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Rishton Area Council, THURSDAY, 30TH MARCH 2006.

Present: Councillor W. L. Jackson (in the Chair); Councillors Hamilton and Scaife

Co-optees: D. Haworth, C. Hammerton, County Councillor Parkinson, M. Worden, C. Hart.

Officers: S. Watson, E. Flynn, J. Hickinbottom.

L.C.C. P. Maltby

In attendance: N. Airey, M. Aubrey, G.H. Baldam, J. Baron, L. Burns, R. Charles, P. Chisholm, R. Colling, C. Cooper, C.S. Graham, B. Griggs, J. Hargreaves, J.N. Haworth, J. Hogg, E. Holden, C. Knott, J. Lever, J. Lever, V. Logue, A. Marsden, A. Masterman, Rev. McDowd, G. McGlouchlin, R. Norris, H. Pieper, D. Pinington, J. Pollard, J. Pollard, M. Pollard, A. Presho, P. Sanderson, E.M. Sharp, C. Shaw, G. Smale, M. Smith, J. Spence, B. Timmins, M. Walsh, N. Waring, D. Waterhouse, L. Webster, F. Winter, M. Woods, M. Worden and J. Young. (No. of residents: 45)

Wardens: S. Biggar and S. Hayman

Press: B. Hewes – Lancashire Evening Telegraph

S. Thacker – Accrington Observer

Police: P.C. Bourne, P.S. Jacobs and PCSO Charnley


AC751 The Chairman welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council meeting.


AC752 Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Julie Standish.


AC753 The minutes of the Rishton Area Council meeting held on 1st December, 2005 were submitted for approval (Paper A). The Chairperson referred to an inaccuracy under item ‘Lancashire Local’ and reported that these meetings were held every two months and not twice monthly as reported in the minutes. She also referred to Grants and Budgets and reported that the grant allocated to the Council’s Parks Section for the purchases of four cycle racks was for 1,000 and not 100.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 1st December, 2005 be approved and accepted as a correct record subject to the amendment of the items relating to Lancashire Local – that meetings are held every two months and to Grants and Budgets – that 1,000 was allocated to the Council’s Parks Section.


The chairperson referred residents to Paper B and reported on the following items discussed at the previous meeting:-

AC754 Rishton Old People’s Welfare Centre – she reported on the proposed improvements to the Welfare Centre and that plans would also permit young people to use the Welfare Centre as a drop in centre. However, she indicated that due to the cost of the improvements the Area Council had been asked for help in accessing grants via lottery funding. She reported that a meeting on the improvements would be taking place at the centre on the 31s t March and residents were welcome to attend.

AC755 Turrets – Steve Watson reported that the Council had checked the deeds to the Turrets and found that the Area Council may not have the authority to make a decision on them. He indicated that he would keep residents updated with the situation.

Residents indicated that the people of Rishton should be the ones to make the decisions on the Turrets and asked the Area Council to investigate who had made the decision to cut the trees down on the turrets. Steve Watson indicated that he would look into this.

AC756 Quality Bus Route – County Councillor Parkinson reported that he had been unable to contact the lead officer at Lancashire County Council for this project, Ms. Taylor, but would forward on any information as soon as he was able to do so.

AC757 Pedestrian Crossing – the Chairperson reported that the pedestrian crossing would be considered in the schedule of works for 2006/07.

AC758 Cutt Wood – Councillor Scaife reported that the weather conditions had slowed down work in Cutt Wood but indicated that the Cleansing Department was aware of the water blockage problems at the entrance of the Wood and had plans resolve the matter.

A resident reported that the Council had been working in Cutt Wood but the work had not been satisfactory. Councillor Scaife indicated that she would request that the contractors returned to complete works satisfactorily.

A resident expressed concern that the fencing around the wood had not been painted. Steve Watson reported that he would contact the Parks Department regarding funding for this.

A resident referred to safety issues with the ginnel cutting across Cutt Lane and suggested that an accident would happen if measures were not taken to increase visibility to vehicles.

AC759 Community Caretaker – Steve Watson referred residents to Paper B1 –Community Caretaker Form and explained that residents should complete and return these forms if they had a request for the caretaker. He explained how often the caretaker was available in Rishton and that the employment of a second caretaker had been proposed by the Area Councils.

A resident asked if the caretaker could remove litter from around the nurseries and another resident requested that rubbish around the council flats was removed. A further resident forwarded his thanks onto the Caretaker for his good work in keeping Rishton clean.

Councillor Scaife gave general advice on the Council’s household removal service and the

Chairperson gave details of a litter pick taking place on the following Saturday. Councillor Scaife reported on the changes in the borough’s rubbish and recycling services following the introduction of further recycling.

AC560 Housing Stock Transfer – Steve Watson referred residents to Paper B2 in the agenda pack and gave brief details of the completion of the Council’s stock transfer.



