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Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 18th January 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Paul Osborne (Minutes Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Jacqueline Hinton, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden, Jimmy Swindells (BW Community Development Officer).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Jim Clarke, Heather Crossland, Cllr Russell Davies, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Geoff Smale, Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator), Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

Andrew gave everybody a warm welcome to the first meeting of the year.

3. Minutes of Meeting 16/11/99 & 14/12/99. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) 'Art Attack'. Nothing had yet appeared in Rishton's chosen location (No 36 High St - Susan Stace). To be watched with interest.

b) Logo. Paul reported that he had spoken to Richard Uren, head of the Art Dept at Norden H.S. He was happy for the students to be used for developing the logo. Ideas were discussed for the basis of the logo and the need also for a letter head incorporating it. It was agreed that a prize to the value of 10/15 could be awarded from Panel funds. Paul was happy to continue to follow this up.

c) Canal Signs. Fiona reported that the designs just needed some adjustments and that they would be ready for display and approval at the next Panel meeting, before being forwarded to Stephanie Rea at British Waterways.

d) Aluminium can recycling. Colin had acquired the name of a contact at the Tutorial Centre but had still to get in touch.

e) BTCV Membership. The Panel agreed to the action taken at last month's meeting without full approval, in view of the deadline. A letter of thanks had been received from BTCV, with a note saying that they would be pleased to promote any activities we do.

f) Hedgelaying Report. This took place as planned on the 12/13/15 January and about 60 metres of hedge was laid. About 40 metres still remained to be laid and Sophie was looking into the funding and timing for this. The wood from the laying is to be chipped and used on Parker St/ Hermitage St shrubbery. [Later : Further hedgelaying provisionally booked with BTCV for Wednesday/Thursday 15th/16th March 2000.]

5. HBC Response to letters 27/10/99 & 29/11/99.

Disappointedly, a response had still not been received. It was proposed that we send copies of our letters to Mike Chambers, Chief Executive, HBC with a letter of complaint about the lack of response. This was agreed. [Later : Reply received 3/2/00 from

J.Schofield (Technical Client Manager, HBC) with an apology for the delay.]

6. Clayton Fields (Ladybird) Trail.

The Trail was walked by a cross-section of the Hyndburn panels on Sunday,16/1/00, starting at the Hyndburn Bridge Hotel. Some notes were taken of necessary remedial work and an action plan was to be drawn up at the next Hyndburn Panels meeting on Thursday, 24/2/00. Jacqueline was asked to send a copy of the notes made when she walked the Trail to Sophie for inclusion in that meeting.

7. Parish Map.

Fiona mentioned that she had had contact with Dorothy Casey of the Soroptomists and it appeared that their plans were on a much smaller scale. Colin had contacted Pam Russo, another Soroptomist member, who said that they were still in the early stages but could see no reason why a joint effort should not be possible. Their member promoting the idea was 'Paddy' Rouse, their current President, with thoughts of doing something in time for the Great Harwood Charter Fair on Sunday, 20/8/00. They were due to have a planning meeting 18/1/00 and Pam would get back to Colin after that.

Margaret said she would try to resume contact with Sue Goodwin, formerly of Raku, to see if she was still available to assist or could recommend someone else.

8. Hermitage St/Parker St.

a) Celebration event Monday 1/5/00. Colin had not managed to contact Action Factory, but he brought to the attention of the meeting the 'Awards for All' scheme which might possibly be a source of funding for the project. Time however was pressing as three months was quoted as the allowed time for approval.

Concerns were raised that people would start to become booked up for the date in question and we therefore needed to start organising soon. Colin was to write letters to HBC and the Police advising them of our intentions and seeking their approval. Margaret would speak to John Davy, HBC's Recycling Officer.

b) Accounts. Andrew Hayhurst had now returned after prolonged illness. Mark and Colin hoped this would help speed the process of finalising the accounts.

c) Grimewatch entry. We had not been shortlisted for an award this year which was a considerable disappointment.

d) Routine maintenance. Sophie was still looking into this.

9. Canal 2000.

a) Environmental Art Seminar 22/1/00. This had had to be postponed due to lack of support. A new date was to be fixed.

b) Gateway designs. Signs Studio who built the community notice board were keen to assist with the proposed gateway and still had the cut-out designs used for the notice board. Colin to follow up. Jimmy advised that 12 feet clearance would be needed to get plant on to the towpath if required for emergency maintenance.

10. Coniston Way. Colin reported that work had begun with the old fence removed and a single row of new posts erected. However concerns were expressed about possible deviation from the original plan without prior consultation with the local residents. Colin to follow up with Sophie.

11. Any Other Business.

a) Bus service : Rishton to Hyndburn Sports Centre. June reported that following representation from some young people in Rishton, a bus service was to be laid on on Saturdays for a trial period to go from Rishton direct to the Sports Centre. Members were asked to promote this among young people so that it would be well supported.

b) 'Hyndburn First'. Jimmy brought to the meetings attention this new initiative which had been established to help access funds for various projects.

c) Grot Spots. Colin had written to HBC's Operations Dept reminding them of 'Grot Spots' reported last year but untouched due to vegetation growth. Debris was very much in evidence once again. Other areas were suggested by the members and Colin agreed to write a further letter with these additions.

d) Oswaldtwistle Panel Open Day, Saturday 29/1/00. Details were given of the invitation to see the tree nursery and food growing project and to hear an illustrated talk on straw bale buildings.

e) Great Harwood Charter Fair, Sunday 20/8/00. We had been asked if we wanted a stall. It was suggested we might join with the GH Panel if they were having one. Colin to enquire.

12. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 15/2/00 and 21/3/00

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 15th February 2000

1. Present : Colin Cooper (Secretary - Acting Chairman), Paul Osborne (Minutes Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Jacqueline Hinton, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer). Guest : Julian Dunn (Action Factory Community Arts)

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Elizabeth Achaski, Cllr Russell Davies, Jack and Catherine Hargreaves, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Cllr Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Geoff Smale, Mark Hopley (PROSPECTS Coordinator), Jimmy Swindells (BW Community Development Officer).

Colin welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Julian Dunn from Action Factory.

3. Minutes of Meeting 18/1/00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Canal signage. In Fiona's unavoidable absence, the final discussion and approval of the designs was postponed until a future date. In view of the increasing urgency some special arrangements might have to be made.

6. Parker St celebration event 1/5/00.

Colin introduced Julian Dunn who had been invited from Action Factory to see in what ways they might be able to assist with the organisation of the event. Julian suggested that it might be more cost effective if he ran a series of workshops to enable the Panel to organise activities on the day rather than have Action Factory personnel do it for us. In this way the skills and experience acquired could be used on future occasions. Activities suggested included kite making, wind socks, wind chimes, mask making, large two dimensional structures, ideas tree, sticky wall/wish list, etc and Julian showed photographs of these done at other events. The meeting agreed with this suggestion and it was left for Julian to fax Paul a quotation for 3/4 workshops and for the Panel to decide when these should be in conjunction with Primetime. [Later : workshops were arranged for Tuesdays the 7th, 14th, & 21st March 2000, the latter in place of the normal meeting. Location, Primetime youth wing for workshops 1 & 2, meeting room for workshop 3. A 4th workshop to be arranged if needed.]

Jacqueline (A) had made rough measurements of the site and Margaret said she would enquire about marquee hire and tie in with Jacqueline over appropriate size, etc. Members were to sound out friends/relations about people to approach about face painting. Colin would contact Gaskells about support eg parking and tidying up their side of the fence. He had not yet written to HBC or the police advising them of our intentions and seeking their approval. Verbal contact with the police had however elicited a supportive response.

Sophie would contact Jimmy Swindells about the use of the 'Kennet', although Jimmy would not be around at the time as he was being moved to work on the Rochdale Canal.

Colin reported that the 'Awards for All' application was almost ready for submission.

