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Thursday, 8th March 2012


Councillor Harry Grayson (in the Chair); Councillors Clare Cleary and Ken Moss.

In attendance: Lancashire County Council: County Councillor Miles Parkinson, Member of Parliament: Graham Jones MP

Officers: M. Cunliffe and A. Roberts

Residents: (No. of residents in attendance: 26)


The Chair, Councillor Harry Grayson welcomed residents to the first Rishton Area Council meeting and introduced the Councillors present.


A one minute silence was observed in memory of the six soldiers who had lost their lives in Afghanistan earlier in the week who were from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.


Apologies for absence were submitted by Colin Cooper, Elaine Holden, Lesley Jackson and Margaret Worden.

There were no reported declarations of interest.


The minutes of the former Rishton Area Management Council meeting held on 15th March 2011 (paper A) were submitted for approval.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 15th March 2011 be approved as a correct record.


The Chair provided information about the new format for Area Councils following changes to the old service because of funding cuts. Local Councillors would now be more responsible for promoting meetings in the area with the use of posters and press releases. Dates of future meetings would be advertised in advance and a rotation of the Chair and local venues had been planned. The open forum part of the meeting would be given greater prominence and Councillors would listen to any suggestions to improve arrangements.

Flooding at the bottom of Cook Lane had become a problem due to the winter rainfall and the inadequate drainage facilities. This had resulted in HBC pumping large amounts of water from the area. The landowners had not allowed HBC to carry out long term solutions on the land although discussions had started to try and resolve the issue.

A joint partnership had been created involving HBC, LCC, Norden School and Rishton United Football Club to create a community and school use changing room, club house and a car parking facility for various local sports teams. It involved a £1.9m grant bid to various sports agencies to create a state of the art facility, although this would be a long term project.

Plans had been drawn up to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and a budget would be available to obtain some decorations which included bunting, flags and flag poles above shops. Street party application packs were available on request from HBC.

A Community Road Watch Scheme (CRWS) had been created by the neighbourhood policing team aimed at reducing road fatalities in Rishton. Drivers who exceed the speed limit, use mobile phones and fail to wear seatbelts or install child restraints would be targeted. Community volunteers had been recruited to a CRWS team to act as a visual deterrent which involved the use of a speed gun device, although the police would still be in attendance.

The Chair invited people to become involved and provide input in the Rishton neighbourhood development plan.

A number of residents asked questions including:

Speed restrictions on Parker Street including the introduction of 20mph road signs and how do you apply to be a CRWS volunteer?

County Councillor Miles Parkinson reported that all urban areas in Lancashire would be made 20mph zones apart from the main A roads, and signs would eventually be installed.

A resident commented that only one CRWS volunteer had been recruited and there were no plans for anymore at present.


The Chair would write to Styropack along with Fagan and Whalley about concerns of speeding vehicles on certain residential streets in Rishton.


Councillor Ken Moss reported that a motion had been submitted to full council and was passed to revise dog fouling fines to £1,000, subject to agreement from national government. The national media had covered a story relating to a forensic conducting DNA tests on dog mess left in public places and then identify animals through veterinarian records.

A Cabinet action day took place in Rishton with a walk around which included the dog warden providing extra patrols in the area. Residents were encouraged to report the people responsible for dog fouling and could submit their information via the HBC website.

Empty homes and blighted sites are to be looked at with a database being updated detailing empty and unsightly properties. Houses on Spring Street had been demolished and bad landlords would be investigated.

Councillor Moss informed residents that lighting along the white path had been discussed although this would cost a large amount of money. A solution could be solar or wind turbine powered electric lights although all options would be investigated. The local police had confirmed that there was an incident in the white path area but not a rape crime that had been miss reported around the area.

With the cost of high insurance in the BB1 postcode area, discussions had taken place to change the postcode for parts of Hyndburn, including Rishton which fall under BB1 code. The Chief Executive wrote to Royal Mail on four occasions and the answer provided was the responsibility falls with the insurance sector regards high costs.

