised at the meeting were as follows:-

Q. Ms Atherton had raised issues about the proposed skate facility at the Harwood Road Recreation ground.

A. The issues raised in the letter were all raised by Ms Atherton at the last Area Council meeting and were responded to at that meeting.

Following the last Area Council meeting where these concerns were raised, Ms Atherton forwarded the petition to the Area Councils Team. A special meeting was held on the 11th November specifically to look at the issue of the skate facilities and the petition that had been received. At that meeting it was agreed that the proposed recreation ground improvements should continue specifically including the proposed skate facilities.

Q. I am concerned about the condition of the tract of land at the bottom of Petre Crescent and Meadowhead Drive. This land has been cleared between the canal and the road for the construction of a number of houses. The clearing took place over twelve months ago, but since that time, little if any development has taken place. An attempt was made to fence off the area, but it has rapidly become a playground for young children and I am concerned that a serious accident may well occur. What is the likely rate of progress on the development of this site?

In addition the pathway between Meadowhead Gardens and Petre Crescent, is dangerous and unlit. Is it possible for something to be developed within this area? (Ruth Collins)

A. This site has planning permission for 9 houses, originally granted in 2003 with an amendment to 3 of the plots granted in 2004. The developers have to commence the development within 5 years of the date of permission. They have cleared a condition attached to the permission requiring details of materials to be approved before development commences, but there are 3 other conditions which would need to be cleared before they start.

The address of the builders was available from the Area Councils Team. In addition, if the site appeared dangerous, the Health and Safety Executive may be able to help.

The Council’s Principle Engineer had been approached by Ms Collins on behalf of Rishton Prospects, who had informed her the footpath was not adopted and that she would need to contact the landowner before attempting to arrange any improvement works. The response outlined measures being taken to identify the landowner.

Q. As the Council is now responsible for enforcing parking when are they going to enforce regulations in Rishton. Double yellow lines no parking at any time Hermitage St by Speed Camera and at junction with Tottleworth Rd and all double and single yellow lines through out village and parking on pavements everywhere. (E. Parker)

A. The traffic wardens do enforce parking in Rishton, local residents were invited to indicate on maps located at the meeting where the wardens needed to prioritise attention.

Q. I would like a full report from the Councillors on the legal delays in signing the lease on the Holt Street Recreation ground.

Another point I would like to raise again is the traffic problems on Parker Street. At our

Residents Committee meeting on Monday 4th of April we received more complaints from residents. This meeting was attended by the Transport Manager from the packing firm and the manager of their transport company. Our research shows that planning permission was originally granted for a maximum of five wagons a day, their transport manager informs us that there are often over twenty wagons a day visiting the factory. The condition of the road with its uneven surface is amplifying the problem and several residents are complaining of cracks appearing in their walls. (Dave Haworth)

A. The current lease has expired and the Council are holding over under the terms of the same. New terms have been agreed and instructions sent to legal. They have written to the Solicitors acting for the Estate but at last contact were waiting for a response further information is contained in Paper B.



The Community Beat Officer reported that they were available at the end of the meeting to discuss with residents on an individual basis any policing issues.


Dave Haworth spoke about Rishton Festival, planned for 13th August.

Colin Cooper of Prospects outlined some of the work of Prospects, including the planting of daffodils on Wilpshire Road, clearing the Tottleworth Bridge area and work on the canal towpath. Future plans would include refurbishing steps at Tottleworth Bridge.

It was reported that the Methodist Brownies were still using the tents funded by the Area Councils.

A group of Children informed the Area Council that they had spent some time tidying up the Top Rec.


Residents were circulated with details for the Area Council’s approved budget for 2005/06.

The total budget was 22,200, made up of:-

Revenue Grants Budget: 1,000

Capital Budget (carry forward) 5,400

Capital Budget (New Allocation) 15,800

The Area Council was asked to determine the allocation of funds in the light of this allocation and bids for funding in the pipeline.

Resolved (1) That the carry forward allocation be used for Holt Street Recreation Ground and pathway improvements taking into consideration residents’ priorities for pathways.

(2) That 400 be allocated for the maintenance of the Ladybird Garden.

(3) That 200 be allocated for the Trees above Shops Scheme.

(4) That the award of 700 by the Green Partnerships Awards for benches outside the library be noted.

(5) That a decision on a request to block off parking space at the library car park for access purposes be investigated further and reported back to the next meeting; and

(6) That community groups be invited to submit scheme ideas and grant applications to be considered for funding from the remaining capital and revenue budgets.


Councillor Mrs Scaife thanked residents for attending and reminded them that the next meeting would be on Thursday, 12th July 2005 at 7.00 p.m.

