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Rishton Area Council, THURSDAY, 1ST FEBRUARY 2007.

Present: Councillor Liddle (in the Chair); Councillors Grayson and Jackson

In attendance:

Co-optees: D. Haworth, C. Hammerton and M. Worden

Residents: N. Airey, V. Airey, G. Baldam, L. Burns, P. Chisholm, C. Cooper, J. Goodall, J. Hargreaves, J. N. Haworth, A. Kay-Porter C. Knott, S. Loynd, N. McIntosh, E. Monk, J. Pollard, M. Pollard, I. Presho, B. Ramsbottom, J. Ramsbottom, P. Sanderson, B. Smith, J. Spence, C. Wayling, L. Webster, F. Winter, S. Wood (26 residents).

County Councillors: County Councillor Parkinson

Visiting Councillors: Councillor Shiel, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council: Steve Hoyle

Officers: U. Reilly, K. Dent, L. Williams

Police: Sergeant Eaton and PC Durber

Newspaper: S. Turner – Lancashire Evening Telegraph



Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Colin Graham, Phil Doherty (Eavesbrook Housing) and Father Martin.


Councillor Jackson declared a personal interest in Rishton Old People’s Welfare Centre and as such did not vote on the item.


The minutes of the last meeting on 26th September 2006 (paper A) were submitted.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 26th September 2006 be approved as a correct record.


Steve Hoyle, Regeneration Director for Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council gave a verbal presentation on regeneration plans for Whitebirk and made the following points:

East Lancashire had a lack of high quality sites close to the motorway.

Over the last 18 months various sites had been considered but eventually all six districts had voted in favour of the Whitebirk site.

Attention was drawn to the plans set out in the meeting room and that the site covered 90 acres in total.

The site would primarily employ people in ‘knowledge based jobs’ for people possessing level three and four qualifications.

At the present the build rate would create 150 to 200 jobs per year.

The plans in place would help ease traffic congestion and make the site more accessible. At present vehicles found it difficult to filter onto the roundabout due to the speed of traffic flow and to resolve these issues traffic signals would be installed at the Whitebirk roundabout, an extra lane created and the slip roads widened.

A legal agreement between Lancashire County Council and the Highways Agency was due to be signed and as a result work should commence on the roundabout on 10th March 2007 and would take approximately 3 – 4 months.

The following questions were asked:

David Haworth queried where the new influx of workers would live and what guarantees were in place to ensure that Rishton benefited from the proposed plans.

Mr. Hoyle suggested that the rise in workers at the site would see an increase in the use of Rishton town centre due to its close proximity and residents would have the opportunity of securing employment at the site. Hyndburn Borough Council could consider using a Section 106 Agreement and put some of the profits from the development back into Rishton.

A resident queried what other sites had been considered. Mr. Hoyle explained two other sites were proposed namely in Burnley and Hepworth, but neither had the potential of Whitebirk which compared favourably with other high quality developments in Lancashire and the surrounding area.

A resident queried the provision of jobs for people that did not possess levels three or four qualifications. Mr. Hoyle indicated that employment would be available in areas such as office, catering and leisure work.

A resident raised concerns that the area surrounding the site would eventually be developed creating a vast industrial site. Mr. Hoyle confirmed that the area was green belt and as such there were no plans to develop on it.

Christine Hammerton asked what safeguards would be put in place to ensure employment for local people and that local workforces would be used for the development. Mr. Hoyle suggested that clauses could be added to the contract to ensure a percentage of the workforce used was locally employed and also for procure goods to be procured locally.



No feedback forms were received after the meeting.

Your Issues your meetings

No ‘Your Issues’ forms were received prior to the meeting.

Rishton Award

No Rishton Award nomination forms were received prior to the meeting.

Community Caretaker Forms

No community caretaker forms were received for the meeting but an update was provided on work the caretaker was currently carrying out in Rishton.

Empty Property Strategy Forms

No empty property strategy forms were received prior to the meeting.