The Rishton first website was promoted which contains information for residents about all the activities taking place in the local area.

A number of residents asked questions including:

Landlords should take responsibility for the upkeep of properties even if they are empty or after they have been rented out.

What is being done with the old factory at the bottom of Spring Street?

If decorations are planned for the Queen’s Jubilee, can the house next to the chemist on High Street be cleaned up as the windows are dirty and a new blind would look nicer?

The Chair stated that some of the issues could be dealt with later in the open forum section of the meeting. He advised that the Chemist had been contacted and the Head of Regeneration at HBC had already sent a letter to them.


Councillor Clare Cleary reported that she was a member of the Council’s Health and Communities Working Group which looked at local health services, along with being a member of various local organisations.

A motion was voted through at full Council in relation to pay day loans and capping the interest charged on them.

Issues about noisy neighbours had been dealt which can be a problem for local residents.

A group had been formed to look at the possibility of a skate park being created and updates would be available via the Rishton blog.

A number of residents asked questions including:

Would the site for a skate-park be near the recreation ground?

Can some facilities be built on the bottom recreation ground for younger children, similar to Mercer Park in Clayton?

Is any funding available to improve land on Holt Street?

The skate park would be sited away from residential properties to avoid noise issues and Friends of Rishton Youth would be involved. It was reported that a 25 year lease was taken out for land on Holt Street and two lottery funding bids to create a children’s area had been rejected.


County Councillor Miles Parkinson reported he would answer any HBC issues in the open forum section of the meeting. He stated that the future of Rishton is included in the Hyndburn Core Strategy and input by residents would help develop the plan. The County Council are responsible for social services, education and highways in Rishton. He added that there had been some clearance works carried out near the canal and would also be available to answer questions after the meeting.


The Chair welcomed Graham Jones the MP for Hyndburn to the meeting and he provided a verbal report on key issues affecting Rishton and the Borough, these included: •

  • Improvements to the canal corridor and Spring Street area of Rishton
  • The Health and Social Care Bill
  • Reorganisation of the NHS and campaigning for a health centre in the north of the Borough to service Rishton and Great Harwood.
  • The local economy and the employment situation in Hyndburn
  • Metal thefts and highlighting the issue on a national level
  • The local government finance bill
  • An Increase on empty homes council tax
  • BAE systems and the government failure on contracts which could effect local sites in Lancashire
  • Dealing with private housing landlords and empty properties
  • Cuts to services and benefits such as child care allowances and the under 35 room rate
  • Government plans to localise business rates

A number of residents asked questions including:

Reforms to the benefit system could see individuals have access to all their money at the start of a month and this could cause problems for vulnerable people. If there is an over supply of housing in the Borough why do you welcome housing regeneration?

There is no quality housing for old people in Rishton.  Can old factories be developed into small housing units to fit the needs of local people?

The MP reported that there was an over and under supply of certain types of housing stock such as a high volume of terraced homes which accounted for 60% of Hyndburn’s properties.

There is a shortage of elderly and sheltered accommodation in the area and it would take a number of years to build up adequate supplies.


The Chair reported that six advanced questions had been submitted prior to the meeting, these included:

  • Traffic calming measures before the Canal Bridge.
  • No bus shelter on Canal Street
  • Lack of cash points below the canal bridge
  • Problems with litter around the Spar shop
  • Does the walkabout cover the bottom area of Rishton
  • An abandoned car on Talbot Street had been reported with no tax disc or registration plates.

Councillor Moss reported that LCC would only contribute funding for a bus shelter if built on a certain route. Hermitage Street is not classed as a major bus route in their criteria and to install a wrap around shelter would cost £8,500 which is the total budget for Rishton Area Council.

A resident enquired if the under used shelter outside the Dunkenhalgh Hotel could be relocated to Hermitage Street, it was stated that LCC would need to build extensions out beyond footpaths.

The Chair informed residents that the availability of cash machines is a private issue and there are two bins located near the Spar store. Walkabouts had been conducted in all areas of Rishton and the local police have dealt with the car on Talbot Street.


