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Annual and Ordinary Meeting, 27th April 1939.

Election results were as follows;

Elected for 3 years

James Bridge                    1,323 votes

Alfred Trengrove                1,175 votes

John William Sanderson        1,084 votes

Ralph Leeming                    1,064 votes

Not Elected

Fred Cowburn                    850 votes

James Moorhouse Tattersall    699 votes

Councillor Smith was appointed Chairman for the forthcoming year.

G. Sanderson was appointed representative of Rishton Council on the board of Managers of Accrington Girls' School.

The Rishton District Nursing Association were allowed the use of the Council chambers for the following 12 months for their meetings at the usual rate of costs.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children were granted permission to use the council chambers for their meeting for the forthcoming year.

New building bye-laws were submitted and approved.

The Clerk submitted a report on civil defence matters, including letters from the home office, requesting that priority should be given to these matters over the next 3 months. Two further training pumps were to be delivered, and a black out exercise was to be held on the night of the 15th to 16th May.

Receipt was received from the Minister of Health to the borrowing for the purpose of the Street works at Eachill, St. Charles, and Maple Street.

Health Committee, 4th May 1939.

The sanitary inspector submitted applications for registration under the Lancashire County Council (Rivers Board and General Powers) Act 1938 for the following persons;

Hawkers of Fruit and Vegetables

  • J. E. Walsh, 1 Danvers Street

  • E. Ewbank, 13 Balaclava Street, Blackburn

  • F. Swan, 51a James Street, Blackburn

  • H. Burton, 24 Copy Nook, Blackburn

Sale Of Ice Cream

  • W. Kenyon, 41 High Street

  • E. Cowburn, 80 Livesey Street

All were registered under the act.

Building & Highway Committee, 4th May 1939.

Mr. F. Yates of the Cemetery hotel, had accepted the committee offer of £3 in settlement of his claim for payment for the use of his yard for storage purposes during the progress of the Lee Lane widening scheme.

The surveyor was instructed to move 3 seats without name plates from the War Memorial and Cutt wood park, and transfer them to Harwood Road Recreation Ground. A further 3 seats were to be purchased.

The surveyor reported receipt of a letter from the Clerk to Lancashire County Council, regarding trenches in Cutt Wood, and explained the proposals.

The surveyor reported on the improvements which were to be made to a section of Whitebirk Drive.

Higher Education Committee, 4th May 1939

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,925 Adults, and 301 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for April was 4,043, with 14.4% of them non-fiction. 240 new books were added to the stock and 187 removed.

64 students had sat examinations, 7 more than in the previous session.

Exam results were received from the Saint Johns Ambulance Association, showing 16 had sat their exam and 15 had passed.

2 new classes were added to the proposed syllabus for 1939 - 40, Home Nursing for Men, and First - Aid and Home Nursing for Women.

Ordinary Meeting, 18th May 1939.

The Post Office submitted an application to lay underground cables on Saint Charles Road, which was approved by the Council.

Health Committee, 1st June 1939.

Notice was served on 5 Chapel Street under Section 9 of the Housing Act, 1936, requiring the owner to make repairs specified for the property to be fit for human habitation.

Notice was served on Master Barn Farm under Section 75 of the Public Health Act 1936, Requiring the property to be furnished with a dustbin.

Notice was served under section 47 of the Public Heath Act 1936, on the owners of 113 High Street requiring them to convert from the Waste Water Closet to the Fresh Water System.

Building & Highways Committee, 1st June 1939.

Plans were submitted for Lavatory accommodation on Rishton Cricket Field for Rishton Cricket Club. The plans were approved as a temporary building under the councils bye-laws for a period of three years.

A sketch plan was submitted for a proposed cabin adjoining the sailing water at Whitebirk for the miniature Yacht & Power Boat Club. The plan was approved as a temporary building for 3 years under the council bye-laws subject to the submission of satisfactory plans.

A plan was submitted for the proposed conversion into 2 dwellings of 3 Derby Street. The plan was disapproved.

Tenders had been invited for the drainage work on Holt Street Recreation Ground. The tender submitted by Mr. James Haworth, Black Lane Head Cottage, Clayton Le Moors of 2/3 per rood (7 yards), labour only, was accepted.

The Surveyor was instructed to obtain and fix a street name plate for Sussex Road.

A request was made to the Post Office to affix stamp machines to the pillar boxes in the District.

General Purpose Committee, 1st June 1939.

It was reported by the clerk that the Lancashire Traffic Commission had turned down an application by the Ribble Motor Services, Ltd., for a license to provide a workmen's service from Rishton to H. M. Fuse Factory.

The clerk reported that electric light had been installed in 29 Eachill Road, on the Assisted Wiring Scheme, while the property was unoccupied. It was resolved that the Blackburn Corporation be paid the necessary amount to extinguish all further liability under that scheme, and the rent was set at 11/- per week.

The house was then let to Mr. T. Bibby of Noble Street.

A letter was received from the Hon. Secretary of the Accrington & District Industrial Development Committee suggesting steps should be taken  by the authorities in East Lancashire to obtain additional powers in connection with Industrial development. The letter was referred.

The Ministry of Labour and County Council referred to the National Service rally which was held in London on the 2nd July 1939. The council decided to send 1 member of the auxiliary fire service, and one member of the General Air Raids Precautions Services, and the trained members of these services were asked to arrange to ballot for the two places.

