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The handsome club erected for the Blackburn and District Power-Loom Overlookers' Association, High-street, is to be opened this (Saturday) afternoon by Mr. Joseph Bullon, general president, after which addresses will be delivered by Mr. A. H. Gill, M. P., Mr. J. E. Tattersall, J. P., and other gentlemen.

The new premises, designed by Mr. L. H. Maxwell, architect, Bank Chambers, Blackburn, are eminently suitable for the purposes for which they are required. They are comfortable, commodious, and substantial.

In their construction Accrington red brick has been used, while the lower portion of the front to high-street is of Yorkshire stone, relieved above with Accrington plastic facings brick, with pilasters in Yorkshire stone carried up and finished with carved embellishments.

The vestibule is tiled in attractive shades of green and cream, and the corridors are paved with marble terrazzo. The ground floor contains a fine suite of rooms. On the right are the general office, the secretary's private office, and the newsroom; and on the left the board room, which extends the whole length of the corridor, and is capable of seating 80 people. At the end of the corridor is the entrance to the magnificent assembly hall, 94 ft. by 38 ft., with an arched roof and polished floor. A permanent platform occupies one end, and a gallery on the other. During the day it is lighted by numerous windows, and at night it is splendidly illumined by electricity. In connection with the hall there are the usual ante-rooms, while the space under and behind the platform is utilised for catering purposes and for storage.

Special attention has been paid to the exits, of which there are three in addition to the main door, while there is a separate staircase and exit from the gallery. The assembly hall will hold 800 people.

Upstairs there is a well-furnished billiard room, with two full-sized tables by Holt; a smoke room, a bar, a card room, store rooms, and the usual offices. For the most part the furniture is in light oak to correspond with the general scheme of decoration. The fireplaces are tiled, and in some cases surmounted by an oak overmantel. The premises are lighted by electricity, heated on the hot-water principle, and scientifically ventilated.

The total cost is about £1,000.

The Overlookers' Association was formed in 1858, has a membership of 1,500, and represents 130,000 looms. It embraces Blackburn, Clitheroe, Clayton-le-Moors, Padiham, Great Harwood, and Rishton, and is a very flourishing society.

The position of president is occupied by Mr., Joseph Bullon, the secretarial duties are discharged by Mr. Albert Fish, and those of treasurer by Mr. James Duerden, while the trustees are Mr. Henry Beardwood and Mr. John Livesey. These five gentlemen have formed the building committee, and can regard their work with every satisfaction.

The sole contractors were Messrs. J. Highton and Son, Bridgewater-street, Blackburn, and the sub-contractors were:- Constructional steelwork, Messrs. John Booth and Sons, Bolton; masons' work, Messrs. Cronshaw Bros.; plumber, Mr. J. Highton; plasters, Messrs. Edward Chambers and Sons; painting, Mr. C. Dixon; electric lighting, Messrs. G. H. Shaw and Sons; heating and ventilating, Messrs. Mercer Bros.; tiling and terrazzo work, the Northern Art Pavement Co.; and asphalting and wood-block flooring, Messrs. J. T. Pickles and Co.


6th May, 1911, Blackburn Times