A number of residents commented that they can identify the criminals responsible for metal thefts in the area. A resident stated that the police seemed very disinterested when they reported a metal theft  from their property.

A resident complained about sat nav systems sending vans and HGV vehicles into the Tottleworth area and ending up stuck whilst causing damage to grass verges.

A resident reported that HGV’s are turning around on Holt Street and reversing onto the main road.

A resident asked for an update on the proposed kissing gate for Shaw Brook Close to restrict horse access as reported in the minutes from the 15th March 2011 meeting.

A resident complained about horse manure being left in the middle of Haworth Street.

A resident enquired if building work polices include employing local people to provide the construction.

A resident informed the meeting that during the evening vehicles are driving on Cook Lane (sic) and tipping a powder on farm land.

Graham Jones MP advised that tagging or smart water can be used on metal which would help police identify owners if they recover stolen items.

The Chair reported that the sat nav companies had already been advised in the past to take Tottleworth off the latest editions of their softwear (sic). A permanent sign may be considered to help with the situation.

Councillor Moss advised that following consultation talks between residents and the horse riding community no horse related complaints or incidents had been made and as a result the kissing gate had not been installed. The Chair added that bye-laws allow horses on the highways.

Councillor Moss commented that the issue of using local businesses to provide a service known as procurement had been investigated by the overview and scrutiny committee at HBC. Graham Jones MP added that clauses in contracts can mean companies who employ apprentices may get the deal and this usually involved the larger national firms than small local businesses.

The Chair reported that the powder being laid on farmland was called mulch and consisted of compressed paper which helps cultivate the land. Environmental health had confirmed in writing that it was not harmful waste.


The Chair referred residents to paper B in their packs which included a budget report and grants report 2011/ 2012 update.

  • Total Capital Budget Carried Forward from 2010/2011 £3,746.00
  • Total Capital Budget for 2011/2012 £17,000.00
  • Total Revenue Budget for 2011/2012 £2,600.00

The Chair reported that £1,958.00 had been spent from Capital carried forward from 2010/2011, £3,476.00 had been approved resulting in the budget remaining at £1,518.00.

£200.00 had been spent from Capital 2011/2012 leaving a budget remaining of £16,800.00.

£1,924.20 had been spent from Revenue 2011/2012 leaving a budget remaining of £675.80.

The Chair informed residents of the Capital funding requests made to the meeting.

  •  34 flag poles and flags above shops on High Street for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations â€" Up to£1,020.
  •  Rishton Old People’s Welfare Association A £500.00.
  •  Ground mounted flag pole at Parker Street Corner - £227.50
  • The Chair informed residents of the Revenue funding requests made to the meeting.
  •  Christmas Trees above the shops scheme Up to £1,500.00

Resolved; (1) That the following capital budget allocations be approved by Rishton Area Council:

  • - Flag poles & flags above shops: Up to £1,020.00
  • - Rishton Old People’s Welfare Association: £500.00
  • - Ground mounted flag pole for Parker St Corner: £227.50

(2) That the following revenue budget allocations be approved by Rishton Area Council, subject to receiving a satisfactory budget allocation for 2012/13:

  • - Christmas Trees above the shops scheme: Up to £1,500.00

(3) That the Rishton Area Council considers any further proposed schemes.


The Chair provided an update on the following Rishton events:

  • 11th March at 11.00am, Spring Fair, Rishton Cricket Club •
  • 22nd March at 7.30pm, Rishton Festival Committee Meeting •
  • 24th March at 10.00am, Easter coffee morning at Rishton People’s Centre
  • 3rd April at 2.00pm, Royal British Legion meeting at the Conservative Club
  • 3rd April at 7.00pm, Propects Panel Meeting at Rishton People’s Centre
  • 6th April at 6.00pm, PACT meeting, at Copper House on Station Road.
  • 21st April, St George’s Day coffee morning at the Rishton People’s Centre
  • 7th July at 10.30am, Rishton Festival Olympic themed procession from the station to Norden School.

