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Chairman - A. Smith

Vice Chairman - A. Trengrove

Members; J. R. Booth, R. Leeming, T. Porter, G. Sanderson, W. Sturzaker, Sutcliffe, J. M. Tattersall, G. Thomlinson C. C., J. P., M. P., C. Wesley, F. Worsley.

Clerk - F. Winfield

Medical Officer - J. Ferguson L. R. C. P. & S., etc.

Sanitary Inspector - C. Woodcock

Surveyor - R. W. Renshaw

Collector of Rents - W. Greenwood.

15th April 1937

The following members were elected to the council in the 5th April bye elections for a 3 year term of office;

George Thomlinson         1,444 votes

George Sanderson            1,331 votes

Albert Smith                    1,004 votes

William Sturzaker            996 votes

Elected for a 1 year term;

Charles Wesley                922 votes

Not Elected;

Herbert Wilson                838 votes

Benjamin Ainsworth        810 votes

Henry James Earnshaw    671 votes

A. Trengrove was duly elected Chairman of the Council.

The Rishton District Nurses Association and the NSPCC requested use of the council chambers for meeting, this was granted.

The rates for the year ahead were set at 10s 0d in the pound.

Dr Jas Ross was appointed deputy medical officer due to Dr Ferguson having been ill for some time.

54. Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking applied to the council to lay cables under the ground on Blackburn Road and Church View. This was granted by the council.

55. Plans were submitted for the construction of a brick making kiln at Close Nook Quarry. The decision was deferred pending further information being obtained.

The librarians report for the month of April was presented to the council. There were 1,948 Adults and 327 Juveniles registered with the library. A total of 5,000 books were issued for the month with 45 new books being added to stock and another 4 added by special request.

Mr Beal applied to the council for compensation from J. W. Edmonson and Company Ltd who were in liquidation.

The Ribble Motor Company appealed to Rishton Council against the new traffic commissioners decision rejecting an increase in the minimum fare that the company had previously applied for.

An application was heard by Mr. R. Mytton to develop land in Blackburn Road. The application was approved by the council.

The council surveyor reported on the position of an application received by Sphinx Terra-Cotta Works operating from Close Nook Quarries, and the Building of a brick Kiln was approved. The kiln was to be a small down-draught brick kiln, to be used as for experimental work only.

7. Fielding Street was still ongoing, but the rent price was fixed.

8. The new main sewer was still ongoing. If needed Mr. Rawlinson of Preston should be engaged to assess the amount of surface damage caused by the works.

9. The winter street lighting season ends on Thursday 13th May 1937.

10. The engineer of the Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking was contacted with regard to the painting of the street lamps.

14. The owners of 9 and 10 Tottleworth, and Fairholmes? cottages were reported to be in a dangerous condition and were to be inspected.

15. Notices were served on the owners of Sussex, Gloucester, Dorset and Somerset Roads (from the junction of Blackburn Road or the Esplanade to the present street boundaries) requiring them to sewer, level, pave, metal, flag, channel, and make good the frontings of the roads.

13th May 1937

The allotment rents was set at £2 5s 0d for the year.

4. Notice was served under section 4 of the housing act 1936 was served on 18 and 20 Parker Street and also on 50 Spring Street by the sanitary inspector.

5. The water scheme to provide Tottleworth with water was approved by the council. The Accrington and District Gas and Water Board were requested to commence work as soon as possible.

20th May 1937

The following telegram was sent by the council to their Royal Majesties the King and Queen on Coronation Day;

"On behalf of the inhabitants of Rishton, Lancashire, I humbly beg to submit, on this memorable day, our most respectful congratulations, to assure you of our loyalty, and to express the hope that for many years to come we shall be privileged to serve you"

In reply;

"The King and Queen desire me to express to all who joined in your message their best thanks for your kind congratulations and good wishes on the occasion of their Majesties Coronation"

Alexander Hardinge.

Fielding Street houses were ready for occupation and the rent was set at 8s 3d (41 pence)

1st June 1937

Demolition orders were served on numbers 9, 10, and 15 Tottleworth, also on Higher Cutt cottages and Far Holmes cottages.

