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Name: Mrs. Mary Ann Ainsworth Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 111 Spring Street

Name: Henry Airey Occupation: agent for refuge Address: 16 Parker Street

Name: J. Aitken Occupation: coal merchant Address: Canal side

Name: Israel Alston Occupation: greengrocer Address: 37 Commercial Street

Name: Adam Anderson Occupation: papermaker (j.) Address: 109 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. E. A. Anderson Occupation: Address: 5 Hermitage Street

Name: Hugh Anderson Occupation: foreman Address: 23 Parker Street

Name: John Ashurst Occupation: fancy goods dealer Address: 31 Hermitage Street

Name: Robt. Hy. Ashworth Occupation: grocer Address: 26 High Street

Name: Enoch Aspden Occupation: agent for Royal Liver Address: 24 Commercial Street

Name: John Aspden Occupation: overlooker Address: 40 Spring Street

Name: Samuel Bailey Occupation: draper Address: 22 & 24 High Street

Name: Thomas Bailey Occupation: loomer Address: 57 Spring Street

Name: Richard Banks Occupation: taper Address: 7 George Street

Name: William Marshall Banks Occupation: butcher Address: 30 High Street

Name: William Banks Occupation: plasterer Address: 15 Knowles Street

Name: Misses Emma & Mitton Barker (Mrs. Ida) Occupation: confectioners Address: 67 High Street

Name: James William Baron Occupation: mechanic Address: 113 Spring Street

Name: John Barr Esq. J.P. Occupation: M.B. (Medical officer of health and certifying factory surgeon) Address: Willow Grange Henry Street

Name: John Bateson John Occupation: agent Address: 9 George Street

Name: Thomas Battersby Occupation: painter and decorator Address: 7 High Street

Name: Rd. Bennett Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 28 Haworth Street

Name: Thomas Bentley Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 6 Haworth Street

Name: Mrs. Margaret Bibby Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 26 Talbot Street

Name: Peter Bibby Occupation: fried fish dlr. Address: 3 Henry Street

Name: George Blackburn Occupation: milliner and draper Address: 60 High Street

Name: John Blackey Occupation: police constable Address: 47 Hermitage Street

Name: Christopher Boardman Occupation: overlooker Address: 8 Chapel Street

Name: John Thomas Boardman Occupation: overlooker Address: 24 Fielding Street

Name: William Boardman Occupation: manager of Co-operative stores Address: 19 School Street

Name: Henry & William Bolton Occupation: victs. Address: Old Mother Redcap Accrington Road

Name: Thomas Boothman Occupation: confectioner Address: 2 Hermitage Street

Name: Charles Bracewell Occupation: drysalter sole agent for Townsend's softener and for John Riley & Sons' chlorade of zinc &c Address: 3 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Mary Ann Bracewell Occupation: farmer Address: White house High Street

Name: Joseph Bracewell Occupation: farmer Address: Manor house Tottleworth

Name: Thomas Bracewell Occupation: commercial travllr. Address: 17 Harwood Road

Name: James William Bradshaw Occupation: fish and fruit dealer Address: 32 High Street

Name: Rd. Bradshaw Occupation: tripe dealer Address: 78 High Street

Name: Richard Bradshaw Occupation: farmer Address: Cowhill farm Cowhill Lane

Name: Christopher Braithwaite Occupation: overlooker Address: 28 Harwood Road

Name: George Breare Occupation: saddler Address: 134 High Street

Name: James Broadley Occupation: labourer Address: 111 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Joseph Brown Occupation: coal dealer Address: 32 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Sarah Brown Occupation: Address: 111 High Street

Name: R. & J. R. Butler Occupation: joiners and builders Address: Spring Street

Name: Mr. William Butler Occupation: Address: 14 Spring Street

Name: J. Butterfield Occupation: farmer Address: Windy Bank Blackburn Old Road

Name: Henry Butterworth Occupation: engine tenter Address: 8 Hermitage Street

Name: James Cain Occupation: joiner Address: 144 High Street

Name: Thomas Carter Occupation: manager. Address: Wheatfield cottage Wheatfield Street