AC761 Phil Maltby, Sure Start, gave a presentation on the proposals for Child Care Centres in Rishton. He explained that these proposals were part of a government initiative aimed at providing Child Care Centres in all deprived areas and by increasing the numbers already available. He indicated that the Centres would be one-stop-shops for all child care services for children between the age ranges of 0-5 years and was a co-ordinated approach by a number of organisations including the health and education authorities. He informed residents that a report on the proposals would be submitted to Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet.

A resident suggested that community centres already in use could be shared and adapted for dual purpose. Phil Malty indicated that he would put this suggestion forward for consideration.


AC762 Julian Hickinbottom, Urban Renewal Manager, gave a presentation on the problems of empty properties and outlined how the Council would be able to use new legislation. He gave details of the number of empty properties in the borough and the worst areas for concentrated vacant properties. He pointed out that empty properties were vulnerable to vandalism, increased the amount of rubbish in the area, were dangerous places, were susceptible to unauthorised users, deteriorated the appearance and value of properties in the neighbourhood and increased costs to the Council. He informed the meeting that the Council aimed to primarily bring many properties back into use or to use them as something else or remove them altogether. He outlined the Council’s powers but referred to the importance of residents providing information to identify ownership of properties. He advised residents that the process of dealing with empty properties was a slow one but residents could forward any information regarding empty properties to the Area Councils team.

Residents expressed concern that the Council would be able to re-possess properties in poor condition. Julian Hickinbottom explained that the Council did have powers to ensure that occupied properties were maintained to a decent standard but pointed out that the Council was more concerned about taking action on empty properties.

A resident reported that there was an empty property on Shuttleworth Street and indicated that this had been bought by a property developer who had not made any attempt to make improvements. A further resident reported that 98 Spring Street had been derelict for a number of years.


AC763 A discussion was held on proposals for Holt Street recreation ground following the signing of the lease. David Haworth, Co-optee, reported on their intention to work with the Residents Associations and pointed out that the recreation ground would be a provision for all age groups. He referred the meeting to the plan on display and indicated that they would also be on display at the Rishton Centre which would be open to residents and youths to drop in and find out more about the project.

Residents complained that the plan had not taken into account an access road to the recreation ground, proper parking facilities and that they had not been consulted.

Mr. Haworth referred to the number of public meetings they had had and the amount of time they had taken to plan the project and consulted with residents. In relation to issue of access and parking he explained how they had planned to deal with these issues, although, he invited residents to contribute ideas.


AC764 Steve Watson reported that Huncoat Area Council had entered in the Britain in Bloom competition and requested that residents considered if Rishton Area Council should enter next year’s competition. He outlined the amount of work involved in entering the competition and suggested that a Rishton in Bloom Group was set up.

Residents suggested that the Free Gardeners Residents Association became involved with the project and that the Horticultural Society be consulted. Margaret Worden intimated that Rishton Prospects would also be interested in being involved in the project.


AC765 Dave Haworth reported that the Rishton Festival would take place on Saturday, 12th August and outlined the route that it would take. He pointed out that the Annual General Meeting of the Project Group would take place on 27th April, 2006 at 7.00 p.m. at the Centre and that any resident could attend.


AC766 Councillor Scaife reported on the introduction of cardboard and textiles recycling. She informed the meeting that the new collection would commence in April and would result in new waste collection dates for many residents. She thanked residents for their co-operation with the new collections and explained why it was important for the amount of household waste to be reduced.

Residents outlined several problems associated with the new and old waste collection methods and Councillor Scaife pointed out that she would look into the problems.


AC767 Steve Watson reported that there was one outstanding issue from the last meeting to be considered during the Open Forum. He reported that a letter had been received from M.R. Rawcliffe asking if Tottleworth Stream Bridge could be repaired. Steve Watson reported that discussions about the future of the bridge were being held between Lancashire County Council and Hyndburn Borough Council regarding a decision on whether the bridge should be removed or repaired and that it had been suggested that Lancashire Local Hyndburn should make this decision. He indicated that Rishton Area Council would ask for this issue to be discussed at the next meeting of the Lancashire Local.

Two further questions submitted at the meeting included:-

AC768 Speeding on the Esplanade – Highways reported that they had carried out a speed survey and this had shown a 10 mph reduction in the average speed and that further efforts were being made, in collaboration with the Police, to reduce speeds further. Residents were informed that there had been a slight reduction in the number of accidents in the three years after the speed limit had been introduced with a reduction in the severity of the injuries sustained.

County Councillor Parkinson referred to information relating to two speed surveys presented by contractors at the previous Area Council that had shown an increase in the average speed of vehicles travelling along the Esplanade. He also pointed out that they had been advised that speed signs would be erected but that this had not yet happened.

AC769 Requests for a free-standing litter bin in lay byes – Members of the Rishton Community requested asked Rishton Area Council if they could allocate funding to provide a free-standing litter bin.

Steve Watson reported that the Council did not tend to provide litter bins in lay byes as this often attracted litter in the surrounding area. He also pointed out that the Cleansing Department had reported that they were currently at full capacity on emptying litter bins and that the site was in a remote area and not on an existing route for emptying bins and therefore a bin in this location was not advisable.

