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Entrance to Ice Cream Factory on Spring Street July 2002.

Tommy Taylor's Ice Cream shop was based at number 8 Spring Street.

Tommy Taylor on Spring Street, used to go round with a horse and cart  at one time or maybe I'm mixing him up with Joshua Lucas the milk man, I can definitely remember our milk coming by horse and cart!! And fruit and veg  brought round from a shop in the High Street.

And I know Taylor's didn't have chimes on their ice-cream van or cart at one time as I can remember dashing out to buy ice-cream when we heard their  whistle blowing!!

He had a whistle and always asked if you wanted a 'dash', meaning a dash of raspberry sauce! He had shop on Spring Street, Rishton, opposite where my granny lived in the late 50's early 60's. Oh, happy days!!

This is were the Ice Cream Shop wa, taken in July 2002.

There was a family owned ice cream maker from Rishton that used to tour Arrod with two vans. The vans were unique in that they both had two stroke engines. One was a Trojan and I can't remember the make of the other one. I don't know whether the vehicle manufacturer is still in business. Neither can I remember the father and son team that used to operate them.

On the 11th January 1946, Plans were submitted for the Building for Ice Cream Manufacture at rear of 8, Spring Street, for Mr. T. Taylor.

Tommy Taylor's Ice Cream shop was based on Spring Street. He was there during the Second World War, and before that in the 1930's. When the business finally ended I have yet to discover.

Advert from 1951 Rishton on Record.

During 1939 there were 6 people licensed to sell ice cream in the town, one of them being Tommy Taylor. The others were various shops.

Tommy had an allotment on the Goosebutts footpath, on the right hand side as you travel down towards Tottleworth village. Here he kept his hens and Poultry, which produced the eggs which he used in his ice cream.

Across from his allotment was the field with Norden brook running through it. This was also owned by Tommy, and he struck up a deal with Windy Bank farm in Tottleworth for them to use the land for grazing of their horses for free, in return for milk for him to use in his ice cream.

On the 11th May 1944, Tommy Taylor applied for permission to graze a horse on the Refuse Tip, which was turned down by Rishton Urban District Council.

The premises No. 36, High Street, were registered for the sale of wrapped ice cream on the 13th September 1953.


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