Name: Miss A. Houseman Occupation: Catholic School Address: The Hermitage Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Grace Chegwidden Occupation: Address: 15 Hermitage Street

Name: Ralph Charnley Occupation: butcher Address: 22 Hermitage Street

Name: Walter Charnley Occupation: police sergeant Address: Harwood Road

Name: William Clark Occupation: foreman Address: 63 Burton Street

Name: George Clarke (G. Clarke & Sons) Occupation: Address: Norden view Harwood Road

Name: George Clarke & Sons Occupation: retort fire & common brick chimney top sanitary tube &c manufacturers ; & quarry masters Address: Norden works Harwood Road

Name: George Clarke Junior Occupation: farmer Address: Norden View Harwood Road

Name: Joseph Clarke Occupation: (G. Clarke & Sons) Address: Laburnum house Harwood Road

Name: Mark Clarke Occupation: (G. Clarke & Sons) Address: Norden view Harwood Road

Name: Richard Clarkson Occupation: coal merchant Address: 26 Haworth Street

Name: Misses Ann & Mary Clayton Occupation: confectioners Address: 76 Hermitage Street

Name: Rt. Clayton Occupation: warehouseman Address: 80 Spring Street

Name: Robert Clayton Occupation: (R. & T. Clayton Ltd.) Address: The Turrets Blackburn Road

Name: R. & T Clayton Ltd. Occupation: cotton manufacturers Address: Bridgefield mill Spring Street

Name: Thomas Clayton Occupation: gas inspector Address: 78 Spring Street

Name: Thomas Clayton (R & T. Clayton Ltd.) Occupation: Address: 36 Spring Street

Name: Mr. Thomas Clayton Occupation: Address: 4 Spring Street

Name: Richard Clegg Occupation: surgeon Address: 2 High Street

Name: Samuel Clegg Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 76 High Street

Name: William Coates Occupation: confectioner Address: 14 Burton Street

Name: Thomas Cockett Occupation: mechanic Address: 113 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Richard Cocking Occupation: paper finisher Address: 36 Hermitage Street

Name: George Coleman Occupation: pianoforte dealer and draper Address: 5 Commercial Street

Name: William Coleman Occupation: herbalist Address: 16 High Street

Name: William Henry Counsell Occupation: photographer Address: 6 Parker Street

Name: Robert Boardman Occupation: Secretary Address: Conservative Club High Street

Name: Patrick Coonan Occupation: overlooker Address: 45 Harwood Road

Name: Henry Cormack Occupation: schoolmaster Address: 12 Harwood Road

Name: John Cook Occupation: hairdresser Address: 66 High Street

Name: Rd. Cook Occupation: tailor and draper Address: 41 High Street

Name: Robert Cort Occupation: manager Address: 15 George Street

Name: William Henry Cottam Occupation: agent Address: 32 Burton Street

Name: John W. Cottier Occupation: baker Address: 117 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Samuel Cowburn Occupation: stationer Address: 88 High Street

Name: Ishmael Cowell Occupation: agent Address: 13 Fielding Street

Name: Mrs. Margaret Cowell Occupation: confectioner Address: 20 High Street

Name: Cran & Smith Occupation: physicians and surgeons Address: 1 Talbot Street

Name: Mrs. Alice Craven Occupation: Address: 7 Hermitage Street

Name: George Crawshaw Occupation: taper Address: 30 Henry Street

Name: Ralph Crook Occupation: farmer Address: Lower Whitebirk Farm Blackburn Road

Name: William Thomas Croft Occupation: grocer Address: 49 & 51 Hermitage Street

Name: Aaron Cronshaw Occupation: taper Address: 3 Brook Street

Name: John Cross Occupation: drawer-in Address: 54 Hermitage Street

Name: Thomas Cross Occupation: fruiterer Address: 18 High Street

Name: Henry Cunliffe Occupation: fried fish dealer Address: 31 Burton Street

Name: Joseph Cunliffe Occupation: tinplate worker Address: 29 Henry Street

Name: Rev. John Davies Occupation: (Congregational) Address: 24 Commercial Street

