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20th April 1925

Election results from April 6th

Elected Members

Henry Alexander Airey                         1332 Votes

    Sunnybank, Blackburn Road.

John Edwin Whittaker                         1043 votes

    Rishton Arms, Station Road

Benjamin Ainsworth                             968 votes

    45 High Street

George Knowles                                     932 votes

    Woodlands, Blackburn Road

Not Elected

William Stairs                                     688 votes

    24 Albert Street

James Crossley                                     614 votes

    1 Brook Street

John Clarke                                         606 votes

    The cottage, Norden View

Henry James Earnshaw                         564 votes

    1 Norfolk Street

Councillor Booth was elected chairman, and it was unanimously decided that all the Council members serve on the Higher Education, Finance, Buildings Highway and Sanitary, and Fire and Lighting Committees. Also, Mr. J. Kenyon to be appointed to serve on the Higher Education Committee. The Chairman of each committee to be;

Councillor Knowlson to chair the Higher Education Committee, Councillor Booth to chair the Finance Committee, Councillor Smith to chair the Buildings, Highways, and Sanitary Committee, And Councillor Hope to chair the Fire and Lighting Committee.

Councillors Booth, Bowes, Bracewell, and Fletcher were appointed as representatives on the Local Elementary Education Sub Committee for Area Number 9.

The Managers of the local schools were voted thus;

Councillor Bowes to represent the Primitive Methodists, Councillor Leeming to represent the Wesylan Methodists, Councillor Hope to represent Saint Peters and Saint Paul’s, And Councillor Airey to represent Saint Charles Roman Catholic School.

The Rishton District Nursing Association were granted permission to use the Council Offices for meeting for a further 12 months.

Rates were set at 3/8 of a penny in the £

Mr. W. Hopwood was granted a 3 year extension for a garage built on the West side of Station Road.

Mr. J. Romer submitted plans for a motor garage on the West Side of Spring Street, which was approved for 5 years.

Messrs R. Butler and Sons Ltd. Sent a letter, in respect of breach of bye laws by the erection of buildings at the rear of dwelling houses on the North side of Blackburn Road. The plans were to be submitted to the council.

6th May 1925

The resignation was received from Mr. P. J. Fisher, sanitary inspector, due to him getting similar work with the Bromley Rural District Council. The letter was dated 30th April 1925. The council granted Mr. Fisher a testimonial.

11th May 1925

The Railway fares of students attending evening classes outside of the district are paid by the council, whereas summer school rail fares were refused.

A conference meeting was arranged between Parker Street Culvert Sub Committee and the estate was to be arranged.

The use of the Blackburn Ambulance for carrying people from Rishton was to be paid direct to Blackburn Corporation.

The slaughterhouse in School Street was granted a slaughterhouse license to Mr. J. Taylor.

The following cow keepers were registered under the Diaries, Cowsheds, and Milkshop Order 1885, and the Milk and Diaries Act 1922;

J. Bracewell, Manor House Farm,

Mr. Bickford, Moorside Farm,

Philip Chadwick, New Inns Farm,

And R. and A. F. Leigh, Higher Side Beet Farm,

All Rishton farmers were to be sent a copy of The Public Health (Meat) Regulations 1924, Number 1432.

18th May 1925

A committee was formed for housing the steam disinfector.

Plans and estimates were submitted for a proposed road near the War Memorial, which were deferred.

A letter was received from Mr. R. H. Kenyon respecting the apportionment of the sewer on the South side of Blackburn Road. The council resolved it to be an equitable apportionment.

Mr. R. H. Kenyon submitted plans to build 2 houses on the South side of Blackburn Road which were approved.

Mr. Fielding submitted plans for a garage at the rear of 48 Blackburn Road, these were approved for the duration of 3 years.

The front wall and ground adjacent to the sanitary conveniences were let to Messrs. Bentley and Holden for £15 12s and 0d per annum.

28th May 1925

Mr. E. Thompson was appointed sanitary inspector, subject to approval by the Minister of Health in accordance with the general order dated the 13th December 1910, and the sanitary inspector (tenure of office) order dated 12th April 1921, to commence from the 1st June 1925 at a salary of £130 per annum, and inspector under the factories and workshop act at a salary of £5 per annum and also inspector of Petroleum and Carbide Stores at an annual salary of £5 per annum, together with war bonus in accordance to Civil Service Award number 102.