Further information would be available on notice boards and the Rishton First forum website was promoted as a way to advertise events for free by contacting Councillor Moss.

The Chair thanked residents for attending the meeting and advised that the date for the next Rishton Area Council meeting had been arranged for Thursday 17th May 2012 at Rishton Cricket Club.

Thursday, 28thJune 2012

Present: Councillor Clare Cleary (in the Chair); Councillors Harry Grayson and Ken Moss.

In attendance: Lancashire County Council: County Councillor Miles Parkinson

Officers: M. Cunliffe and A. Roberts

Residents: (No. of residents in attendance: 13)


Councillor Clare Cleary welcomed residents to the Rishton Area Council meeting and introduced the Councillors present.


Apologies for absence were submitted by Margaret Worden and Fiona Cook.

There were no reported declarations of interest.


The Area Co-ordinator, Ann Roberts reported that due to the meeting being the first Rishton Area Council of the municipal year a Chair needed to be appointed. Councillor Clare Cleary was elected Chair and a resident asked for clarification regards who would Chair following meetings.

Resolved; - (1) That Councillor Clare Cleary be appointed Chair for the Rishton Area Council meeting followed by a rotational basis which would result in Councillor Ken Moss and then Councillor Harry Grayson chairing the next two subsequent meetings.



The minutes of the Rishton Area Council meeting held on 8th March 2012 (paper A) were submitted for approval.

Residents requested a correction on page two and page five of the minutes that Cook Lane should read Cut Lane.

Resolved - (2) That the minutes of the meeting held on 8th March 2012 be approved as a correct record subject to the amendment as set out above.


The Area Working Co-ordinator referred residents to paper B in their packs which included a budget report and grants report 2012/ 2013 as of the 28th June 2012.

Capital Budget for 2012/2013 £17,000.00

Capital Budget c/f from 2011/2012 not committed £16,570.50

Total Capital Budget Available £33,570.50

Capital Budget c/f from 2011/2012 committed £1,947.50

Revenue Budget for 2012/2013 £2,600.00

Revenue Budget c/f from 2011/2012 not committed £585.80

Total Revenue Budget Available £3,185.80

Expenditure 2012/13

  • Capital: c/f 2011/2012* Committed Amount Approved Hyndburn Homewise £200.00
  • Rishton Old People’s Welfare Association £500.00
  • Installation of Flags & Flag Poles above shops £1,020.00
  • Ground Mounted Flag Poles* Parker Street £227.50

Total Expenditure £1,947.50

Capital 2012/2013 Amount Approved

  • Installation of Flags & Flag Poles above shops £600.00

Total Expenditure £600.00

Budget Remaining £32,970.50

Revenue 2012/2013 Amount Approved

  • Chapel Street Maintenance £565.00
  • Christmas Trees above shops £1,500.00

Total Expenditure £2,065.00

Budget Remaining £1,120.80

The Area Working Co-ordinator informed residents of the Capital funding requests made to the meeting.

It was reported that there were no problems purchasing bins but plans had to be put in place concerning the waste collections. This issue would be updated on at the next Area Council meeting.

A resident had concerns with no public toilet being available in Rishton and had read of an agreement elsewhere between a local council paying stores to provide these facilities. Another resident added that the library does not provide toilets and you could ask for the key at Great Harwood health centre to use their facility.

County Councillor Parkinson questions if there would be toilets in the new Co*Op store and that superloos and toilets in parks can result in vandalism and social problems. Councillor Clare Cleary added she would look at the new Co*Op plans regards a public convenience.

A resident reported vehicles parking on the yellow hatched area outside Norden school.

Councillor Grayson commented that if Building Schools for the Future funding had gone through then parking areas would have been created. This would have helped local residents who find it difficult to park at certain times in the morning and afternoon. County Councillor Parkinson advised the resident to make notes and pass on details to the local PCSO to get the issue classed as a priority at the local PACT meetings.

