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Known as the 1st Parish, The 1st Rishton cub pack are based at Saint Peter's and Paul's Junior School. They became the 1st Rishton pack simply because they were the 1st pack in Rishton to register with the scout group. Because of this any group which is now formed in the school related to the Scout movement will be branded the "1st" group, even if there is already another group in Rishton.

The Pendle Witch used by Cub Scouts in Rishton

The pack was reformed in 1972 by Mrs. Hilary Knagg, after the then curate, Canon Ernie Southcott had been tipped off about Mrs. Knagg having previously run a cub pack in Blackburn. Canon Southcott approached Mrs. Knagg to reform the 1st Rishton, and with Canon Southcott's persuasive ways, she wouldn't have had any option! The Assistant Cub Leaders were Mrs Dorothy Bradbury and Miss Frances Southcott the vicars daughter. This group closed in 1975.

The pack was reformed by Diane Schaefer from 1976 to 1991. Diane started by helping Mrs. Hilary Knagg, a former teacher in Rishton, who was the cub leader before her.

The pack was being led by Pete Edwards in 2003, who took over from Diane Schaefer.

Originally formed in the 1920's, the pack was the first troop to register under the Boy Scout movement. Although the boy scouts movement is not religious, joining this pack would involve some attendance at the Parish Church for parades and other annual events.

The troop broke up in the mid 60's, due to the number of cubs dwindling, and lack of leadership.

They were reformed again in 1972, on the 6th October,1 using the Baptist Church as their base at first, and shortly after moved into the church hall. The group finally moved back to their original meeting place in the School Hall. The Group Scout leader was Mr Frank Warburton, Cub Scout Leader was Mrs Hilary Knagg, Assistant Cub Leaders were Mrs Dorothy Bradbury and Miss Frances Southcott the vicars daughter. This Group closed in 1975. 1

The Group with the title Rishton Parish and sponsored by the church under the Rev. R. McCullough was registered on 23rd September 1985. Joan Schaefer was Cub Scout Leader and Olivia Lingard was Assistant. This may have been the follow on Group to the 1st Rishton [Parish Church] 1

There is a mention of a earlier Group called 1st Rishton [Parish Church] but there is no information of start or cancellation of a Group under this title other than a mention of the title. This may have been run by Mr or Mrs Slater. We can only presume that it may have been registered during the war and closed by the end and this is probably why there is no paperwork available from the Scout Organisation, for it as Groups ran on temporary papers at this time due to lack of staff at Headquarters.

The pack can be contacted via Pete Edwards or this web site.


Patricia Styles (North West Scouts Archives Liverpool) 1

Diane Schaefer. (George Street)

Mrs. Hilary Knagg. (Blackburn Road)

Pete Edwards.

Patricia Styles (Northwest Scout Archives Administrator)