What’s Happening About….

Rishton Old People’s Welfare Centre – Councillor Jackson informed the meeting that a grant for 15,000 had been received for the construction of a disabled toilet and access. The Centre intended to apply for further funding from the lottery within the next month.

The Turrets – Hyndburn Borough Council’s legal department had been instructed to take the necessary action to regain control of the land and were currently preparing a case.

Tottleworth Road – The Chair reported that Area Councils had spoken with Lancashire County Council in relation to satellite navigation systems directing HGV’s down Tottleworth Road. The Area Council had arranged for the signs to be re-set as the post on the east side was loose and the plates had been twisted and had also contacted Ordnance Survey who had promised to investigate and change their maps accordingly. The Chair explained that once the signs had been corrected they would provide a clear message to road users but until the satellite navigation maps were updated it was possible that the occasional HGV driver would continue to follow their old systems.

Holt Street Recreation Ground – The Chair informed the meeting that the Area Council had invited Aileen Moriarty from Groundwork to speak at the meeting. However, Alieen had been unable to attend and had provided a verbal update on the project for David Haworth to report. David Haworth informed residents that the funding applications had been submitted to various organisations for the sum total of 285,319 and the decisions were expected in April/May.

Britain in Bloom – Margaret Worden reported that the Area Council wished to create a working group to consider entering Rishton into the Britain in Bloom competition in either 2007 or 2008. Ms. Worden indicated that Rishton Horticultural Society and one resident had offered to join the group since the last Area Council meeting and urged residents to take part.

Huncoat Councillor, Councillor Shiel had been invited to Rishton Area Council to make a brief speech on the success of Huncoat’s Britain in Bloom entry.

Councillor Shiel informed the meeting that Huncoat’s Britain in Bloom initiative began three years ago. Last year they had entered the Urban Communities Category and out of thirteen competitors had come fourth. Councillor Shiel explained that to make the project work they enlisted the help of school children from Huncoat Primary School and secured annual funding from businesses for a total of three years. It was a community event and with every year that passed more volunteers offered their support to the project. Councillor Shiel explained that Britain in Bloom had provided residents with a sense of civic pride and urged residents of Rishton to participate.

The Chair thanked Councillor Shiel for attending Rishton Area Council.

Toilets in Rishton – The Chair informed the meeting that the bid submitted to Cabinet to fund the project had been unsuccessful.

Litter Bin outside Fellaz Barbers – The Chair reported that further to requests to investigate the removal of the bin Area Council had spoken with the Borough Cleansing Department who had confirmed the bin was removed as a previous owner had used it for business waste.

The Cleansing Department confirmed that the bin would be replaced and it was anticipated it would be installed that week.

CCTV in Rishton – The Chair reported that following the last Area Council meeting four areas had been requested for CCTV provision in Rishton, these were:

Mobile – Methodist Park/Cut Wood Park

Fixed – Upper Walmsley Street

Fixed – Holt Street Recreation Ground

Fixed – Canal Bridge

After consultation with the police it became apparent the four sites did not require a CCTV camera. The police had requested a camera for the Spring Street area which would also cover the High Street and was recognised as a problem area.

The meeting was informed that further technical specifications/costings and local agreements were being investigated for the Spring Street/High Street site and a final list of priority sites for the Borough would be submitted to Cabinet in February.

Residents were asked to indicate how many were in favour of the Spring Street/High Street site to be submitted to Cabinet for consideration.

Resolved - That Rishton Area Council support the submission to Cabinet for a CCTV at the site of Spring Street/High Street.



Robert Ruston, Neighbourhood Management Co-ordinator, gave a presentation on Neighbourhood Management, with the following titles:

What is it?

Neighbourhood Management was introduced to bring deprived wards in particular those with poor health, housing, education and high crime inline with more comparable areas and improve the quality of life for residents.

Neighbourhood Management was a process not a project.

Neighbourhood Management aimed to examine the way that agencies/organisations provide services to a ward.