Name: Mrs. Sarah Dawson Occupation: greengrocer Address: 24 Hermitage Street

Name: John Dobson Occupation: farmer and victualler Address: Bay Horse Blackburn Old Road

Name: William Dormer Occupation: hairdresser Address: 55 Spring Street

Name: George Drummond Occupation: mechanic Address: 129 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Duckworth Occupation: Address: 27 Harwood Road

Name: John Duckworth Occupation: hairdresser Address: 86 High Street

Name: Mrs. Alice Duckworth Occupation: victuallers Address: Cemetery Hotel Lee Lane

Name: Mrs. Martha Duckworth Occupation: Address: 16 Spring Street

Name: William Smith Duckworth Occupation: Address: 23 George Street

Name: Mr. Joseph Dugdale Occupation: Address: 25 George Street

Name: William Eastwood Occupation: shopkpr. Address: 51 Haworth Street

Name: E. Eccles & Sons Occupation: cotton manufacturers Address: Wheatfield Mill Wheatfield Street

Name: Rt. Eccles Occupation: (E. Eccles & Sons) Address: 139 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: William Edward Eccles Occupation: (E. Eccles & Sons) Address: Moor House

Name: William Eccles Occupation: paper maker Address: 32 Talbot Street

Name: Mrs. Alice Eddleston Occupation: confectioner Address: 14 Parker Street

Name: William Eddleston Occupation: taper Address: 39 Spring Street

Name: John Edge Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 48 Talbot Street

Name: Roger Edge Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 63 Burton Street

Name: William Edge Occupation: fried fish dealer Address: 55 Hermitage Street

Name: James Edwards Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 94 Spring Street

Name: James Thompson Edwards Occupation: manager Address: 105 Hermitage Street

Name: Lawrence Elton Occupation: joiner Address: 57 Harwood Road

Name: Rd. Ellison Occupation: overlooker Address: 8 Wheatfield Street

Name: Andrew Entwistle Occupation: grocer Address: 77 Spring Street

Name: Mrs. Ann Fecitt Occupation: farmer Address: New barn Farm New Rishton

Name: Roger Fielding Occupation: foreman Address: 48 High Street

Name: Thomas Fielding Occupation: hairdresser Address: 48 High Street

Name: William R. Fielding Occupation: schoolmaster Address: 14 Chapel Street

Name: Mrs. Sophia Forrest Occupation: Address: 113 High Street

Name: Peter Forshaw Occupation: fish dealer Address: George Street

Name: William Thomas Fowler Occupation: bookkeeper and agent for Refuge Address: 30 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Jane Furness Occupation: Address: 27 George Street

Name: Rev. John French Rev. John Occupation: curate Address: 15 Harwood Road

Name: Misses Mary J. & Elizabeth Gardner Occupation: Address: 63 Cliff terrace Harwood Road

Name: John Gardner Occupation: cashier Address: 52 Harwood Road

Name: John Gaulter Occupation: drawer-in Address: 34 Commercial Street

Name: Ebenezer Godley Occupation: plasterer Address: 33 Clarke Street

Name: Samuel Goodwin Occupation: engine driver Address: 33 Talbot Street

Name: Gorrell Brothers Occupation: drapers Address: 4 Hermitage Street

Name: Ellis Gouldsborough Occupation: tinner Address: 54 High Street

Name: Mrs. Ellen Greenhalgh Occupation: draper Address: 104 High Street

Name: Ambrose Greenwood Occupation: stonemason and contractor Address: 25 Parker Street

Name: Hartley Greenwood Occupation: toy dealer Address: 64 High Street

Name: E. Grime & co. Occupation: grocers Address: 3 James Street

Name: Miss Emily Grimshaw Occupation: Address: 8 Church Street

Name: James Grimshaw Occupation: stonemason and contractor Address: 37 Hermitage Street

