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Street: Wilpshire Road
Town: Rishton
Post Code: BB1 4AH Remains of spoil heaps in May 2001

There is very little left of this drift, the quarry has been used for tipping during the 1970's and 1980's mainly by the Mullards factory at Whitebirk.

The drift was mined by the Dunkenhalgh Colliery Company in 1879, and survived for 18 years before closing, and being abandoned in 1897.

The drift or pit was located North of the Great Harwood loop line, near to Close Nook Farm, on what is now Wilpshire Road.

Remains of spoil heaps May 2001

The remaining spoil heaps which are seen in the pictures on this page are now overgrown with trees are difficult to work out if the heaps are from the drift or from the quarry across the road.

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