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Excavate For floors, Foundations and other work as required. Cart away surplus earth or deposit and spread around site.

Floors & Foundations

To be Formed of Portland cement concrete (2-4-1) to sizes and depths after as shown on drawings: Floors to be laid to falls as required to shed demonstration water as etc., into channel along front edge of Hut. AII concrete, except where otherwise specified, to have spade finish face.


Dish for and form channel along front edge of shed an shewn. To be 4" in width, and 2 1/2" deep, Falling both ways from centre and discharging at each and Into dead well formed of hard brick rubble filled into excavation 2' 6" X 2' 6" X 3' 0" deep. Interior of channel to be trowelled smooth


Form hardstanding 6" in thickness after consolidation, to front of concrete apron, as shewn on drawings, of clean, washed and graded gravel 2" and down, well rolled and currented (sloped).

 Sides and Roof

 Form the external walls to sides of shed with Anderson shelter "E" sheets, 6' 0" Iong, bedded 9" into concrete base as shewn, and connected to Anderson shelter "A" sheets to form roof. Make additional drillings in "A" sheets and drill "E" sheets in position required to connect "A" sheets to form roof span of width shewn on drawing. "E" sheets forming top of roof to be bedded in mastic to form weathering.


Build partition wall and walls to back and front of shed as shewn in 4" salvaged brick or 4" cement and clinker partition slabs, bedded In and pointed with cement mortar. Form openings for doors and windows as shewn.

 Build pier to opening on front of hut with hard stocks in cement mortar.

AII joints to be fair weather struck as the work proceeds.


Provide and fix over window openings re-enforced cement concrete lintels, full width of well above, 9" longer than width of opening. Lintels to be re-enforced with 1/2" mild steel bars, cranked and hooked at ends.

 No lintels required over door frames.

Provide and fix in opening as shewn salvaged steel casement sashes and frame 3' 4" X 3' 0" in height, of two casements, one casement hung to open. Frame to be secured to jambs W.I. lugs built into sides of wall's and the whole bedded in cement.

 Formed boxed weathered and throated cement concrete sill to outside of window, Floated off.

 Glaze with 21 ozs. sheet glass.

Provided and hang to entrances to passage and between passage and hut salvaged 1 3/4" framed Ledged and braced yellow deal doors, full height of "E" sheets forming sides of Hut 2' 6" wide, hung on 3" steel butts to 4" x 3" wrot rebated and chamfered yellow deal frames. Feet of frames to be fitted With C.I. shoes dowelled into concrete floor. Fit up with black Japanned Norfolk thumb latches and provide 6" D.S. locks to entrance doors.

 The removable panels to front of hut to be formed of Anderson "E" and "F" sheets, overlapped and bolted together to make 7' 8" lengths, each sheet to be removable and to be fitted with 4 NO.8 iron tower bolts. Top bolts to fit into slot of 4" x 3" plate secured to roof. Lower bolts to fit into holes formed in concrete holes, Provide wooden fixings to sheets to accommodate bolts. Sheet on Outer edge of panel to be shaped to fit under "A" sheet of roof.

  • Treat all Woodwork with a 1 coat creosote
  •  Treat all Ironwork with 1 coat bitumastic paint
  •  Treat all walls inside and out with 1 coat distemper mixed with petrifying liquid

 N.B. So far as possible, all materials for erection If huts are to be salvaged materials from Civil Detailed stores.


Part No. Unit Remarks
Two Ends 10 "E" Sheets  
Front 5 "E" Sheets 1 cut to semi-circular top
  5 "F" Sheets  
  20 Bolts and nuts. 1 1/2" long X 1/2" diameter.
Top 10 "A" Sheets  
  5 "E" Sheets  
  60 Bolts and nuts. 1 1/2" long X 1/2" diameter.


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