Name: John Grimshaw Occupation: victuallers Address: Rishton Arms Station Road

Name: Peter Grimshaw Occupation: foreman bootmaker Address: 105 High Street

Name: Thomas Grimshaw Occupation: chapel keeper Address: 10 George Street

Name: James Hacking Occupation: overlooker Address: 22 Parker Street

Name: Joseph Haigh Occupation: furniture dealer Address: 77 High Street

Name: James Hall Occupation: carter Address: 101 High Street

Name: Josiah Hall Occupation: assur. agent Address: 30 Chapel Street

Name: Harry Halstead Occupation: chemist and druggist Address: 53 High Street

Name: William Hamer Occupation: eating house Address: 5 Spring Street

Name: David Hanson Occupation: overlooker Address: 139 Spring Street

Name: James Hanson Occupation: cotton spinner and manufacturer; Rishton mill; h. Address: 23 Harwood Road

Name: John Hanson Occupation: overlooker Address: 28 Commercial Street

Name: Stephen Hanson Occupation: engine tenter Address: 125 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Thomas Hanson Occupation: overlooker Address: 64 Harwood Road

Name: Thomas Hargreaves Occupation: overlooker Address: 28 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Martha Harper Occupation: Address: 46 Hermitage Street

Name: Miss Rebecca Harrison Occupation: confectioner Address: 93 Hermitage Street

Name: Joseph Hartley Occupation: farmer Address: Hen moss Farm

Name: William Hartley Occupation: farmer Address: Black law Farm Wilpshire Road

Name: Thomas Harwood Occupation: farmer Address: Dunscar Farm Wilpshire Road

Name: Edmund Haworth Occupation: farmer Address: Norden farm Lee Lane

Name: Misses Ellen & Mary Haworth Occupation: confectioners Address: 44 High Street

Name: George Haworth Occupation: hosier Address: 21 Hermitage Street

Name: Giles Haworth Occupation: overlooker Address: 39 Commercial Street

Name: James Haworth Occupation: bookkeeper Address: 28 High Street

Name: James Haworth Occupation: shopkpr. Address: 62 Spring Street

Name: James Haworth Occupation: carter Address: 131 Spring Street

Name: John Haworth Occupation: butcher Address: 42 High Street

Name: William Haworth Occupation: taper Address: 67 Talbot Street

Name: John Heap Occupation: farmer Address: Holt farm Tottleworth Road

Name: William Heap Occupation: farmer Address: Tottleworth lee Farm Lee Lane

Name: Jasper I. Helm Occupation: clerk to Local Board Address: 68 High Street

Name: Mr. Henry Heys Occupation: Address: 2 Church Street

Name: Mrs. Maria Heys Occupation: Address: West view Station Road

Name: Mrs. Martha Hill Occupation: Address: 44 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Ann Hindle Occupation: Address: 23 Hermitage Street

Name: Richard Hindle Occupation: caretaker Address: Harwood Road

Name: James Hodgson Occupation: greengrocer Address: 33 Haworth Street

Name: Barker Holden Occupation: grocer Address: 47 High Street

Name: John James Holden Occupation: bookkeeper Address: 73 Talbot Street

Name: Holden & Marsden Occupation: drapers Address: 68 Hermitage Street

Name: William Holmes Occupation: grocer Address: 146 High Street

Name: Jacob Hope Occupation: grocer Address: 40 High Street

Name: William Hope Occupation: pawnbroker and clothier Address: 9 & 11 Walmesley Street

Name: Henry Hopwood Occupation: (Hopwood Bros.) Address: 10 Harwood Road

Name: Hopwood Bros Occupation: carting agents to L. & Y. R. Co. Address: railway Station Station Road

Name: Mrs. Clara Hothersall Occupation: Address: 14 George Street

Name: John Hothersall Occupation: overlooker Address: 17 George Street

Name: John Henry Hothersall Occupation: taper Address: 15 Parker Street

Name: Walter Hothersall Occupation: weaving manager Address: Victoria villas Parker Street

Name: Daniel Howarth Occupation: overlooker Address: 115 Spring Street

Name: Edward Howarth Occupation: overlooker Address: 24 Parker Street

Name: Luke Howarth Occupation: Fish dealer Address: 34 Edward Street

Name: Mr. Robert Howarth Occupation: Address: 42 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Mary Ann Hoyle Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 23 Henry Street