7. Parish map. Margaret had spoken to Paddy Rouse of the Soroptimists who advised that they were committed to a 'Millennium Map' as their Millennium project. They had circularised local organisations and would supply on request an A5 card on which to put an appropriate design in any medium. Closing date was the end of May with the intention of displaying the finished 'product' at the Charter Fair in August.

It was agreed that there was little point at this time in attempting something similar of our own but we should encourage our members to support the Soroptimists effort. [See enclosed details].

8. HBC response to letters dated 27/10/99 and 29/11/99. A letter of complaint to Mike Chambers (HBC Chief Exec.) dated 20/1/00 had finally elicited a response dated 1/2/00.

a) Flower bed, High St bridge. Repointing of the wall had been started and was almost complete. Sophie agreed to compile a planting plan for the site. A skip or the BW barge would be needed to remove the rubbish that was dug out. The possibility of additional topsoil was discussed. It was agreed that any work/planting would be held over until after the Celebration Day to cut down on the Panel's workload and possibly gain extra support.

b) Towpath dog dirt bins. HBC agreed to erect and empty three bins. Locations agreed with Andrew Hayhurst were near the bridges at High St, Spring St and Norden.

c) Slipway and Gaskells wall, High St bridge. Our concerns were noted, however no money is left in this years budget. They would be put forward for consideration in next years budget.

d) Pathway entrance Parker St. Instructions have been issued to rectify the situation before the end of this financial year.

9. Updates.

a) 'Art Attack'. No progress had been made because the coordinator, Judith Cormack, had been ill but something should be seen soon.

b) Logo. held over.

c) Aluminium can recycling. Colin had contacted Brenda Vickery who urged us to collect any cans and take them to the Pupil Referral Unit (ex Tutorial Centre) in Station Rd., 9.00am to 3.00pm weekdays. Members were urged to give this every publicity.

d) Hedge laying. BTCV had been booked for the 15th and 16th March when it was hoped the rest of the hedge could be completed.

e) & f) Parker St accounts and maintenance. Held over pending discussion with Andrew Hayhurst.

g) Coniston Way. A new outer wire fence has been erected and the hedging planted. An inner paling type fence is to be erected for added security.

h) Canal 2000 gateway designs. Gary Baker of Signs Studio was keen to prepare some designs but had not been able to

get them ready in time for the meeting.

i) 'Grot Spots'. The additional areas reported at the last meeting had been notified to HBC's 'HEAP' team but there was no evidence of action on those reported so far.

j) Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). There was no response from the G.H. Panel yet as they had not had a meeting recently.

10. Any Other Business. It was agreed to send Jimmy Swindells a good luck card for his new job and to thank him for his help to the Panel.

11. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 21/3/00 and 18/4/00.

Project Update for meeting 21/3/00

1. Canal signage. Fiona completed designs. To be passed off at 21/3/00 meeting. Then Andrew to forward to Stephanie Rea (British Waterways)

2. Parker St celebration event 1/5/00.

a) Letter sent to Andrew Hayhurst 1/3/00 requesting permission to use Parker St site and asking for advice on siting marquee, etc. Andrew moving office to Willow St. Has given verbal OK today. Further details to follow.

b) Colin now to write to police.

c) Margaret has booked marquee.

d) Margaret has booked Mayor/Mayoress (Cllrs Doug & Sandra Hayes).

e) Workshops going well.

f) 'Awards for All' application acknowledged but warning of delays due to new computer system!! Our covering letter highlighted 1/5/00 and requested special consideration.

Many other things remain to be planned so do we need a special planning meeting? If so, when?

3. Parish map. ' Flier ' sent out to members with minutes/agenda requesting those interested to contact Paddy Rouse. Do we still need to get hold of own supply of A5 cards and send these out?

4) Flower bed, High St bridge. Repointing of the wall complete. Sophie to prepare planting plan. Work to be done after 1/5/00. Do we need skip/BW barge for all the roots and rubbish we dig out? What do we do about missing stone for seat?

5) Towpath dog dirt bins. Information sent by Andrew Hayhurst to Roy Gibbons (BW) as to what was required and where. Option given for BW or HBC to install bins.

6) Slipway and Gaskells wall, High St bridge. To be put forward for consideration in next years budget.

7) Pathway entrance Parker St. Mark chasing Works Dept to ensure they keep their promise to rectify the situation before the end of this financial year. (Time is getting short!!!)

8) 'Art Attack'. Picture now in window of 36 High St. (Item closed)

9) Logo. Ask Paul.

10) Aluminium can recycling. Members circulated with details of the Pupil Referral Unit (ex Tutorial Centre) collection. Now up to members and others to respond. (Item closed)

11) Hedgelaying. Completed on the 15th and 16th March. Sophie arranging for HBC to shred residue. To be used on Parker St (and Coniston Way?). Will HBC spread or will we need a working party?

12) Parker St accounts. Colin and Mark had further meeting. Only a few loose ends now to tie up. Indications are that in excess of 4000 will remain as contingency or use on other projects.

13) Coniston Way. Mix up over instructions for inner paling fence are being sorted. Hope to install before Easter.

14) Canal 2000 gateway designs. Signs Studio have worked out some suggested designs which should be available at 21/3/00 meeting..

15) 'Grot Spots'. Colin unable to contact Tom Fearon by phone in the last few days to get some response to his letters dated 8/1/00 & 14/2/00. There does not appear to have been any action on the ground yet. (If they wait long enough the vegetation will cover it all up again!!!)

16) Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). No info.

17) Jimmy Swindells. Good luck card sent.

18) National Spring Clean (Keep Britain Tidy) - 1st to 30th April. Do we want to support SETRA (Sands Estate Tenants and Residents Assn.) in a 'litter pick 'of some sort?

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 18th April 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Jacqueline Hinton, Gordon Howarth, Bob Jenkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

2. Apologies : Cllr June Butler, Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Cllr Russell Davies, Cllr Stan Horne, Cllr Lesley Jackson.

3. Minutes of Meeting 15/2/00. Approved as previously circulated.

Note : There was no formal business conducted at the meeting 21/3/00 which was given over to the Action Factory workshop. An project update sheet was however prepared and issued with the agenda for the 18/4/00 meeting.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Celebration Day 1/5/00.

a) Margaret had booked marquee. Andrew Hayhurst had marked position on site clear of underground cables etc (numerous). Colin to check what clearance round marquee for stakes.

b) Margaret had booked Mayor/Mayoress. Mayor to say a few words. Possibly some form of opening ceremony. Margaret to advise no refreshments. Us to ensure roadside area kept clear for mayor's car to park.

c) Andrew Hayhurst had given verbal OK. Still to be confirmed in writing. Has checked BTCV insurance OK but advised against bouncy castle unless suppliers will operate under their own insurance. Will supply boundary stakes and tape, bin bags, walkie-talkies and arrange for the grass to be cut.

d) Colin had written to the police. Verbal OK received. Will assist with cones etc.

e) Andrew had arranged for St John's attendance (2 people). Booking form to be completed and sent with cheque for 35 + vat = 39.76.

f) Ice cream van booked via Jackie (A).

g) Fiona and Beverley had tried contact names for P/A system but no response to telephone calls. Fall-back, hand held microphone : Andrew to enquire at St Charles and Margaret to enquire at HBC. Could still do with 'ghetto blaster' for music. Thomas has petrol generator.

h) Jackie had paid Action Factory invoice.

i) Colin had borrowed display boards to display Grimewatch entry and generally promote the Panel. Sophie would provide PROSPECTS display boards plus banners, stickers/badges and newsletters. She would also provide blank outlines of canalside flower bed to be advertised as 'next project' for people to sketch in suggestions for planting.

j) Margaret had arranged with John Daly (HBC) for compost bin plus leaflets to be available.

k) Colin had not yet contacted Roy Gibbons about availability of the 'Kennett'. It was questioned whether this would be an 'attraction' or a 'distraction'. Agreed to have if available.

l) Sophie had been asked for comments to support application for grant from 'Awards for All'. [Later : Confirmation received that grant of 2170 had been awarded.]

m) Sophie to source supplier of balloons, preferably printed with 'PROSPECTS'. [Later : Source found and 300 green and yellow balloons ordered by Margaret at cost of 90.].

n) Accumulation of prizes for tombola and bran tub well in hand but more welcome. Sawdust for bran tub obtained. Andrew to enquire at St Charles for tombola drum and corks.

o) Face painting. Still hope that the Colling family will be able to assist. Margaret also to enquire of a Mrs Dugdale at St Charles and Stan Horne's wife. Suggested those doing it purchase own preferred materials and be reimbursed.

p) Charges still to be decided but suggested for tombola : 20p a go or 50p for 3 goes.

q) Advertising. Jackie had put posters in shops, etc. She would contact the Observer and Evening Telegraph. Radio Lancs was also suggested.