Rishton Area Council, THURSDAY, 1ST DECEMBER 2005.


Area Council Members: Councillor W. L. Jackson (in the Chair); Councillors Hamilton

Officers: S. Watson, E. Flynn and S. Gardner

Co-optees: D. Haworth, Inspector O’Reilly, C. Hammerton

Residents: D. Aspinall, G.H. Baldon, J. Billaris, T. Campbell, S. Clegg, R. Colling, C. Cooper, Rev. Dowd, J. George, C.S. Graham, B. Griggs, A. Hale, J. Hargreaves, J. Haworth, L. Heys, P. Jackson, C. Knott, S. Livesey, P. Long, A. Masterman, N. McIntosh, M. Pollard, S. Redfearn, L. Sanderson, M. Smith, A. Snowden, J. Spruce, J. Standage and C. Taylor.

Observer: Councillor B. Shiel

Press: B. Hewes – Lancashire Evening Telegraph & M. McKenna – Accrington Observer

Police: P.C. Barnes, P.C. Bourne and P.C.S.O. Charnley

Community Safety Partnership: M. Skellorn

Community Warden: Sue Biggar


AC526 The Chairman welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council and referred to several items on the agenda that had had to be cancelled.


AC527 Apologies for absence were received on behalf of Councillor Scaife, M. Worden, Mrs. Monk, County Councillor Parkinson, C. Hart, S. Colbert and S. Freza.


AC528 The minutes of the last meeting held on 12th July, 2005 were submitted for approval.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held 12th July, 2005 were approved and accepted as a correct record.


AC529 P.C. Barnes and Mark Skellorn (Community Safety Partnership) gave a presentation on the Summer Football Scheme. Mark Skellorn explained that the scheme had been organised in an effort to try and prevent an increase in anti-social behaviour during the Summer months.

He outlined the aims and objectives of the scheme, gave details of the partners involved and referred to its success. He reported that planning was now underway for the 2006 tournament and explained that they intended to open this up to a wider age group and include Kwik Cricket. He reported that they were seeking funding of 3,500 to cover the 2006 scheme.

P.C. Barnes gave details of the football training sessions and the involvement of other volunteers. She outlined how they intended to use further training sessions for next Summer’s tournament and encouraged volunteers to contact her. Mark Skellorn presented members of the football teams with certificates and a trophy to award the efforts of players and coaching staff.


Steve Watson reported that six people had submitted open forum questions and one form had been submitted with a nomination for a Rishton Area Council award. He referred residents to Paper B and explained that this contained feedback from the Area Councils’ Five Year Roadshow held in October.

AC530 Holt Street Recreation Ground & Lease - the Chairperson reported that the Council had successfully negotiated a new 14 year lease with the Dunkenhalgh Estate, and although the signing had initially been delayed she indicated that the Council had now agreed for the lease to be signed with the inclusion of a further six year extension clause. She suggested that the lease should be signed before Christmas.

AC531 Gates at the Turrets - Steve Watson reminded the meeting of the decision taken at a previous Area Council that the Council’s Estates Department sent a letter to the owner of the gates at the Turret asking that they be removed. He reported that the property had since had a new owner, Mr. Jackson, who had been unaware of any problems and that he had requested to speak at the Area Council.

Mr. Jackson explained that during the purchase of the property he had been unaware of any issue with the gates and did not know why residents had requested that the gates be removed.

He suggested that the gates were not an eye-sore and provided access to a communal entrance. He outlined a number of disadvantages for removing them.

Christine Hammerton, Co-optee, explained that the decision to remove the gates had been due to the side access. She pointed out that it provided a further entrance for people to access/exit and that the gates had been erected without planning permission. She explained that the turrets had been given by the people of Rishton and that people should not be allowed to extend the boundaries of their properties without permission. Mr. Jackson was informed that he had been requested to take the gates down because the land had been shut off to the public.

Mr. Jackson proposed to move the gates further back to continue to allow access, whilst still providing land for him to park his vehicle.

Steve Watson advised that Council permission would still need to be sought for this proposal as it was Council land. A show of hands indicated that a majority of residents preferred the gates to remain where they were.

AC532 Parker Street - Councillor Hamilton reported that a further test had been carried out on Parker Street to assess the amount of traffic using the road. She gave details of the meeting with the owner of the Company based on Parker Street to discuss the damage being done by their HGV s and reported that he had agreed to ask his drivers to slow down whilst travelling along this street. In addition she indicated that she had asked the Council to place ‘slow down’ signs in the area and would continue to speak to Lancashire County Council about making the street a 20 mph zone.

Steve Watson gave details of the criteria required for streets to become 20 mph zones.