Residents were invited to contribute to the Open Forum.

AC770 New Subsidised Bus Route - a resident reported on the new subsidised bus routes and referred to several problems associated with the proposed new service in Rishton and that consultation had been extended to June 2006.

AC771 Dog Bins on Shaw Brook Close - A resident requested a dog bin and litter bin on Shaw Brook Close. Steve Watson indicated that the Council would be allocating 20,000 for dog bins across Hyndburn within the next financial year and that he would forward on this suggestion.


AC772 County Councillor Parkinson reported on issues relating to Lancashire County Council in Rishton.


AC773 Rishton Area Council was introduced to the new Community Beat Manager in Rishton, P.C. Bourne who reported on a number of incidents that had occurred in Rishton including juvenile nuisance, problems with mini-motorbikes, fixed penalty notices for littering and a number of minor crimes. She pointed out that a Football Festival with Cricket would be taking place during the summer after the success the previous year’s festival and that this initiative had been established in order to reduce the amount of Summer crime and grime by youths.

PCSO Charnely reported that the residents of Shuttleworth Street had been approached to encourage a Residents Association to be organised for the area and further promotion and meetings would be organised to continue this initiative. He also indicated that they would be dealing with the problem of children going into the park on Devonshire Road.


AC774 Margaret Worden reported that Prospects had been working on a number of initiatives including: bins, the railway station, bulb planting and invited residents to attend their meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.


AC775 David Haworth reported that the Free Gardeners Residents Association had organised a family night held on Friday, 2nd April at 7.30 p.m. and explained that an Easter Bonnet competition would be held.


AC776 Steve Watson reported on the grants and budgets remaining for the financial year 2005 and referred to the amount carried over to the next financial year. He reported that the Area Council had a total of 21,006 for the next financial year. He indicated that requests had been made for a Quick Cricket set, funding to continue the Summer Football scheme, funding for the drainage of St. Peter and St. Paul’s School football pitches, revenue for the Ladybird Garden and funding to improve the unadopted road from Talbot Street and Bottom Rec. He reported that the Area Council had a number of important projects to undertake during 2006/2007 including the Holt Street Recreation Ground site and the Rishton Welfare Centre.

He informed the meeting that a late request had been received to fund the painting of the Dog Proof fencing at Cutt Wood Park and Harwood Road and the swings at Harwood Road recreation ground. He indicated that they did not have costs for these projects at the present time.

Resolved (1) That Rishton Area Council approved 100 towards a Quick Cricket set for the Hyndburn Summer schemes;

(2) That Rishton Area Council approved 1,500 towards the drainage and upgrade of the football pitch at St. Peter and St. Paul’s School;

(3) That powers be delegated to the Managing Director in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair to consider the approval of funding for the Summer Football scheme, on submission of further information;

(4) That Rishton Area Council agreed to consider the application for funding for improvements to the unadopted road from Talbot Street to the Bottom Rec. in conjunction with the proposals for the Holt Street recreation ground;

(5) That the request for revenue for the Ladybird Garden be referred to the Council for consideration; and

(6) That Rishton Area Council noted the proposals for the Holt Street recreation scheme and the Rishton Welfare Centre.


AC777 The Chairperson thanked residents for attending the Rishton Area Council and requested that the feedback forms were returned to the Area Councils team. She reported that the next meeting had been organised for Tuesday, 11th July, 2006 at 7.00 p.m.

Rishton Area Council , TUESDAY, 11TH JULY 2006.

Present: Councillor Liddle (in the Chair); Councillor Jackson

Co-optees: D. Haworth, C. Hammerton, County Councillor Parkinson, M. Worden, C. Hart

Officers: S. Watson, E. Flynn, S. Gardner, T. Hosty, T. Akrigg, S. Wood, C. Baker, R. Stradling, I. Halliday

Police: P.C. Welch, Community Beat Manager for Clayton Le Moors

Press: M. McKenna – Accrington Observer

Residents: N. Airey, V. Airey, M. Aubrey, G. Baldam, P. Chisholm, R. Colling, C. Cooper, P. Edwards, H. Grayson, C. Hamilton, J. Hargreaves, D. Haworth, J. Hogg, C. Knott, P. Lons, Mr. & Mrs. Masterman, Rev. McDowd, B. Norris, J. Pollard, J. Pollard, A. Presho, E. Sharp, C. Shaw, J. Standage, D. Webster, L. Webster, P. Wilkinson and F. Winter.


AC124 The Chair welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council meeting.


AC125 Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillor Scaife, Father Martin and Inspector O’Reilly.


AC126 Councillor Jackson was nominated as Vice-Chair and residents were informed that Councillor Liddle had been formally nominated as Chair of Rishton Area Council at the Council’s Annual General Meeting.

Resolved - That Councillor Jackson be Vice-Chair of Rishton Area Council for the municipal year 2006/07.