A resident talked about wheelchair access in the area and that some kerbs had been lowered on Cliff Street, although a number of these had been done next to the drains. This had resulted in the tyres of wheelchairs becoming stuck in the drains as they faced the same way. It was also reported that some sides of the pavement can’t be used by wheelchairs as cars block parts of the pathway.

County Councillor Parkinson said he would pass the information onto the Hyndburn highways department at LCC to see if the drain covers could be switched so the gaps face the direction of the road and not pavement to pavement.

A resident said that the new bus timetable is very confusing and the previous services ran more often?

Councillor Grayson informed the resident that the bus company was a private provider although they could ask questions relating to the service. Copies of the timetable could be highlighted to make the Rishton to Accrington route easy to understand. County Councillor Parkinson commented that developments in Clayton at the business park could see a bus service operate to the employment zone which could also service parts of Rishton, Clayton and Church.

A resident asked if the area outside the parish church could be restricted to church parking only as a car had been left there for several days and only just moved in time for a funeral service?

Councillor Grayson suggested a polite notice could be displayed asking for the area to be kept clear.

A resident reported that a red telephone box had been removed in Rishton leaving just one in place. Could this be saved from removal?

Councillor Moss reported he would investigate this matter and contact British Telecom to see if the red box located on Harwood Road would be safe from removal and ask if the box recently taken could be returned.

A number of residents commented on another take away being opened in Rishton.

It was reported that a new fish and chip restaurant would be opening in the town.


The Chair provided an update on the following Rishton events:

  • •1st July at 2.00 pm, Rishton Royal British Legion, Rishton Conservative Club
  • •3rd July, Prospects, Rishton People’s Centre
  • •4th July at 6.00 pm, PACT meeting, Copper House
  • •7th July, Rishton Festival
  • •18th August, Victorian Fair, Spring Street Playing Fields
  • •8th September, Bingo afternoon, Rishton People’s Centre

Further information would be available on the Rishton blog.

The Chair thanked residents for attending the meeting and advised that the date for the next Rishton Area Council had been arranged for Thursday 18th October 2012, 7.00pm at Rishton Cricket Club.

Thursday, 18thOctober, 2012

Present: Councillor  Ken Moss (in the chair); Councillors Clare Cleary and Harry Grayson.

In attendance: Lancashire County Council: County Councillor Miles Parkinson

Officers: A. Roberts , S. Gardner, R. Walker and L. Middlehurst

Police: P.C. Andy Sarchett

Hyndburn Homewise: Sue Sinclair

Residents: (No. of residents in attendance: 13)


The Chair welcomed residents to the meeting of Rishton Area Council.

Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest

Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Ruth Collins and Father Dowd.

There were no reported declarations of interest.

Appointment of Chair of Meeting Resolved - That Ken Moss be appointed chairperson for the duration of the meeting of Rishton Area Council, due to chairs being appointed on a rotational basis.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the Rishton Area Council meeting held on 28th June 2012 (paper A) were submitted for approval.

A resident referred to the item on Councillor Update â€" Harry Grayson and pointed out that the name Colin Hooper should have been recorded as Colin Cooper.

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2012 be approved as a correct record subject to the correction of the name as referred to above.

Matters Arising

A resident reported a faulty street light in St. John’s Road (sic) and a street light which was constantly on in School Street. Another resident report a faulty street light at the junction of Eachill and complained about the length of time it was taking to repair the faults.

County Councillor Parkinson explained that Lancashire County Council would resolve street lighting problems quickly within their own capabilities but electrical faults would be referred to United Utilities who had their own policies for carrying out repairs and this often took a lot longer.

The Chair referred to the information available on the newly erected notice boards and encouraged residents to have a look and use them.

Budget Allocation

The Area Working Co-ordinator referred residents to paper B in their packs which included budget and revenue reports for 2012/ 2013

She referred to a request for funding for two ground mounted flag poles and flags, one to be located at the Cenotaph and one in central Rishton. The flags would be the English, Lancashire and Union flags so that all three flag poles could display the same flags simultaneously.