The Rishton Auxiliary Fire Service requested provision of a room for the use of their members. The enquiry was passed to the County Council regarding the possibility of the accommodation being provided in the premises recently leased for Air Raid Precautions purposes.

Persons were interested in buying the vacant plots adjoining the esplanade. The Council was to enter into new agreements with the assignee of the lease, such agreement to provide for payment of apportioned street works charges when property is erected and ready for occupation on the sites;

  • provided that payment of the whole amount outstanding be made not later than 10th February 1949; and

  • that no interest be charged on the balance outstanding prior to the completion of the houses to be erected.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,927 Adults, and 301 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for May was 3,625, with 14.8% of them non-fiction. 56 new books were added to the stock and 164 removed.

Health Committee, 6th July 1939.

Notice was served under Section 9 of the Housing Act 1936, on the owners of 2 Bridge Street, 5 & 7 School Street, and 45 Henry Street, requiring them to carry out repairs specified to make the properties fit for human habitation.

Applications were received under Section 116 of the Lancashire County Councils (Rivers Board and General Powers) Act 1938 from the following -

  • Mr. R. L. T. Nowell, 64 Lord Street

  • Mrs. E. A. Baron, 19 High Street

  • Mrs. E. Bradshaw, 57 High Street

  • Misses L. & M. Clark, 52 Knowles Street

  • Mrs. T. Coulton, 67 High Street

  • Mr. F. Dagg, 20 High Street

  • Mrs. M Godwin, 34 High Street

  • Mr. J. Dean, 66 Commercial Street

  • Mr. M. J. Haworth, 97 High Street

  • Mrs. M. Parker, 8 Commercial Street

  • Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society

  • Mr. E. Snape, 23 Hermitage Street

  • Mr. L. Wolstenholme, 24 Hermitage Street

  • Miss M. Yates, 14, Parker Street

  • Mr. J. Bentley, 93 Spring Street

All the applicants were registered under the act. (Was it for the sale of Paraffin????)

A letter was presented from Mr. J. Clarke with reference to the use of the Ambulance for removal of a patient from Manchester to Rishton. The Council resolved that having made regard to the financial circumstances of the applicant, no charge was to be made for the use of the ambulance.

Higher Education, 6th July 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,941 Adults, and 305 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for June was 3,696, with 15.2% of them non-fiction. 68 new books were added to the stock and 75 removed.

General Purpose Committee, 6th July 1939.

The clerk submitted a report on the air raid precautions with the following recommendations of the Air Raid Precautions Sub-Committee:-

  • The linings in the trenches at Cutt Wood park with pre-cast concrete was approved.

  • An underground shelter and report centre in the Council Store yard and the transferral of the emergency telephone lines was approved.

  • A direct telephone line to the exchange be installed in the fire station.

  • Objections were should be made to the Lancashire County Council against the proposal to establish at Great Harwood the decontamination and cleansing depot in respect of this district.

  • The suggestion to man the report centre only for the blackout exercise on July 13 - 14th was approved, and thanks of the committee were extended to the volunteers who took part.

Letters were received from the Whitley Council with reference to Local Government employees and National Service, it was resolved:-

  • That officers and workmen of this authority who join His Majesty's Forces or who serve in civil defence be granted leave of absence during an emergency and have made up the difference, if any, between their pay and allowance and the remuneration which they would have received if they had remained in the actual service of the Authority.

  • That officers and workmen joining His Majesty's Forces or who undertake, with the permission of this authority, full-time National Service be given an assurance that they will be reinstated in their original employment on their return to civil duties.

Ordinary Meeting, 20th July 1939.

Councillor Trengrove referred to the inconvenience caused to the travelling public owing to trains not stopping at Rishton Station. The Council resolved that the clerk be instructed to take the matter up with the railway company.

Messrs. A. Gregory & Co. submitted an application for a certificate for a pawnbrokers license. The council approved this and affixed their seal to the application.

A letter was read from the Head Postmaster at Blackburn regarding the Councils application for a stamp machine to be fixed at Blackburn Road, Cutt Lane pillar box, intimating that it was not possible to provide such facilities.

The surveyor reported to the Council that the contractor, Mr. J. Haworth, assigned to carry out drainage work to Holt Street Recreation Ground, wished to terminate the contract. The matter was left in the hands of the Chairman and Surveyor.

Application was made to the Lancashire County Council, for the road leading from the New Inns to Great Harwood to be classified as a non-secondary road in the County Council road list. A traffic survey was to be taken for 16 hours a day for 7 days. Great Harwood Urban District Council were to be bourne equally.

The clerk was to offer his resignation.

The appointment of new clerk and accountant was to be advertised at a commencing salary of £350, rising by two annual increments of £15 and one of £20 to a maximum of £400, such salary to be inclusive of all fees other than those of the returning officer.

Health Committee, 9th August 1939.

Notice was served under Section 47 of the Public Health Act 1936 on the owner of 17 Walmsley Street, requesting the owner to make the conversion from a waste water closet to the fresh water system.

Building & Highway Committee, 9th August 1939.

The surveyor referred to the difficulties, owing to weather conditions, concerning the carrying out of the tar-spraying programme.

The surveyor had interviewed two of the people who had tendered for the work on Holt Street ground, for drainage work, and as a result had engaged the services of Edward Mercer, of Dinckley, who commenced work on the 1st August.

The surveyor read a letter from the Accrington District Gas & Water Board regarding the maintenance of the gas lamps.