AC127 The Chair explained that the six co-optees previously appointed to Rishton Area Council would be nominated for re-appointment.

Resolved - That the following be co-opted on to Rishton Area Council for the municipal year 2006/07:-

County Councillor Parkins – Lancashire County Council

Inspector John O’Reilly – Lancashire Constabulary

Margaret Worden - Prospects

Clive Hart - Eaves Brook Housing

Christine Hammerton - Friends of Rishton Youth

David Haworth - Free Gardeners Residents Association


AC128 The minutes of the Rishton Area Council held on 30t h March, 2006 were submitted for approval (Paper A). A resident referred to the item relating to the Police and reported on the incorrect recording of the name of a road and pointed out that it should have been Devonshire Road not Derbyshire Road.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 30th March, 2006 be approved and accepted subject to the correction of the road name from Derbyshire Road to Devonshire Road under the ‘Police’ item.


AC129 The Chair referred residents to Paper B and updated the meeting on the following items:-


AC130 Community Beat Officer, Stuart Welch indicated that he had been assigned to Rishton to provide Police cover until the return of local Police Officers and gave details of crime statistics in Rishton since April 2006. He pointed out that there had been 148 reported crimes and that damage to property had been present in over half of all crimes. He reported that Operation Summer Nights was in progress and had resulted in a large amount of alcohol being confiscated from youths. He referred to Police operations during the World Cup and the work being undertaken to prevent off licences selling alcohol to underage drinkers. He pointed out that the Police would be working with the Youth Protection Officer during the school holidays and that unacceptable behaviour orders would be issued where necessary.

David Haworth reported that the Hyndburn Community Safety Partnership executive summary had shown that Rishton had the largest increase in crime in Hyndburn and requested that more police resources were put into Rishton.

Steve Watson suggested that he contacted the local Neighbourhood Policing Teams or Inspector O’Reilly regarding this request.


The Chair reported that two people had submitted open forum questions at the last meeting and progress was reported as follows:-

AC131 Rishton Old People’s Welfare Centre – Councillor Jackson referred to the proposed improvement plans for the centre and pointed out that funding could be made available from the lottery for a community building.

AC132 Hyndburn Homes – The Chair reported that Hyndburn Homes would be moving to new premises on the proposed date of 24th July, 2006, She referred residents to contact sheets available at the meeting.

AC133 The Turrets – Steve Watson explained that the Council owned the land free hold and had freeway but no additional rights. He informed the meeting that the Council’s Legal Department had informed the Area Council that they did not have the powers to make decisions on the Turrets but that they would continue to look at the issue and undertake discussions with the owner. The meeting was informed that the Council had removed the conifer trees because they had been dangerous or diseased and replaced them with climbers.

He reported that the Council were also looking at issues relating to the driveway, gates and fencing but residents should not expect an immediate solution to the problems. He indicated that he would inform the Legal Department that residents had witnessed work continuing.

AC134 Holt Street Rec Ground – David Haworth reported that he had been in contact with Groundwork and that they had indicated that they would be able to assist in raising funds for the project. He reported that there had been concerns over the tarmac path and the plans may have to be dropped. He suggested that Hyndburn Borough Council had been negative in their response for assistance with the scheme.

A resident pointed out that the established football clubs in Rishton had been reliant on the recreation ground and referred to the high costs of hiring other football pitches. The Chair indicated that she would forward these concerns onto the Council’s Parks Department.

AC135 Quality Bus Route – County Councillor Parkinson read out a statement from Lancashire County Council in relation to the quality bus route. He reported that the Operator had objected to the bus stop being re-located onto Station Road. County Councillor Parkinson suggested that the parking issue could be resolved with stop boarders being provided and indicated that further consultations would be made before re-locating any more bus stops. He explained why the bus stop on Harwood Road had been deemed unsafe for children.

AC136 Harwood Road Traffic Lights – County Councillor Parkinson outlined the assessment criteria for a pedestrian crossing and explained that this junction had not met the criteria in relation to the number of traffic accidents and incidents.

AC137 Library Benches – The Chair reported that permission to site the benches was required from the Primary Care Trust and that she would chase this up.

AC138 Rishton Festival Update – David Haworth gave an update on the Rishton Festival and pointed out that it was hoped that funding would be secured in August. He gave details of the types of events that would be included in the Festival and reported that it would be unlikely for floats to be used due to difficulties with obtaining insurance. The Chair suggested that this issue could be discussed further at the next meeting of the Rishton Fesitval. David Haworth reported that this meeting would take place on 14th July, 2006 and that any resident could attend.

AC139 High Street Bus Shelter – County Councillor Parkinson asked residents if they would like this bus shelter to be painted. A show of hands from residents indicated that they did want the shelter painting.

AC140 Cutt Wood Park – Steve Watson reported that the Area Councils Team would ask the Rishton Policing Team to target Cutt Wood Park.

