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These are the oldest names in Rishton, that I have found so far, but only by using the census records and directories.

The De Rishton family date back to the 1500.

Ann Wolstenholme, M...y...t Lane, Born 1751.

Elizabeth Brooks, Born 1752.

Catherine Grimshaw, Farmer, Cowhill Fold, Born 1761.

Susan Hacking, Tottleworth, Born 1761.

James Hodgson, Bellow Back?, Born 1761.

Betty Riley, Sidebeet, Born 1761.

Henry Noble, Labourer, Born 1761.

Ann Haydock, Farmer, Dunscar, Born 1766.

John and Alice Waterhouse, Tottleworth, Both Born 1766.

John Cross, Agricultural Labourer, Cunliffe, Born 1771.

John Brooks, Tanner, Tottleworth Lee, Born 1771.

James Hindle, Cotton Weaver, Born 1771.

Richard Mercer, Lower Whitebirk, Born 1771.

Mary Pickup, Moorside, Born 1771.

William Sharples, Farmer, Born 1776.

Ellen Chippendale, School Row, Born 1781.

Thomas Haworth, Farmer, Smithy Row, Born 1781.

Margaret Pickup, High Street, Born 1801.

John Grimshaw, General Labourer, 62 High Street, Born 1805.

John Haworth, Tan House Farm, Born 1812.

Thomas Haworth, Retired Farmer, High Street, Born 1812.

Margaret Mercer, Butcher, 42 High Street, Born 1817.

Mary Taylor, House Wife, High Street, Born 1820.

Grace Riley, House Keeper, 65 High Street, Born 1920.

Alice Hindle, Servant, 37 High Street, Born 1822.

Betty Haworth, House Keeper, High Street, Born 1822.

James Riley, Platelayer, 63 High Street, Born 1824.



1841 and 1881 Census.