The Area Working Co-ordinator informed residents that no Revenue funding requests had been made to the meeting.

She explained how residents could apply for Area Council funding.

Resolved;-That Rishton Area Council approved the request for capital funding of £800 for two ground mounted flag poles and a number  of flags.

Rishton Area Council Award

The Chair explained that previous Rishton Area Council awards had been presented to Lesley Jackson and Elaine Holden and invited resident to submit nominations for the 2012/13 award.

Councillor Updates

Councillor Harry Grayson

Councillor Grayson referred to the number of metal thefts that had taken place in Rishton and pointed out that allotments had also been targets for theft and vandalism. He reported that the subsequent Police operation had been successful and led to an arrest. He encouraged residents to report any suspicious behaviour to the Police and informed the meeting that Graham Jones M.P. was working to tighten up the sale of scrap metal.

He reported further that the Council was considering alternative uses for blighted sites such as using the land for the promotion and development of food growing projects. The scheme to provide plaques for marking historical locations in Rishton should be completed by the end of 2012 and that a speed camera would be located on Blackburn Road in Rishton to encourage drivers to reduce speed.

Councillor Ken Moss

Councillor Moss reported that a motion had been submitted to Full Council which had been agreed so the Council would look at ways in which a masterplan could be drawn up regarding the Rishton canal corridor to create a cohesive vision for this stretch of waterway. He indicated that a progress report was due to be received in December 2012.

In addition he reported that he would be campaigning to keep Rishton’s only remaining public telephone box, that land in Rishton would be included in the Council’s project to look at better ways of utilising the Council’s land assets and that he has asked the local Refuse Collector, Tom, to monitor and clean up the area around Haworth Street which had been subject to cleansing issues due to the street sweeper being unable to access the area.

He referred to preparations for the Accrington Pals Centenary in 2016 and invited residents/local groups to become involved.

He also referred to the events listed in the Rishton Diary for the remainder of 2012.

Councillor Clare Cleary

Councillor Cleary congratulated all residents/local groups who had been involved in the Rishton Festival with special thanks to Christine Hamilton and Malcolm Ward for their work to make the day a success. She reported that events had been recorded through photography.

She reported that the Council’s Licensing Committee were considering ways to licence scrap yards and that more information on this subject would be available on the Council’s website.

She also informed residents about the ‘Fast Politics’ event due to take place at Accrington Town Hall on 23rd October, that she was currently dealing with a number of local issues including fly tipping and noise nuisance. That the Christmas light switch on in Rishton was being organised and intended to involve the local primary school children and that the impact of changes to the bus service in Rishton were being monitored.

County Councillor Update Councillor Miles Parkinson

County Councillor Miles Parkinson reported on Hyndburn Borough Council’s initiative to encourage charities, businesses, communities and individuals to work with the military to offer support to service personnel and their families as well as reservists and veterans.

He informed the meeting that Transerve would not be taking the 6B bus out of service until next Spring when the service would be reviewed again. He referred to the importance of the service to the school children in Rishton who attended St. Wilfrids High School in Blackburn.

He indicated that he would continue to support and campaign for the continuation of the service from next Spring onwards. He also pointed out that the Pennine Reach decision was coming to conclusion.

He reported that the development of the Whitebirk Employment site was still in negotiation and that he would report on further progress at future meetings.

He reported that Councillors were lobbying for a zebra crossing on Blackburn Road and that this would be going to the Planning Committee for determination.

He indicated that the Highways winter gritting policy had been updated and that Local Democracy Question Time would be taking place at St. Christopher’s High School, Accrington which included students in question and answer sessions.

Changes to Council Tax Benefits

Rachael Walker gave a presentation on the Council Tax Reforms and outlined what this would mean for residents. She reported that the changes would take place from April 2013 and that the Council had been carrying out consultation since August 2012 and outlined the number of ways in which they had been doing this. She reported that the proposed scheme was based on the current scheme with some bold changes that would simplify the benefits process.

