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Palatine Foods in 1982.
East side of Palatine food building in 1982, looking from Meadowhead.

This firm came from Blackburn in 1961, but the buildings were not completed until 1962. The buildings are of red brick with asbestos roofing, and the outside of the building used to  display an illuminated sign with ‘Mr Whippy’ written on.

This company was semi-industrial because the ice cream, manufactured in Blackpool, was stored in the large refrigeration plant for distribution. The 12 vans covered triangular area of Burnley, Clitheroe, and Chorley. This is the reason why Rishton was chosen as a site for the factory. Wafer biscuits were obtained from Blackburn and stored at Rishton. Plants garage carried out any maintenance to the vehicles and fuel was obtained from Accrington.

Unloading of arriving foods to the Palatine building in 1982.

Of the 24 employees there were 19 men, mostly drivers and 5 of the employees lived in Rishton. A main road location was preferred but expansion possibilities on the present site were greater. The Forte group of companies were interested in this smaller firm.


Rishton, A North East Lancashire Cotton Town by Marian Sleigh.

Looking South in May 2001.
Front Entrance in May 2001.