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Accrington District Gas and Water Board, 50 High Street. Tel. 41 Great Harwood

Adams’ Stores, Ltd., hardware Dealers, 40 High Street

Ainsworth Benj., cinema operator, 45 High Street

Albert Mill (Rishton), Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Mary Street. Tel. 263 Great Harwood

Ajax Press, printers, 3 Ashworth Street. Tel. 28 Great Harwood

ALTHAM ABRAHAM, Ltd., tea dealers, 84 High Street

Ambulance Station, Council office, Brook Street. Tel. 242 Great Harwood

Annis Mrs. Sarah J., Vict, Roebuck Hotel, High Street

Ashcroft Jos. H., insurance agent, 63 Harwood Road

Ashton Miss Emma, draper, 8 Hermitage Street

Ashworth John, fish Dealer, 3 High Street

Ashworth Miss Miriam, wardrobe dealer, 22. Hermitage Street

Aspden John, clerk, 4 St. Charles Road

Austin Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 93 Spring Street

Bailey Win., confectioner, 31 Hermitage Street

Bailey Wm. H., fried fish dealer, 7 Brook Street

Bainbridge James M., Northwood, Blackburn Road

Barker Elias, clerk, 58 Knowles Street

Baron Ignatius, confectioner, 19 High Street

Baron James, draper, 68 Hermitage Street

Barratt Hy., grocer, 33 Talbot Street

Bateson M A. B. C. & M., milliners, 38 High Street

Baxendale Miss Nellie, dressmaker, 88 Harwood Road

Beech John Geo., clothing club agent, 58 Lord Street

Beesley Geo R., hardware dealer, 11 Hermitage Street

Bellas Mr. Frederick., 1 Somerset Road

Bentley George, hairdresser, 7 Victoria Street

Bentley James, salesman, 98 Harwood Road

Bentley John, draper, 120 High Street

Bibby Mrs. Edith, The Bungalow, Harwood Road

Birtwistle Mrs. Edith, confectioner, 52 Knowles Street

Birtwell Misses M. & I., 10 Esplanade

Blackburn Miss M. A., shopkeeper, 150 High Street

Blakey Misses, 26 Blackburn Road

Boardman Mrs. Betsy, confectioner, 64 High Street

Boardman Matthew E., draper, 88 High Street

Bond John T., boot repairer, 9 Haworth Street

Booth Frederick., fruiterer, 85 Talbot Street

Booth John, grocer, 21 High Street

Booth John B., J.P., fruiterer, 32 Chapel Street

Bowden Miss Alice, shopkeeper, 1 Burton Street

Bowers Willie, clerk, 42 Brook Street

Bracewell Mr. James R., Briar bank, Blackburn Road

Bracewell Thos W., chemical merchant, 64 Haworth Street. Tel. 88 Great Harwood; h. Ingle nook, Station Road

Bradshaw Daniel, taper, 42 Blackburn Road

Bradshaw Thos., cotton salesman, Hazelwood, Blackburn Road. Tel. 91 Great Harwood

Brady John, confectioner, 63 Hermitage Street

Brewin John, fried fish dealer, 6 George Street

Bridge Frederick, H., grocer, 2 Knowles street

Bridge James, traveller, Laneside, Blackburn Road

Bridge Robert, H., clerk, Aingarth, Blackburn Road

Briggs Thos., clerk, 54 Knowles Street

Britannia Mill (Rishton), Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Bridge Street. Tel. 11 Great Harwood

British & Argenta Meat Co., Ltd., butchers, 16 High Street

British Legion Club, 2 Walmsley Street

British Petroleum Co., Ltd., Station yard

Broadbank Mr. Ronald A, Kelvin

Brocklehurst Joseph, insurance agent, 16 Albert Street

Brown Rev. Wm Ira SS., Peter’s and St. Paul’s vicarage, Blackburn Road. Tel. 191 Great Harwood

Bullen John T., compositor, 43 Knowles Street

Bullen Mr. Robert, Glen view, Parsonage Road

Burns Jos A., butcher, 15 High Street

Burton Mrs. Sarah, Hillcrest, Blackburn Road

Butler John R. (R. Butler & Sons, Ltd.); h. 37 St. Charles Road

BUTLER ROBERT & SONS, Ltd., joiners, builders, contractors and timber Merchants, Spring Street Saw mills. Tel. 142 Great Harwood