The seal of the council was affixed to slaughterhouses for Mr. J. Taylor and Mr. T. Harwood.

11th June 1925

A letter was received from Mr. T. Bradshaw about the sewer construction to Mon Abri on Blackburn Road. Mr. A. Haworth is to be seen by Estate Agent and Surveyor.

Mr. J. Wallbank applied for a wood dwelling house on Meadowhead, which was granted for 3 years.

Messrs. W. H. Cottam and Mr. A. Ayres appointed the collector of coins from the sanitary conveniences.

Grants were accepted from Lancashire County Council for repairs and maintenance to class 1 road A678.

15th June 1925

The seal of the council was affixed to the following contracts;

Grampian Engineering Company Limited

The Eagle Engineering Company Limited

A conference in Edinburgh for the Royal Sanitary Institute was to be attended and officials paid their travelling expenses and £1 per day personal expenses.

The Council Clerk and Council surveyor were to see Messrs. Butler and Sons Ltd, and Mr. T. Bradshaw with regard to the sewer on the North side of Blackburn Road.

Overalls were to be supplied for the operative using the steam disinfector.

A Sub Committee was formed consisting of Councillors Booth, Leeming, Smith, and Whittaker, to interview Mr. A. Haworth the estate agent with regard to the terms on which he would let land for building upon.

2nd July 1925

The exam Results from the Union of Lancashire Institution in the Rishton evening schools was received;

Technical Course Part 1         12 sat, 5 passed 7 failed

Technical Course Part 2         8 sat 1 first 4 seconds 3 failed

Commercial Course Part 1     18 sat 12 past 6 failed

Commercial course Part 2      13 sat 4 seconds 9 failed

Domestic Course Part 1         11 sat 7 passed 4 failed

Millinery                               14 sat 10 first 4 seconds

Dressmaking Part 1                 11 sat 5 first 3 seconds

Dressmaking Part 2                 7 sat 5 first 2 seconds

Dressmaking Part 3                 2 sat 2 seconds

Observations were requested from the teachers on the results by the Rishton pupils.

Prizes were to be awarded for their success and attendance.

County Medical officers submitted a letter to the council with regard to the outfit of the pupils at the Henshaws Institute for the Blind.

Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council did not recommend a reduction in the War Bonus of employees was adopted by the council.

The Blackburn Post Office was contacted with regards to the extension of the postal services in Rishton.

An Application was received from Mr. A. Gregory for a Pawn Brokers License for Number 1 Hicks Terrace and number 2 Henry Street. This was granted by the council.

Statutory notices were served on numbers 101 to 111 Spring Street inclusive, requesting demolition of the disused open ashpits and repair of the scullery walls at number 111 under Section 91 of the Public Health Acts 1875.

A legal notice was served on 28 Henry Street to remedy the defects to the property under Section 28 of the Housing Town Planning Act 1919.

The Sanitary Inspector was granted written permission from the council to enter premises and take samples under The Sale of Food and Drugs Act

A Mr. Gildert was removed from the Cow Keepers list as it was no longer applicable.

An amount was agreed from the Lancashire County Council towards the expenditure to be incurred towards the Class 1 road A6064 for the year 1925 â€" 26.

9th July 1925

Mr. E. Thompson appointed sanitary inspector on a salary of £130 per annum, and inspector under the Factories and Workshop Act at a salary of £5 per annum and also inspector of Petroleum and Carbide Stores at a salary of £5 per annum together with the war bonus in accordance with the Civil Service Award number 102.

Mrs. J Diggles appointed caretaker of the sanitary conveniences and shelter at a wage of 15/- per week. (£39 per annum)

Mr. Whewell from Whitebirk South Farm was registered as a cowkeeper under the Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops Order 1885 and the Milk and Diaries Amendment Order 1922.

Plans were submitted for Mr. J. A. Bibby for the erection of a single storey building on the Northerly side of Parsonage Road. The plans were approved and ranked for subsidy.

The Petroleum stores on the Westerly side of Station Road were allowed to stand for a further 3 years on provision of the front wall being set back to the street line.

Resolve that the sewer be laid on the Northerly side of Blackburn Road forthwith.