There was concern that too few members would be able to attend to do all we wanted to. Those known to be available were : Margaret and husband John, Fiona and her mother, Jacqueline and husband Thomas, Beverley and husband Simon, Colin and possibly Andrews mother.

Those known to be unable to attend were : Andrew, Paul, Bob, Gordon, Jackie (H).

Events it was hoped to run were :

Kite making.

Wind sock making.

Parachute making.

Mask making.

Bird and bat box making.


Bran tub.

Treasure hunt map.

Peas in a jar.

Face painting.


6. Updates. Copies of update report were issued (see copy enclosed).

7. Any Other Business. None.

8. Next Meetings. Tuesdays 16/5/00 and 20/6/00.

Project Update for meeting 18/4/00

1. Canal signage. Fiona's designs OK'd at 21/3/00 meeting, but requires map from side of Library. Mark advised Colin 18/4/00 that person to contact is HBC's Graphic Artist, Carol Cronshaw. Colin to follow up. Andrew has Fiona's designs but has found out that Stephanie Rea (British Waterways) is no longer the person to deal with. Roy Gibbons is now the contact. Colin has established contact and will follow up.

2. Parker St celebration event 1/5/00. See minutes.

3. Parish map. No info on whether members individually are responding to Soroptomists' scheme. Deadline 31/5/00

4. Flower bed, High St bridge. No change. Sophie to prepare planting plan. Work to be done after 1/5/00. Do we need skip/BW barge for all the roots and rubbish we dig out? What do we do about missing stone for seat?

5. Towpath dog dirt bins. Information sent by Andrew Hayhurst to Roy Gibbons (BW) as to what was required and where. Option given for BW or HBC to install bins. Roy doesn't seem to know much about it yet but is following up. To arrange meeting with Colin on site.

6. Slipway and Gaskells wall, High St bridge. No change. To be put forward for consideration in next years budget.

7. Pathway entrance Parker St. Mark advises (18/4/00) that order has gone out to Works Dept to have the work done.

8. Logo. Ask Paul.

9. Hedgelaying. Completed on the 15th and 16th March. Shreddings deposited on Parker St 14/4/00 and working party did an excellent job spreading it on shrubbery Sunday 16/4/00. Thanks to all concerned. Job well done. (item closed)

10. Parker St accounts. Mark has tied up loose ends and will produce final statement after 1/5/00.

11. Coniston Way. Paling fence erected 17/4/00. (item closed)

12. Canal 2000 gateway designs. Signs Studio have submitted a suggested design which is still to be studied and commented on (probably post 1/5/00 !!).

13. 'Grot Spots'. Colin contacted Tom Fearon who said that a number of sites had been dealt with. If so, they have soon become covered in rubbish again!? REEL (River Enhancement East Lancs) organised a litter pick (as part of 15 below) on one of our reported 'grot' spots on the canal bank below Norden School 14/4/00. Area looks better but appears only partially cleared.

14. Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). Double stall booked by Gt Harwood Panel for us both. Need now to decide jointly what we are going to display/do..

15. National Spring Clean (Keep Britain Tidy) - 1st to 30th April. No follow up to SETRA (Sands Estate Tenants and Residents Assn.) invitation to join them in a 'litter pick 'of some sort.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 16th May 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Cllr Stan Horne, Lesley Jackson, Ann-Marie Rosbotham, Cllr Anne Scaife, Geoff Smale, Margaret Worden, Roy Gibbons (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Cllr Russell Davies, Jacqueline Hinton, Gordon Howarth, Bob Jenkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

Andrew welcome those present to the meeting, and particularly Ann-Marie, Anne, and Roy who were attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of Meeting 18/4//00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Celebration Day 1/5/00.

Everyone expressed themselves well pleased with what was achieved on the day, helped undoubtedly by the fine weather and the consequent good support by the local community. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully learnt a little more about PROSPECTS. More could have been achieved had there been more people to help. Those who did were kept busy all day both in preparation/clearing up and manning the various stalls/activities. Andrew thanked everyone who had helped in any way.

A number of people had enquired about PROSPECTS and asked when the next meeting was, so it was perhaps a little disappointing that none had turned up for the meeting.

It was felt that a PA system and music would have added to the atmosphere. There were a number of other attractions eg. bouncy castle that would have been welcome if there had been people to look after them, but every activity that there was had proved popular.

While fundraising wasn't the object of the day, Jackie reported proceeds totalling 207, which would go towards the canalside flower bed project. Colin asked Jackie for a breakdown of expenditure so that the necessary return could be sent to 'Awards for All'. Initial indications were that we had not spent the full 2170 and would therefore have to pay some back. However we had acquired numerous items of 'kit' and materials that would come in useful for future activities. Colin was going to produce an inventory of those items for the record.

Roy apologised that it wasn't possible in the end to make the 'Kennet' available, but he would certainly do so on a suitable future occasion.

6. Canal.

a) Flower bed. Roy said that BW would be very happy if the Panel would 'do it up', and would help in any way they could. Unfortunately, despite Sophie's excellent display on Celebration Day, no design suggestions had been forthcoming. The meeting suggested one or two ideas of plants but the matter was held for further discussion when Sophie was present.

b) Signage. Roy was presented with the draft designs drawn up by Fiona and approved by the Panel. He promised to take them away to discuss with his colleagues and report back at the next meeting. He needed also to check how far Stephanie Rea had got with ordering the frameworks. Colin was still pursuing the possibility of incorporating the map that was on the information board on the side of the Library.

Roy confirmed that the new 48 hour mooring was definitely programmed for installation this year.

c) Gateway. Blanks of the draft design produced by 'Sign Studio' were circulated and those present were asked to come to the next meeting with suggested modifications/variations/other ideas. Roy questioned whether we shouldn't incorporate proper gates to keep out motor cyclists. BW had designs for these but incorporating wheelchair access.

d) Slipway. All agreed that something should be done in conjunction with the gateway. The councillors agreed to check to see whether an allocation had in fact been made in this year's budget as promised.

e) Dog dirt bins. Erected, and being used.

7. Logo. Paul to follow up with Norden as his other potential source had fallen through.

8. Pathway entrance, Parker St. Colin was awaiting a progress report from Andrew Hayhurst. The councillors agreed to follow this up.

9. Parish Map. Cards were now available from the Soroptimists and it was agreed these should be sent out with the minutes.

10. Parker St accounts. Colin and Mark were arranging a date to meet to finalise them.

11. 'Grot spots'. Disappointment was expressed that few if any of the spots reported seemed to have been attended to. In most cases the vegetation had now grown sufficiently to cover the worst up.

Discussion then ensued with the councillors on various problem areas eg. Chapel St flats, Walmsley St to Walmsley Ave roadway, ditto footpath, derelict garages nb. back Talbot St, etc. In many cases the councillors were already involved and action was in hand but it was agreed that many such subjects would come under the remit of the new Area Council and were not strictly PROSPECTS matters. However it was to be hoped that PROSPECTS Panels would be represented on Area Councils.

12. Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). Need to contact GH Panel to discuss what we might do.