  • The boards offer to maintain the public gas lamps during the coming season, on the same terms and conditions as the previous year were accepted.

  • The surveyor was instructed to arrange for the lighting of all the street lamps to commence on Monday 21st August.

Higher Education Committee, 9th August 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,945 Adults, and 306 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for July was 3,279, with 13.1% of them non-fiction. 72 new books were added to the stock and 50 removed.

The clerk submitted the following report of examination results:

Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes.

  Entered Distinctions. 1st 2nd Failed
P. S. T. 1 8     1 7
P. S. T. 2 11     1 10
P. S. C. 1 8     3 5
P. S. C. 2 9   1   8
Typewriting 6 2 1 3  
Spanish Grade 1 2 1   1  
Spanish Grade 2 3   1   2
Dressmaking - 1st Year 12 7 5    
Dressmaking - 2nd Year 4 3 1    
Dressmaking - 3rd Year 1   1    

City and Guilds

Dressmaking - Preliminary 1, Passed 1, failed 0.

Saint Johns Ambulance - First Aid

Entered 16, Passed 15, failed 1.

The report was accepted by the committee who noted with disappointment the small number of successes in certain classes, and the teachers responsible were to be informed of the Committee's feelings.

Extraordinary Meeting, 3rd September 1939.

In view of the increased number of school children in the district the recreation grounds were to be opened on Sundays.

The clerk reported on the progress of the evacuation scheme. 482 unaccompanied school children and 390 other persons were billeted in the district.

The Sanitary inspector was made supervisor for the premises where evacuees were being received. He was to visit and inspect all the premises were the evacuees were received, and if necessary he should enlist the help of the Manchester School Teachers in the work.

It was resolved that notices should be placed at the boundaries of the district urging motorist to drive carefully in view of the fact that Rishton was a reception area.

Building & Highway Committee, 7th September 1939.

The surveyor was instructed to complete the works on Eachill Road, Saint Charles Road, and Maple Street.

The surveyor reported on all work in progress on Air Raid Precautions.

  • The surveyor was instructed to have lamp standards, telegraph poles and similar obstacles painted in accordance with instructions received in the circular "Aids to Movement of Traffic"

  • The Steam roller shed was to be converted into A. R. P. store, and

  • The surveyor was instructed to carry out the necessary alterations in the fire station to the existing partitions.

The surveyor was instructed to commence with re-flagging work on the main roads as circumstances permit.

Higher Education Committee, 7th September 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,960 Adults, and 312 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for August was 3,463, with 14.5% of them non-fiction. 60 new books were added to the stock and 12 removed.

The clerk reported that all evening classes were to be closed immediately, with the exception of classes in first aid and Home Nursing. Arrangements for reopening would be made at a later date.

Health Committee, 14th September 1939.

Notice was serve under Section 9 of the housing Act 1936, on 81 Haworth Street to carry out necessary repairs.

£2 compensation was paid to Mr. R. Duckworth, of 32 Cliffe Street for bedding destroyed on the tip as ordered by Dr. Mitchell.

General Purpose Committee, 14th September 1939.

The clerk reported on the provisions of the Fuel and Lighting Order 1939.

Mr. R. W. Renshaw was appointed Local Fuel Overseer and Mr. J. Lord was appointed as Clerk on his staff. Remunerations were to be decided later.

The Advisory Committee appointed under the Fuel and Lighting Order 1939, was as follows; 5 members of the local council, 2 representatives of the coal merchants in the district, 1 representative of the Electricity Undertaking, 1 of the Gas Undertaking, and 1 of the Co-operative Society.

The councils representatives were to be Councillors Sturzaker, Sutcliffe, Trengrove, Worsley, and Leeming.

The Clerk read correspondence from the Food Executive, of which he appointed the Clerk Deputy Food Officer for the district for some of the functions to be carried out for Food Control.

Extraordinary Meeting, 18th September 1939.

The position of Food Control Clerk was advertised and consideration was given to the appointment at a future council meeting. Mr. B. Ainsworth was appointed on the 21st September 1939, at a wage of £2 12s 0d per week.

Building & Highways Committee, 5th October 1939.

The surveyor was instructed to carry out works which included;

  • Tar Spraying in Hermitage Street, from the canal bridge to the paper mill, and

  • To repair work in Tottleworth Road from Hermitage Street to the gateway leading to the sewerage works.

Application was received from the owner of 3 Derby Street for permission to carry out structural alterations for the purpose of converting the house from a six bed roomed house to a four roomed house. Permission was granted subject to the alterations being carried out in conformity with the councils byelaws to the satisfaction of the surveyor.

Higher Education Committee, 5th October 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,976 Adults, and 326 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for September was 3,546, with 18.2% of them non-fiction. 130 new books were added to the stock and 20 removed.

General Purposes Committee, 5th October 1939.

The clerk outlined the provisions of Home Office Circular number 70/1939 concerning the Auxiliary Fire Service. Resolved that the Auxiliary Fire Service should be reduced to 9 firemen in place of the 17 now serving, in accordance with the provisions of this circular, and that the selection of these 9 should be deferred one week. It is proposed to keep 1 pumping unit for the first line ready for action.

Resolved to approved the clerks recommendation to rent the shop at Number 39 High Street, for food control purposes at 9/- per week excluding rates.