Work in Hyndburn

Neighbourhood Management had been available in housing market renewal areas in Hyndburn for the last few years and it was felt that what had been learnt from those areas should be rolled out to the rest of the Borough.


The process would enable residents to become involved in influencing the way services were delivered in Rishton.

Ensure that residents were better informed on issues that directly affected them.

Enable Rishton to develop a stable economic, social and environmental base.


A Neighbourhood Management Board would be created in each locality consisting of residents and local Councillors and each member would have an equal stake and be able to make decisions.

Development of a network of local ‘street ambassadors’ who would filter neighbourhood management into the local community.

Where do we go from here?

Summer 2007 a review of the existing neighbourhood management structure would take place.

Development of a strategy for neighbourhood management across the Borough.

Review of funding and resourcing options.

Residents would be kept informed through Area Councils.


Christine Hammerton informed the meeting that Dorothy Miller would be presented with the Rishton Area Council Award for her role as a School Crossing Patrol for the last 23 years.

The award would be presented at the school crossing point on High Street that covered both St. Charles Catholic Primary and St. Peter and St. Paul’s C.E. Primary Schools. Residents were invited to watch the award presentation at a date and time to be arranged.


The Chair informed the meeting that a yellow questionnaire was included in the pack and Paper C explained the reasons for the questionnaire. Residents were asked to complete the questionnaire and return to the meetings assistant.


Mary Aubrey submitted a question prior to the meeting by email:

Q. Could the Area Council provide funding for new road signs stating ‘Rishton Village’ similar to those in Clayton-le-Moors.

R. Ursula Reilly informed residents she was not aware of Clayton having ‘Welcome’ signs and although other districts in Hyndburn had welcome signs these had been individually costed. Residents were asked exactly what was wanted and it was established ‘Welcome to Rishton’ signs were required. It was decided that the Area Council consider the cost implications for such signs and report back at the next meeting.

David Sutcliffe submitted a question prior to the meeting:

Q. Should Rishton enter the ‘Britain in Bloom’ competition it was considered the most important site for a floral display was the Esplanade. Last year whilst the hanging baskets were good the budding plants had not arrived until July and the two rose beds had been in need of need replacing for a chance of winning:

R. Ursula Reilly relayed the response from the Parks department. Firstly if the judging took place in July there would not be a problem with bedding plants as the Parks Department would ensure they were in situ before the judges visited Rishton. Secondly, should the Area Council want the roses replaced with different plants it could be considered but cost would need to be a factor in any decisions made.

A question from Sheila Loynd prior to the meeting:

Q. Would it be possible to obtain some help with repairs to the netball courts at Norden School. Primetime netball team plays on Monday nights and costs 270 per month in winter and more in summer.

R. Ursula Reilly indicated that the request was outside the remit of the Area Council but the Head Teacher at Norden School and Hyndburn Leisure had been contacted and the request brought to their attention. Dave Pearson of Hyndburn Leisure was happy to meet Mrs. Loynd to discuss her concerns and his contact details would be provided at the end of the meeting.

A question from Val Airey was submitted before the meeting:

Q. It was disappointing to hear that finances from the new government initiative ‘Respect’ were to go to the Blackburn with Darwen and Burnley Borough Councils. The local police worked hard in the community and with some extra financial support would have been able to continue and expand their programme. Was the Area Council aware of any extra money that would be made available to Rishton?

R. Ursula Reilly reported that Hyndburn Borough Council’s Safety Manager had responded with the following information. They were not aware of any specific funding to support the delivery of the ‘Respect’ agenda in Hyndburn. The National Funding was aimed at areas with high anti-social behaviour and those authorities that had shown a proven track record in trying to deal with these issues successfully. ‘Respect’ was included within the Lancashire Local Area agreement (LAA) but Hyndburn Borough Council would have to see what Lancashire County Council would fund for 2007/08 and beyond for all community safety activities.


County Councillor Parkinson reported that he did not have an update to provide on this item.