5. The first tenants for the new houses on Fielding Street were announced;

  • number 50, Mr Ormerod formally of 17 Union Road Oswaldtwistle
  • Number 48, Mr J. C. Clarke formally of 42 Harwood Road
  • Number 46, Mrs Yates formally at number 12
  • Number 44, Mr W. Day formally of 20 Bridge Street
  • Number 42, Mr S. Briscoe formally of 10 Tottleworth (served with demolition order)
  • Number 40, Mr J. Jackson formally of Far Holmes cottages (served with a demolition order)
  • Numbers 44 to 50 inclusive, the rents were set at 9s 6d per week (47 1/2p)

7. The council paid £2 to a Mr. Spencer and £1 to the Boy Scouts for services rendered towards the Coronation celebrations.

3rd June 1937

The librarians report was presented for the month of May;

The total number of Adults registered was 1,966 with 331 juveniles. A total of 4,184 books were issued for May. 265 new books were added to the stock and another 14 added by special request.

2. A request was submitted for use of the instruments formally used by the Rishton Band, this was deferred to the band committee.

5. A letter was sent to the London Midland and Scottish Railway Company with reference to the times of departure of trains from Accrington and Blackburn between the hours of 5 and 6 pm on weekdays and between 11 and 12 noon on Saturdays, requesting to effect the necessary alterations to enable these trains to be of greater service to workers travelling from their employment.

6. The clerk to the council was to write to the Ministry of Labour and Major H. A. Proctor MP, regarding opening of an employment exchange as was promised should be done in the event of any mill closing.

3. The quote received from Messrs Brookes Ltd was accepted for the supply of stone flags 2 1/2 inch thick, non-slippery, reconstructed, for the Lee Lane widening scheme was accepted.

4. A tender was received for the supply of wood pegs and edgings for the Lee Lane widening scheme. This was from George Harwood at a price 2d per linear foot fixed. This was accepted.

5. Clothes rack pulleys were to be fixed to the six new houses on Fielding Street.

6. Summer lighting starts on the 13th May.

8. a] Horses used by the sanitation department were to be changed every 3 months.

b] Pastures for the horses was to be arranged.

c] New harnesses were to be ordered providing delivery could be made within 14 days, or the order cannot be accepted.

11. A letter was received from the Ministry of Health regarding the proposed extension of the culvert at Norden tip. The work was to be carried out by direct labour.

12. Plans were submitted for proposed public conveniences and shelter scheme in Cutt Wood Park, a letter was also received from the Ministry of Health regarding the same. The plans were accepted.

13. Quotes were to be obtained for unclimable iron railings to be replace the existing post and wire fence that exists round Holt Street recreation ground.

18. Additional playing facilities were discussed at both the recreation grounds, and after discussion a grant was applied for.

10th June 1937

The new houses on Fielding Street were assessed and valued at £15 17s gross and a £10 rateable value was set.

10th June 1937 Sanitary Committee.

The sanitary inspector authorised to serve notice under section 9 of the Housing Act 1936, to carry out repairs to 25 Parker Street, and also to the owners of 58 Hermitage Street under section 4 of the public health act 1875.

Mr. J. Holden of 46 Spring Street was offered 40 Fielding Street.

1st July 1937

Plans were submitted for two semi detached type houses to be built in Blackburn Road on behalf of Mr. William Taylor which were approved.

The horses pastures were set for the sanitary department. Land was to be used owned by Mr Haworth in Stourton Street. The price was set at 8s per week per horse.

A tender received from Messrs Thomas Blackburn & Sons Ltd., Preston for fencing on Holt Street recreation ground for £4 11s 2d per linear yard was accepted.

Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking proposed alterations to the electricity offices in Brook Street.

A new seat was ordered for the foot of Close Brow.

The placement of barriers outside the clinic on High Street was discussed.

8th July 1937

The Librarians report was presented; The total of registered users was Adults 2,002 and 333 juveniles. A total of 4,519 books were issued for the month, 9 new books were added to stock by special request.

5th August 1937.

The Librarians report was presented; The total of registered users was Adults 1,982 and 332 juveniles. A total of 3,947 books were issued for the month, 81 new books were added to stock and 473 books were withdrawn.

Note: The library opened during wake weeks, the number of books issued amounting to 59% of the total number of books issued during an average week in July.

5th August 1937, Building and Highway Committee

The main sewer scheme from Saint Paul's Road to the Esplanade caused surface to damage to land owners the surveyor reported.

Blackburn Road Street lights were extended to the junction of Cowhill Lane.

A wall of sludge dumped at the sewer works collapses.