Name: Joseph Hudson Occupation: spinner Address: 9 Fielding Street

Name: Horatio Nelson Hulme Occupation: relieving officer Address: 107 High Street

Name: James Hunter Occupation: farmer Address: Cowhill farm Cowhill Lane

Name: James Edward Ingham Occupation: tailor and grocer Address: 11 Hermitage Street

Name: Miss Martha Johnson Occupation: Address: 56 Hermitage Street

Name: John James Kehoe Occupation: clerk Address: 60 Parker Street

Name: Rd. Thomas Kenyon Occupation: plumber Address: 99 High Street

Name: Thomas Kenyon Occupation: watchmaker and confectioner Address: 97 High Street

Name: George Kinder Occupation: farmer Address: Cutt Farm Cutt Lane

Name: Benjamin Kirby Occupation: shopman Address: 32 Henry Street

Name: William Henry Kissack Occupation: tripe dealer Address: 63 Spring Street

Name: Mrs. Fanny Knowles Occupation: Address: 16 Harwood Road

Name: James Knowles Occupation: joiner and builder (Beerseller 43 Burton Street) Address: Henry Street

Name: Septimus Knowles Occupation: patent medicine vendor Address: 52 Hermitage Street

Name: William Knowles Occupation: sanitary inspector Address: 115 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: William Knowles Occupation: agent for Prudential Address: 18 Parker Street

Name: Henry Lassey Occupation: taper Address: 2 Saint Peter Street

Name: Rev. John Lathouwers Occupation: (Catholic) Address: The Hermitage Hermitage Street

Name: George William Laws William Occupation: boot and shoemaker Address: 10 High Street

Name: Joseph Leeming Occupation: hairdresser Address: 17 Hermitage Street

Name: Jonathan Leigh Occupation: farmer Address: Side beet Farm Side Beet Lane

Name: George Crawshaw Occupation: Secretary Address: Liberal Club Commercial Street

Name: Ellis D. Little Occupation: solicitor; H. 6 Church Street Address: 35 High Street

Name: Jasper I. Helm Occupation: Clerk Address: Local Board Office 68 High Street

Name: Lord Haworth Occupation: farmer Address: Lower Cunliffe Farm Cutt Lane

Name: Thomas Lovell Occupation: labourer Address: 5 George Street

Name: Mrs. Sarah Lowe Occupation: Address: 95 High Street

Name: Miss Charlotte McLester Occupation: Address: 33 Hermitage Street

Name: Edward Machin Occupation: joiner Address: 49 Henry Street

Name: David Maitland Occupation: manager Address: 107 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: Miss Annie Mansergh Occupation: Address: 103 Hermitage Street

Name: Rd. Margerison Occupation: overlooker Address: 36 Spring Street

Name: William Henry Marsden Occupation: overlooker Address: 31 Commercial Street

Name: Joseph Marshall Occupation: schoolmaster Address: 72 Hermitage Street

Name: Colin Martin Occupation: skip and basket ranker and draper Address: 8 High Street

Name: Lawrence Mawdsley Occupation: farmer's assistant Address: 69 High Street

Name: Henry Mercer Occupation: butcher Address: 14 High Street

Name: Mr. John Mercer Occupation: Address: 21 Harwood Road

Name: Richard Mercer Occupation: overlooker Address: 123 Spring Street

Name: William Mercer Occupation: victuallers Address: Walmesley Arms High Street

Name: Thomas Mills Occupation: engine tenter Address: 55 Henry Street

Name: Henry Moirs Occupation: ironmonger Address: 4 High Street

Name: Benjamin Morris Occupation: agent for Refuge Address: 12 School Street

Name: Henry Cormack Occupation: (mixed) Address: National School Harwood Road

Name: Miss Tasker Occupation: (infants) Address: National School Commercial Street

Name: John & Thos. E. Noble Bros. Occupation: builders Address: 11 & 13 Harwood Road

Name: Edward Noble Occupation: builder contractor & stone merchant Address: 49 Spring Street