These included:

  • ·20% less for all working age claimants
  • ·Pensioners would see no changes to benefits
  • ·There would no longer be backdating
  • ·An increase in non-dependant deductions
  • ·No second adult rebate
  • ·Reduce capital cut off limit
  • ·All capital and savings would be included in calculations
  • ·Self-employed claimants must provide accounts
  • ·Considerations for vulnerable groups
  • ·Single person discounts would remain

Next steps were to get as much feedback on the scheme as possible before submitting a report to Full Council, have a scheme finalised by 31st January 2013 and go live by April 2013.

Hyndburn Homewise

Sue Sinclair reported that Hyndburn Homes had charitable status and was located on Whalley Road, Accrington. She informed residents that they were a Housing Advice Agency and could provide services for all residents such as:

  • Impartial support on all aspects of housing
  • ·Home case workers to give technical advice
  • ·Monitoring of workmen on behalf of clients and release of payment only on satisfaction of clients
  • ·Benefits advice
  • ·Fund raising for those on limited incomes
  • ·Handyman service
  • ·Free security assessment of homes and free security measures for those over 60 years
  • ·Provide information and advice on energy use in the home
  • ·Aids and adaptations in the home (working with the NHS) to help people meet their needs
  • ·Fund raising for people with low incomes who need adaptation facilities
  • ·Recycle and provide at a low cost adaptation equipment

She referred residents to the Homewise website for further information.

Community Updates


P.C. Sarchett reported that he would part of the Rishton Neighbourhood Policing Team and outlined how they could be contacted. He reported that PACT meetings were held monthly in the Copper House Children’s Centre each Wednesday of every month at 6pm and invited people to call in to discuss issues. He referred people who wanted to report incidents anonymously to Crime Stoppers. He reported that the Police Station in Great Harwood had been kept open during daylight hours but was closed on Sundays and Mondays. He advised people to ring 101 to report non-emergency incidents. He informed residents that PC Clare Wall had joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Members of Prospects reported on the Rishton canal scheme which ran from High Street Bridge to Norden Bridge. Residents were informed that they had worked with British Waterways and had adopted the railway to station to improve its appearance and make it more appealing to users. Details were provided on how they contributed to the maintenance of the station and that they had lost out to Huncoat for the Station of the Year award.

Other projects at the station included a food growing scheme.

Residents were informed that meetings would be held in early November to organise the replacement of all planters in the village. Cuttwood Park had been re-awarded the Green Flag Award and information boards had been erected.

Residents were encouraged to support the Rishton Festival.

Rishton Horticultural Society

A member of the Rishton Horticultural Society reported that they had carried out a successful planting with the Guides and Brownies and the Fun Day had been a success. The meeting was informed that regular meetings were held at the Conservative Club every 4 to 6 weeks.

Churches Together

Colin Cooper reported on the forthcoming Remembrance Sunday service to be held in Rishton and gave details of when and where the services would be held. He also reported on the progress being made with organising the Craft Festival to be held in 2013.

The Chair congratulated Colin Cooper on behalf of Rishton Area Council for being an Olympic Torch Bearer in Rishton.

Advance Questions

A summary of the advanced questions submitted are as follows:

  • ·Grit Bins -Where have grit bins been removed and not replaced in Rishton?
  • ·Dog Bins -How many and where are dog bins located in Rishton and what is the ratio per dog owner?
  • ·Traffic Accident Prevention-Concern that there is no provision to prevent road traffic accidents due to speeding in the Blackburn Road and Cut Wood Park area.
  • ·Fast Food Outlets-How many fast food outlets are too many in Rishton’s High Street?
  • ·Education Provision -Will education provision be made for the increase in housing development in Rishton?
  • ·Wifi -Why does Rishton Library not have WiFi?
  • ·Safety Provision -What safety procedures are being put into place in respect of properties on Howarth Street, which have been slowly collapsing?
  • ·Connecting Streets -Is consideration being given to connecting Henry Street, through Meadhead, to the bottom of Petre Crescent?
  • ·Wall Damage -When will the wall next to the Reservoir on Blackburn Road be repaired which was damaged in an accident five years ago?