The report on the exam results was read. Head teacher Mr. H. R. Parsons be congratulated on the exam results.

The post of teacher advertised, and the syllabus kept as the previous year for the pupils.

A recommendation was sent to the Lancashire and Cheshire Institute recommending that 50% of average marks obtained by students at the Institute examinations should constitute a pass. This was also sent to neighbouring authorities.

Accrington Ambulance was to be paid directly for its use.

A public notice was issued to all persons not having paid their general rates on or before the 2nd October 1925 (in lieu of the 6th May deadline) will be summoned for the recovery thereof, and that Mr. W. H. Cottam, the collector of the Council, is empowered to collect the taxes accordingly.

Mr. J. H. Riding applied for the laying on of gas at Meadowhead, and was informed to apply to the owners.

Lancashire Agriculture committee requested use of a room to collect rents for small holdings which was granted.

10th August 1925

License to keep petroleum at West End Garage, Harwood Road, renewed for 12 months.

The following disused ashpits are to be demolished at the following premises;

28 & 34 Edward Street, 70 & 80 Burton Street, 33 & 39 Hermitage Street, 57, 73, 79 & 89 Haworth Street, 132 & 138 High Street, and numbers 6, 14, 18, 20, & 24 Clarke Street.

The renewal of the petroleum licence at Station Road, for British Petroleum, was refused until the front wall boundary was settled.

17th August 1925

An extension was applied for to the Ministry of Health for the time taken to build houses under subsidy.

The number of marks found on a carcass which is fit for human consumption is reduced to one.

The wages of the motor drivers was increased to the standard rate of pay.

Mr. R. H. Kenyon submitted plans for the erection of two one storey houses on the South side of Blackburn Road. Permission was approved and subsidy applied for to the Ministry of Health.

20th August 1925

Mr. A. Haworth, the estate agent, attended and interviewed the council with regards to the water supply at Tottleworth, and the condition of various farms in the district. The sanitary inspector was to deal.

A price for rubble was accepted to be used for foundations on the new road abutting the war memorial.

Mr. R. H. Kenyon attended the council with regard to the encroachment upon the street line in Blackburn Road in front of the houses erected by Mr. R. H. Kenyon for Messrs. J. & R. Bridge, this was to be dealt with by the owners entering into an agreement with the council that the front wall will be set back at any time if called upon.

7th September 1925

Councillor Mr. J. Kenyon tendered his resignation due to him leaving the district, which was accepted.

Miss D. Caithness tendered her resignation as Domestic teacher for the year 1925 â€" 26, which was accepted.

Mrs. E. G. Isherwood was appointed domestic teacher.

Prizes to be presented on the following Wednesday evening.

The reply to the Rishton student’s exam results received from the Lancashire and Cheshire institute was read out.

The War Bonus paid to the council officials was reduced in accordance with Circular number 619.

A license was granted for 12 months for the storage of petroleum at The Motor House Spring Street, to Messrs Romer and Duckworth.

The license to keep petroleum was renewed to Messrs. The Rishton and Antley Motor Company, under the petroleum acts 1871, and 1879 for their garage in George Street for 12 months. Also to Mr. W. Haworth to keep Carbide of Calcium at the Old Mother Redcap Inn.

Legal notice was served for the demolition of disused, defective, open ashpits at;

49, 61, 65, and 83 Burton Street, and also at 37, 39, 43, and 47 Chapel Street.

An application was submitted to Blackburn Corporation for a water supply to the house being erected by J. A. Bibby in Parsonage Road.

21st September 1925

The seal of the council was affixed to the contract with Mr. W. Heap, and The Wigan Coal & Iron Company Limited.

A cheque was received from Mr. H. Simpson for damages caused to the lamp pillar (Spring Street?) to the sum of £4 15s 0d in full and final settlement.

The Ministry of Health submitted a letter with regard to the issuing of certificates. Stating that they should limit the promise of assistance to houses likely to be commenced before the 31st December next, and completed before the 30th June 1926, and also to exercise discretion with regards to the certificates already issued and to grant a reasonable extension of time for the completion of houses for which such certificates had been issued. The council were to follow this guideline.

A letter from the Post Master at Blackburn regretted that postal services at this time, could not extend the delivery time of letters from Rishton. The council were to contact him again regarding the delivery of letters to the new houses erected in Blackburn Road opposite Cut Wood.