County Councillor Parkinson informed the meeting of the following issues:

Rishton train station was to have a park and ride facility installed and plans were available at the back of the Area Council meeting room.

The former police station was to be turned into a children’s centre for use by residents of Rishton and any if any resident wanted to know what facilities would be made available they should contact him direct.


Inspector O’Reilly provided an update on policing issues in Rishton:

In early January eleven vehicles were broken into on the Esplanade, to date only one person had admitted committing an offence and it was highly likely that a criminal gang was responsible for the crimes.

The Police Officer and Police Community Support Officer for Rishton along with other officers were providing around the clock police support to Rishton. Their PACT priorities were anti-social behaviour and vehicle crime.

A number of test purchases were carried out in pubs and off licences throughout Rishton and the exercise had proved a success. Issues remained with adults purchasing alcohol for juveniles and the police intended to issue fixed penalty notices to try and prevent this.

The Crime & Grime Initiative was to return to Rishton in the coming week and would take place from Monday to Friday and would involve working with agencies such as Environmental Health and the DVLA to clean up the area.

The police were running an initiative to encourage children to inform the police if they were aware their peers had committed offences. In return for the information they would receive high street and top-up mobile phone vouchers.


Margaret Worden reported that Prospects had lobbied for a car park at the front of the railway station and Lancashire County Council had made funds available for a park and ride scheme. The plan was for 9 parking bays with retention of trees, planting of new ones and landscaping. Prospects had queried the number of parking bays and had requested more along with parking bays for motorcycles and pushbikes. Residents were warned the plans may take time to come to fruition.


Christine Hammerton informed the meeting of various issues surrounding Rishton:

The Army Cadets required new premises as they had outgrown the scout hut with an influx of new recruits.

The Parish Church Youth Group and 25 year six pupils had recently met with the police and they were currently arranging a visit to the CCTV unit at Greenbank, Blackburn.

Norden Youth Group was struggling to continue due to staff absences from ill health.

Primetime Brownies and Guides were having difficulty paying the rent.

Friends of Rishton were once more working towards Rishton festival.

The Annual General Meeting was to be held next month.


David Haworth reported that both he and Councillor Grayson had visited various parks and play areas throughout Hyndburn and believed that Harwood Road recreation ground faired poorly in comparison and were currently looking at avenues of funding to refurbish the park.


The Chair referred residents to Paper D of the Agenda for a summary of the budget and the schemes and grant applications submitted for approval:

Resolved - That Rishton Area Council approved the following parks improvements –

(1) Cutwood Park Fencing – Paint fencing around large play area - 868 Paint fencing around small play area - 535;

(2) Harwood Road Rec Swings and Fence – Paint fencing - 455 Paint swing frame - 190

The Chair reported that Andrew Hayhurst had provided a quote for the swings on Harwood Road Recreation Ground and although the Parks Department had purchased a new set of swings they did not have the funds to install them.

Resolved - That Rishton Area Council approved the following schemes:

(1) 3,320 for installation of swings at Harwood Road Recreation Ground.

(2) 3,500 for alterations to Rishton Old People’s Welfare Association including the installation of disabled toilets.


The Chair thanked residents for attending Rishton Area Council and advised that the date and time of the next meeting was to be confirmed.

RISHTON AREA COUNCIL, Tuesday, 16th October 2007.

Present: Councillor Liddle (in the Chair); Councillors Grayson and Horne

In attendance:

Co-optees: D. Haworth, C. Hammerton, County Councillor Parkinson, Inspector, C. Saville, M. Worden

Residents: D. Baron, P. Chisholm, R. Colling, C. Cooper, I. Drysdale, J. Hargreaves, J. Haworth, M. J. Hughes, L. Jackson, M. Pollard, S. Robinson, P. Sanderson, J. Spence, S. Turner, D. Watershoes, L. Webster, P. Wilkinson (17 residents)

Officers: S. Butterfield, L. Middlehurst, U. Reilly, L. Williams

Police: S. Banks, J. Bourne, C. Saville


Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Mr. Flood and Colin Grahame.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last Rishton Area Council meeting held on 3rd July 2007 (paper A) were submitted for approval.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd July 2007 be approved as a correct record.

