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Coat Of Arms for Rishton Families.

Arms and Crest of The De Rishton's of Ponthalgh (Church) Herald’s Description.


De Rishtons of Powthalgh.

There are several things to be noted about this particular coat of arms, the first is that it is listed as being the Rishtons of Ponthalgh, which lived in Church and not Rishton. There are some familiar markings which you will see in the later crest of the various Lords of the manor which have lived in Rishton.

The first listing we have of the De Rishtons was in 1245, when Gilbert De Blackburn settled here, and styled himself thereafter as Gilbert De Rishton.

The De Rishtons stayed, and owned Ponthalgh and its lands for several hundred years after, eventually marrying into other Rishton families, and in one generation becoming outlawed.

The spelling of Ponthalgh has varied greatly over the years, now being spelt as it is here, but can be found spelt Powtehalgh, and also Powthalgh.


“Or, a lion passant sable and a chief of the last”.


“On a chapeau gules turded up erminous, a demi-lion of the last” with the addition “for difference” of “a trefoil slipped or”, on both Arms and Crest.


Reviresco means “to grow great again” or “the grass grows green”

The Rishtons of Dunkenhalgh (see later), have the same Arms and Crest but with “A trefoil slipped or”, omitted. In neither case is the motto on record at the Herald’s College. See below for the De Rishtons of Dunkenhalgh crest.

Coat of Arms for De Rishtons of Powtehalgh

Rishtons of Powthalgh


I am not sure if the spelling on the above coat of arms is not the same place as this one. As usually occurs in history the names of Lancashire hamlets change with each invasion.

These families were based at the Holt manor, and were previously known as the De Blackburn's until the land was given to the son named Gilbert. Gilbert was the first known De Rishton to live in the area.

Nothing is known at the moment about the actual significance of the two stars and castle wall depicted in the family crest.

The Talbot's of Bashall & Holt

Talbots of Bashall


The Talbot's bought the manor house from the Rishtons, and lived there for many years. They eventually held troops at Holt manor, and fortified the building.


As stated in the picture, the arms of the family crest are Argent 3 lion’s salient purpure.

De Rishtons of Dunkenhalgh


De Rishtons of Dunkenhalgh.

The De Rishtons were bitter enemies with the Talbot's, which lasted for two centuries. The Dunkenhalgh was bought from William de Dunkensale in 1332 by Henry De Rishton of Sidebeet.

It is one hundred years later that we learn that the De Rishtons owned ¼ of Rishton with the Talbot's owing the other ¾


As in the picture, An argent a lion passant sable a chief of the second.

The Walmsleys of Dunkenhalgh


Walmsley Coat of Arms

The Walmsleys didn’t need to buy any estate, the head of the family at that time was Thomas of Showley. Already a land owner in his own right he married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Livesey of Sidebeet. It was his eldest son Thomas who having married Anne sole heiress of Robert Shuttleworth secured the hacking estate. This was much use in helping to rebuild the Dunkenhalgh manor.



The Petres of Dunkenhalgh.

The crest of the Walmsleys of Dunkenhalgh.


The Petre family (pronounced Peter) were the last family to live in the Dunkenhalgh. They married into the estate in 1712, Robert, 7th Baron of Whittle married Catherine who was the last in line of the Walmsleys and aged just 15.

The couple settled at the Dunkenhalgh, but 3 years later she was widowed when her husband died of smallpox. They did have a child though, who went on to keep the bloodline alive.


A 2nd Shield for the Petres.

The arms are made up of the various crests of the Petre family who were the last of the landowners in Rishton.

There are four separate arms combined in the crest. What the four are made up of I am not sure, but reference should be drawn to the top left, which looks vaguely similar to the De Rishtons.


Sans Dieu Rien means Nothing is Without God. The Walmsleys were very strong Methodists, and had a Methodist chapel built in the grounds of the Dunkenhalgh, the Petres meanwhile were devote Catholics.

Rishton Urban District Council

The crest for Rishton UDC.

Yes, even the U. D. C. had a crest! I have absolutely no idea were the U. D. C. got the logo from, I haven’t read the minutes to all the council meetings yet, but I will!

The U. D. C. used the crest and motto shown at the top of this page, but there is no Maltese cross included nor is the lion on the top there. The motto is used though, but it is placed in the shield rather than underneath it.

The ring round is simply to say who they are.


So which is the right one?


Well I would be tempted to use the various people something like this;

The 3 lions of the Talbot's of Holt

Above it the castle wall of the De Rishtons of Powtehalgh

The lion of the De Rishtons of Dunkenhalgh above that

And the most relevant quarter of the Walmsleys of Dunkenhalgh

With the motto at the bottom

So that it looks something like the image here……..

A Made up crest of Rishtons Families.

On the 14th December 1944, Correspondence was read by the Rishton Urban District Council, from the Rishton Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., concerning the use of the coat of arms by a certain organisation in Rishton. The attention of the organisation were drawn to the fact that the coat of arms was being used for purposes which were not intended by the Council and that it was desired that the coat of arms should not be used in any advertising matter.


Rishton Library Coat of Arms of Rishton.

Parish Church and School Jubilee 1927 by Carlton Noble.

Council Minutes.