A letter was received from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (R. S. P. C. C.) asking if the Rishton branch could be reorganised.

A 2nd letter was received from the Transport and General Workers Union (T & G. W. U.) with regard to the wages of the motor drivers. It was resolved that there would be no change, but the wages of the Carter were to increase by 1/- per week. (£2 6s per annum)

It was decided that the council were to retain the rights to carry out the maintenance and repair to the class 1 road A6064.

An application was received to place a caravan on the North side of Hermitage Street, near the Rishton Paper Mill. The application was held over.

A sub committee was formed to meet with the British Legion to make arrangements for Remembrance Day 1925.

A copy of the Tuberculosis Order 1925, which related to Deceases of Animals, was sent to every farmer and cowkeeper in the district.

Four new Electric lamps were to be erected at Norden on the North side of the bridge.

Mr. J. Hindle (junior) appointed teacher for the Technical course (part 2).

5th October 1925

Mr. J. Cornall submitted his resignation from the post of surveyor, one month from the 30th September 1925.

Advertisements were placed for his replacement.

12th October 1925

Mr. H. R. Parsons, Headmaster, reported the following number of pupils;

Technical Course Part 1                     18

Commercial Course Part 1                 22

Commercial Course Part 2                 22

Domestic                                         16

Dressmaking                                     36

Millinery                                           17

Total                                               131

There were only 5 students on Part 2 of the Technical course, so the course was closed on the 5th October.

51 Applications had been received for travelling expenses from students travelling to evening classes outside of the district, 50% of this was to be refunded.

The Primitive Methodist Day School was granted permission to use the Harwood Road Recreation Area on Saturday mornings for football matches.

Miss H. M. Whittaker was appointed assistant to Mrs Connell on Monday evenings only for dressmaking.

A further letter was received from the T & G W U. which was deferred.

A Letter was received from the Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council with regards to holiday pay for employees, the council decided that no change was to take place.

The council were not in favour of proposals received in a letter from Mr. A. Haworth with regards to the siting of a caravan on the North side of Hermitage Street, near the paper mill. A reply was sent.

Renewal of petroleum licenses were granted for 12 months to ;

Messrs. W. F. Chambers & Sons, Daisy hill mill,

Mr. T. Watson, 72 and 74 High Street,

For them to keep the substance on the premises.

Legal notices were served on the owners of 72 and 74 Spring Street, for them to demolish the existing disused open ashpits.

Test results from milk samples were sent to the farmers involved.

A plan was submitted by Messrs R. Butler & Sons Ltd for the erection of 10 houses on the South side of Saint Charles Road. The plans were approved and subsidy sought from the Ministry of Health.

Plans were submitted for Messrs Bentley & Holden for the erection of a motor garage and workshop in School Street, which were approved for 3 years.

Permission was given for Rishton Cricket Club to connect the drains from the cricket ground to the existing sewers.

19th October 1925

Councillor Knowles added to sub committee to meet Dr. A. Cran with regard to apportionment of the cost of reconstruction of Spaw Brook Culvert Parker Street and Talbot Street.

Subsidy was granted to the 10 houses on Saint Charles Road.

24 applications to the council were considered for the post of surveyor, four of these to be interviewed on the 26th. 3rd class travelling expenses will be paid in connection with the interviews.

26th October 1925

Mr. W. W. Brown B. Sc. Of the Devon County Council, is appointed Surveyor at an annual salary of £300 including war bonus.

9th November 1925

Mr. A. T. Gooseman, Borough Engineer of Blackburn, submitted a letter to the council with reference to the amounts of easements to be paid in respect of the bridge under the Blackburn and Accrington railway line in connection with the new Arterial road.

No change is may to the war bonus after a letter was received from the Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council.

They also presented a letter with a new scale of pay for junior clerks to take effect from the 9th November. A. Ayres salary was increased in accordance with this.

Public Health Act 1925 delivered to the council.

An application was received from Mr. J. Dudgeon asking for permission to erect a firelight works on the councils tip at Norden, and the same was supported by the Dunkenhalgh Estate. A site meeting was to be arranged.

The board of trade produced a circular to inaugurate a shopping week in the district. Copies of the circular were to be sent to the various trade associations in Rishton.