AC141 Britain in Bloom – Steve Watson referred to the Britain in Bloom competition and explained that Rishton could enter if there was enough interest from residents. He encouraged people to volunteer and establish a Working Group and pointed out that information sheets were available at the meeting.

AC142 Toilets in Rishton – Steve Watson reported on the costs of having public toilets in Rishton and outlined that Rishton Area Council did not have enough in their budget to fund this.

Councillor Jackson proposed that this issue was put forward to the Area Councils Panel for consideration in next year’s capital programme. A show of hands from residents indicated support for this proposal.


AC143 Tony Akrigg, Environmental Protection Manager, referred to the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environmental Act 2005 which came into effect in April 2006 and advised that it would have a direct impact on all residents in Hyndburn. He reported that it would provide and strengthen powers and resources for Local Authorities against environmental crimes. He outlined ways in which Local Authorities could strengthen powers to deal with a range of offences including: abandoned vehicles, nuisance parking, dog control and fly tipping. He reported on the importance of people managing the disposal of their own waste through the introduction of a duty of care for householders and gave details of the range of new fixed penalty fines available to Local Authorities. He advised residents on how they were able to prevent environmental crimes. He advised the meeting on the consultation exercise relating to dog control and pointed out that this would be one of a number that would be carried out over several months. He explained how the opinion handsets operated and residents responded as follows:-

Should the Council act to make people keep dogs on leads in certain areas?

65%-Agree Strongly 16% -Agree 11%-Don’t Agree or Disagree 3%-Disagree 3%-Disagree Strongly

Should the Council act to exclude dogs from certain land?

43%-Agree Strongly 27%-Agree 14%-Don’t Agree or Disagree 8% - Disagree 3%-Disagree Strongly 3%-Don’t Know

Should the Council require people to put dogs on leads in certain areas when asked by an Officer?

62%-Agree Strongly 27%-Agree 3%-Don’t Agree or Disagree

Should the Council limit the number of dogs people can take onto certain land?

38%-Agree Strongly 38%-Agree 5%-Don’t Agree or Disagree 8%-Disagree 11%-Disagree Strongly

Should the Council use the new powers in cemeteries?

68%-Yes all powers 19%-Yes some of powers 8%-Yes, one of the powers 3%-No View 3%-Don’t Know

Should the Council use the new powers in parks, open spaces and play areas?

38%-Yes all powers 38%-Yes some of powers 5%-Yes, one of the powers 5%-No 3%-Don’t Know

Should the Council use the new powers on roads, highways and footpaths?

46%-Yes all powers 27%-Yes some of powers 14%-Yes, one of the powers 11%-No

Should the Council use new powers in urban areas and town centres?

51%-Yes all powers 30%-Yes some of powers 5%-One of powers 11%-No 3%-Don’t Know


AC144 Phil Dagnall and Carolyn Baker, gave a presentation on the Core Strategy and outlined what the Core Strategy was, the process that had been undertaken so far and the importance of consultation with residents. Carolyn Baker reported that the Core Strategy was part of the Local Development Framework and gave details of a workshop held with Councillors that had identified a number of strengths and weaknesses in the borough. She pointed out that this information had helped to compile the newsletter ‘A Brighter Future for Hyndburn’ and the questionnaire contained within this. She invited residents to give their views on a number of issues including:-

Homes, Jobs, Transportation, Shopping & Town Centres, Environment, Leisure and Play, and Healthy Communities

Six possibilities for the future: housing market renewal areas, keep new building within towns, focus upon jobs, concentrate growth in one place, a place to live in and let developers take the lead.

Residents were encouraged to complete the questionnaire attached to the leaflet and return it to the Plans and Environment Section before the end of July, 2006.


AC145 The Chair reported that British Telecom had contacted the Area Council’s Team to inform them that the payphone would be removed from Cliff Street.


AC146 The Chair reported that the Area Council Annual Report had been completed and were available at the meeting.


AC147 The Chair reported that information pack on the Hyndburn Used Furniture Store were available at the meeting.


AC148 Request for Repairs on Tottleworth Stream Bridge – Steve Watson reported that the bridge had been made safe and Lancashire County Council had been asked to consider further repairs. County Councillor Parkinson indicated that he would follow up this request and report on progress at the next Area Council meeting.

AC149 Request for the Area Council to Maintain the Piggy Park – Steve Watson indicated that he would ask the Parks Section to remove glass and bottles from the Piggy Park and liaise with the Police to target the area. He reported that there were no plans to improve the play facility in the park but suggested that the Area Council considered contributing towards a scheme.

AC150 Safety Measures for Pedestrians – Somerset Road Barrier at the Ginnel meeting Cutt Lane –

The meeting was informed that Highways had reported that the ginnel had public footpath status and therefore, they would be unable to carry out the request for a barrier.

AC151 Cutt Wood Litter Problems – the Area Council extended thanks to the residents who had cleared the litter from Cutt Wood. A resident reported that Mr. D. Sutcliffe had been one of the residents responsible for this work and it was requested that the Area Council forwarded a letter of thanks to him.