Responses were as follows:

Grit Bins

The only grit bin to have been removed and not replaced since 2005 was on Bridge Street.

Dog Bins

There are over 30 dog bins in Rishton including Cut Wood Park and the Council was working with the Dog Warden to resolved problems reported by residents. The meeting was informed that people did not need a licence to have a dog.

Traffic Accident Prevention

County Councillor Parkinson provided details of road traffic accidents on Blackburn Road and in the Cut Wood area and pointed out that speed cameras had been located in these areas to encourage drivers to reduce speed.

Fast Food Outlets

There were eight fast food outlets located in Rishton High Street and any more would have to adhere to the Council’s planning regulations.

Education Provision

Educational provision is determined on social needs and the number of school places available. The number of students attending secondary school was currently falling and there fore no further provision was intended.


Rishton Library does have a wifi facility.

Safety Provision

An Enforcement Notice had been served on a property in Haworth Street and the Council was using this as a test case. The meeting was given information on the powers the Council had and used to force properties to meet a standard.

Connecting Streets

Lancashire County Council considered that there was little possibility of Walmsley Avenue being connected to Walmsley Street and Henry Street being connected through Meadhead to the bottom of Petre Cescent as funding was not available.

Wall Damage

The repair was the responsibility of United Utilities and Bridge Angling Association who owned the wall.

Open Forum

A resident asked for a progress report on the old factory site.

Councillor Grayson reported that the Council had taken action against the landlord and that negotiations for improvements to the site were ongoing.

A resident asked for a progress report on the Whitebirk Employment Site

County Councillor Parkinson reported that the land marked as Whitebirk Employment Site was part of the Dunkenhalgh Estate but there were a number of interested parties looking at ways to develop the site.

A resident asked what the outcome of the Council’s Recycling Draw was.

County Councillor Parkinson reported that the recycling target had not been met and therefore the draw would roll over to the following year.

A resident asked if the local election boundaries of the borough were still in the process of being changed.

County Councillor Parkinson pointed out that the coalition government was in disagreement about the boundary changes for the local elections and therefore changes to the current  system were unlikely a the present time. However, the consultation was still in progress and the opportunity to provide comments.

A resident reported rubbish being thrown on the derelict site at the end of Spring Street.

The Chair reported that this issue was currently being addressed by the Council.

A resident reported traffic congestion around Norden High School at peak times and expressed concern that a child would be involved in an accident unless action was taken.

The Chair reported that the Council had good communications with the school and pointed out that they were aware of the issues with traffic and were taken steps to deal with them.

Rishton Events Diary

The Chair provided an update on the following Rishton events:

  • 27.10.12 Tabletop Sale, St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church â€"10am
  • 28.10.12 Children’s hallowe’en Party, Free Gardeners â€"2pm
  • 04.11.12 Rishton Royal British Legion, conservative club â€"2pm
  • 06.11.12 Prospects, The People’s Centre â€"7pm
  • 07.11.12 PACT, The Copperhouse â€"6pm
  • Lancashire Witches Talk, The People’s Centre â€"7.30 pm
  • 11.11.12 Remembrance Sunday, St. Peter & St. Paul’s Church â€"10am
  • 15.11.12 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections
  • 30.11.12 Christmas Fair, Free Gardeners â€"2pm
  • Rishton Christmas Lights Switch On, Library â€"6.30 pm
  • 02.12.12 Rishton Royal British Legion, Conservative Club â€"2pm
  • 04.12.12 Prospects, The People’s Centre â€"7pm
  • 05.12.12 PACT, The Copperhouse â€"6pm

20.12.12 BBC Radio Lancashire Carol Convert, The Roebuck Inn â€"6pm

Date of Next Meeting

The Chair thanked residents for attending the meeting and advised that the date for the next Rishton Area Council had been arranged for 19th February 2012 (sic), 7.00pm at Rishton Free Gardeners