13. Future projects.

a) Ladybird Trail. This was likely to be discussed further at the Hyndburn Panels meeting the following Thursday and members were reminded that they were very welcome to attend that meeting. They were always useful meetings for exchanging ideas and experience.

b) Trees of Time and Place. Colin was keen to start something with the local primary schools and had had a preliminary discussion with Mark Cox, HBC's tree officer. Mark had thoughts of doing a PROSPECTS version of ToT&P.

c) Bottom Rec. This still had great potential but the question remained as to HBC's future policy on land leasing and their view on renewing the lease on the Bottom Rec. Stan said he would see what the latest was.but suggested Colin also talk to Andrew Leah.

d) Other Ideas. These included : a nature trail at the back of Maple Crescent; something for the central and top ends of the village; more bulb planting on the canal; bulb planting elsewhere.

Andrew urged members to come forward with more suggestions.

14. Any Other Business.

a) Great Harwood Civic Society Boundary Walk. This was to take place on Saturday 10th June commencing at 9.30am opposite the Lidgett Hotel.

15. Next Meetings. Tuesday 20/6/00, thereafter to be decided at the next meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 20th June 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Cllr June Butler, Cllr Anne Scaife, Mr and Mrs Street, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Cllr Russell Davies, Jacqueline Hinton, Cllr Stan Horne, Gordon Howarth, Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Paul Osborne, Geoff Smale, Margaret Worden, Roy Gibbons (British Waterways).

Andrew welcomed those present to the meeting, and particularly Mr and Mrs Street who were attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of Meeting 16/5//00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Celebration Day. Colin tabled details of costs against estimate, income from stalls and inventory of equipment and materials held in store at his home. An underspend of 895.25 against the grant of 2170 had resulted, mainly due to not having Action Factory and BTCV assistance on the day. Under the contract this was due to be paid back to 'Awards for All'.

Colin had talked to Mark Hopley who had suggested we approach AfA to see if we could negotiate the use of the underspend for another project, a promotional leaflet or community directory perhaps. The meeting agreed with this suggestion and favoured a promotional leaflet to further raise awareness of the Group and its aims. Colin to contact 'Awards for All'.

b) Soroptimists Millennium Map. Colin had received three contributions. No more had been brought to the meeting, so he would pass on the ones he had.

5. Canal. Andrew and Colin had had a meeting with Roy Gibbons 16/6/00 on the canalside. Roy was awaiting the start of their newly appointed Marketing Manager before pursuing the signage further. Colin had tracked down the map on the side of the Library to Granthams printers in Blackpool but this might not be of great use as BW had arrangements with another printer. Roy was uncertain what had happened to the original BW grant of 3000 for signage and seating and would look into it further.

BW's engineers were not too keen on our ideas for the gateway but Andrew and Colin felt it could be incorporated with the wooden gates Roy had in mind and Roy promised to pursue it further.

Roy was confident BW could assist with materials and equipment to improve the slipway but a tie-in with HBC would be needed. BW could also assist with tools, etc to help with the regeneration of the flowerbed.

The erection of the proposed 48hr mooring stage was confirmed as being in BW's budget for this financial year.

Coupled together, the 48hr mooring, the signage, the gateway, the slipway and the flowerbed presented a package of projects that the Panel should concentrate on next, starting with the flowerbed. Subject to Roy's agreement when he returned from holiday, a working party was proposed to make a start on this at 10.00am Saturday 8th July 2000. It was agreed that the existing vegetation be strimmed and the nettle roots dug out.

Andrew tabled a plan of the flowerbed and print-outs culled from Geoff Hamilton's 3D Garden Designer showing shrubs and plants that might be suitable for the location. It was agreed that the elder should remain. Sophie suggested an early planting of sunflowers might create local interest. Mr Street would make suggestions from reference literature that he had. We could try and involve Park View nurseries. The subject would be revisited at a special working group meeting 11/7/00.

It was suggested that publicity might be gained by approaching Radio Lancashire to consider the flowerbed in their new scheme to involve their staff in community projects. Colin to pursue.

6. Parker St.

a) Pathway entrance. HBC had recently made approaches as to what we required and it was somewhere 'in the system'.

b) Accounts. These had now been finalised and a sum of 3148.97 was available to be transferred into the Panel's account. However there would be strict limitations on the type of project it could be used on. Mark would advise on this.

7. Logo. Report required from Paul..

8. Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). Still need to contact GH Panel to discuss what we might do. Sophie understood they wanted to be actively doing things promoting environmental issues and one activity they were thinking of doing was selling Fair Trade products. Bird/bat boxes might make another activity.

9. Future projects.

a) Ladybird Trail. Sophie was applying for funding with a view to starting work late winter/spring. Details would be discussed further at the next Panels' meeting. It was hoped that all the Panels would get together to work on the various phases regardless of whose area they might be in.

b) Trees of Time and Place. Nothing yet initiated. It was questioned how Bob and Gordon's pilot scheme was progressing?

c) Bottom Rec. Sophie had initiated a scheme to reinstate the wire fence that had been taken down to gain access for the hedge laying. This work had been carried out by BTCV 13/14th June.

It was believed that the question of whether to renew the lease when it expired was actively being considered by the appropriate HBC committee at the present time.

d) Other Ideas. It was understood that HBC were in the process of having the pathways from Walmsley St and Eachill Gardens to Walmsley Avenue done up and made safe. It was being asked whether the Panel could undertake some landscaping in the area when these were done. The meeting was generally in favour but it was understood there were already plans for tree planting in the area. Sophie would view the site and enquire about the tree planting scheme.

10. Any Other Business.

a) Canal access. The Streets enquired about a blocked off access from Hermitage St to the towpath on the south side of High St bridge and damage to a retaining wall. They were advised that this was not within the remit of PROSPECTS and they should approach either HBC or BW.

11. Next Meetings. The next full meeting was to be held on Tuesday 1/8/00, but a working group would meet at Primetime on Tuesday 11th July to discuss the planting in the flowerbed (all interested welcome).

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 1st August 2000

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Cllr Russell Davies, Anna & Domenico Bicardi, Jacqueline Hinton, Cllr Stan Horne, Lesley Jackson, Bob Jenkinson, Paul Osborne, Cllr Anne Scaife, Leslie & Linda Street, Margaret Worden, Roy Gibbons & Cheryl Flynn (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Gordon Howarth, Beverley Moorhouse, Geoff Smale, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, and particularly Anna and Domenico from the Bridge Cafe and Cheryl, British Waterways new Marketing Manager, who were attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of Meeting 20/6//00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising. None.

5. Canal.

a) Signage. Roy reported that work on the new 48 hour mooring was due to start in September. Incorporated in the scheme would be a BW notice board. Cheryl had looked at the draft information display drawn up by the Panel and proposed considering a three sided board that could incorporate the BW and Panel ideas plus other useful notices/information. However she had as yet been unable to discover any reserved finance left over from the original 3000 allocation to the Panel and feared it had been 'lost'. It was suggested she might contact Stephanie Rea to see if she coud recall what had happened to the balance once the cost of the three seats had been deducted.

b) Slipway. It was agreed that work on the slipway should be done in two stages. There would be a working party to clear vegetation etc on Saturday 12th August 2000 starting at 10.00am. BW would follow up immediately after with weed inhibiting spray and do the flower bed at the same time. A date a month or so later would then be fixed to resurface the slipway with stone crush or similar. Colin had spoken to Matt Hargreaves who was of the opinion that no finance had been allocated by HBC and this was confirmed by Russell. It seemed generally agreed that the responsibility dividing line between HBC and BW was a line extending from the back edge of the High St/Hermitage St footpath at the entrance to the slipway. Roy was to confirm this with Matt.

c) Gateway. It was suggested that rather than the original archway idea, the designs could be incorporated in the proposed gate itself. This would overcome any overhead problems for plant access and it was agreed this was worth pursuing. Roy would agree a gateway design with the BW engineers to include a gate for vehicles and side access gate for pedestrians/wheel chairs. He would advise the Panel of dimensions so that they could have ornamental designs for the gate(s) drawn up.

d) Flower bed. Fiona thanked everyone who turned up to clear the flower bed area 8/7/00. It had been a very successful exercise. Andrew, in his absence, had sent the meeting very detailed sketches and illustrations of what might be planted in the bed. He was thanked for the effort he had put in. It was agreed his ideas formed a good basis on which to work. He had also suggested that many of the plants might be supplied out of members gardens. This would not only reduce cost but would also engender a feeling of 'ownership'. It was agreed that Colin would produce a summary of the plants being suggested and circulate this with the minutes. Members would indicate for the next meeting which items they could provide. They could also suggest other suitable plants they could provide that were not on the list. If there was difficulty in naming plants, we might have to accept some plants on planting day and trust that they were suitable. Planting would be late October/early November and would probably incorporate additional bulb planting along the canal.

d) Canal 2000. Sophie was awaiting the outcome (in September) of the bid she had prepared for funding from the Lancashire Environment Fund. (The gateway is part of this bid).

6. Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). There was to be a joint meeting of representatives of the Great Harwood and Rishton Panels and others involved at Rishton Methodist Church on Thursday 3rd August at 7.00pm to discuss arrangements. Colin, Jackie A. and Jackie H. were able to go to this meeting but it appeared that only Colin would be able to make himself available on the day of the Fair.

7. Awards for All. Colin had written to AfA requesting permission to use the unspent grant from the Celebration Day to produce a promotional Panel leaflet. Provisional verbal agreement had been received but this remained to be confirmed in writing. Deadline for completion would be extended from 18/10/00 to 18/12/00 but this might be further extended nearer the time if needed. Agreement had also been received to use the proceeds of the Day on other Panel projects.

8. Parker St. pathway entrance. Russell confirmed that the remedial work was definitely scheduled to be done but no date had been fixed as yet.

9. Logo. Paul announced that he would be unable to pursue this now as he was removing to Preston in September. Colin said he would take it up with the Art Dept at Norden to see if something could be done. Ideally something would be needed for the proposed promotional leaflet and the gateway.

10. Future projects.

a) Ladybird Trail. Sophie was preparing an application for funding which would be discussed with Panels before finalisation. Cheryl suggested we might to advantage promote the Trail with pubs, cafes, etc along the route.

b) Trees of Time and Place. Bob was proposing to do a second phase of planting with the cubs this autumn.

c) Bottom Rec. Russell reported that the option to automatically renew the lease had been withdrawn by the Dunkenhalgh Estates and therefore the lease would not be renewed when it expired. There was a strong feeling that Dunkenhalgh would then want to sell the land for housing. There was dismay among the Panel members that such a rich area for wildlife and recreation

would be lost to the village. Regarding the provision of a children's playground in the area, the only hope would be to build such a provision into the builder's terms and conditions.

d) Pit yard area. The path from Walmsley Ave had been refurbished by HBC up to the corner of the school playground. It was understood that the remainder to the start of Walmsley St was the responsibility of LCC and no information was available as to if and when this would be done. The meeting was amazed that it hadn't been possible to arrange to do the two sections at the same time. With regard to the adjoining land, Mark Cox (HBC's Tree Officer) had advised that it was unlikely that initial plans to do major tree planting in the area would go ahead because of a lack of finance and the major services that ran under the land. This should not however stop the Panel from doing something to enhance the area including selective tree planting if desired.

11. Any Other Business.

a) Roy Gibbons. Roy announced that he was being appointed to work on the Lancaster Canal. He could not as yet say anything about a replacement but he would try and ensure that the work he was doing with the Panel would be on-going. The meeting was sorry to see him go after such a short association but wished him well.

b) Radio Lancashire 'Timebank'. Colin had written to Radio Lancashire offering the flowerbed project, but they had chosen a project at Alston Hall out of over 100 schemes offered. No written acknowledgement or thanks had been received, Radio Lancashire claiming they did not have the staff to cope with such courtesies!

12. Next Meetings. Tuesday 5th September 2000

Tuesday 17th October 2000 (AGM)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 5th September 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Cllr June Butler, Anna & Domenico Bilardi, Jacqueline Hinton, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden, Cheryl Flynn (British Waterways), Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr Stan Horne, Bob Jenkinson, Cllr Anne Scaife, Geoff Smale.

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of Meeting 1/8/00. Anna & Domenico's surname was incorrectly recorded as Bicardi, and should be Bilardi. With this amendment the minutes were approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Great Harwood Charter Fair (20/8/00). Colin and Beverley had attended on behalf of the Panel, joining with the Great Harwood and Oswaldtwistle Panels and 'Fairground' (Fairtrade shop at Centrepeace, Blackburn) to mount a worldwide environmental group of stalls. Colin made and sold 24 bird/bat boxes @ 3.00 each which paid for the timber and the purchase of a gazebo (24.99) to cover a stall, leaving a surplus of 6.60 to go into Panel funds. The gazebo was 'in store' for future use.

b) Awards for All promotional leaflet. Written confirmation had still not been received from AfA to use the surplus from the Celebration Day for a promotional leaflet, however Sophie had made enquiries about costs and established that an A4 folded in 3 (ie 6 panels) coloured leaflet would cost about 450 + graphics for 3000. It was suggested that rather than have a purely Rishton leaflet, a new general PROSPECTS leaflet might be produced with one panel left for individual Panels to use. It was agreed that this idea be put to the next Hyndburn Panels meeting on the 21st September 2000. [Later : Written confirmation received from Awards for All 16/9/00 with deadline extension to 18/12/00]

c) Parker St community garden. We had been advised that the scheme to improve the pathway entrance from Parker St and make it safer had been costed by HBC but an allocation of funding had yet to be agreed and it could still be some time before work commenced. Mark Hopley was contacting the Environment Agency before issuing guidance on the use of any surplus funding from the project.

d) Logo. Colin would pursue this with Norden HS now they were back. There was some urgency if it was to be available for the canal information board.

5. Canal.

a) 48 hour mooring. Cheryl did not have the latest information on when work would start but would obtain it for inclusion in the minutes. [Later : Contractors were ready to start but there was some delay over negotiating canalside access for equipment with Dunkenhalgh Estates.]

b) Signage. Cheryl circulated details of various styles of information board. It seemed generally agreed that a two sided opening board would be best, with one side for BW notices and the other for the information panel designed by the Panel. Cost would be about 850 plus graphics, say 1300/1400, which BW would be able to cover. Cheryl would contact their manufacturers, 'Scorpio', to make a start on some designs.

c) Slipway. The working party to clear vegetation etc on Saturday 12th August 2000 had been abandoned as only two members turned up and there was a fishing competition in progress with cars parked on the slipway. The fishermen did however offer to move the cars if we wished. Attempts were being made to establish lines of communication with the Hyndburn and Blackburn Angling Assn so that clashes could be avoided in future. As Roy Gibbons had now moved on, Cheryl was keen for the Panel to meet BW's Mark Overum as a contact for future liaison and she would arrange a canalside meeting with him through Colin. [Later : Arranged for Thursday 21/9/00 @ 10.00am. and then postponed to 28/9/00 @ 10.00am]. Further work on the slipway to be discussed then. Decision might be to spray vegetation as it was without prior trimming.

d) Gateway. To be discussed at canalside meeting with Mark Overum.

e) Flower bed. Spraying of the bed was to be grouped with other BWspraying to make an economic contractors package. Andrew had received some lists of plants etc members could offer. He would proceed to list what would need to be obtained elsewhere and the likely cost. Approaches would be made to Park Lane and Park View Nurseries and HBC to see what advantageous assistance they might offer. Sophie had given Colin an application form for the Lancashire Environmental Action Fund as a possible source of funding up to 500. Colin would apply when the estimated project costs were known. It was questioned who would be responsible for maintenance once the bed was created. It seemed likely the Panel would be but Cheryl would find out if BW had any maintenance teams.

f) Canal 2000. Sophie was expecting the result of the LEF funding bid any day now and hoped to give more details at the next Hyndburn Panels' meeting. [Later : News received 21/9/00 that the bid had been successful and 70,000 had been awarded. Panels to be consulted as to how the money should be prioritised.]