AC152 Rishton Station – A resident reported on the improvements to Rishton Railway Station and thanked those who had cleaned it up.

AC153 Walmsley Street Park – Councillor Jackson reported that Walmsley Street Park would not get a play facility. Christine Hammerton, Friends of Rishton Youth encouraged residents of Walmsley Street to show their support for improvements and to become involved in fund raising.

AC154 Litter Bin on Bus Stop, High Street – Steve Watson reported that he would pass the request for a litter bin on the bus stop on the High Street to the Cleansing Section.


AC155 County Councillor Parkinson updated residents on progress with the Children’s Centres and pointed out that all sites had now been identified but that this had not included Rishton. He reported that street lights had been successful on Spring Street to reduce crime. He referred to the school bus routes being subsidised.


AC156 Margaret Worden reported that Prospects had adopted Rishton Railway Station and made a number of improvements to refurbish the station including filling in planters and repairing the shelters. She reported that vandalism at the station had reduced since the development and that they now intended to extend the improvements to include the car park and were currently in discussion with Network Rail in relation to the project. She also informed the meeting that Prospects had improved the side of Tottleworth Bridge by creating a picnic area.


AC157 Christine Hammerton reported on their involvement with Rishton Festival and Holt Street recreation ground. She reported that she had spent time with the army cadets at the Scout Hut and encouraged people to visit them and see the good work being done. She reported that safety around the Hut could be improved by erecting a fence around the area.


AC158 David Haworth referred to the amount of juvenile nuisance in Rishton and the lack of play facilities. He suggested that Hyndburn Borough Council had made no efforts to invest in Rishton and that the town had been neglected of investment and resources over many years.

He indicated that the people of Rishton had not received their fair share of investment in Hyndburn and requested that Rishton was given more facilities and amenities. Steve Watson reported that the Area Council had invested 23,000 in Rishton in 2005/06 and encouraged residents to inform the Area Council what they would like to see in Rishton.


AC159 Clive Hart reported that Eaves Brook Housing Association had contributed money towards the Rishton Festival and that they were looking to make improvements to the environment during 2006/07. He referred to the problems in Spring Street and that they were looking to sponsor a number of youth activities during the Summer months.


AC160 Steve Watson referred residents to Paper E and reported that the budget for Rishton was 21,006 and outlined how the budget would be compiled from revenue and capital budgets.

Applications for funding were submitted for improvements to Norden pathways and for improvements to Cuttwood Park and Harwood Road Rec.

Resolved (1) That Rishton Area Council approved 2,500 for improvements to Norden pathways; and

(2) That the improvements schemes to Cuttwood Park and Harwood Road Recreation Ground are deferred for further investigations.


AC161 The Chair thanked residents for attending the Rishton Area Council and reported that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday, 26th September, 2006.

Rishton Area Council, TUESDAY, 26TH SEPTEMBER 2006.

Present: Councillor Liddle (in the Chair); Councillor Jackson

In attendance:

Co-optees: D. Haworth, C. Hammerton, M. Worden

Residents: N. Airey, V. Airey, G. Baldam, P. Chisholm, R. Colling, C. Cooper, A. Crassey, Rev. M. C. Dowd, B. Eaton, W. Flanagan, J. Goodall, C. Graham, H. Grayson, J. Hargreaves, J. Haworth, D. Higgins, D. Humphrey, P. Lamble, N. McIntosh, E. Parker, H. Parker, G. Pierce, J. Pollard, A. Presho, B, Ramsbotton, J. Ramsbottom, P. Sanderson, M. Smith, J. Stanage, F. Tomlinson, K. Tomlinson, S. Turner, S. Waddington, M. Waddington, L. Wilson, F. Winter, S. Wood, A. Woodburn (38 residents)

Visiting Councillors: Councillors C. Pritchard, M. Pritchard and Shiel

Officers: U. Reilly, S. Watson, S. Parkinson, S. Gardner, L. Williams, E. Flynn, T. Hosty

Eavesbrook Housing P. Doherty

Police: Sergeant Eaton and PC Bourne

Press: S. Henfield – Lancashire Evening Telegraph


AC282 The Chair welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council meeting.

AC283 Replacement of Co-optee – She thanked Clive Hart, Rishton Area Council Co-optee for all his work and wished him luck for the future. The Chair then welcomed Phil Doherty of Eavesbrook Housing as his replacement.


AC284 Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Mrs. A. Scaife (ex-Councillor), County Councillor Parkinson and B. Griggs.


AC285 The minutes of the meeting held on 11t h July 2006 (paper A) were submitted. Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 11t h July 2006 be approved subject to the minutes showing Reverend Dowd present at the meeting.


AC286 Rishton Welfare Centre – Councillor Jackson referred to the proposed improvement plans for the centre and informed residents that the designs for the front of the building had now been submitted and approved; she also provided details on funding and indicated that Eavesbrook Housing Association were assisting with the project.