What’s happening about….

Rishton Caretaker – The Area Council Co-ordinator provided the meeting with an update on the work of the Caretaker in Rishton and advised if any resident had an area they wanted tidying to contact the Area Council office for a Community Caretaker form.

Rishton OId People’s Welfare Centre – Councillor Grayson reported that a charity had recently approached the centre’s management team with a proposal to renovate an upstairs flat within the building. The charity would bear the cost of the refurbishment and also provide the use of a social worker at the centre for one day a week and in return asked that a young person be allowed to reside in the flat rent free, for a period of six months.

The Turrets – The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that discussions were ongoing between the Council’s planning and legal services sections. It was considered that any legal action taken by the Council would be expensive and the outcome uncertain. The Area Council Co-ordinator indicated that the owner of the Turrets was unable to claim ownership of the land as he had failed to secure the Council’s permission to install the gates. If current attempts failed to resolve the issue, the planning department could take action against the location of the gates.

Corporate Property would continue to attempt to regularise matters but the case was not considered a high priority.

Holt Street Recreation Ground – David Haworth reported that Groundwork’s bid to the Big Lottery was unsuccessful but they would continue the search for funding and report back at the next meeting.

Local Safety Scheme, Wilpshire Road – County Councillor Parkinson reported that traffic would be slowed down on Wilpshire Road with road markings, strips, additional signage and kerbing.

Request for a speed sign on Blackburn Road, on entry to Rishton from the Whitebirk roundabout – County Councillor Parkinson reported that Lancashire County Council had assessed the road and a suitable location was found.

Additional CCTV Provision – The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that technical site assessments were complete and installation of the ‘mesh network wireless system’ was in progress. The installation and commissioning of the CCTV equipment would commence in January 2008 for completion by the end of March 2008

Britain in Bloom – Margaret Worden reported that Rishton had registered with Britain in Bloom for the Neighbourhood Awards Scheme. The meeting was provided with details of the route that would be taken by the judges and leaflets would be delivered to those houses to inform them. It was expected judging would take place sometime in June next year and any residents interested in helping were asked to contact her.

Whitebirk roundabout – County Councillor Parkinson advised that work had commenced on the roundabout and on the 5th November 2007 the County Council would be carrying out waterproofing to Norden Canal Bridge which would last approximately three weeks. The meeting was warned the work may cause congestion.

Christmas lights – The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that the Christmas lights switch on would take place on 3rd December 2007 at 7pm outside the library followed by coffee and mince pies in the welfare centre.

Your town in 2018

The Principal Policy and Research Officer, Hyndburn Borough Council gave a presentation on the Sustainable Community Strategy in Hyndburn, as follows:

Explained that the Sustainable Community Strategy was the Borough’s most important strategy and that all public and voluntary sector organisations registered to help achieve the Strategy’s aims. The Strategy would last for 10 years and fit in with the Borough’s new Local Development Framework.

The draft vision’s aim was to:

Create a strong and balanced housing market a place where it would be good to learn, work and do business a health and safe community with pride, confidence and high aspirations a collection of floral market towns a place for everyone, which values and embraces diversity

Advised the meeting of the suggestions that partner organisations had made such as the need for health to be included as a priority in its own right, that the Strategy should link into regional initiatives and that transport should be included.

Referred to the Council’s new newspaper, the Beacon, which would be distributed across the Borough in forthcoming weeks by the Council’s recycling teams and that the newspaper would provide further information on the Strategy.

Residents were advised that any suggestions they had on the Strategy could be forwarded via email, text, in writing or in person at the Council offices.

Explained the timetable of events and that the document would be in place by mid-January 2008.