6. Future projects.

a) Ladybird Trail. To be discussed further at the next Hyndburn Panels' meeting.

b) Trees of Time and Place. The PROSPECTS Foundation was to seek funding from the LEF under their Environmental Placement Funding Scheme for a 12 month pilot project to develop a 'Trees for Hyndburn Project'. The person engaged would would work with local groups and schools to develop a scheme to grow native woodland species for planting out in community woodlands in Hyndburn. This would focus initially around the scheme already being run by the Oswaldtwistle Panel. It was hoped the pilot would lead to the engagement of a full time worker to extend the scheme to other Panels and groups. [Later : News received that LEF funding for a 12month placement had been approved.]

c) Bottom Rec. It was agreed that Colin would see if arrangements could be made to raise this at the first Rishton Area Council meeting which June advised was scheduled for Tuesday 26th September 2000, so that the Panel could express its concerns.

d) Pit yard area. June was still seeking answers as to when the rest of the footpath would be refurbished. It was agreed that until this was resolved, the Panel would concentrate on the canalside project.

7. Any Other Business.

a) Regeneration Summit 14th November 2000. As a 'follow-on' to their Canal 2000 (C2K) festival, British Waterways were organising a full day confererce at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel sub-titled 'towards a creative strategy for East Lancashire's waterways and their communities'. The aim was to evolve a creative development plan and cultural strategy around East Lancs waterways (canals and rivers) and generate commitment to it. Further details later.

b) Banner. It had been felt that the Panel might obtain a canvas/vinyl banner to put up when it was doing project work, to advertise who was doing the work. Mark had advised that the Baxenden group had recently obtained one through 'Signs Studio', 3' x 8' @ 60. To be considered further.when the logo was available

c) BTCV Joint Local Groups Committee. A letter had been received from BTCV seeking nominations for candidates willing to be nominated for election to their Joint Local Groups Committee. This was a national body, normally meeting four times per year. It was agreed this was more appropriate to be discussed at a Hyndburn Panels' meeting.

d) Oswaldtwistle Panel's Working Party, Saturday 30/9/00. The Oswaldtwistle Panel needed help to reconstruct a vandalised polytunnel. Volunteers welcome. Start at 10.00am.

e) Membership List. Concern was expressed once again that the mailing list contained a number of names of people who had not for some time attended meetings or sent apologies. It was agreed that, with the notice of the forthcoming AGM, the Secretary should include a reminder of the Constitutional requirements of membership.

8. Next Meetings. Tuesday 17th October 2000 (AGM)

Tuesday 7th November 2000

Tuesday 5th December 2000

Minutes of the 4th Annual General Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 17th October 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Cllr June Butler, Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson, Margaret Worden, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

2. Apologies : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Carol Achaski, Cllr Russ Davies, Jacqueline Hinton, Cllr Stan Horne, Bob Jenkinson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Anne Scaife, Geoff Smale, Cheryl Flynn (British Waterways),

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting and declared it quarate.

3. Chairman's address and review of the year. Andrew thanked all those who had made a positive contribution to the Panel in the last year for their effort and support. He highlighted some of the Panel's activities (see separate report), hoped everyone had enjoyed their participation and looked forward to continuing support in the coming year.

Andrew in turn was thanked for his leadership.

4. Treasurer's report and accounts. Jackie (A) tabled a summary of income and expenditure for the year from 28/9/99 to 17/10/00. Income totalled 2408.61 (1998/99 - 1115.70) and expenditure 1380.69 (297.16) leaving a balance in the bank of 3420.75 (2392.83). To this had to be added a sum in excess of 2000 from the Parker St project held by PROSPECTS centrally, the account for which was close to finalisation. Some 800 of the balance was surplus from the Awards for All grant and was to be allocated to the promotional leaflet project or returned.

Jackie was thanked for her diligent stewardship of the Panel's finances.

5. Review of membership list. Colin reported that response to the tear-off slip requesting those on the mailing list to indicate their level of continuing interest had been poor. It was agreed that except where slips had been returned requesting retention on the mailing list, names should be removed according to the constitution. (Members of the Panel may resign by notice or will have by non-attendance without apologies at meetings for three months or three meetings, whichever is the greater, be deemed to have resigned.). The list was reviewed in detail and deletions agreed.

It was suggested that a 7.30pm start time for meetings might encourage more to come. However a 9.00pm finish was also desired.

Posters advertising meetings should be put in the Library and Primetime as well as the Community Noticeboard. Copies of minutes should also be displayed in these three locations.

6. Election of Officers and Representatives. The following were duly proposed, seconded and elected unopposed. :

Chairman Andrew Parker

Vice Chairman Fiona Cook

Secretary Colin Cooper

Minutes Secretary Lesley Jackson

Treasurer Jacqueline Achaski

Membership Secretary Maureen Cunliffe

Forum Representatives (2) Margaret Worden, Colin Cooper

If due to ill health, Maureen felt unable to continue as Membership Secretary, Margaret Worden offered to take on this role and this was readily agreed.

7. Review of current projects and plans for the future.

a) Promotional leaflet. At the Hyndburn Panel's meeting 21/9/00 there had been enthusiastic support for our idea of making the proposed promotional leaflet adaptable so that other Panel's could use it. Sophie suggested that as the next Panel's meeting scheduled for 16/11/00 was having to be postponed, this date could be used to meet other Panel representatives to progress the idea further. However the meeting felt that we needed to prepare something ourselves beforehand and it was agreed that a working group should meet at Primetime on Thursday 2/11/00 at 7.00pm.

At the moment, Awards for All were setting a deadline for the use of the grant money of 18/12/00 although it might be possible to extend this if we could show the leaflet was progressing well.

b) 48 hour mooring. BW were ready to put the mooring in but were having difficulty negotiating access through the farm gate with Dunkenhalgh who wished to make a substantial charge where none had been levied before.

c) Slipway. There was still a need to clear the sides of the slipway of vegetation prior to putting down 'crush and run'. It was agreed that a working party would meet on Saturday 4/11/00 at 10.00am to do this.

d) Gateway. BW had agreed to fit the proposed gateway and style at an estimated cost of 762 + vat. They would cover this cost from the balance of the original 3000 for signage and seating (approx 1500). Dimensions of the gate would be given to the Panel so that they could liaise with Signs Studio over the proposed decorative panels for it.

e) Signage. At a canalside meeting between Colin, June, Mark Overum (BW) and Cheryl (BW) 5/10/00 it was agreed that a notice board in 'v' formation like that on Parker St would be appropriate and meet the needs of the Panel and BW. Details and costings of this and the 'welcome' notices proposed would be pursued.

f) Flowerbed. It was now felt to be too late to spray with weed killer. It was agreed that the working party 4/11/00 should dig this over again. When the time came for planting, a permeable membrane would be put on the soil through which the plants would be planted and the whole then covered with bark mulch. This should inhibit any further weed growth and minimise maintenance.

8. Any Other Business.

a) Regeneration Summit 14th November 2000. It was agreed that four places @ 23.50 each be booked and charged to the Panel. Those wishing to go were Lesley, Jackie (A), Margaret and Colin.

b) Boat Trips. Details were given of a series of boat trips along the canal in stages from Blackburn to Greenberfield Locks from 30/10/00 to 3/11/00 associated with the Regeneration Summit. It was left to individual members to make their own bookings if they wished to go.

c) BTCV Membership. It was agreed that we should renew our BTCV membership and associated insurance cover at a cost of 55. Jackie (A) to action.

d) Oswaldtwistle Panel's Working Party. This had had to be postponed from 30/9/00 to 22/10/00. Help would be very welcome.

9. Next Meetings. Tuesday 7th November 2000

Tuesday 5th December 2000

Chairman's Report.