The clerk received a letter from the Parliamentary Borough of Accrington requesting a suitable person be nominated as compiler of the Register of Electors for Rishton. The clerk was appointed.

The clerk was instructed to write to the Traffic Commissioners regarding the inadequacy of the transport service in the district.

The surveyor referred to the scheme for the provision of Air Raid Shelters, and made recommendations regarding the same. The Surveyor was instructed to include in the scheme the provision of Public Shelters as follows:-

  • Cutt Wood (trenches)

  • Holt Street Recreation Ground (trenches)

  • Harwood Road Recreation Ground (trenches)

  • Surface shelters to accommodate a total of 250 people in 5 separate shelters on sites to be selected by the surveyor in the area on the south side of High Street and Hermitage and between Station Road and Butler Street.

The Surveyor reported that he had received instructions from the County Surveyor to arrange to provide a squad of volunteers for special duty under the direction of the bank ranger for the protection of the Leeds & Liverpool canal in case of emergency. The surveyor was instructed to carry out these instructions.

Representations were to be made to the Lancashire County Council for the provision of a Cleansing Depot in the Urban District of Rishton.

Representation was made to the County Council for the appointment of a Gas Identification Officer for the Urban District of Rishton, as there was a qualified man resident who volunteered for the work.

The surveyor reported that he had taken steps to recruit and arrange the training of reserve squads to assist the existing Rescue, Repair, Demolition, and Decontamination Squads.

The clerk reported upon Circular L. A. 5 from the petroleum Department concerning petrol supplies. Private cars owned by officials and other persons  used in connection with emergency services should be issued with petrol upon the following basis:-

  • 8 to 9 Horse power cars                30 miles per gallon.

  • 10 to 11 Horse power cars            27 miles per gallon

  • 12 to 13 Horse power cars            24 miles per gallon

  • 14 to 15 Horse power cars            21 miles per gallon

Health Committee, 12th October 1939.

Notice was served on 34 Burton Street, instructing the owner to carry out necessary repairs.

The Sanitary Inspector gave an account of his training at Preston, when he was successful in obtaining the L. A. R. P. S. Certificate for Instructors. The clerk was to obtain the sanction of the County Council to Purchase the necessary equipment for training and demonstration purposes.

General Purposes Committee, 12th October 1939.

The following auxiliary firemen received one weeks notice; B. Tattersall, J. Heyburn, H. Ormerod, A. Sykes, J. Cheetham, T. Keenan, Hanson Smith, and C. Hammersley.

The clerk reported that further clerical work was required for the Food Control Work. A list of persons registered at the Labour Exchange was submitted and it was decided that Mr. H. Barratt should be appointed at 58/- a week, to commence straight away. If further labour was required then a shortlist was drawn up consisting of Miss Bridge, Mr. Roberts and Miss Horrocks who would be employed in that order.

The clerk reported that Great Harwood Urban District Council had stated that they had no one suitable to act as Gas Identification Officer on the 12th October 1939. It was resolved that Mr. J. Pickup of "Lynwood", Blackburn Road, should be recommended for the post for the three urban districts of Clayton Le Moors, Rishton, and great Harwood.

Lancashire County Council promised to give full consideration to the proposal for a Cleansing Station in the District.

Ordinary Meeting, 19th October 1939.

The rating & valuation officer reported further upon the question of Cotton Mill Assessments. The recommendations of the Blackburn Corporation for a standard reduction of 30% in Cotton Mill Assessments was agreed to under protest.

The Clerk received a letter from the County Council, intimating that the Rishton scheme had been agreed to in principal. Following further consultations with the County officials, a price of £135 per shelter for semi sunk shelters had been fixed, the work on the 8 shelters was to be allocated by the surveyor according to the abilities of each contractor respectively.

The surveyor, in accordance with instructions from the council, had obtained a quotation from the Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking for the provision of an electric lighting installation in the trenches in Cutt wood.

General Purpose Committee, 2nd November 1939.

The Clerk received a letter from the Home Office in pursuance of Fire Brigade Circular Number 70 concerning the further reduction of the whole-time Auxiliary Fire Service Personnel. It was decided that the four men to be retained should be J. L. Smith, J. Calvert, J. Wilkinson, and J. R. Aspden, and that one weeks notice should be given to A. Cheetham, J. C. Slater, W. Carbery, H. Smith, and D. Ackers. It was further resolved that in view of the reduced personnel that the four ton vehicle belonging to Messrs. J. W. Hopwood (Rishton) Ltd., at present on whole-time duty, should be released and in future be on call.

The clerk read correspondence received concerning the Order in Council amending the Shops (Hours of Closing) Act, 1928. Resolved that the application for extension to 8 pm on the late night and 7 pm on other evenings be approved, and it was further resolved that the clerk should be instructed to communicate with the postmaster requesting the extension of Post Office hours similarly, and that Councillor. G. Thomlinson M. P., and Major Proctor, M. P., should be informed that this request had been made to the Postmaster.

The Clerk reported on the Ministry of Health's Circular number 1897, concerning compensation for damage done by evacuated children. The following claims were paid;

  • Mrs Duckworth, 22 Blackburn Road, Mattress cleaning - 7/6

  • Mrs. Smith, 69 Harwood Road, Mattress cleaning - 5/6

  • Mrs. Halliwell, 105 Harwood Road, Cleaning and Repairing Box Mattress - £2 6s

  • Mr. Dugdale, 56 Harwood Road, Supplying and fixing new washbasin - £2 1s

Rishton football club were instructed to leave the goalposts on Harwood Road Recreation Ground, so the children could them during the week.