Butler Robert (R. Butler & Sons, Ltd.); h. 45 St. Charles Road

Calderwood Mr. J. C., Belmont, Cutt Lane

Cartwright Charles, watchmaker, 66 High Street

Catholic Club, 4 Noble Street; J. S. Winkley, secretary

Catholic School, Knowles Street; Miss M. Keane (mixed), Miss M. Burke (infants)

Catlow John, clerk, 14 Woodside Avenue

Catlow Thomas, fried fish dealer, 72 Livesey Street

Catterall Mr. James M., 12 Blackburn Road

Chadwick Frederick., small ware dealer, 68 Harwood Road

Chadwick Mr. John, Noyna, Parsonage Road

Chadwick Mr. Walmsley, 17 High Street

Chambers John F. (W. F. Chambers & Sons, Ltd.); h. Elmwood. Tel. 149 Great Harwood

Chambers Joseph (W. F. Chambers & Sons, Ltd.); h. Oak Dene, Blackburn Road

Chambers Wm. F. & Sons, Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Daisy Hill mill. Tel. 149 Great Harwood

Charnley Wm., insurance agent, 93 Hermitage Street

C. of E. School (St. Peter and St. Paul), Harwood Road; G. Knowlson (mixed and infants), Miss R. A. Grimshaw (infants)

CLARKE GEORGE & SONS (Rishton) Ltd., manufacturers of superior fire bricks, tiles, etc., perforated bricks, tine fire clay, one-piece fire bricks and grate cheeks, Norden Fire Clay works. Tel. 25 Great Harwood— (See Advert)

Clarke Miss Harriet, 7 Norden view, Harwood Road

Clarke John, grocer’s manager, 42 Harwood Road

Clarke Mr. Joseph, 29 Eachill Road

Clarke Mark (Geo. Clarke & Sons (Rishton), Ltd.); h. 5 Norden view, Harwood Road

Clarke Robert. H., brick burner, 18 Stourton Street

Clayton Mrs. Mary E., The Turrets, Blackburn Road. Tel. 47 Great Harwood

Clegg Timothy, property agent, 5 Lord Street

Cockshott Arthur, Kelvin

Coleman David (W. Coleman & Son); h. Sunnybank, Blackburn Road. Tel. 212 Great Harwood

Coleman W. & Son, coal merchants, 13 Mary Street. Tel. 84 Great Harwood

Connell Thos., chimney sweeper, 31 Eachill Road

Conservative Club, Cliff Street

Conway Harold B., cotton salesman, 61 Harwood Road

Cook Ernest, baker, 8 High Street

Coolican Mrs., confectioner, 83 High Street

Corporation of Blackburn Electricity Department, Brook Street

Cottam Wm. H., rating officer, U. D. Council, Brook Street. Tel. 240 Great Harwood; h. 39 St. Charles rd

Counsell Thos., photographic dealer, 52 High Street

Cowburn Robert, grocer, 80 Livesey Street

Cowell Robert, traveller, 60 Cliffe Street

Crispin Mrs. Betsy, beer seller, 41 Burton Street

Croasdale Mrs. Mary, Norwood, Blackburn Road

Crossley Mr. Enoch, Amballa, Parsonage Road

Cunliffe Joseph, grocer, 39 Commercial Street

Davis Richard. C., 22 High Street

Dean John, confectioner, 66 Commercial Street

Delicate John C., fish dealer, 65 High Street.

Dobson Alfred, fish dealer, 32 High Street

Downs Harold, clerk, 3 St. Peter Street

Duckworth Mr. Arthur, 3 Somerset rd

Duckworth Jas., Ltd., grocers, 48a High Street

Duckworth Mr. John, 24 Blackburn Road

Duckworth John R., stock broker, 20 Clifton Street

Duckworth Mr. Lawrence, Victoria villa, Parker Street

Duxbury Mrs. Gertrude, 77High Street

Earnshaw Alfred, fried fish dealer, 95 Spring Street

Eccles Jos. L., draper and newsagent, 10-12 High Street

Eccles Thomas, builder, 8 Cutt Lane

Edge Richard, florist, 44 Cliff Street

Edmondson J. W. & Co., Ltd., chemists; 3-5 Henry Street and 9 High Street

Edmundson Arthur, coal dealer, 45 Knowles Street

Edwards Mrs. Mary, 6 Esplanade

Empire Picture Theatre, High Street. Tel. 27 Great Harwood

Fairhurst James, insurance agent, 25 Clifton Street

Farrar Mr. John, Higher Cutt cottage

Fawley Walter, tailor, 43 High Street

Ferguson James, L. R. C. P., L. R. C. S., physician and surgeon, Sherwood, Clifton Street. Tel. 217 Great Harwood