Mr. P. Chadwick was granted a renewal of the carbide license for the Bay Horse, New Inns.

Mr. J. Aspinall, of 96 Hermitage Street, was given permission to carry on his trade as a rag and bone dealer, subject to premises being found suitable for his trade.

A supply of rodent gas or poison was procured to kill as many rats as possible from infected areas in the district.

Statutory notices were served on 39, 41, 52 and 54 Harwood Road, 126 High Street, 36, 70, and 72 Talbot Street, 33, 35, and 37 Burton Street, 7 and 9 School Street, and 15, 17, 19, and 21 Henry Street to have the disused open ashpits demolished under the P. H. A. (A) A 1907, section 46 and under the Consolidated housing Acts 1925, section 1.

The duties of the Removal of Trade Refuse and Nightsoil was left in control of the sanitary inspector.

A letter was received from BP that they were going to make various alterations to the depot in Station road, in accordance with proposals put forward by the council.

The petroleum license was granted from 14th August last.

A deputation was received from the Blackburn Corporation Electrical committee to ask the council if they were prepared to lay a sewer from the power station to the new arterial road sewer system. This was agreed.

16th November 1925

The surveyor, Mr. W. W. Browne, was to be the representative on the North East Lancashire Joint Towns Planning Committee.

The council were to proceed with the contents of a letter received from the County Surveyor with regards to the bridge under the L. M. & S. Blackburn to Accrington railway.

The Minister of Health sent a letter saying he did not feel justified in approving payment of a grant in respect of houses proposed to be erected by Mr. R. H. Kenyon in Danvers Street at a density so much in excess of the rate prescribed by the housing (financial provision) act 1924.

A lamp was to be fixed at Meadowhead, and the position to be decided by the Chairman of the Fire and Lighting Committee.

14 Parker Street, owned by Mr. A. Lees and used as a retail bakehouse, was certified as an underground bakehouse under section 101 of the Factories and Workshops Act 1901.

Land had been found at Norden by the appointed sub committee for Mr. J. Dudgeon.

Plans were submitted by Mr. C. Dodgson, on behalf of Mr. R. H. Kenyon, for the erection of 2 dwelling houses on the South side of Blackburn Road. These were approved and subsidy applied for from the Ministry of Health.

7th December 1925

The Christmas holidays of the School Classes was to be from the 23rd December 1925 till the 11th January 1926.

The clerk reported a circular received from the Ministry of Health referring to the Emergency Powers Act 1920.

Ribble Motors Services applied for a transfer of licence from K. C. R. Motor Services to themselves. They had to submit proper documentation.

Urmston U. D. C. submitted a letter regarding The Licensing and Regulation of Public Service Vehicles. The council supported their action and a copy of this support was sent to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, and the Local MP.

The clerk was instructed to adopt the Public Health Act 1925.

Mr. J. W. Hopwood was granted a renewal of his petroleum license for 12 months, for his garage at the rear of Stanley House, Station road.

The bye laws sub committee made the trade of "Blood Drier" an offensive trade within the district.

Mr. J. Wallbank resubmitted plans showing alterations made to the dwelling house erected by him at Meadowhead. Approved for 5 years.

An application was made for a loan from the Ministry of Health after plans and drawings were approved for the bridge over the new arterial road was passed. The plans were submitted by the Borough Engineer of Blackburn.

The surveyor was to prepare a layout for a housing scheme on land on the West side of Stourton Street bounded by Stourton Street, Cliff Street, Leeds and Liverpool Canal and Harwood Road.

The surveyor submitted a proposal with regard to the lighting of lamps during the night. This was deferred.

14th December 1925

The clerk was to obtain the necessary forms and documents with regards to The Land Charges Act 1925.

The Ministry of Health approved the bye laws with regards to offensive trades.

The chairman reported on a recent interview he had with the Postmaster of Blackburn regarding delivery of mail to the houses recently built in Blackburn Road. The postmaster was asked to reconsider.

A subcommittee was formed to aid the surveyor in matters which may proved unwieldy or impracticable for a full committee. Councillors Booth, Ainsworth, Smith and Whittaker formed this. The subcommittee was then empowered to approve main road estimates for the year 1926 â€" 27.

The subcommittee appointed reported that BP on Station Road were prepared to set back the front wall of their depot on receipt of at least 6 months notice from the council that such was required from them.