Name: James Noble Occupation: foreman Address: 29 George Street

Name: Joseph Noble Occupation: secretary to Co-operative Society Address: 2 Mary Street

Name: Mark Noble Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 150 High Street

Name: Mrs. Maria Noble Occupation: Address: 9 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Sarah Noble Occupation: Address: 37 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Emily Norman Occupation: confectioner Address: 45 Hermitage Street

Name: Adam Olive Occupation: fire brick tile chimney top and sanitary pipe manufacturer Address: Holt Fire Clay works Holt Street

Name: Mrs. Ann Ormerod Occupation: dressmkr. Address: 7 Mary Street

Name: George Ormerod Occupation: furniture dealer Address: 21 High Street

Name: Christopher Parker Occupation: assistant overseer Address: 9 Hermitage Street

Name: John Parker Occupation: assistant architect Address: 58 Harwood Road

Name: Robert Parker Occupation: chemist and druggist Address: 3 High Street

Name: Henry Parkin Occupation: chimney sweeper Address: 21 Henry Street

Name: John Patchett Occupation: physician and surgeon Address: High Street

Name: Thomas Pearson Occupation: cabinet maker Address: 46 High Street

Name: Peebles & Son Occupation: paper manufacturers Address: Rishton Paper mill Hermitage Street

Name: Miss Ellen Pickup Occupation: confectioner Address: 6 High Street

Name: Peter Wright Pickup Occupation: colliery proprietor Address: Rishton colliery Walmsley Street

Name: William Pickup Occupation: colliery manager Address: 19 Harwood Road

Name: Richard Henry Place Occupation: mill secretary and cashier Address: 127 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: John Thomas Plant Occupation: clog and shoe maker Address: 7 Haworth Street

Name: Preston Banking Co Limited (branch) Occupation: open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 10 till 1. Address: 62 High Street

Name: William R. Eilding Occupation: Master Address: Primitive Methodist School School Street

Name: James Proctor Occupation: clogger Address: 63 High Street

Name: John Thomas Proctor Occupation: grocer Address: 92 High Street

Name: Miss Evelyn Proudman Occupation: assistant school mistress Address: 109 High Street

Name: James Ratcliffe Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 7 Spring Street

Name: Charles Rawlinson Occupation: engine tenter Address: 7 Commercial Street

Name: Edward Redman Occupation: engine tenter Address: 32 Hermitage Street

Name: James Redmayne Occupation: foreman mechanic Address: 58 Hermitage Street

Name: John Richmond Occupation: farmer Address: Sandhill farm

Name: Joseph Richardson Occupation: station master Address:

Name: Thomas Richmond Occupation: farmer Address: Whitbirk South farm Blackburn Road

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Riding Occupation: grocer Address: 71 High Street

Name: Thomas Riley Occupation: hatter Address: 43 High Street

Name: William Boardman Occupation: Manager (grocers drapers boot and shoe dealers and butchers) Address: Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited

Name: Joseph Noble Occupation: secretary; Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited Commercial Street & High Street and Hermitage Street Address: Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited

Name: William Wilson Occupation: manager (cotton spinners and manufacturers) Address: Rishton Victoria Cotton Mill Co Parker Street

Name: R. H. Place Occupation: Secretary (cotton spinners and manufacturers) Address: Rishton Victoria Cotton Mill Co Parker Street

Name: Benjamin Robinson Occupation: roller coverer Address: 21 George Street

Name: John Robinson Occupation: patent medicine vendor Address: 12 Walmesley Street

Name: Oliver Robinson Occupation: agent for Prudential Address: 23 Haworth Street

Name: William John Rogers Occupation: greengrocer Address: 74 Hermitage Street

Name: Rd. Rogerson Occupation: blacksmith Address: Eachill Road

Name: James Rowe Occupation: watchmaker Address: 82 High Street

Name: Joseph Sanderson Occupation: overlooker Address: 8 Spring Street

Name: Robert D. Sanderson Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 8 Commercial Street