Fielding John B., ironmonger, 4 High Street

Fish Levi, insurance agent, 34 Livesey Street

Fish Thos., golf professional, 20 George Street

France Joseph, hosier, 54 High Street

Free Gardeners’ Club, Parker Street; F. Cowburn, secretary

Garratt John H., butcher’s manager, 28 Station Road

Gas and Water Board Office, 50 High Street. Tel. 41 Great Harwood

Gaulter Mrs. Martha, tripe dealer, 78 High Street.

Gems Mr. Charles McKay, Thirlmere, Blackburn Road

Gibson James S., hardware dealer, 130 High Street

Gildart Mr. John J., Rock brae, Parsonage Road

Gildart Robert, tripe dealer, 128 High Street

Gilmartin Patrick, sewage works manager, 23 Eachill Road

GODLEY E., Ltd., plain and ornamental Plastering contractors and builders’ merchants, Spring Street. Tel. 128 Great Harwood

Godley Frederick. (E. Godley, Ltd.); h. 5 Highfield Road

Godley Geo. (E. Godley, Ltd.); h. Sandem, Blackburn Road

Godwin Mrs. Margaret., confectioner, 34 High Street

Great Harwood Commercial (1920), Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Spring Street

Greenwood Ernest, clerk, I9 Clifton Street

Greenwood James, grocer, 3-5 James Street

Greenwood Robert. & Son, newsagents, 76 High Street

Gregory Alfred, pawnbroker, 1 Hicks terrace

Griffiths Charles, insurance agent, 48 Commercial Street

Hacking Alfred, shopkeeper, 62 Spring Street

Hacking Lawrence, painter, 81 Harwood Road

Hacking Rd., shopkeeper, 62 Brook Street

Hacking Thos., clerk, 3 Norfolk Street

Hall Miss Nellie, draper, 37 Commercial Street

Hallworth Charles, Vict, Rishton Arms, Station Road

Hamer Alex. J., grocer’s manager, 44 Blackburn Road

Hanson Mr. Cecil F., 32 Blackburn rd

Hanson Farnworth, draper, 46 High Street

Hanson James, mill manager, 5 St. Alban’s Road

Hanson Mr. John A., 16 Blackburn rd

Hargreaves Henry, butcher, 74 Knowles Street

Hargreaves Mrs. Mary, 68 High Street

Harmonic Club, George Street; H. Rawcliffe, secretary

Harper Herbert. G., confectioner, 45 Hermitage Street

Hartup Alfred, mill manager, 110 Harwood Road

Harwood Geo., joiner, 69 Spring street

Harwood Thos., butcher, 13 Hermitage Street

Haworth Benj. R., coal dealer, 7 Mary Street

Haworth Mr. Fred, Westland’s, The Esplanade. Tel. 46 Great Harwood

Haworth Mrs. Jane, 10 Cutt Lane

Haworth Mrs. Mary E., Brig-y-don, Parsonage Road

Haworth Thomas, postmaster, 13 High Street

Haworth Wm. Hy., caretaker, 58 Brook Street

Haworth Wm., fried fish dealer, 23 High Street

Haydock Charles, radiographer, Bien venido, Blackburn Road

Heap Bros., gardeners, Hermitage Street

Heap John W., newsagent, 20 Hermitage Street

Heap Joseph. (Heap Bros.); h. 7 Chapel Street

Heap Richard, fish dealer, 79 Hermitage Street

Hellewell Mr Noel, Ingersley, Blackburn Road. Tel. 65 Great Harwood

Henry Alex. H, grocer’s manager, 92 Hermitage Street

Henry Gideon R., plumber, 20 Woodside Avenue

Henry John G., schoolmaster, 28 Blackburn Road

Heys Mr. Ernest, 18 Blackburn Road

Hickey Austin, hairdresser, 7 Spring Street. Tel. 215 Great Harwood

Hindle Win., butcher’s manager, 6 St. Peter Street

Hodgson Joseph, confectioner, 2 Hermitage Street

Hodkinson Robert. A., hairdresser, 63 High Street

HOLDEN BARRY, motor engineer, West End garage, Harwood Road. Tel. 202 Great Harwood