Higher Education Committee, 9th November 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 1,996 Adults, and 334 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for October was 4,304 with 17.4% of them non-fiction. 125 new books were added to the stock and 0 removed.

The clerk read correspondence from Mr. W. Kehoe concerning the use of the Astoria Skating Rink for Physical Training Classes. The council ordered the clerk to raise the rent from 7/6 to 9/- per night, and also that the Clerk should write to the Teacher of the Men's class stating that that the damage done on previous occasions must not re-occur.

Health Committee, 9th November 1939.

Notice was served under section 9 of the Housing Act 1936, on the owners of 40 - 80 Burton Street, and 13, 15, 19, and 21 - 27 Chapel Street to carry out necessary repairs to make the property fit for human habitation.

Waste paper and Cardboard was to be collected and sold to the Sun Paper Mill Ltd., at 25/- per ton.

The Sanitary Inspector and Surveyor were instructed to take the necessary action to rectify the deliberate damage done to the forms in the Harwood road waiting rooms.

Building & Highways Committee, 9th November 1939.

The clerk read correspondence from Mrs. E. Taylor concerning the disposal of a slaughterhouse and garages situated in School Street. The Council was to take no action in this matter.

Ordinary Meeting, 16th November, 1939.

The clerk submitted the quotations for supply of coal and coke from the various coal merchants. It was resolved that the council should register with Wm. Coleman & Sons, under the Fuel & Lighting Order, 1939, for supplies of Coal and Coke, at 36/8 per ton for coke in bags or loose, and 46/8 per ton for Bridgewater Rams delivered in bags, subject to increases allowed on the Schedule of Prices.

Finance Committee, 14th December 1939.

The clerk reported on the debt due from Moses Stones, amounting to £18 1s 4d., for work done under the appropriate Acts at 74 Talbot Street, and 6 Tottleworth. Resolved that the clerk should write to M. Stones intimating that the Council would take advantage of their powers under Section 10 (6) of the Housing Act 1936, to sell the property.

The clerk read correspondence from the Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council. Resolved that the scheduled rates be increased from the week ending the 14th December 1939, as follows:

  • General Classes by 3/- per week

  • Paviors, masons, and road etc., workers by 3/4d per hour.

A contribution was made of £5 0s 0d to the Manchester Royal Infirmary and £2 2s 0d to the Blackburn and East Lancashire Royal Infirmary.

The clerk gave a report on the Harwood road bus Shelter. No rent was paid since June 1931. Councillor Booth, the Clerk, and the Surveyor were to interview the Managing Director of the Ribble Motor Services Ltd., with a view to obtaining the arrears of rent and reaching an agreement for future use.

Health committee, 14th December 1939.

Notice was served under Section 9 of the Housing Acts 1936, on the owners of 36 Station Road and 80 Burton Street, to carry out necessary repairs to make the property fit for human habitation.

The following licences were granted for a period of 12 months commencing the 1st January 1940:-


  • Barnes, C. T., West End Garage

  • Boardman, H., 42 Livesey Street

  • Bracewell, J. R., Briar Bank, Blackburn Road

  • Chambers, W. F. & Sons, Daisy Hill Mill

  • Godley, E., Ltd., Spring Street

  • Grimshaw, J., Unity Saw Mills, Spring Street

  • Hopwood, J. W., Ltd., Stanley House, Station Road

  • Kenyon, R. H., Woodside, Blackburn Road

  • Ribble Motor Services, Ltd., Frenchwood Avenue, Preston

  • Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society, Ltd.

  • Rishton Urban District Council.

  • Robinson, T., Homestead, Blackburn Road

  • Shell-Mex & B. P. Ltd., Station Road

  • Watson T., 74 High Street

  • Peebles (Paper Makers), Ltd.

  • Pickup, P. W., Ltd., Colliery, Walmsley Street

Carbide of Calcium

  • Pickup, P. W., Ltd., Colliery, Walmsley Street

  • Sutton H., Bay Horse, New Inns

Rishton Co-op were granted licence to use their premises in Spring Street as a slaughter house for a period of not more than 13 months, as demanded by the Food & Drugs Act 1939.

Mr. W. R. Cartledge was paid £1 per week for covering the normal Ambulance driver who was away on holiday for 2 weeks.

Higher Education Committee, 14th December 1939.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 2,127 Adults, and 346 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for November was 4,297 with 16.7% of them non-fiction. 130 new books were added to the stock and 0 removed.

Resolved that in view of the fact that no arrangements could be with Mr. Kehoe regarding the use of the Astoria Skating rink at 7/6 per evening that in future the Physical Training Class should be held at Saint Charles School.

General purposes Committee, 14th December 1939.

Resolved that the purchase of a Ford V8, registered number AOC 580 for auxiliary fire service purposes at a cost of £30, inclusive of alterations be approved.

The following claims for compensation caused by evacuated children were approved for payment:-

  • Mrs. Mellor, 5 Norfolk Street, dry-cleaning mattress - 5/6

  • Mrs. Pelling, 50 Station Road, repairing window - 7/6

  • Mrs. Harwood, 49 Stourton Street, supplying and fixing new wash basin - £1 18s 0

Sanction had been given by the Minister of Home Security for the payment of compensation to Air Raid Precaution Volunteers who lose wages by reason of attending for duty during working hours, to a maximum in respect of a working day of 10/- for men and 7/- for women.