Firstly, congratulations to Colin on receiving the 'Rishton Award' at the inaugural meeting of the Rishton Area Council 26/9/00. It recognised among other things his involvement with the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel and reflected well on the Panel's efforts to enhance the local environment.

It was disappointing that the Parker St project wasn't quite completed, with work on the pathway entrance still to be done by HBC. It was pleasing to note however that on prompting by Cllr Horne, they had rapidly repaired vandalised seating on one occasion. It was also a pleasure to record what an excellent Celebration Day we had had on the site on the 1st May with the official opening by the Mayor and Mayoress of Hyndburn and good support from the local community and the weather.

The hedge laying on the Bottom Rec had been completed and was already looking 100% better (at least to the untrained eye!) with plenty of new growth coming from the section laid last year.

Although the Panel had decided not to proceed with its own parish map, thanks are due to those members who supported the Soroptimists with their millennium map.

Thanks to British Waterways for their support on a number of canal related projects, including bulb planting, flowerbed, seating, signage, gateway, dog dirt bins, etc. Their administrative and practical involvement was much appreciated and we look forward to continuing and developing this association. Their proposed 48 hour mooring installation is awaited expectantly and it is to be hoped that their problems with Dunkenhalgh (Yes, a thorn in our flesh yet again!) will soon be resolved.

Thanks are also due to Sophie and Mark for their invaluable support and encouragement. We wish them well as they try to take PROSPECTS forward in Hyndburn.

It has been good to be involved with other Panels on joint projects and we looked forward to progressing with them work on the Ladybird Trail, Canal 2000 and the new promotional leaflet.

I hope you will continue to support the Panel in its efforts and above all enjoy what we are doing. It would be nice to have more support, so don't forget the personal touch. When we have a project on the go please invite family, friends and neighbours to join in (and if necessary get their hands dirty!).

Thank you for all your help and support.


Summary of salient agenda items during the year :

Art attack Clayton fields (Ladybird) trail

Logo Parish/millennium map

Canal seating and signage Flowerbed repointing and planting

Canal 2000 - gateway and bulb planting Celebration event and workshops

Pathway entrance Parker St Coniston Way

Trees of time and place Bottom Rec

Parker St accounts Crime and Disorder group

Aluminium can recycling Hedge laying

Grimewatch awards Dog dirt bins

Slipway Great Harwood Charter Fair

Awards for All/promotional leaflet Pit yard enhancement

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 7th November 2000

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Jacqueline Hinton, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden, Mark Overum (British Waterways), Gerald Lee (Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Assn).

2. Apologies : Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Cllr June Butler, Cllr Russ Davies, Cllr Stan Horne, Bob Jenkinson, Cllr Anne Scaife, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer).

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Mark Overum and Gerald Lee for whom this was the first meeting.

3. Minutes of Meeting 5/9/00 and AGM 17/10/00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Regeneration Summit 14/11/00 and associated boat trips. Colin had booked 4 places for the C2K Summit as agreed and these were allocated to Jackie (A), Lesley, Margaret and Colin, although Colin was not sure of being able to go, certainly not full time. The arrangements for workshops, etc were reviewed.

The associated boat trip on the 'Marton Emperor' 31/10/00 from Eanam to Clayton-le-Moors had been enjoyed by and revealing to those who went on it, including Jackie (A) and Margaret. ( See BW 'report' extract on back of agenda). The buffet lunch laid on by Anna & Domenico Bilardi at the Bridge Cafe in Rishton was excellent.

b) Pathway entrance Parker St. No recent information available. Colin to contact HBC.

c) Parker St accounts. Colin had written to Mark Hopley contesting the 792 extra stonework cost HBC now wished us to absorb. They had previously accepted that it was their fault it had been incurred in the first place and our view was still that they should pay as originally agreed.

5. Canal :

a) 48 hour mooring. BW were still in dispute with Dunkenhalgh over access. As all BWs working teams were now engaged on their winter schedule of lock repairs, etc., work on the mooring could be delayed at least until Spring, by which time it was hoped to have reached agreement with Dunkenhalgh. However, it was possible that the canal would be drained to facilitate leakage repairs on a section towards Church and the opportunity might then be taken to do the necessary banking repairs at the 48 hour mooring.

b) Signage. No up-to-date information was available and Colin was to contact Cheryl Flynn to progress this.

c) Flower bed. The working party 4/11/00 had made a good start on digging the flower bed over again and it was agreed to follow this up 11/11/00 by finishing the digging and planting bulbs. Andrew would purchase bulbs and provide a planting plan. Fixing of trellis and planting of climbers, shrubs,etc would follow at a later date. Weekdays were an option for some members. Colin had received no reply to his letter to HBC asking about any problems with climbers on the wall and whether they could assist with any plants. Colin to follow up.

d) Gateway. Work had started on erecting the gate and pedestrian access. Mark had taken the opportunity to get on with this before the working teams got tied up elsewhere for the winter. Decorative panels could be added to the gate at a later date. Unfortunately the weather had hampered the work which appeared to be unfinished. Mark would follow this up to clarify just what more was to be done and when.

e) Slipway. The working party 4/11/00 had done a good job clearing the vegetation down the sides. Mark would reassess how much and what grade of material BW would need to supply for the Panel to do the resurfacing. It was felt that erosion would soon take place if the stone was not properly compacted and Colin was asked to enquire if HBC could assist.

f) Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Assn. Gerald introduced himself and the Assn and expressed the hope that they and the Panel could work together to the mutual benefit of both. This view was shared by those present. It was agreed we should try to keep each other informed of our activities and Gerald provided a timetable of angling events on the canal which should help prevent any clash of activity in future.

6. Promotional leaflet. The working group 2/11/00 had had an excellent evening roughing out the layout and suggested text for the proposed leaflet which would be in colour, A4 folded into three giving six panels, one of which would be for individual Panels to put their own information on. Sophie had done some further work on it, sufficient for it to be presented to the representatives at the next Hyndburn Panel's meeting 23/11/00. Members were asked to look out possible photos for inclusion and the other Panels would be asked to do likewise.

7. Other projects. There was no further progress to report on the following :



Ladybird trail.

Trees of Time and Place.

Bottom Rec'.

Pit yard area.

8. Any Other Business.

a) Parish Map. It was questioned what had happened to the Soroptimists Millennium Map, as no one had seen it on display. Andrew said he had seen something of it in the hall at St Charles School. Lesley said she would try to contact Mrs Casey to find out what was happening.

b) Hyndburn Sustainability Action Plan. The Panel had been sent a copy of the draft of Hyndburn's Sustainability Action Plan for comment. Deadline for replies was 21/11/00 and it was arranged that the draft copy would circulate between Jackie (A), Margaret, Andrew and Colin , with the latter to coordinate a joint response. (Lesley was already involved through the Labour Group and the Councillor members presumably likewise through the Conservative Group.).

c) Straw bale building. The Oswaldtwistle Panel was preparing to build a pilot straw bale building (toilet!) and anyone interested in this technique was urged to go along and help on Saturday/Sunday 18th/19th November 2000 from 10.00am. [Later postponed to 2nd/3rd December]

8. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 5th December 2000

Extract from British Waterway's Boat trip Comments Report - Eanam Wharf to C-L-M 31/10/00

* Offside before motorway could be LCC land - fence line could be planted to reduce disturbance to wildlife in the area - good potential for nesting birds and amphibians.

* Rest of towpath to Rishton (Sidebeet) - improve to same standard as through Rishton.

* Between High St bridge and Golf Club - boat graveyard - interpretation, point out location, make known and why used - interesting site and story about sinking boats.

* Towpath flooded between Golf Club and Church bridge - no right of way.

* Towpath between West End and Church very unkempt.

* Footpath at Church - improvement for cyclists, etc., to cut out loop at Church.

* 17 miles of towpath improvements done, 11 miles to do - lights and lanterns - vandalism a problem.

* All dog foul bins at suitable points for access, backed up by publicity campaign.

