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Street: Meadowhead
Town: Rishton
Post Code: BB1 4JS
Capped mine May 2001
Visible Image - The Capped off mine shaft in May 2001.
Hidden Image - Showing the corner of the former Pit head May 2001.

Located at the top of Henry Street, next to Meadowhead cottages, Meadowhead Colliery was first found as far back as 1837 by the Dunkenhalgh Park Colliery group.

This mine was sunk by Messer’s Haworth & Barnes, around 1838, to a depth of around 390 ft.

Peter Wright Pickup was in charge of the mine in 1882, and there is a possibility that it was used as a pumping station for Rishton colliery that he owned.

A concrete cap now marks the shaft. The ruined building close by is the former fire clay works of Adam Olive, These were known as Holt Brick Works.

In 1882 Peter Wright Pickup was manager of the company.

This pit was abandoned during August, 1884, just a few years short of its 50th Anniversary.

It was shortly after this that Peter Wright Pickup opened the Rishton Colliery on Walmsley Street.

At the time of the abandonment of this pit there was at pit top;

  • A pair of vertical h.p.wind1ng engines, 30’ stroke 9’ bore,
  • Boiler feed engine 1 8”x 7”
  • Boiler 3 1' x 8’,
  • At bottom of pit, pair of vertical, engines 22”x 10”
Tarmway Tracks leading to Cottages May 2001

Meadowhead Cottages were associated with the pit, these are on Meadowhead Gardens. Note also the paved road leading to the colliery site. There were previously stone setts between these to help the horses get a grip on the track.

The site has been bought towards the end of 2001, and plans have been submitted to the council to build houses on the land of the former coal mine, and also on the site of the Holt brick works next to it.

The brick works up to 2002 were used as allotment sites, these were dmolished in 2007 and new houses built.

On this site today is concrete cap on site of shaft, there is also remains of a coal staithe at side of the canal.

Warning sign on capped pit head May 2001
Visible Image - Warning sign on capped pit head saying "DANGER - Old shaft keep out" in May 2001.
Hidden Image - The Side of the pit head building in May 2001 showing were the winding wheel would have been.

Here at Meadowhead is where they used to load the canal barges to take the coal to the mills and power stations.

Two men that worked on the barges, at one time, were Harry Riding & Ned Thompson.

It was at Meadowhead that the stables were located, but they only had two horses.

Sometime during the 1920's or 30's two boys were playing on the coal barges at the side of Meadowhead pit on the canal, when an incident occurred and both boys tragically drowned. The boys were John Farrer and Starky Hatch.

The remains of the pit head were demolished during 2004, to make way for new houses to be built on the land, although the capped off mine shaft cannot be demolished.

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