Name: Richard Sagar Occupation: tripe dealer Address: 36 High Street

Name: Jacob Shafer Occupation: mngr. Address: 19 Commercial Street

Name: William Scholes Occupation: boot maker Address: 16 Hermitage Street

Name: John Schofield Occupation: gas inspector Address: 47 Burton Street

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Seed Occupation: victuallers Address: Roebuck Inn High Street

Name: Thomas Sharples Occupation: overlooker Address: 13 George Street

Name: Jacob Shaw Occupation: weaver Address: 40 Hermitage Street

Name: James Shaw Occupation: weaver Address: 19 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth Shutt Occupation: Address: Fielding Street

Name: George Shuttleworth Occupation: joiner and builder; Albert Street; h. Address: 49 School Street

Name: John Shuttleworth Occupation: tripe dealer Address: 6 Hermitage Street

Name: William Shuttleworth Occupation: overlooker Address: 3 Harwood Road

Name: Daniel Slater Occupation: overlooker Address: 36 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Grace Slater Occupation: shopkpr Address: 70 High Street

Name: Mr. John Slater Occupation: ????????? Address:

Name: John Thomas Slater Occupation: weaver Address: 29 Harwood Road

Name: Ralph Slater Occupation: toy dealer tobacconist and general dealer Address: 12 High Street

Name: Bernard Smith Occupation: grocer Address: 13 High Street

Name: Bernard Smith Occupation: junior butcher Address: 15 High Street

Name: Henry Smith Occupation: foreman brick maker Address: 40 Harwood Road

Name: Henry Smith Occupation: overlooker Address: 9 Company Street

Name: James Smith Occupation: tailor Address: 56 High Street

Name: James Smith Occupation: weaver Address: 25 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Matilda Smith Occupation: Address: 39 Hermitage Street

Name: Thomas Smith Occupation: tailor & draper Address: 5 High Street

Name: William Smith Occupation: butcher Address: 38 High Street

Name: William Smith Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 95 Spring Street

Name: Smithson Brothers Occupation: cotton manufacturers Address: Daisy Hill mill Ashworth Street

Name: John Snape Occupation: confectioner Address: 34 High Street

Name: Mr. William Southworth Occupation: Address: 137 Park view Hermitage Street

Name: David Sowerbutts Occupation: butcher Address: High Street

Name: William Spencer Occupation: pointsman Address: 136 High Street

Name: William Henry Stephen Occupation: surgeon Address: 14 Harwood Road

Name: Mrs. Alice Tattersall Occupation: Address: 64 Hermitage Street

Name: James Tattersall Occupation: taper Address: 2 Walmesley Street

Name: John Taylor Occupation: stationer Address: 9 High Street

Name: John Taylor Occupation: manager Address: 26 Harwood Road

Name: Richard Taylor Occupation: coal agent Address: 156 High Street

Name: Thomas Taylor Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 2 Knowles Street

Name: Thomas Taylor Occupation: hosier Address: 39 High Street

Name: Thomas Taylor Occupation: mechanic Address: 48 Hermitage Street

Name: Benjamin Thompson Occupation: paper maker (j) Address: 38 Hermitage Street

Name: James Thompson Occupation: overlooker Address: 7 Company Street

Name: John Thompson Occupation: clothlooker Address: 141 Spring Street

Name: Joseph Thompson Occupation: clothlooker Address: 44 Burton Street

Name: William Thornton Occupation: taper Address: 16 George Street

Name: Thomas Tomlinson Occupation: farmer Address: Mickle hey Farm

Name: John Towler Occupation: butcher Address: 65 High Street

Name: Mr. Robert Towler Occupation: Address: 39 Harwood Road

Name: Robert Spencer Townley Occupation: wheelwright Address: Eachill Road

Name: Richard Tregidgo Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 23 Noble Street