The surveyor was to prepare drawings for the reconstruction of the canal bridge at Norden, and reopen negotiations with the various authorities concerned.

11th January 1926

Janet Russell completed her training at Henshaw’s Institute at the end of the Christmas term.

The action of the Chancellor of the Exchequer appropriated road funds for general national purposes was strongly objected against by the council, and a copy of the resolution was sent to the local MP.

A post of Junior clerk was advertised, open to both sexes and the applicants to be competent in shorthand and typing. Wages were 20/- per week (£52 per annum)

The whole question of street lighting was to be reconsidered, and a special sub committee consisting of councillors Booth, Ainsworth, Hope, Smith, and Whittaker was formed.

Mr. J. E. Entwistle claimed for damages against the council, which was not entertained.

The balance sheet for the old folks treat was produce and showed a balance of £22 6s 3d. The members of the council formed a subcommittee to arrange for the old folks treat on 24th February 1926.

Pendle Road Services applied for permission to pick up passengers from Rishton which was not granted.

A letter was read from Lord Shuttleworth, Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, with regards to playing fields for the children. Copies of the letter were handed to the press.

The cost of the sewer on the South side of Blackburn Road due from Mr. R. H. Kenyon was left to the clerk.

An application was made to the Ministry of Health for permission to grant £2 2s 0d to the Manchester Royal Infirmary New Nurses Home.

Estimates were sought for the cost of producing the council’s year book.

The Sanitary Inspector placed 12 Factories and 15 workshops on the various registers and H. M. Inspectors of Factories was notified under the Factories and Workshops Act of the registrations.

Spring Foundry, Spring Street, were without sufficient or suitable sanitary conveniences, and a written notice was issued and served upon the owner requiring him to make the alterations or additions as may be necessary to comply with part 3 of the Public Health Act (Amended) 1890.

The council resolved that in future the weekly removal of nightsoil from Tottleworth is undertaken by the council’s workmen.

18th January 1926

The application from the Ribble Motor Services Ltd for transfer of licenses for buses from the K. C. R. Company was granted.

A letter was received from the County Council enclosing a draft agreement between Rishton council and the County Council in respect of the New Arterial Road, Whitebirk. This was dealt with by the clerk and chairman, and a report was to be drawn.

The Harness was to be repaired as recommended by the surveyors sub committee.

A letter was sent to the Ministry of Health applying for more time for the granting of a subsidy to Mr. R. H. Moyles, who had also submitted a letter with regard to the laying of sewers on the proposed road off Blackburn Road. The sewer could be laid after a satisfactory agreement was made with the council.

25th January 1926

The surveyors subcommittee was to meet with Mr. A. Haworth, Estate Agent, with regard to a new recreation ground, and finding out the price of the land.

The plans drawn for the reconstruction of Norden Bridge were to be revised.

Resolved was the undertaking of the Rishton Cricket Club to construct an inspection chamber to comply with the councils bye laws at the point of change of direction of the existing 4 inch drain from the catch pit on the cricket ground to the sewer in Back Station Road were accepted.

A tender was accepted for fencing Holt Mill Allotments from Messrs R. H. Moyles and Sons.

28th January 1926.

Miss Laura Milner was appointed Junior Clerk at a commencing salary of £1 per week.

8th February 1926

Mr. H. R. Parsons, head teacher, reported that there were 102 students that had entered for the examinations.

It was decided that a fee of 6d per student be charged for the course taken to be returned to the students on completion of the examination.

The secretary was appointed custodian of the examination questions at the examinations.

The council chambers were to be used for the collection of the small holdings rent on the 11th instant.

Blackburn and District Cotton Association presented a letter of resolution that they hoped the Rishton Urban District Council would not launch into any schemes in the forthcoming year that would have the effect of raising the rates whilst preparing their estimates.

A report was read by the subcommittee after their meeting with Dr. Cran and the councils solicitors, concerning the Parker Street culvert settlement for the outstanding claim which was accepted and approved.

Pendle Road services applied on the prescribed form to run a bus service from Blackburn to Whalley, Clitheroe and Accrington, passing through Rishton. The 11th January order was rescinded and a licence was granted.

A report was given of the conference between Great Harwood, Clayton Le Moors and Rishton U. D. C. ’s with regard to the motor bus services passing through the districts represented.