* HBC interested in working with BW on clean up scheme and dog bin (170 tons/year) strategy.

* Fence at Church - old concrete post and wire unsightly - could replace with hedge/post or bean/dry stone wall.

* Bridge 110 just past offside bank suffering from fly tipping - restrict access and do planting.

* 'Fairy caves' coke ovens - improve access and interpretation - industrial heritage site.

* Footpath disappearing around Blythes - offside wall a mess - could be faced or painted - graffiti project.

* Blythes to help - Church Kirk Residents Assn.

* Blythes need to participate in renovating towpath and bridge - painting of buildings to their betterment surely - information board on history and what they do.

* Church Commercial - Church regeneration project potential for MBT waterside revival scheme - derelect land regeneration.

* Demolish the Commercial building to give access for development of Church site.

* Absorbent drink mats, Naylors - building needs renovation - potential for Watermark Scheme.

* CVMU needs attention.

* Thwaites - lease - community centre - Surestart - canoe club.

* Oswaldtwistle Mills interested in Church site - horse drawn canal boat - horse drawn carriage round from Oswaldtwistle through Foxhill Bank nature reserve.

* Walking routes through Foxhill Bank, Coach Rd - potential waterways museum.

* Peel Bank (next to swing bridge) - old boat yard - tipped chemicals and a lot of nasty stuff on site - needs 100,000 survey.

* Oil in canal by bridge 104b, Gorstreet, Greenbank Lane - very bad.

* Swing bridge near Dill Hall - history interpretation re tramway, anti aircraft gun, links with aircraft industry, WW2, etc.- bad bank (very expensive piling job to fix).

* Need for boaters to have water, washing facilities (launderette), showers, etc - Albion, C-L-M often gets requests - would convert rooms given incentive - alternative, develop facility at Church.

* Also need pump out facility connected to sewer - Church and/or Hapton boat yard.

* The canal needs more information about its history, etc. - put on notice boards or bridges.

* Sign posts regularly noting where you are and cafes, pubs, etc. (particularly useful for 'novice' boaters).

* Feature halfway point of whole canal - waymarking and interpretation sign or crests on a monument.

* Thurston Smith built in his shed a model of canal from Church to C-L-M out of Accrington brick (Marshalls) - Oswaldtwistle Mills investigating display opportunities - alternative Enfield Wharf.

* Enfield Wharf wanted by PROSPECTS Panels for community centre, museum and central store.

* Projects for young people and/or community groups to do up a small stretch eg murals on walls (which have graffiti), decorating bridges, sculptures on towpath, etc.

* What can schools do to improve the environment on our canals - get children involved in tidy up operations in designated areas - organise school rowing boat events in the summer under supervision - organise more school boat trips.

* Advertise free council waste pick up services more to try to discourage fly tipping.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 5th December 2000

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Jacqueline Hinton, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden.

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Maureen Cunliffe (Membership Secretary), Bob Jenkinson, Sophie Murray (PROSPECTS Community Projects Officer), Cheryl Flynn & Mark Overum (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of Meeting 7/11/00. Approved as previously circulated.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Regeneration Summit 14/11/00. Jackie (A), Lesley and Margaret had attended for the day and Colin part time. All agreed that it had been a very full but interesting and stimulating day. It had been encouraging to see participation from a number of influential bodies at a senior level. It remained to be seen what ultimately resulted but the over-riding theme was 'partnership' and many signed up to 'the pledge' - 'to commit ourselves to working in partnership on coordinated strategies to maximise the potential of East Lancashire's waterways as part of a wider regeneration plan for the area'.

b) Pathway entrance Parker St. Colin had been assured that the work was definitely approved but he could get no commitment as to when it would be done.

c) Parker St accounts. Mark Hopley hoped to resolve this shortly.

d) Parish/Millennium map. Lesley was still waiting to contact Mrs Casey of the Soroptimists to establish what had happened to it and whether it was planned to display it somewhere.

e) Hyndburn Sustainability Action Plan. Jackie (A) was the only member who had managed to make any comments on the draft Plan and these had been forwarded to Mark. He had had encouraging response and would present the final draft to the Forum meeting 7/12/00 before submission to the Council.

5. Canal :

a) 48 hour mooring. BW were planning to start work towards the end of January working from barges to avoid the necessity of negotiating access with the Dunkenhalgh Estate. [Later : Work actually started a few days after the meeting.]

b) Signage. Cheryl had been advised by BW HQ that they should adopt a standard BW two sided sign structure and this was on order. The meeting felt that in this case positioning was even more critical if the information the Panel wanted to display was readily able to be seen. Work was in hand on the graphics for this with anticipated completion in January so lining up with the mooring.

c) Flower bed. The working party 11/11/00 had finished digging the flower bed over again and planted the bulbs provided by

Andrew. There was a need now to fix another day to put in those shrubs/plants that members could provide and any of the others we could get. Colin had followed up his letter to HBC (Parks) asking about any problems with climbers on the wall and whether they could assist with any plants. They had not come back to him in time for the meeting.

d) Gateway. Mark Overum had promised to assess the situation and advise what further work BW would propose doing and when. This was still ongoing.

e) Slipway. Colin had contacted HBC (Works) to see what assistance they might be able to give when the resurfacing was done. They would review the situation when the work was imminent. f) Canal 2000. Nothing further to report.

6. Promotional leaflet. Unfortunately the only other Panel represented at the Hyndburn Panel's meeting 23/11/00 had been that from Oswaldtwistle. They were generally supportive of the rough draft of the leaflet that was on display. It was decided to press on with having photographs scanned into the computer and a proper draft drawn up which could be circulated to the chairs of all the Panels for comment. It was unlikely that Awards for All would extend the deadline sufficiently for further consideration at the next Panel's meeting not due until 15/2/01. The leaflet would therefore have to be printed in such a way that individual Panels could add their own information after the main print run. Margaret and Sophie would continue to work on this basis. [Later : Awards for All agreed to extend the grant deadline until 18/2/01 but there could be no further extension and a final statement of account must be submitted by then]

7. Other projects. There was no further progress to report on the following :



Ladybird trail.

Bottom Rec'.

Trees of Time and Place - Trees for Hyndburn Project. The Foundation had secured funding for a one year student placement to work with four schools in the Borough and to create a new community woodland. It was hoped that someone would be in place early in January 2001. [It was announced that had been appointed]

8. Pit yard area. A letter had been received from Steve Watson, Area Council Co-ordinator, on behalf of Rishton Area Council formally asking if the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel could prepare a scheme, with costings, for tidying up the Pit Yard area at the top of Walmsley St. The Panel had already indicated it would be willing to help with any scheme but this request, if agreed to, would put the Panel 'in the driving seat'. It was agreed that the Panel should accept the challenge in principle but it was appreciated that the Panel itself might not have some of the necessary skills to prepare landscape designs, etc, and to cost such a proposal. It was further agreed therefore that Sophie and Mark should be be consulted as to the best way forward.

One thing that was needed first was a plan of exactly what area was involved and Colin would request this from Steve Watson. Problems over land ownership were being dealt with separately by HBC.

9. Any Other Business.

a) Straw bale building. The working weekend on the foundations for the building of a pilot straw bale structure by the Oswaldtwistle Panel had had to be further postponed to 13/14th January 2001. Help would be welcome.

b) Tool facility. Using some spare funds, the Church Panel was proposing to set up a tool facility that could be accessed by other Panels. This would include not only tools of various sorts but waterproofs, 1st aid kits, etc.

c) Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Hyndburn Borough Local Plan. A copy of the Consultation Document had been received for comment by 19/1/01. The Guidance had been produced in response to new government guidance on housing and is intended to be applied to all planning applications for new housing development in Hyndburn. Jackie and Colin agreed to study it and make some response on the Panel's behalf.

d) Shell Better Britain Campaign. A small article had appeared in the Nov/Dec edition of SBBC's magazine 'interactive' about our Community Garden project. Colin had already had one enquiry for further details from another group as a result.

10. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 16th January 2001