The clerk reported upon correspondence received from the County Medical Officer of Health intimating that the Shops (Hours of Closing) Act 1928, would be suspended for the six days before Christmas

The clerk reported upon correspondence from Councillor Tomlinson, M. P., and Major Proctor, M. P., intimating that the closing hours for Post Offices were to be extended to 7 pm in those districts where the shop hours had been extended to 7 pm.

The clerk reported upon correspondence from the Minister of Home Security concerning the use of factory Sirens. Recommended that the arrangements with the Rishton Colliery be terminated and that an electrically operated siren be installed at the Council Offices.

The clerk read correspondence from Mr. J. Parker, of Barnston, Blackburn Road, drawing attention to the fact that Mr. Haworth's goats have repeatedly trespassed on his garden. The clerk was to write to Mr. Haworth pointing out that the Council object to his animals being in Cutt Wood, and that there is the possibility of proceedings for damage unless the goats are kept on his own land.

Resolved that the resolution below passed on by the Brentford & Chiswick Borough Council be approved and copies sent to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, and the Member of Parliament for this Division:-

"That in view of the charge thrown upon Public Assistance funds by reason of the Old Age Pension being fixed at 10/- per week (50 pence), this Council declares itself in favour of an increase in the maximum Old Age Pension to a figure of 15/- (75 pence now) per week."

Ordinary Meeting, 21st December 1939.

The Sanitary Inspector's wage was increased from the 1st January 1940, from £240 per annum to £265 per annum, subject to approval from the Minister of Health.

The remuneration paid to Mr. R. W. Renshaw as Local Fuel Overseer was terminated on the 31st December 1939. Also Mr. J. Lord, Assistant to the Local Fuel Overseer, was given one weeks notice that his appointment will terminate on the 28th December 1939.

The Auxiliary Fire Service was permitted to make haversacks for Service respirators for use until supplies were forthcoming from the Ministry of Home Security.

Finance Committee, 11th January 1940.

On the recommendations of the Finance Sub-Committee the following were approved:-

  • The weekly remuneration paid to G. Hargreaves, P. Gilmartin, P. Bailey, Mrs. Whewell and Miss A. Cunningham be increased by 3/-.

  • In view of the special circumstances no action was taken against Mr. J. Lord.

  • The remunerations paid to officials be increased as follows:-

    • G. V. Berry - from £350 to £360 10s

    • R. W. Renshaw - from £350 to £ 360 10/-

    • C. Woodcock - from £265 to £273 (Subject to approval from the Ministry of Health)

    • H. Greenwood - from £265 to £273

The increases referred to shall date from 1st January 1940.

In view of the circumstances of Mr. M. Stones, and in view of the fact that the amounts owing by him are registered charges upon his property, no further action was taken.

The clerk reported that as a consequence of further negotiations with Ribble Motor Services Ltd., that an offer had been made by the company to contribute the sum of £50 towards the maintenance expenses of the Harwood Road bus shelter upon condition that the shelter remains open for the use of omnibus passengers for the next ten years and that there would be no further liability upon the company. The council resolved to accept the sum of £50 on the conditions stated.

Health Committee, 11th January 1940.

Notice was served under Section 9 of the Housing Act 1936 on the owners of numbers 40 to 64 Spring Street to carry out the necessary repairs.

Resolved that the charge of 10/- due from Mrs. Treverton of 3 Victoria Street, for the hire of the ambulance be written off.

Notice was served on Mr. George Knowles, owner of 57 Haworth Street to supply a galvanised ashbin complete with cover and 2 handles, as required by Section 75 of the Public Health Act 1936.

The sanitary inspection was appointed temporary Food inspector, for the purpose of enforcing the Statutory Orders of the Minister of Foods, without remuneration.

Buildings  & Highways Committee, 11th January 1940.

The Council Surveyor reported that representatives of 108 Hermitage Street had  consulted him regarding the condition of Hanson Street, a Street not made up and completed and therefore unadopted. The Council resolved that no further action was to be taken in the matter.

The Post Office submitted an application to place 10 poles and telegraphic line, along the North-East side of Wilpshire Road from the junction of with Lee Lane to a point about 90 yards North-West of Close Nook. Consent was granted.

The Surveyor presented quotations received for the supply of an Air Raid Warning Syren.

  • The committee recommended that the quotation of Messrs. Carter & Co. (Nelson) Ltd., be accepted, and

  • that the surveyor was instructed to consider alternative methods of fixing the syren, including the erection of a mast.

Ordinary Meeting, 18th January 1940.

The clerk reported receipt of the Fire Brigades Divisional Circular no 76, concerning the purchase of waterproof coats for Auxiliary Fire Service Personnel. The clerk was instructed to obtain prices.

The clerk reported upon a variation in the scheme adopted by the Rishtons Workpeople's Hospital Fund. Permission was given to issue amended particulars to the councils employees.

Extra-Ordinary Meeting, 5th February 1940.

A report was made by Councillors Sanderson and Leeming, the Clerk and the Surveyor, concerning the question of snow cutting on the top roads. The clerk drew attention to Section 26 of the Highways Act, 1835. Resolved that in view of the expense involved the matter should be left in abeyance for the present, and reconsidered at the Building and Highways Meeting on Thursday 8th February.