A resident suggested that Hyndburn had a severe problem with youth crime and was an unsafe place to live. The Principal Policy and Research Officer advised that although crime in Hyndburn was falling it remained a priority and that under the Strategy it would be necessary to consider the areas of crime that were the most important.

Benefits take-up campaign Hyndburn Borough Council’s, Customer Services Manager gave a presentation on housing and council tax benefit, as follows:

The aim of the presentation was to raise awareness, encourage benefit take up, provide an overview of housing benefit and council tax benefit and dispel any myths associated with claiming benefits.

Provided a brief overview of what housing and council tax benefit were.

Informed the meeting of Second Adult Rebate, which provided help towards council tax if another adult resided in the house, although it was not normally paid if a partner was living in the house.

Referred to the fictional/factual beliefs behind claiming benefits and the different ways they could be claimed.

Informed the meeting that a decision was generally made within 14 days and that Hyndburn Borough Council’s Customer Services and Benefits section was currently classed as ‘excellent’ by the Department of Work and Pensions Performance Standards for dealing with benefit claims.

Advised that residents could be eligible for full rent costs, although there were restrictions for private properties and people under the age of 25 and that up to the full amount of council tax benefit could be paid or 25% for Second Adult Rebate.

Suggested that any residents who felt they may be entitled to further benefits could visit the following organisations for help and advice. The pension service held fortnightly surgeries at Accrington Town Hall for advice in relation to pensions and residents could also visit the Community Advice Centre.

The meeting was informed that residents in receipt of housing and council tax benefit were entitled to concessionary leisure cards and help with veterinary fees, via the PDSA.

A resident asked if help was available if an applicant held savings. The Customer Services Manager indicated that if an applicant had savings over 16,000 they were not entitled to help with Council Tax benefit, but someone of pension age who received pension credits regardless of their savings would be entitled to help with rent/council tax.

Anti-social behaviour

The Chair reported that no yellow questionnaires were available for the meeting but the results from previous questionnaires would filter through soon.

Open Forum

Ruth Colling submitted the following email prior to the meeting:

Q. Why had the excellent fitness classes provided at Primetime been cancelled and what was the possibility of their return? Residents of Rishton had to travel to the sports centre to attend classes and with no direct bus service and difficult access people were deterred from attending. It had also been suggested that Hyndburn Leisure was in financial difficulty and reassurance that existing services would not be cut would be welcomed.

R. The Area Council Co-ordinator provided the following response that was received from the Deputy Chief Executive of Leisure in Hyndburn Trust.

The original business plan for Norden Sports Centre (Prime Time) included the installation of a gym, which was to be jointly funded by the school and the Trust. Prior to the opening of the new sports centre there was a delay in the installation of the gym and it was decided to provide fitness classes in that space until the issues were resolved. Once the problems were remedied the fitness classes were moved to Mercer Hall Leisure Centre, Great Harwood and Hyndburn sports centre. The Deputy Chief Executive apologised for the poor communication to customers but indicated they would continue to review the situation at Norden and as such an open evening was arranged for the 1st November 2007 from 6pm to 8pm, when activities would be free of charge and allow the Trust to assess the level of interest. The event would be repeated on 6th November 2007 at Mercer Hall Leisure Centre.

The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that Hyndburn Borough Council’s Director of Leisure had advised the Council anticipated that existing provision of community used facilities at Norden Sports Centre would continue in the future.

John Worden submitted the following question by email prior to the meeting:

Q. The footpath between Beech Close and Eachill Gardens floods in heavy rain and water overflows into nearby gardens. The problem had been reported on numerous occasions over recent years and Council officials had inspected the drainage on the footpath several times, but to date nothing had been done.

R. The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that the footpath was adopted and as such responsibility for its maintenance, including the drainage, belonged to Lancashire County Council. The complaint had been forwarded to the County Council at Willows Lane for investigation. It was anticipated that further information would be available at the next meeting of Area Council.


Lancashire Local Feedback

County Councillor Parkinson advised there was no update available from Lancashire Local.