AC287 The Turrets – Ursula Reilly informed the residents that negotiations had been taking place between Hyndburn Borough Council’s Asset Management Team and the owner of the Turrets. She explained that the Borough Council had provided the owner with a figure for him to purchase the land currently used as a driveway. However, she advised that the owner had made a counter offer substantially lower than the amount suggested to him and he had indicated that if his offer was not accepted by the Council, he would not remove his gates voluntarily and would defend his position in Court. Ursula Reilly advised that the Council would make a final attempt to resolve the situation amicably and should it be unsuccessful the matter would be passed onto their Legal Department for them to take appropriate action.

Councillor Liddle and Steve Watson reported that they were unable to disclose details of the purchase offer due to the confidential nature, but could inform the residents that the cost of the owner removing the gates had increased the value of the plot of land.

AC288 Tottleworth Bridge – Ursula Reilly reported that work had now been completed.

AC289 Tottleworth Steps – Steve Watson reported that the work had now been completed. A resident pointed out there was erosion to the steps. Councillor Liddle explained this had been noticed and reported back to the relevant contractor.

AC290 Holt Street – David Haworth gave an update on the plans for Holt Street. He reported they had now been drawn up and Ground Work East Lancs (GWEL) was in the process of applying for funding for the improvement works. He indicated that GWEL had a good track record in securing funding for such bids and was confident of a positive outcome.

AC291 Library Benches – Ursula Reilly informed the residents that one bench had been installed and the other would be fitted by the end of the week.

AC292 Britain in Bloom – Margaret Worden, Rishton Prospects, explained that Rishton Area Council planned to set up a residents working group to consider entering the Britain in Bloom contest in either 2007 or 2008. She asked for residents to come forward if they wished to help. Shirley Parkinson, Green Spaces Officer, informed the residents that the Parks Department could not supply the staffing for the project which coulc be carried out by volunteers or through sponsorship. She informed residents the Parks Department was able to advise on planting and avenues of external funding available to them. She stressed the importance of the community taking ownership of the project and used Huncoat in Bloom as an example. Christine Hammerton pointed out that Prospects had already completed one area of Rishton and asked if it could be added to the wider programme. Shirley Parkinson responded that every single project undertaken by a group within the last two years was eligible.

AC293 Toilets – Councillor Jackson informed the residents that the Area Councils Panel had agreed that this item could be submitted to the Capital Programme Working Group for consideration.

AC294 Policing Issues - PC Bourne, recently back off long term sick, updated residents on policing issues. She pointed out the police force in Rishton was back to full strength and that target areas for the future were St. Charles Road, Rishton Methodist Church and Spring Street. She explained the police’s priorities for Rishton were to reduce juvenile nuisance, anti-social behaviour and motorbike nuisance. PC Bourne also discussed future initiatives, such as:-

Crime and Grime

Working with partnerships such as trading standards to crack down on underage drinking.

Implementation of the Positive Action Programme, run by PC Gayle Lyons, she encourages juveniles to sign up for the programme in a bid to stop repeat offending.

Fixed Penalty Notices for juveniles caught causing minor criminal damage.

The Drug Warrant programme still ongoing and the introduction of Dispersal Orders, alcohol free zones and talking signs.


AC295 Shirley Parkinson, Green Spaces Officer, gave a presentation on Regeneration Through Education and Participation (REAP). She informed the residents that REAP was formed in January and Hyndburn Parks Department had put a bid into the Big Lottery. She explained that they had made it to Stage One and they had until 9th October 2006 to apply for Stage Two. She explained the aim of the programme was to create ‘cleaner, greener and safer communities’ and that it would operate across all 11 parks in Hyndburn along with other areas of open space. Parks and Leisure could access external grants which would then fund three parks rangers and provide free new activities, community events, a community events co-ordinator and advice to community groups. Furthermore, REAP would provide learning on habitats and species and part of the funding would be used to refurbish the Haworth building in Haworth Park.

Shirley Parkinson explained that if successful the project would run for four years, and would require the help of the community. She advised that two surveys had been developed that could be accessed on the Council website at www.hyndburnbc.gov.uk and selecting parks and open spaces. She advised that the deadline for both surveys was the 31st October and that Stage 2 of the bid would be submitted in November, the outcome would be known 4 to 6 months from then. She stressed that residents should provide consultation evidence and paper questionnaires should be returned to Willows Lane or an Area Council Co-ordinator.

She concluded the aim was to provide all year round diversion activities that would be free and appeal to all groups.


AC296 Maureen Cunliffe gave a presentation on the project Farming in Africa. She explained that the project had its roots in Rishton having been developed through her initial project ‘Prime Time’. She outlined the details of the project and its achievements to date. At the end of Ms. Cunliffe’s presentation Councillor Jackson presented her with the Rishton Area Council Award for her services to the community.