Finance Committee, 8th February 1940.

It was resolved that the excess money borrowed for the Esplanade Gardens scheme of £933 11s 0d should be transferred to the unexercised loan sanctions for Saint Charles Road and Eachill Road Street Works.

The clerk wrote to Rishton Football Club, demanding the early payment of the rent at £3 10s 0d per season for the use of Harwood Road Recreation Ground, for the following seasons:-

  • 1937 - 38

  • 1938 - 39

  • 1939 - 40

Higher Education Committee, 8th February 1940.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 2,064 Adults, and 349 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for January was 3,544 with 15.4% of them non-fiction.

Building & Highways Committee, 8th February 1940.

It was proposed to build a wooden garage in the Council yard to house the ambulance supplied by the County Council. As and when sanction was received from the County Council, the surveyor was instructed to advertise in "Northern Daily Telegraph" inviting tenders for the supply and erection of the garage. The Sanitary Inspector was also instructed to have the brakes adjusted and realigned and two of the tyres retreaded.

The surveyor was instructed to proceed with snow cutting to provide a traffic route through all top roads.

The clerk read a Police report of wilful damage to a Street Lamp. No action was taken.

General Purpose Committee, 8th February 1940.

28 waterproof coats were purchased in accordance with Fire Brigade Circular number 76, for the Auxiliary Fire Service Volunteers.

The clerk was given permission to sell the musical instruments, at present stored in the Hay-loft, at half the cost of similar new instruments, and a further report should be made when available.

Ordinary Meeting, 15th February 1940.

A letter was received from Superintendent Pagett intimating that the County Air Raid Precautions Sub-Committee had rejected the proposal to install an electric syren at the Council Offices.

Health Committee, 7th March 1940.

Notice was served under Section 9 of the Housing Act 1936 on the owners of 53 and 57 Talbot Street to carry out necessary repairs.

The Annual Tenders for the supply of Materials during 1939 - 40 was received and accepted as follows:-

  • Disinfectant Fluids - The "Killgerm" Co. Ltd. : 2/4 per gallon

  • Disinfectant Powder - The "Killgerm" Co. Ltd : 6/3 per cwt.

  • Ashbins - Messrs. Parkinson & Sweaney, Ltd. : 8/9 each.

Building & Highway Committee, 7th March 1940.

The surveyor read a letter from the Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking regarding a proposed quarterly nominal charge for maintenance in connection with Street Lighting. Resolved that the nominal charge of £5 per quarter be agreed to on condition that the quarterly charge ceases when the consumption of Electricity for the purpose of street lighting is resumed.

The surveyor was instructed to recommend permanent markings at all bends and road junctions on main roads, and painted white lines on the remaining length of main roads, to the County Surveyor and the Divisional Road Engineer as well as the Ministry of Transport under the Aids to Movement.

The War Department requested that a General Construction Company should be formed of the Royal Engineers in the area.

The following tenders were recommended for acceptance for the financial year 1940 - 41:-

  • Granite Chippings - The Penmaenmawr and Welsh Granite Co., Ltd

  • Paviors Limestone Chippings - James Carter and Sons, Ltd.

  • Dry Limestone Macadam - The Bold Venture Lime Co., Ltd.

  • Tarred Limestone - Richard Briggs and Sons, Ltd.

  • Pitch - W. F. Metcalf, Ltd

  • Creosote Oil - W. F. Metcalf, Ltd.

  • Spraying Material (Tardurabit) - Brookes Chemicals, Ltd.

  • Flags, Kerbs, etc. - Peacock Bros., Ltd.

  • Brushes - The Blackburn and District Workshops for the Blind.

  • Earthenware Pipes - George Clark and Sons, Ltd.

No tenders were accepted for iron castings or provender, hay, etc.

Higher Education Committee, 7th March 1940.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 2,088 Adults, and 350 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for February was 3,897 with 16.7% of them non-fiction. 74 new books were added to stock, and 5 withdrawn.

General Purposes Committee, 7th March 1940.

The clerk reported on the request for a common room for the Auxiliary Fire Service. It was resolved that all volunteers should be encouraged to use the new building in the council yard.

A report was given upon the re-organisation of the Food Control staff by the Accrington Area Joint Food Control Committee. The services of the present assistant at Rishton were to terminate on the 9th March 1940 (two days time). From that date the Food Office will be open from 9 am till 12 noon on Tuesdays, and 2 p till 6 pm on Fridays. The clerk was to request the Food Executive Officer to consider the greater needs of this District and to reconsider the personnel to be employed at the office.

Correspondence was read from the Great Harwood Urban District Council, and it was resolved to support them. The letter read:-

"That this Council, having heard the correspondence relating to the new evacuation scheme, on the same lines as the last one, is strongly opposed to the proposals. Our experience of evacuation has proved the system to be unsound, and, in our opinion, is certain to fail for the same reasons as it did before. We are convinced that hosts for the children to be allotted to this district will be impossible to find voluntarily, and suggest that the only evacuation scheme likely to succeed would be one where school units were transferred to suitable premises where they could be maintained on the lines of a boarding establishment such as a permanent school camp."

Information was given that the Rishton Labour Exchange would be open in the near future part - time only on account of the greatly decreased number of persons attending.

The general rate on 10 High Street, amounting to £1 8s 10d due from R. H. Beaghan of 46 Commercial Street was wrote off.

Finance Committee, 14, March 1940.