Lancashire County Council

County Councillor Parkinson informed Area Council that it was anticipated the children’s centre would be completed by Christmas and that a planning application for Rishton train station had been submitted for consideration.

A resident asked if the cracked footpath outside the children’s centre would be repaired. County Councillor Parkinson confirmed he would convey the resident’s concerns to the interested parties.

Lancashire Constabulary

Inspector Saville introduced himself to the meeting and advised that he had taken over from Inspector O’Reilly who had relocated to Greenbank. Inspector Saville then provided the meeting with an update on policing issues in Rishton, as follows:

Overall figures showed a 4% reduction in crime on last year’s figures.

Since 13th July 2007 a dispersal order had been in force in Rishton to tackle the problems of antisocial behaviour.

Test purchasing was ongoing in conjunction with Trading Standards and to date had proved a success in Rishton, no shops had sold alcohol to the test purchasers.

The marking of alcohol bottles in shops had taken place so that when alcohol was seized it was possible to locate the shop they originated from.

Community Beat Managers in conjunction with the fire services were visiting local schools presenting Operation Bright Spark, which advised pupils of the danger of fireworks.

The PACT surgery was held every Monday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at the school on Frederick Street.

A number of warrants had been issued in relation to the theft of metals such as lead, copper and aluminium. The police were working with scrap yards and also applying a special substance to church roofs to combat the problem.

The Chair advised the meeting that if any bonfires or incidents of wood gathering were seen that were considered inappropriate to contact the police immediately.


Margaret Worden provided an update on the work of Prospects, as follows:

Decorations were made and stall holders provided with refreshments at the festival held in July.

Prospects continued to plant bulbs in various locations throughout Rishton and residents were asked to provide ideas for further places for bulb planting.

Prospects had not been short listed for the Community Rail Awards held by Network Rail but had received feedback that would be used for next year’s awards scheme.

Margaret Worden thanked Area Council for the 200 provided to Prospects for bulbs.

Friends of Rishton Youth

Christine Hammerton provided an update on the Friends of Rishton Youth, as follows:

Advised that funding was received from Lancashire County Council for a youth project which enabled them to provide costumes for the parade during the festival. A small amount of money was remaining but they had not decided what to spend it on.

The Friends of Rishton Youth had applied for lottery funding and alternative funding would be sought.

Free Gardeners Residents Association

David Haworth reported that Chapel Street Garden had recently been destroyed by young children under the age of 10 that were using the area. The Free Gardeners Residents Association in conjunction with local residents had decided that the garden be refurbished by those children that had spoilt the area. The work was expected to commence in March 2008 and it was hoped if they had were involved with the refurbishment, they would respect the gardens.


The Chair reported that a request was received for kissing gates at the ginnel between Cut Wood and Somerset to prevent motorbikes accessing the land and causing anti-social behaviour. The land was not owned by Hyndburn Borough Council or Lancashire County Council and as such Area Council a land registry search had been commissioned to establish ownership before any monies were committed to pay for the work.

The Area Council Co-ordinator referred the meeting to paper C that contained details of the budget for 2007/08.

The Area Council Co-ordinator reported that the following schemes had been proposed:

A garden feature on the corner of Parker Street, as part of the Floral Market Towns Initiative. An officer from the Parks Department was expected to attend the meeting, but was unable to attend due to illness. The item would be submitted for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting of Rishton Area Council; and Notice boards for Rishton Welfare Centre, which were to be costed and a report brought back to the next meeting of Area Council.

The Area Council Co-ordinator advised that a grant application was received from Rishton Prospects Panel for 2,591 towards their benches project to install a total of 20 recycled benches, bought from Prosperity Recycling, in various locations throughout Rishton.

Resolved (1) That Rishton Area Council noted the report; and

(2) That Rishton Area Council approved the following grant application:

Rishton Prospects Panel - 2,591


The Chair thanked residents for attending Rishton Area Council and advised the next meeting would take place on 14th February 2007 at 7pm at St. Charles Primary School.