12th August 1937

The rents for allotment at Norden were fixed for the year at a price of 30s or 32s 6d per annum.

The rating officer reported on the new properties build in Saint Charles Road and Blackburn Road.

The council bought 21 seats from the Spiritualist Church.

The main water scheme to Tottleworth were to be completed in the next few weeks.

H. B. applied for Lower Side Beet farm to be registered as a dairy farm, this was granted.

2nd September 1937.

The Library report for September was presented. The number of people registered was 2,028 adults and 335 juveniles. The total number of books issued was 4,287 with 284 new books being added to stock.

The surveyor was instructed to prepare draft plans for a bowling green, tennis courts, bowl house, shelter, public conveniences, and other such offices that may be required.

Gas lamps were to be fixed on both sides of Lee Lane, the type of lamp being deferred until a report was received regarding a new type of lamp currently being experimented upon.

The clerk reported on a claim received from the Dunkenhalgh for easement through Holt. The council resolved that the estates offer to reduce their claim to £100 in full settlement be accepted.

Tenders were invited for the painting of; The waiting rooms and sanitary conveniences on Harwood Road, and the posts, chains, railings, and wooden boxes around the war memorial, also the railings gates, etc. to Harwood Road recreation ground, and the 2 fire alarm call boxes which were currently placed at the junction of Harwood Road and High Street, and adjacent to the offices of Rishton Mill on Hermitage Street. It was resolved that the tender of Mr. M. McIntosh be accepted for him to do all the works.

The surveyor presented a detailed drawing for proposed ornamental iron pillars and chains for the esplanade scheme. The council resolved that the provision of the posts and chains is held in abeyance for the time being, and the surveyor was to obtain and fix 6 inch by 12 inch stone edgings in place of the posts and chains.

The surveyor was instructed to obtain costs of replacing the setts pavements between Brook Street and Clifton Street on Cliff Street.

Saint Charles Road, Maple Street and Eachill Road were to be costed for flagging, levelling, sewerage, metaling, paving, channelling, and making good of the roads and pavements.

The library report was presented to the council for the month of August. There were 2,028 Adults, and 335 juveniles registered. Total number of books issued was 4,267. There were 284 new books added to the stock.

16th September 1937.

The surveyor presented estimates for repaving Cliff Street, between Brook Street and Clifton Street. The estimated price for this work was £250.00 which was accepted by the council.

The clerk reported on the proposal submitted in July 1936 for a revision of the terms on which the Accrington Corporation provided fire brigade services. It was resolved that the draft agreement be approved.

The resignation was received from Mr. G. A. Knowlson from his position of head teacher of the evening classes. This was accepted with much regret.

Mr Sager was offered the post of head master for the evening classes.

7th October 1937

The library report for the month of September was presented. There were 2,054 adults registered, and 335 juveniles, with a total of 4,282 books issued, with 9 new books added to stock.

Mr Rimmer submitted his resignation as branch librarian.

A letter was received from Rishton Football Club with reference to the rent paid for Holt street recreation ground and asking for a reduction in the amount paid. The council resolved that the rent be reduced to £3 10s 0d for the playing season.

Plans were submitted for Mr C. T. Barnes for the construction of a garage in the yard of the Roebuck hotel.

The surveyor hired light petrol rollers for use on Lee Lane surfacing, from Accrington and Blackburn.

The footpath from the Great Harwood boundary to Tottleworth road was to be billed to Great Harwood Urban District Council.

Following an inspection of the street lamps on Lee Lane, there are 10 complete sets fitted on the South side of the road, and the 10 existing lamps on the north side were to be changed to the new type.

The 10 existing lamps were to be used on Hermitage Street and Station Road being fixed in the placed of the existing patterned lamps.

The post master general submitted an application for telegraph pole to be erected at the rear of 35 School Street and 60 High Street, these were approved.

Worth-Mor meats on Spring Street, applied for a crossing to be placed outside the entrance to their works.

The entrance to Cutt Wood park was to have new coping stones set along the top of the wall, including the pillar caps.

The Dunkenhalgh propose using land at Whitebirk for building and development.

14th October 1937.

The collector reported that it had been found, that after boundary changes, a bungalow in Parsonage Road which had been thought to be in Blackburn, had now been found to be in Rishton. Lancashire County Council suggested that the position with regards to the rates be not changed until the year end.

Notice was served on 1 Station Road under section 40 of the public health act 1936 requesting them to provide a water closet in good condition.