A general rate of 13/6 in the £ was set for 1940 - 41.

Correspondence was read from the Great Harwood Urban District Council concerning the assessment of cotton mills. Support was given to the intention to hold an early meeting at which consideration should be given to the increase of assessments in view of the improvements of trade.

Correspondence was read from the Lancashire and Cheshire Provincial Council for the Professional, Administrative and Clerical Services of Local Authorities concerning salary adjustments. Resolved:-

  • The remuneration of the officers of this council be increased on the 1st April 1940 in accordance with the under mentioned scale.

    • An Officer whose normal salary does not exceed £300 per annum be granted a bonus at the rate of 6% of his salary.

    • An officer whose normal salary exceeds £300 per annum be granted a bonus equivalent to 6% of the first £300 of salary, plus 3% of salary in excess of £300.

  • The percentage should be calculated on the officers salary as at 1st January 1940.

  • Any official who has received an increase of more than 6% since the 1st January 1940 shall not be adversely affected by the above recommendations.

  • Any increases which have been granted subsequent to the 1st January 1940, are to be regarded as on account of the above recommendations.

Tenders for the supply of 28 water proof coats for the use of the Auxiliary Fire Services were submitted. The quote of Messrs. Geo. Angus & Co. Ltd., 71 Bridge Street Deansgate, Manchester, 3, was accepted at 17/6 each, less 2 1/2& discount.

Quotations for the supply of demand notes and receipt books were considered. Resolved that the quotation of Messrs. J. & H. Smith, High Street be accepted for supply of demand notes and rate receipt books, and the quotation of Messrs. Wm. Miller Ltd., was accepted for the supply of general receipt books.

Mr. W. H. Eagles was appointed whole - time Auxiliary Fireman to replace Mr. J. Calvert who had handed in his resignation.

Ordinary Meeting, 28th March 1940.

Contributions received for the Red Cross Fund now amounted to £40 10s 2d.

£30 of the Red Cross Fund was transferred to the Lord Mayors Fund.

The Clerk reported on the provision of the A. R. P. ((Air Raid Precautions) Storage and Loan of Equipment) Regulations 1940, and reported that the County Council had given sanction for the employment of 1 person to carry out the work under these regulations. Resolved that Mr. B. Ainsworth be appointed to the position.

Reply was received from the Food Executive Officer, concerning representations made by the council regarding the limitations of the opening times of the Rishton Food Office, and the clerk was instructed to reply further stating that the council are still dissatisfied with the Food Control Organisation in Rishton.

Tenders were considered for 6 heavy duty tyres for the council lorry were considered. The tender submitted by Messrs. J. & S. Leaver, Ltd., was accepted on condition that an allowance was made of 15/- per cover be made if the covers are suitable for remoulding. It was further resolved that if this condition should  not be agreed to then the tender of Messrs. R. Rodgerson & Sons, Rishton, should be accepted.

A letter from the County Council intimated that the one person employed as a whole-time volunteer on the Rescue and Demolition Squad since the outbreak of hostilities should be discharged. Mr. W. Clough was given one weeks notice. to terminate his duties.

Health Committee, 11th April 1940.

Notice was served under Section 9 of the Housing Act 1936, on the owners of 22 Victoria Street, and 3 Harwood Road, to carry out the necessary repairs.

No charge was made for the use of the Ambulance for Mrs. Goodall of 12 Howard Street.

Compensation was paid of £1 to Mrs. Goodall after the destruction of her flock bed.

The refuse collection cart was fitted with a new shaft.

The Sanitary Inspected received applications for grants towards the cost of conversion to fresh water system of the waste water closets at 40 Henry Street, and 2, 4, and 6 Edward Street. The Council agreed to contribute 50% of the costs of the work of conversion only.

Building & Highways Committee, 11th April 1940.

The surveyor reported that the spare refuse cart had been advertised for sale. Two offers had been received, but neither of them were acceptable.

The Surveyor reported that he had communicated with Messrs. J. & S. Leavers Ltd., who had agreed to make the same allowance for old tyres, on the same conditions as other firms tendering, and that the order for new tyres had accordingly been placed with them, who had completed the work. Allowance had been made by J.  & S. Leavers Ltd., for four old tyres.

Correspondence was read about the proposed building of an Air Raid Wardens Post on land in Cutt Wood. Approval was not given for this.

Higher Education Committee, 11th April 1940.

The Librarians report was presented. There were 2,114 Adults, and 361 Juveniles registered, and the total number of books issued for March was 3,621 with 17.1% of them non-fiction. 42 new books were added to stock, and 6 withdrawn.

General Purpose Committee, 11th April 1940.

Rishton Council placed adverts in the local Advertiser, requesting persons who were willing to accommodate lodgers to register their interests at the Council Offices. This was done after a survey into housing accommodation carried out for the new factory at Clayton Le Moors.

The clerk wrote to Manchester Education Committee, requesting information as to the district from which evacuees would be sent from, in the event of the new scheme coming into operation.

The clerk sought section from the Home Office (Fire Brigades Division) to create two section officers in Auxiliary Fire Service, to be remunerated at £3 10s 0d per week, and that J. R. Aspden and J. Smith be promoted to these positions.

It was reported that the tyres of the Auxiliary Fire Brigade Car were in bad condition. This was to be investigated further.

A subscription of £2 2s 0d was made to the Lancashire Playing Fields Association for the year 1940 - 41.