AC533 Piggy Park - Steve Watson reported that there were no plans for the Piggy Park at the back of Blackburn Road. He pointed out that current park priorities within Rishton were being focused on the play area improvements at Cut Wood and once this scheme had been completed future priorities for the parks would be brought back to the Area Council.

AC534 Speed on the Esplanade - Steve Watson gave details of the speed surveys carried out on the Esplanade and pointed out that the second survey had shown an elevated average speed. As a result he reported that this site was on a list of sites to receive enforcement by officers from the RPU and on the list of sites for a Speed Indicator Device. He reported that the situation would continue to be monitored and evaluated again in 12 months time.

The Chairperson reported that consideration was being given to a possible pedestrian crossing at the lights.

AC535 Christmas Lights - Steve Watson reported that the Christmas light switch-on would be held at the library tree on Thursday, 8t h December, 2005 at 7.00 p.m. and that the Mayor would be presiding at the switch on.

AC536 Grit Bins - The Chairperson reported that Lancashire County Council had taken many grit bins in during the Summer and many would not be returned as they intended to reduce the number in the County. She requested that concerned residents contacted their local Councillor.

AC537 Dropped Kerbs - Councillor Hamilton reported that a number of dropped kerbs in Rishton had been installed. She reported that both herself and Mrs. Monks had been involved in consultations for this and Mrs. Monks had forwarded her thanks for the dropped kerbs.


AC538 The Chairperson reported that they had invited Maureen Cunliffe to give a presentation on the Farm Africa Project but she had sent her apologies. She indicated that she would be invited to a future meeting to give her presentation. In addition she informed the meeting that they had intended to present her with the Rishton Area Council Award but would now, present it to her at home.


AC539 The Chairperson reported that Graham Burgess had been invited to attend the meeting to give a presentation on the latest information on the future plans for Rishton including the latest parks improvements but had sent his apologies. She indicated that this item would be brought to a future meeting.


AC540 Steve Watson read out a statement about the Cutwood Play Area refurbishment issued by a Council Officer. He reported that Cutwood Park had been identified as in need of major investment and work had begun to draw up a design brief for the replacement of the facility.

He explained that the tender documents had been prepared and outlined details of the proposed design, the cost and timetable. Due to its isolated location he requested that residents kept the Council and Police informed of any incidents or reports of inappropriate behaviour.

A resident suggested that a notice board was erected in the area with a contact number for anyone witnessing any incidents.


AC541 Steve Watson reported that in order to save money and help the Council’s recycling targets, open forum sheets would no longer be included in the agenda packs, but would continue to be sent out with every invitation and be available at the meeting.

He reported that one issue was still outstanding from the previous meeting as follows:-

AC542 Plans for Regeneration in the Spring Street area - Steve Watson reported that Councillor Scaife had taken this issue up with the Portfolio Holder for Housing, the Regeneration Manager of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Eaves Brook Housing. He indicated that they had responded that they felt that demolition would not be an option due to the age of the properties but a compulsory purchase and resale to the owner occupier scheme would be suitable in this area and further work on such a scheme would be put together for consideration. He pointed out that further details of any regeneration scheme would be brought back to a future Area Council.

Steve Watson reported that one question had been received for the meeting as follows:-

AC543 Projecting Bus Pavements on Harwood Road causing traffic congestion as the bus stops –

the residents suggested that the bus stop was moved to the other side of the Daniell and Stourton Street junction. Steve Watson informed the meeting that this question had been submitted to the LCC Quality Bus people, however, a response had not been provided in time for the meeting and consequently, a Hyndburn Borough Council officer had forwarded the following advice:- that it would be unlikely for this bus stop to be relocated because of the following reasons, inconvenience for passengers, school children would lose the benefit of the crossing patrol, objections for householders, cost, bus delays by overtaking vehicles and relocation would leave the cycle route short of the designated off road route.

AC544 Steve Watson reported that four ‘Which Way Forward’ sheets had been returned as part of the Area Council Roadshow. He reported that they had requested:-

Funding by the Area Councils for a number of issues including regulating speeding traffic and for a fence around the football pitch off Harwood Road.

The Area Council to have more says on issues such as speeding on Blackburn Road, Policing in Rishton and improvements to the barn and shipon in Tottleworth.

The Area Council to provide more information on the community building in Rishton.

For discussions to be held at the Area Council on issues such as the badly drained and unusable all weather pitch at Norden.


AC545 The Chairperson reported that Lancashire County Council had started to have local meetings involving County Councillors for Hyndburn with six local district councillors to discuss local affairs. She reported that these meeting were held regularly and that one item related to the bus stops at the side of the roads.

