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Rishton History.The history of the town of Rishton.
Bull BaitingA brutal pastpast was bull baiting.
The Civil WarThe English civil war from 1642 to 1651.
Coat of ArmsThe various coat of arms which have been used for Rishton families.
Cucking StoolThe womens punishment once used in Rishton.
Dress SenseThe way we have dressed over the years in Rishton.
Empire DayThe 24th of May each year is Empire Day, a day of celebration.
Feudal LawWilliam the Conquerer was the ruler who devided the Country into seperate systems of Law. Feudal law.
The RomansThe Romans in Rishton till 600AD
The SaxonsTaking over from the Romans came the Saxons.
The NormansThe Saxons were driven back by the Norman invasion of 1066.
MedievalMedieval times in Rishton bring Lords of Manors from 1400.
King George V MedalIn 1911 medals were given to children for the Cornation of King George V.
DunkenhalghThe history of the manor house to Rishton, the Dunkenhalgh.
White LadyThe story behind the white lady of the Dunkenhalgh.
Dunkenhalgh ChapelDunkenhalgh Chapel.
PonthalghThe manor of Ponthalgh.
Holt ManorOnce belonging to the Saxons, a look back at Holt Manor.
20th C RishtonA look at Rishton in the 20th Century.
Rishton NamesWhats in a name? Rishton inparticular.
Old NamesThe oldest names found in Rishton so far, using census records and directories, the old documents have not been included yet.
The Red RoseThe Lancashire Red Rose.
The Roses WarThe Wars of the Roses, 1455 to 1487
Salvation ArmyRishtons branch of the Salvation Army and its location.
The SettlementA look at Rishton as a settlement.
St Johns AmbulanceThe Great Harwood and Rishton branch of the Saint Johns Ambulance.
Stydd KnightsStydd is a little village just outside Ribchester, which once gave home to Knights Templar.
Toc HToc H once had a branch based in Rishton.
World War 1World War One Index.
World War 2World War Two Index.