Holden Frederick., fried fish dealer, 47 Hermitage Street

Holden Richard, painter, 71 High Street

Holland Obadiah, firewood dealer, 7 Talbot Street

Hollin Miss N., shopkeeper, 31 Fielding Street

Hollister Wm., window cleaner, 18 Fielding Street

Hollingworth Mr. David, 43 Station rd Tel. 238 Great Harwood

Holmes Walter, grocer, 23 Henry Street

Holt Herbert, confectioner, 6 High Street

HOPWOOD JAMES W., haulage contractor and carting agent to L. M. & S. Railway, and coal merchant, Station Road. Tel. 123 Great Harwood; h. Stanley house, Station Road

Horrocks Mr. Joseph, Roslyn, Blackburn Road

Horrocks Mr. Robert, Armadale, Blackburn Road

Horsman Arthur, plumber, Spring Street; h. 44 Station Road

Hothersall Mr. John H., 30 Blackburn Road

Hothersall Mr. Walter, 4 Cutt Lane

Houghton Henry, hairdresser, 30 Hermitage Street

Houston Thos., hairdresser, 4 Hermitage Street

Howorth John W., confectioner, 97 High Street

Hudson Alfred, clerk, 30 Knowles street

Hulm Thomas, grocer’s manager, 115 Spring Street

Hunt Alfred. E., clerk, 101 High Street

Hunt Mrs. Doris, draper, 99 High Street

L. L. P. Rooms, Church Street

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF RECHABITES, 92 Harwood Street; S. Yates, tent secretary

Ingleson Mrs. Gertrude, 1High Street

Jackson Wilfred, L. D. S., dental surgeon, 35 High Street. Tel, 63 Great Harwood

Jones Mrs. Alice, confectioner, 23 Hermitage Street

Jones Thomas, tailor, 53 Knowles street

Jump James, sheet metal worker, Brook Street

Juvenile Employment Office, Mary Street

Kean Miss, Mon Abri, Blackburn Road

Kelly Mr. Wm. Joseph A., 30 Esplanade. Tel. 90 Great Harwood

Kenyon Richard H., plumber, 13 High Street; h. Woodside, Blackburn Road

Kinder Mrs. Sarah, Oak view, Blackburn Road

King Christopher, shopkeeper, 51 Talbot Street

Knowles Mr. Frank, 8 Esplanade

Knowles Geo., solicitor, 154 High Street; h. Woodlands, Blackburn Road. Tel. 197 Great Harwood

Knowles James, joiner, 20 Albert Street

Knowles Mrs. Mary J., West view, Station Road

Knowles Thos., police sergeant, Police station, Station Road

Knowlson Mr. Geo. A., B. A., F. R. G. S., schoolmaster, 85 Stourton Street

Lancashire County Council School Clinic and Child Welfare, High Street

Lancashire Education Sub-Committee, 107 High Street. Tel. 48 Great Harwood

Lawes Geo. Win., boot dealer, 42 High Street

Leach Mr. Richard, Wroxham, Blackburn Road

Leach Mr. Thos., 73 High Street

Leadbetter John W., tripe dealer, 6 Hermitage Street

Leek Miss Maud, draper, 49 Hermitage Street

Lees Mrs. Ada, confectioner, 14 Parker Street

Leigh James, fried fish dealer, 30 Fielding Street

Leyland Mr. John Wm., chemist, 53 and 57 High Street

Lightbown Richard. C., traveller, 90 Harwood Road

Lightbown Roland (Rishton Haulage Co.); h. 33 Stourton Street. Tel. 158 Great Harwood

Liberal Club, 6 Commercial Street

Lindsay Richard A., grocer, 28 Haworth Street

Little Ellis D., solicitor, Beechwood, Blackburn Road

Lofthouse Richard, shopkeeper, 18 Haworth Street

L. M. & S. Railway Station, Station Road. Tel. 37 Great Harwood; J. B. Roebuck, stationmaster

Longland John W., chemist, .3 High Street. Tel. 105 Great Harwood

Longworth Edmund, paper merchant, 69 High Street. Tel. 86 Great Harwood

Longworth Mrs. Eliz. A., 12 Esplanade

Machell Mr. Robert H., Rose cottage

McIntosh John, confectioner, 76 Hermitage Street.