Councillor Hamilton reported that she had applied for a bus shelter opposite to the Esplanade but one person had objected although three had supported the request. She indicated that she had investigated the general feeling of residents for a bus stop and would be presenting a request to Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet. She pointed out that she had also supported a request for a bus stop at Roe Buck.


AC546 Inspector O’Reilly, introduced the new Community Beat Manager to the meeting. He explained how the Police split their resources to target the areas to monitor and increase patrols. He also referred to the influence of PACT in targeting Police resources. He reported that Rishton had had an increase in burglaries and violent crime over a six month period but that the detection rate for both crimes had increased. In contrast, he reported that crimes of theft and auto-crime had dropped slightly. He indicated that the main problem affecting Rishton was anti-social behaviour and gave an example of a recent incident. He encouraged residents to report incidents and advised that the Police would target drink-driving over the Christmas period.

P.C. Barnes reported that the Police had carried out a big operation in Spring Street in August during which two people had been arrested and held on remand since. She indicated that the offences were drug-related and that the arrests had had a good knock on effect in the area.

Inspector O’Reilly indicated that they were still aware of the remaining issues that had to be dealt with in the Spring Street area.


AC547 P.C. Barnes referred to the issues that had arisen at the last Rishton Area Council meeting relating to motorcycle nuisance and requested residents to continue to reports incidents considered anti-social. She explained that the more incidents that were reported the more evidence there would be to support an increase in funding to make changes to the White Path to prevent vehicles from using it.


AC548 Rishton Prospects Panel – Colin Cooper reported on activities carried out over the Summer months and future plans by Prospects including the cutting back of shrubbery and trees next to the old railway to open up the path, the planting of 3,500 bulbs, improvements along the canal, a disabled fishing platform, improvement to steps and kissing gates to inhibit motorcycles. He reported on continued vandalism in parts of Rishton and gave details of their role in the Rishton Festival. He reported on the project to adopt Rishton Station and explained that Lancashire County Council had given 30,000 for improvements and a clean up. He outlined the difficulties of maintaining the flower beds and community garden and invited volunteers to help. He reported that meetings were held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.00 p.m. at Prime Time.

AC549 Friends of Rishton Youth - Christine Hammerton reported that the funding given by the Area Council had been used to purchase lap tops for the Youth Club. She also pointed out that they had managed to provide a skate facility and further money had been spent on the recreation ground. She indicated that the Friends of Rishton Youth had held their Annual General Meeting and thanked all those who had helped with the Rishton Festival. Ms. Hammerton outlined their future plans and requested that the opening access to Cutt Wood Park was widened to improve vehicular access.

AC550 Free Gardeners Residents Association - David Haworth reported on the success of the Halloween Party and thanked Councillor Hamilton for help. He reported that the next Festival was being organised for the new year, possibly around the 12th August 2006. In respect of finding a venue he informed the meeting that difficulties had arisen because a licence and public liability insurance would be required. He outlined details of what was being planned for the festival.

AC551 Rishton Charities – the Chairperson informed residents that all households should have received a letter about Rishton Charities and summarised the information in the letter.


AC552 Steve Watson referred residents to Paper C in the agenda and gave details of how funding had been allocated using previous and current budgets He pointed out that 400 revenue and 4,914 capital remained in Rishton’s budget. He reported that two further grant applications had been submitted for the purchase of two litter bins for Norden Playing Fields at a cost of 250, although Lancashire County Council had indicated that they would be willing to part fund this project and 3,500 had been requested to secure additional funds for the Rishton Welfare Centre for major renovation and improvement plans. Other requests had been received from the Council’s Parks Section for four cycle racks at a cost of 1,000, a grant application for 200 for Parker Street Christmas activities, a display cabinet in the Library and 3,500 for the cost of Architects plans and a feasibility study for the Community Centre.

Resolved- (1) That Rishton Area Council approved 250 to Rishton Prospects Panel for the purchase of two litters bins for Norden Playing Fields;

(2) That Rishton Area Council approved 3,500 to Rishton Welfare Centre for major renovation and improvement plans;

(3) That Rishton Area Council approved 1000 to Hyndburn Borough Council’s Parks Section for the purchase of four cycle racks for Cutt Wood park;

(4) That Rishton Area Council approved 200 for Parker Street Christmas activities; and

(5) That Rishton Area Council approved 864 for a display cabinet for Rishton Library.


AC553 Sue Bigger, Warden, updated residents on her patrol of Rishton during the period of the meeting.


AC554 The Chairperson thanked residents for attending and requested that completed feedback forms were returned to the Area Councils’ team. She informed the meeting that the next meeting of Rishton Area Council would be held on Thursday, 30th March, 2006 at 7.00 p.m.