AC297 Steve Watson reported on plans to install extra CCTV cameras throughout the Borough. He outlined the background information preceding the development and pointed out that all crime in Hyndburn had risen by 2.4% since 2001 and during 2003/04 the three main areas of criminality had risen by:-

Criminal damage 32%

Violent Crime 19%

Vehicle Crime 9%

He advised that Rishton crime statistics showed double calls to police compared to Hyndburn as a whole, although the actual total crimes were below the Hyndburn average. He pointed out that the 9 Area Councils had managed to secure funding of 100,000 for CCTV cameras and a further 150,000 in 2007. He explained that residents needed to think of areas where they felt a CCTV camera was needed and to help them with their decision they should use a system known as SARA – Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment. He informed them that there would be only one camera per Area Council, although they was a choice of two possible options, either a fixed camera in one place within Rishton or the opportunity to share a camera with another Area Council, for example, Great Harwood. Forms were issued at the Area Council for residents to complete and return to Area Council. He indicated that there would be a further opportunity in the future for Rishton to get a second camera, as part of the bidding process.

A resident pointed out that the police had highlighted three troublesome areas within Rishton and that one camera would be unable to satisfy these three areas. Steve Watson responded that although it is understandable that residents required more than one camera, at the present time there was only enough funding for a single camera.


AC298 Margaret Worden updated the residents on various issues:-

High Street - the repainting was now completed and special thanks were passed to County Councillor Miles Parkinson for his help.

Daffodil Bulbs – Hyndburn Borough Council had offered Rishton one thousand daffodil bulbs and urged residents to see her with ideas for their planting.

Rishton Station – thanked the volunteers that had maintained the plants at Rishton Station.

Station Lights –she explained that to date no progress had been made with providing lighting at the station, although they were persisting with Network Rail in order to try and resolve the issue.

High Street Flower Beds – she thanked David Haworth and his wife for looking after the flower beds during the summer.

4,000 needed to update Rishton’s website. She also pointed out that any volunteers should contact Rishton Prospects.


AC299 Christine Hammerton updated residents on work to the recreation ground on Holt Street and urged them to contact her if they had any ideas as to the renovation plans.


AC300 David Haworth gave details on the progress on the Holt Street Recreation Ground project.

He expressed concern over the association of Rishton’s postal code with a Blackburn district and suggested that this was detrimental to the residents of Rishton.


AC301 Phil Doherty of Eavesbrook Housing introduced himself and he explained that he would not be commencing as the new Co-optee until 2nd October. He informed the Area Council that he had worked at Eavesbrook for 10 years and was looking forward to working in Rishton.


AC302 Keith Tomlinson, Board Member of Crimestoppers, gave a presentation on the charity. He outlined the structure and history of the organisation and pointed out that Crimestoppers revolved around the telephone number 0800 555 111. He explained that people who had witnessed incidents could use this number to report information and that rewards were offered for the information. He reported that the campaign had been launched two years ago and referred to the success of the scheme. Mr. Tomlinson gave details of how they were continuing to raise awareness of the scheme.


AC303 Ursula Reilly updated the residents on the two options for parks improvements, the fencing at Cutwood Park and swings and fence at Harwood Road. She explained that although the quotes had been substantially reduced it would be an inferior job and the work will need undertaking again in 2 – 3 years.

A resident stated that the top priority should be the swings on Harwood Road Recreation Ground and it was imperative these were finished. Councillor Liddle indicated that although the swings were important it was essential that the surfacing to the play area was completed before work began on the swings. Ursula Reilly advised they were chasing up the Parks Department to carry out a safety check on the surfacing of the play area.

Resolved - That the following applications for funding be deferred for reconsideration at the next meeting of Rishton Area Council:

Improvements to Cut wood Park

Harwood Road Recreation


Ursula Reilly noted that no Open Forum questions had been received although two had been handed in at the start of the meeting, she advised residents it would be beneficial if questions be handed in during the time period given to give officers time to carry out necessary research.

AC304 Request for replacement fence at Harwood Road Recreation – Ursula Reilly reported that she would look into this and report back at the next meeting.

AC305 Request for Area Council to Change Meeting Night – Ursula Reilly explained that the meetings were organised at the start of the Municipal Year and arranged so that other council meetings did not conflict.

AC306 Anti-social behaviour on Harwood Road Recreation Ground – Sergeant Eaton responded that he was not aware of this as he has only been in post for 2 days and advised that he would look into it.

AC307 Rishton Festival – David Haworth reported that they were already beginning to plan next year’s festival and indicated the festival would almost certainly be held on Harwood Road Recreation Ground on the 7th August 2007. He informed residents that a meeting would be held on 18th October at Rishton Welfare Centre regarding planning of the event and a public meeting would be arranged at a future date. A resident requested that Mr. Haworth wrote to all those organisations and people who had promised they would attend last year but failed to do so. David Haworth responded that he would look into this although he had no control over certain events. Christine Hammerton concluded that the last event was a huge success and gave thanks to various organisations.


AC308 The Chair thanked residents for attending the Rishton Area Council and reported that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 1st February, 2006.