McKean John, insurance agent, 60 Knowles Street

McKernan Mr. Oscar T., 16 Esplanade. Tel. 270 Great Harwood

McMullen Roderick, police constable, 38 Livesey Street

Malone Percy, shopkeeper, 8 Edward Street

MANCHESTER & COUNTY BANK, Ltd., High Street. Tel. 124 Great Harwood; G. H. Kay, manager.

Marsden James, tripe dealer, 65 Hermitage Street

Marsden Mr. Robert, Rotherwood, Blackburn Road

Masterson James, boot repairer, 16 Hermitage Street

Mellett John, fruiterer, 74 Hermitage Street

Methodist School, High Street; J. G. Henry

Methodist School, School Street, J Wyatt

Midland Bank Ltd. (sub-branch to Blackburn), 48 High Street. Tel. 201 Great Harwood

MILLER WILLIAM (A. P. Taunton), printer and bookbinder, 77 High Street. Tel. 31 Great Harwood

Milroy Wm. J., confectioner, 86 High Street

Mitchell John, fried fish dealer, 90 High Street

Mitchell Stanley Cyril, M. B., B. Sc., physician and surgeon, 28 Harwood Road

Monks W., assistant insurance superintendent, 3 Dorset Road

Moorhouse Jesse E. (Moorhouse & Robinson); h. 8 Albert Street

Moorhouse & Robinson, grocers, 2-6 Edward Street

Moyle James, grocer, 10 Hermitage Street

Moyle Mr. Richard H., The Bungalow, Wharf Street

Naylor Mr. Ernest, Brentwood, Esplanade

Noble Edward, confectioner, 105 High Street

Noble Mr. John, 2 Esplanade

Noble Thomas C., schoolmaster, 56 Clifton Street

Norris J., tailor, 32 Fielding Street

Nowell Richard L. T., confectioner, 64 Lord Street

O’Brien James, shopkeeper, 17 Haworth Street

O’Leary Rev. Michael (Catholic) St. Charles’ presbytery. Tel 43 Great Harwood

Ormerod Arthur, grocer, 51 Hermitage Street

Ormandy Frederick., window cleaner, 9 Danvers Street

Pallister Mr. Robert, Homerton, Blackburn Road

Parker Miss Annie, confectioner, 27 Cliffe Street

Parker Mr. John, Barnston, Blackburn Road

Parker Mr. John, Northwood, Parsonage Road

Parker William, cashier, 15 George Street

Parkinson George, butcher, 30 High Street

Peebles A. M. & Son, Ltd., paper manufacturers, Rishton Paper mills. Tel. 5 Great Harwood

Pendlebury Thomas, clerk, 78 Harwood Road

Peters Charles D., police constable, 2 Butler Street

Pickup Fred, secretary, Rishton industrial Co-operative Society, Ltd., 25 School Street. Tel. 50 Great Harwood; h. 41 Station Road

Pickup John, chemist, Lynwood, Blackburn Road

Pickup P. W., Ltd., colliery proprietors, Rishton colliery. Tel. 23 Great Harwood

Place Leonard C., cotton salesman, 31 St. Charles Road

Police Station, Station Road Tel. 125 Great Harwood

Porter Thos., traveller, 15 Station Road

Price Rev. Philip R., Sunny bank, Blackburn Road

Proctor Mr. John T., Almeria, Blackburn Road

Public Library, Commercial Street

Ramsbottom Mr. Thos., Hazeldene, Parsonage lane

Ratcliffe Hector, bank clerk, High meadow, Parsonage Road

Rawcliffe Mr. Harry, 15 Company St

Rawcliffe James, fried fish dealer, 3 Spring Street

Ridehalgh Fred, furniture dealer, 15a and 36 High Street

Rishton Cricket Club, Highfield Road

Rishton Golf Club, Eachill Road; J. Clarke, secretary

Rishton Haulage Co., 33 Stourton Street. Tel. 158 Great Harwood

RISHTON INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Ltd., grocers bakers, drapers, milliners, boot, shoe and clog makers, butchers, house furnishers, coal merchants, etc., Commercial Street, High Street, Hermitage Street, Harwood Road, Cliffe Street and St Charles Street; office, 25 School Street Tel 50 Great Harwood; Fred Pickup, secretary