The owners of number 1 Ashworth Street and 63 Haworth Street, were requested to provide ashbins.

77 to 83 Hermitage Street were ordered to effect repairs to the front of their properties under section 92 of the public health act 1936.

The council sold as scrap the tar spraying machine, tar boiler, vertical boiler, horse sweeping machine, and a tumble cart.

21st October 1937.

A tender from the East Lancs. Rag and Trade co., was accepted for the collection and removal of scrap from the sewer works and council yards at a fixed price of £3 per ton.

The local children's safety committee was formed.

The East Lancs. Royal Infirmary appealed to the council for a continuation of their donations toward them. This was granted and set at £2 2s 0d.

The postmaster general submitted an application for telegraph poles to be placed at the rear of 15 and 25 Harwood Road, and 31 and 47 Commercial Street. The council refused permission, and a protest was forwarded to the engineering department against the erection of posts in there present numbers.

The clerk was to write to the Ribble Motor Services Ltd., requesting services from Rishton direct to Lower Darwen, in connection with the proposed factory to be established in that district.

4th November 1937

The library report for October was presented. There were 2,094 Adults, and 339 juveniles registered, and 4,632 books were issued.

The total number of people enrolling for the evening classes was 271, the average being 238.

A wireless engineering class was approved to commence, but this disbanded before the end of the term.

A car was bought for the motor engineering class at a total cost of £6 10s 0d.

An additional street lamp was placed on Blackburn Road at its junction with Cowhill Lane.

Communication was sent to the owners of 71 to 83, and 60 to 76 Hermitage Street regarding the condition of their front walls.

Reflector studs were to be purchased to replace the existing studs on all the pedestrian crossings in the town.

The clerk reported the receipt of a letter from the King George Playing Fields foundation regarding the proposed playing fields. The council resolved that in view of other developments in connection with parks and playing fields, the proposal to prepare a scheme for a King George Playing Field be abandoned.

11th November 1937.

The rating officer reported on new properties in Saint Charles Road and 2 new houses on Blackburn Road.

Numbers 11 and 13 High Street and 1 Harwood road were granted exemption for needing closets under the shop Act 1934.

Notice was served under section 9 of the 1936 Public health Act on 60 to 64 Hermitage Street to carry out work on the properties to make them fit for habitation.

An advert was placed in the Rishton Advertiser drawing attention to the 1936 Public Health Act, for converting closets to the fresh water system.

A demolition was ordered against Rose Cottage on Cutt Lane.

Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking submitted an application for consent to the laying of electricity main between Church View and Devonshire Road on Blackburn Road under the pavement, and also on the grass verge at from Whitebirk to the electricity works at Whitebirk. These were both approved.

Father O'Leary gave land and made good the church boundary to his church, for the improvements to Saint Charles Road junction with Station Road.

Complains were received of variations of lighting intensity in properties along Blackburn Road. The surveyor was to contact the Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking.

The clerk was to contact the post master general requesting pillar boxes at Harwood Road and Cutt Lane be finally cleared at 8pm each weekday in addition to or in lieu of the present clearing at 7pm.

Dorset Road was to be made up as per previous instructions.

2nd December 1937.

The library report for the month of November was presented to the council. There were 2,134 adults, and 342 juveniles on the register, and a total of 5,173 books were issued for the month. The percent of non-fiction books was 12.93%

9th December 1937.

The clerk received a letter from the Trades and Labour Council, calling attention to the absence of a doctors surgery below the canal bridge, and to the inconvenience caused thereby. The clerk was to communicate with the doctors in town on this subject and with the post office telephone department regarding the possibility of the erection in that district of a telephone kiosk.

Notice was served on 16, 18, 20, 26, 28, 30, and 32 Burton Street under section 9 of the 193 Housing Act to carry out repairs.

Petroleum licences were granted to:-

  • Barnes W., West End Garage Harwood Road,
  • Boardman H., Bridge Street garage,
  • Bracewell J. R., Eachill Metal Stores,
  • Chambers W. F., Daisy hill Mill,
  • Godley E. Limited, Spring Street,
  • Haworth W., Spring Street Works,
  • Hopwood J W., Stanley House, Station Road,
  • Kenyon H., Spring Street Works,
  • Ribble Motor Services, George Street,
  • Urban District Council, Brook Street,
  • Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society,
  • Robinson T., Henry Street Garage,
  • Shell-Mex and B. P. Limited, Station Road.

