Bristol Aircraft, English Electric, or GEC, Clayton Le Moors

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Street:Dunken Park
Town: Clayton Le Moors

Built in 1939, I believe, for the Bristol Aircraft Company. Such was the importance of this factory, built in Clayton Le Moors, that gun turrets were placed around the factory, some of these can still be found today.

English Electric drawn by

Rishton Council placed adverts in the local Advertiser, requesting persons who were willing to accommodate lodgers to register their interests at the Council Offices. This was done after a survey into housing accommodation carried out for the new factory at Clayton Le Moors in April 1940.

The buildings have now been split into smaller units, or demolished. There are new industrial estates on the East side of the original buildings.

Retired get together.

They carried on and looked after their staff well after retirement, as proven here. Tommy Blackhurst was 80 years old on this occasion, and is pictured here next to Frank Belch (right). On this occasion over 200 former employees turned up as well as many executives, and the then Mayor, Councillor Allen Critchlow, who was employed at the works at that time.

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143 Rishton UDC Council Minutes Website Exists- Rishton Urban District Council Valid Email-
  • Monday, April 1, 1940 0 Minutes