Name: Mr. Richard Trengrove Occupation: Address: 26 George Street

Name: William Tripp Occupation: draper Address: 36 Knowles Street

Name: James Turner Occupation: draper Address: 17 High Street

Name: Thomas Turner Occupation: clog and shoe maker Address: 34 Hermitage Street

Name: Mrs. Jane Varley Occupation: Address: 41 Henry Street

Name: Mrs. Sarah Ann Wakes Occupation: Address: 1 Cliff Street

Name: George Walmsley Occupation: butcher Address: 3 Spring Street

Name: Mr. Henry Walmsley Occupation: Address: 2 Derby Street

Name: Henry Walmsley Occupation: fried fish dealer Address: 90 High Street

Name: William Walmsley Occupation: overlooker Address: 26 Hermitage Street

Name: James Ward Occupation: hardware dealer Address: 74 High Street

Name: Elijah Weaver Occupation: sewing machine agent Address: 16 Henry Street

Name: C. Heap Occupation: secretary Address: Weavers' Office 6 Cliff Street

Name: Joseph Marshall Occupation: mixed Address: Wesleyan School Victoria Street

Name: Rev. Henry West Occupation: B. A. Address: The Vicarage

Name: Mathew Whalley Occupation: shopkpr Address: 3 George Street

Name: James Whewell Occupation: farmer Address: Moor side Farm Churchill Avenue

Name: Benjamin Whiteley Occupation: paper maker Address: 133 Hermitage Street

Name: Henry Whiteside Hy. Occupation: solicitor Address: 94 High Street

Name: Richard Whiting Rchd. Occupation: overlooker Address: 16 Company Street

Name: Mrs. Emily Whittaker Occupation: Address: 4 Church Street

Name: Mrs. Esther Whittaker Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 18 Haworth Street

Name: James Whittaker Occupation: hay and straw dealer Address: Stanley house

Name: James Whittaker Occupation: eng. driver Address: 33 George Street

Name: John Whittaker Occupation: manager Address: 1 Bridge Street

Name: John Whittaker & Co. Occupation: cotton manufacturers Address: Britannia mill Spring Street

Name: Rd. Whittaker Occupation: bookkeeper Address: 137 Spring Street

Name: Joshua Whitehead & Sons Occupation: iron and brass founders Address: Spring foundry Spring Street

Name: Mark Whitehead Occupation: (J. Whitehead & Sons) Address: 10 Spring Street

Name: William Whitehead Occupation: (J. Whitehead & Sons) Address: 50 Harwood Road

Name: Joseph Wilkinson Occupation: overlooker Address: 4 Wheatfield Street

Name: James Wilson Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 6 James Street

Name: Mr. Joseph Wilson Occupation: Address: 6 Derby Street

Name: William Wilson Occupation: mill manager Address: Victoria villas Parker Street

Name: James Winkley Occupation: taper Address: 38 Spring Street

Name: John Winterbottom Occupation: oatcake baker Address: 11 Commercial Street

Name: Miss Mary Wolstenholme Occupation: Address: 37 High Street

Name: Mrs. Priscilla Wolstenholme Occupation: confectioner Address: 57 High Street

Name: Edward Woodruffe Occupation: overlooker Address: 61 Hermitage Street

Name: Samuel Woods Occupation: shopkeeper Address: 1 George Street

Name: J. R. Eastwood Occupation: secretary Address: Working Men's Club Haworth Street

Name: Joseph Young Occupation: agent for Prudential Address: 62 Hermitage Street

Name: James Young Occupation: paper maker Address: 34 Chapel Street

Name: Joseph Richardson Occupation: station master; Carriers to all parts; L. & Y. R. Co. Address: Railway Station Station Road

Name: Hopwood Brothers Occupation: carting agents & Carriers Address:

Name: Thomas Cross Occupation: Carriers to Blackburn Wednesdays and Saturdays Address:

Name: John Whittaker & Co. Occupation: cotton manufacturers Address: Spring mill Spring Street

Name: William Thomas Croft Occupation: grocer Address: 75 High Street

Name: E. Grime & co. Occupation: grocers Address: Edward Street

Name: Occupation: Address: Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited Hermitage Street

Name: Occupation: Address: Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited High Street

Name: Occupation: Address: Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Limited Commercial Street

Name: James Knowles Occupation: beerseller (Joiner & Builder) Address: 43 Burton Street