A calcium of Carbide licence was granted to Sutton H., at the New Inns, and pasteurised milk licences were granted to the following;

  • Hall J. and T., 86 High Street,
  • Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society at the following premises;

  • 1 Commercial Street, 73 Cliff Street, 53 Hermitage Street, 146 High Street, and 2 Saint Charles Road.

A report was submitted on the Condition of the premises known as Kings Hall. The report was accepted.

23rd December 1937.

At an extraordinary meeting, The Chairman, Councillor Trengrove, was in disagreement about the appointment of a council gardener. After much debate (much of which seemed heated) he left the meeting and abstained from the meeting. Councillor Smith then took the chair and the meeting continued. Mr. H. Dewhurst from Great Harwood was appointed at a wage of £3 1s 0d.

6th January 1938.

Plans were submitted for a proposed alteration to the British Legion on Walmsley Street. The plans were approved.

Mr. F. Yates of the Cemetery Hotel, applied for compensation from the council due to the Lee Lane widening scheme for services rendered to the council, and for the inconvenience caused to him and his business.

A letter was received from Superintendent Pagett requesting provision of maps for use in connection with the air raid precautions. It was resolved that four 25 inch maps and twenty five six inch maps be purchased.

The clerk reported receipt of a road accident report referring to a cause or contributory cause of an accident in Blackburn Road on the 6th December 1937 as being "the absence of street lighting"

The library report was received for the month of December. There were 2,132 Adults and 363 juveniles registered, the total number of books issued was 4,899, and 12.5 % of these were non-fiction. 64 new books were added to the stock.

Dr J. Ross wrote a letter with reference to provision of a doctors surgery below the canal bridge, and after an interview with the Post Office Telephone Department, a kiosk was to be placed on Hermitage Street. The council resolved that an application should be made for the provision of a kiosk at the corner of Holt Street and hermitage Street.

The Post Office Engineering Department withdrew their application for telegraph poles to be placed at the rear of Commercial Street and Harwood Road.

It was revealed that the head post master was reviewing the collection times of the mail, as requested by the council.

12th January 1938.

Notice was served under section 9 of the housing act 1936 on numbers 24, 34, 38, 40, 42, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, and 60 Burton Street for the owners to effect repairs.

20th January 1938.

An invitation to join the Accrington area scheme for air raid precautions was declined. It was though it was not in the best interests of the district an amalgamation with Clayton Le Moors and Great Harwood was preferred to joining a larger area.

3rd February 1938.

Reflector studs were to be fitted to the pedestrian crossing in Hermitage Street as an experiment.

Mr. A. Coolican claimed compensation against the council for loss of a sheep in the sewer works. The committee excepted no responsibility.

The library report for January was received. There were 2,162 adults, and 363 juveniles registered and 5,215 books were issued during the month, 11.3 being non-fiction. 56 new books were added to stock, and 83 books were withdrawn.

10th February 1938.

Ribble motor services applied for an advertising board to be placed at Harwood Road waiting room. This was approved for one month only.

Notice was served under section 9 of the public health act 1936 on numbers 62 to 80 Burton Street to carry out repairs to the properties.

It was announced that Great Harwood and Clayton U. D. C. were to join the Accrington area scheme for air raid precautions.

Plans were submitted for 6 houses in 3 pairs to be built in Blackburn road by Messrs J. H. Moyles and son. These were approved.

Ribble paint and varnishes ltd., proposed the reuse of the redcap works on Accrington Road. These were deferred.

The floodlighting of the war memorial was to be discontinued.

3rd March 1938.

The library report was presented for February. There were 2,105 adults, and 367 juveniles registered, and a total of 5,278 books were issued, 12% of them non-fiction. 26 new books were added to stock, and 30 were withdrawn.

Rishton join the Accrington air raid precautions scheme.

17th March 1938.

Lancashire County Council submit an application to open offices in Blackburn Road for the Lancashire education Committee. The U. D. C. cannot refuse this application and special consent was granted.

7th April 1938.

The reuse of the Redcap building for Ribble Paint and Varnish was approved.

The Congregational Church forwarded an idea for the spare land not being used in Chapel Street.

The library report for March was issued. There were 2,122 adults and 375 juveniles on the register. The total number of books issued was 5,793, and 12.5% were non-fiction. 58 new books were added to the stock, and 25 withdrawn.