The Action of the conference was resolved with a view to approaching the Blackburn Corporation with a view to securing a service at intervals of 7 minutes from the Blackburn Station be approved.

The clerk received a letter from the County Council with regard to the Rating and Valuation Act 1925. A further report was given with regards to the same act, suggesting that the Church U. D. C. in the number 9 elementary education area would be a suitable assessment area be not entertained. In the opinion of the conference the area was not large enough.

Licenses were granted to the 3 slaughterhouses within the district until change of occupation occurs.

The sanitary inspector was to enter and examine the drains at 66 Livesey Street, under section 41 of The Public Health Act 1875.

The sanitary Inspector was authorised to attend the conference of the royal sanitary institute in London from July 5th to the 10th and he was paid rail fare and £1 per day for personal expenses.

Plans to revise the drainage on the South side of Blackburn Road were approved (plan 549)

W. Jenkins estimate of £500 was accepted for the laying of drains to the electricity station.

The pilot lighting as selected by the councillors was approved.

Adverts were placed for tenders for annual supplies.

A letter was received from Great Harwood U. D. C. supporting the reconstruction of Norden Canal Bridge.

The council took land adjoining Butler Street from the Dunkenhalgh estate for 12 months, on condition that the council fence off the land currently being used for agriculture in accordance with the letter received dated the 6th .

The Postmaster of Blackburn was written to in the hope of establishing a post box at or near number 93 Spring Street, and also that the post office be open from 9 am till 8 pm, and to remain open during lunch hour and Wednesday afternoon.

15th February 1926

It was resolved that parts 2 to 5 of the public health act 1925 were to be adopted by the council. This was to come into force on the 1st March 1926.

Councillor Mrs. Bowes retired from the council due to ill health.

Election date for the local election was fixed at Monday 29th March 1926.

102 students had entered the exams.

The County Council submitted a letter with regard to the Advertisement Regulation Act 1925, and the council took the necessary steps to update the bye laws and adopt the act.

Notice was served on 34 Talbot Street, 20 Commercial Street, 42 Chapel Street, 95 Spring Street, 15 Knowles Street, 33 and 35 Haworth Street, and 24 Harwood Road for insufficient waste water closets. Notice was served under section 23 of the Public Health Act 1875, and required the owners to provide sufficient water closets complete with flushing arrangements and proper connection to the drains.

Registrations for cowkeeping and milk dealing were granted to the following farmers subject to pressing defects being remedied at their farms;

John Smalley, Windy Bank Farm,

Fred Ireland, Middle Mickle Hey Farm,

Peter Craven, Lower Hen Moss Farm,

Joseph Pearson, Tan House farm,

John T. Holt, New Barn Farm,

William E. Kenyon, Lower Side Beet Farm,

Edmundson Turner, Manor House Farm,

And also that Mr. Haworth, estate agent, be notified of the defects and asked to give more attention to improvements as specified by the sanitary inspector.

The sanitary inspector was to deal with the female sanitary conveniences at Rishton Mill, along with Mr. Clarke, HM inspector of factories.

The Grampian Engineering Company were to deal with the Steam disinfector.

The primitive Methodists School was to be visited in connection with their sanitary conveniences.

22nd February 1926

The report of the interview with the County Surveyor was read in connection with Norden Bridge, and approved.

8th March 1926

Materials required for the Domestic, Dressmaking and Millinery classes were to be obtained by the teachers of those classes.

Council employees received a 5% pay increase in accordance with the recommendations of the Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council dated 24th February 1926, to commence from 1st March 1926.

The war bonus was also increased in accordance with circular number 674, from the 1st March 1926.

The salary of Mr. E. Thompson, Sanitary Inspector was increased by £15 per annum plus war bonus from the 1st March 1926.

The council was in favour of retaining the existing poor law union area for the purposes of an assessment area for the rating and valuation act 1925.

The registration of Mr. James Topham of Whitebirk North Farm as a cowkeeper be granted, subject to the necessary improvements being carried out at the farm.

Dr. Holden from the Ministry of Health in Blackburn was to visit and inspect certain farms in the area.

The sanitary inspector was to deal with the problem of water closets as when the problems arise.

Preventative methods are to be placed in the districts schools with a view to the checking and prevention of infectious diseases.