Rishton Urban District Council Offices, Brook Street. Tel. 240 Great Harwood

Rishton Victoria Cotton Mill Co., Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Parker Street. Tel. 12 Great Harwood

Roberts Alfred Ernest, solicitor and clerk to Rishton U. D. Council, Brook Street. Tel. 240 Great Harwood; h. 8 Church Street. Tel. 29 Great Harwood

Robinson Harold, fish dealer, 70 High Street

Robinson John W., insurance agent, 84 Hermitage Street

Robinson Leonard (Moorhouse & Robinson); h. 70 Brook Street

Robinson Oliver, clerk, 71 Harwood rd

Robinson Robinson, club steward, 104 Harwood Road

Robinson Thos., Homestead, Blackburn Road. Tel. 89 Great Harwood

Robson George, M. B., Ch. B. (Edinborough), physician and surgeon, Willow grange, Henry Street. Tel 137 Great Harwood

Roebuck Joseph B., station master, Station house

Rogerson Richard, wheelwright, 6 Eachill Road. Tel. 115

Romer Bertram E. (Romer & Duckworth); h. Eltham, Blackburn Road

Romer & Duckworth, motor engineers, 92 High Street. Tel. 219 Great Harwood

Ross James, M. B., Ch. B., physician and surgeon, Sherwood, Clifton Street. Tel. 217 Great Harwood

Sagar Walter, secretary, Lancashire Education Sub-Committee, 107 High Street. Tel. 48 Great Harwood; h. Lansdowne, Blackburn Road

Salvation Army, 1-3 Haworth Street

Sandeman John W., coal dealer, 13 Mary Street

Sanderson George, mill secretary, 20 Blackburn Road

Schofield Walter, shopkeeper, 71 Talbot Street

School Clinic and Child Welfare Centre (L. C. C.), High Street

Seed Henry, insurance agent, 48 Knowles Street

Sergeant Mrs. Mabel, confectioner, 95 Hermitage Street

Sergeant Wm. T., coal dealer, 95 Hermitage Street

Sharp Thos., printer, 16 Woodside Avenue

Sharples Mr. Fred, Scarsgarth, Blackburn Road

Sharples John, clerk, 29 Lord Street

Sharples Mr. John Thos., Ravenscroft, Blackburn Road

Shaw Wm., confectioner, 67 High Street

Shears John, joiner, 1a Eachill Road

Simpson Harold, fish dealer, 44 High Street. Tel. 8 Great Harwood

Slater William, solicitor, Lyndale, Blackburn Road. Tel. 256 Great Harwood

Smith Albert, tailor, 5 High Street

Smith Mr. Daniel, 39 Station Road

Smith Henry (J. & H. Smith); h. 42 Station Road

Smith Henry (J. Smith & Son); h. 36 High Street

Smith Mr. Herbert, The Laurels, Parsonage Road

Smith J. & H. printers, etc., 59-61 High Street. Tel. 143 Great Harwood

Smith James, fruiterer, 77 Harwood Road

Smith James (Jas. Smith & Son); h. 64 Knowles Street

Smith James & Son, tailors 56-58 High Street

Smith John W., (Exors. of Wm. Smith); h. 3 St. Alban’s Road

Smith Matthew, draper’s manager, 14 Blackburn Road

Smith Stanley, window dresser, 3 Howard Street

Smith Thomas (J. Smith & Sons); h. 31 Stourton Street

Smith Wm. (Exors. of Wm. Smith); h. 1 St. Alban’s Road

Smith William (Exors. of), skin dressers, Eachill Road. Tel. 180 Great Harwood

Smith Wm., hay and straw dealer, 1 Victoria Street

Snape Robert., fried fish dealer, 15 Hermitage Street

Speight Jacob, traveller, Moorhouse, Blackburn Road

Spink Albert, cycle dealer, 60 High Street

Stott Mr. John T., 30 Esplanade

Sturzaker Wm., works secretary, Kerden, Blackburn Road

Swain Mr. David, 6 Cutt lane

Swift Mrs. Margaret., Hillside, Parsonage Road

Talbot Albert, clogger, 7 Walmsley Street

Tattersall Benjamin, confectioner, 9 Walmsley Street

TAUNTON ARTHUR P. (Wm. Miller), printer arid bookbinder, 1-3 Mary Street. Tel. 31 Great Harwood; h. 48 Blackburn Road