The surveyor submitted plans showing the lay out of the proposed scheme for houses on land facing Stourton Street. The layout was approved and the surveyor instructed to take the necessary steps to proceed with the scheme. Mr. A. Haworth was summoned to attend the next meeting with regard to the land required for the housing scheme.

15th March 1926.

J. H. Hothersall J. P., of 17 George Street, Cotton Mill Manager and Mr. B. Smith of 17 High Street, retired butcher, be appointed overseers of Rishton for the coming 12 months, and that the seal of the council be affixed to their appointment.

The following tenders for the annual supplies were accepted by the council;

Limestone and Lime Bold venture Lime Company

Granite Macadam Penmaenmawr & Welsh Granite Company Ltd,

Flags, Kerbs, etc. Brooks Ltd.

"Spramex" Shell â€" Mex Limited

Pitch, Tar, etc. W. H. Dale Limited

Brushes Blackburn & District Workshops for the Blind.

Earthenware Pipes etc. George Clarke & Sons Limited

Iron Castings J. H. Duckworth and Company.

Removal of Manure W. Coleman and Son.

The council seal was affixed to Messrs. Jenkins and Son, Blackburn.

A report was submitted on the Mercers Charity distribution for the month of December 1925, and the sum of £15 17s 0d had been distributed. A vote of thanks was passed to the trustees of the Mercer’s Charity.

The following tenders were accepted for the ensuing year;

Ashbins Mr. T. A. Brettel

Disinfectant Powder and Fluid The United Alkali Company Limited.

Carbolized Sanitary Fluid Jeyes Sanitary Compounds Limited.

A report was read shewing that that the British Engine Boiler and Electrical Insurance Co Ltd were prepared to accept the disinfector tank for insurance purposes, also that the Grampian Engineering Co. Ltd were prepared to extend their guarantee of same for a further period of 6 months in view of the fact that the machine had been placed in through working order.

12th April 1926

A letter was received from Messrs. Costeker, Smitton and Holme with regard to the Spaw Brook Culvert.

A letter was read from the Blackburn and District Workshops for the Blind asking the council to help with a Flower Day in aid of their institution to be held on the 1st May next. The council offered their assistance.

The offer of Eachill farm as playing fields from the Dunkenhalgh estate was refused.

2 petroleum licenses were renewed for a period of 12 months, these were for The Secretary, Fountain Free Brewery, for Carbide, and Mr C. W. Wood, Bridge Street Garage, for petroleum.

The following were served statutory notices;

Mr Parkin, Meadowhead, for repeated nuisances under section 91, Public Health Act 1875.

Mr. Masterson, 18 Burton Street, for Dirty premises under section 46 Public Health Act 1875.

The sanitary Inspector was given power to have work done in default in the case of Mr. Masterson if considered necessary.

Statutory notices were served on 8 and 10 Henry Street, and 14 Spring Street, to demolish disused open ashpits under section 46, Public Health Act (Amended) 1907.

Mr. T. Cowburn was registered as a Retail Milk dealer and his premises at 111 Spring Street registered as a retail milkshop under the various Milk and Diaries Act and Orders, and also that the premises 14 Station Road be removed from the register on ceasing to be used as a retail milkshop.

The following tenders were accepted for tarred slag from;

Messrs G. R. Cawood and Sons

And Messrs Brookes Limited

Plans were submitted by Spring Foundry for sanitary conveniences with connection to the sewer in Spring Street.

Plans were submitted by Messrs Carter and Co on behalf of the British Petroleum Company Limited showing the alterations to be made as a condition of the Council allowing the existing boundary of the depot in Station Road to remain at present. These were approved.

A proposal was considered from the County Surveyor in connection with the proposed reconstruction of Norden Bridge and it was resolved;-

1. That this council agrees to contribute not more than 25% towards the cost of reconstruction.

2. That this council approves the county surveyor’s proposal that an alternative scheme be prepared by the County Council, that the new bridge be constructed and supervised by the County Council, and that the new bridge on completion to be the property of the County Council; provided

(a). That construction is started on the new bridge within 6 months.

(b). That alternative drawings are submitted to this council by the County Council for their approval.

(c). That the engineering costs involved in the preparation of the original scheme by the Rishton U. D. C. be refunded by the County Council.