Taylor James, pig dealer, 138 High Street. Tel. 205 Great Harwood

Thompson Wm., Vict, Walmsley Arms, High Street. Tel. 73 Great Harwood

Thompson Wm., window cleaner, 74 Harwood Road

Thorpe John, cloggers’ manager, 20 Talbot Street

Threlfall Mrs. Jane, Heaton, Blackburn Road

Tollitt George, boot repairer, 25 Noble Street

Thomlinson Walter, grocer’s manager, 97 Harwood Road

Towler Levi, confectioner, 20 High Street

Trengrove Alfred (J. Trengrove & Son); h. 24 George Street

Trengrove John (J. Trengrove & Son); h. 7 High Street

Trengrove John & Son, painters, 7 High Street

Turner Mrs. Elizabeth A., hosier, 39 High Street

Turner Harry, pork butcher, 12 Walmsley Street

Unsworth Mr. Joseph, The Hermitage

Waddington Henry, shopkeeper, 84 Spring Street

Walsh Henry, fried fish dealer, 81 High Street

Walsh Joseph E., fruiterer, 1 Danvers Street

Waring Hermon, police constable, 12 George Street

Watson Thos., hardware dealer, 72-74 High Street

Wearden Henry, wireless dealer, 8 Howard Street

Weavers’ Association Office, 6 Cliffe Street. Tel. 106 Great Harwood

Webb Mrs. Alice, cycle dealer, 12 Hermitage Street

Webster Geo. L, confectioner, 41 High Street

West Abraham, confectioner, 5 Spring Street

WEST END GARAGE, motor engineers, taxi and motor coach proprietors, Harwood Road. Tel. 202 Great Harwood

Whalley John T., confectioner, 104 High Street

Whalley Mr. Joseph, Ravenscroft, Blackburn Road

Wheatfield Manufacturing Co., Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Wheatfield Street. Tel. 72 Great Harwood

Whittaker Francis, hairdresser, 17 Hermitage Street

Whittaker Mr. Rd., 20 St. Charles Street

Wilkinson Frank, grocer’s manager, 45 Harwood Road

Wilkinson Walter, traveller, 40 Blackburn Road

Wilson Alexander, fried fish dealer, 33 Haworth Street

Wilson Daniel, restaurant, 18 High Street

Wilson Herbert, foreman, 4 Esplanade

Wilson Mr. Joseph E., 38 Blackburn Road

Winfield Mr. Frank, Mulparvo, Blackburn Road

Winter Ernest L., pattern maker, Harewood, Blackburn Road

Wolstenholme Linton, confectioner, 24 Hermitage Street

Woodcock Charles, sanitary inspector, 108 Harwood Road

Woods Mrs. Harriet, Dilton, Blackburn Road.

Wooldridge Rev. Robert. H. (Methodist), 22 Blackburn Road

Working Men’s Club, 22. Commercial Street

Worsley Mr. Fred, Leigh bank, Blackburn Road

Worsley Mr. Richard., 46 Blackburn Road

Wrigley Mrs Hannah, draper, 49 Haworth Street

Yates S., tent secretary, Independent Order of Rechabites, 92 Harwood Road

York Mill Co., Ltd., cotton manufacturers, New mill. Tel. 246 Great Harwood

Young David B., dentist, 36 Hermitage Street


Aspinall Wm., New barn Farm

Catlow Wm., (poultry), 87 Harwood Road

Clarke Geo., Close nook

Coolican Anthony, Holt farm

Coolican Jane, Cowhill fold

Eddleston John G., Lower Hen moss

Foley James (poultry), Parsonage Road

Frankland Richard E., Moorside

Hartup Alfred, Cowhill fold

Haworth Henry, Dun scar

Haworth Thos. Hy., Lower Side beet

Haworth William, Norden farm

Haworth Wm., Lower Cunliffe

Heap John, Manor house

Heap William, Tottleworth lee

Holland John (poultry), 27 Harwood rd

Ireland Frederick., Middle Mickle hey

Jackson Joseph, Far Holme

Leigh Richard, Moss farm

Mercer Alexander, Windy bank

Preece Thos. E, Parsonage Road

Sutcliffe John, Tan house

Sutcliffe Joseph, height house

Sutton Herbert, Bay horse

Thwaite's Richard, Higher Side beet

Topham James, Higher Whitebirk

Whewell Shepherd, Mother Red Cap


There are 12 Fried Fish Dealers

6 Butchers, and 2 butchers managers