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Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 15th January 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ann Scaife, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). John & Joyce Fiddies (Secretary and Social Secretary - Wheelton Boat Club)

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Carol Achaski, Ruth Colling, Jacqueline Hinton, Cllr Stan Horne, Lesley Jackson. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular Mike who was attending for the first time and John & Joyce who were guests for Item 7.

3. Minutes of the Meeting 4/12/01. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.

7. Canal event, Sunday 12th May 2002. (Colin had written to Wheelton Boat Club and John had responded and offered to attend the meeting. This offer was readily accepted and Fiona advanced this item on the agenda so that John and Joyce could reconnoitre the High St bridge area before returning home.)

John reported that there had been a positive response to the possibility of a 'sail out' on the 11th/12th May from 10 out of their 55 boats. How many eventually came might depend on what was laid on as an 'attraction' for them to come to. He didn't know if any boats were planning to go to the Skipton Festival the previous weekend. The most likely was that they would travel from Wheelton to Rishton on the Saturday arriving in time for an evening event and return early on the Sunday. Some boats might stay longer. They were unlikely to be able to attend an event at Church on the Saturday unless one or two boats 'did their own thing'.

Various 'attractions' were discussed including a barbeque, barn dance (in the farm?), sing song based on cafe or Roebuck, etc. It was decided to set up a working group to pursue the ideas, meeting at Primetime on Wed 23/1/02 at 7.00pm. There was a need to give whatever was planned good advertising in the Boat Club's newsletter which was issued on the 2nd Tuesday of each month - the last before the event being 9/4/02.

While the boats might have to leave early on Sunday, the 'Kennett' would still be available. It was suggested we organise historical walks along the canal with appropriate handouts and quiz sheets for the children. We might enlist the help of the L & L Canal Soc (Mike Clarke) in this. This would be associated with displays in the Kennett and advertised through the schools. This was also left for the working group to follow up.

John and Joyce were thanked for their attendance and positive contribution. Colin would speak to the Church Panel to advise them of the essence of the discussion, which might not be quite what they were expecting.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Community Projects Manager. Mike took up his new post 7/1/02 and had been getting around the Panels and helping to finish off some old projects before embarking on new. The major new project was likely to be the Canal Regeneration and he would find out as much of

the background to this as he could in time for the next meeting. The Panel looked forward to working with Mike and wished him every success.

b) Officers expenses. Colin explained that a new method of presentation on his BT invoice since July 2001 made it easier to identify and aggregate the cost of phone calls made on the Panel's behalf. The cost of calls in the July - Sept 2001 quarter was 9.40 and in the Oct - Dec 2001 quarter was 7.52. It was agreed that these should be reimbursed and Colin would tabulate the details for Jackie (A)'s records. On the question of petrol costs, Colin was asked to keep a record of journeys made on Panel business and Mike would advise an appropriate mileage rate.

c) SBBC 2002 Project. Colin had passed on the details to Mark as agreed at the last meeting but had not had a chance to follow it up with him.

d) Lord's House farm. A reply had been received to Colin's letter requesting further details of their environmental projects, but this had only further confused the issue. It might be that only a face to face visit could resolve matters. Colin to follow up.

e) David Scaife. Ann's husband was due to have a major operation the following Friday and the Panel asked that best wishes be sent to him.

f) Community notice board. The Pupil Referral Unit had mounted an excellent Christmas display on the spare notice board panel. This had prompted Colin to write to the headteachers of the four village schools to enquire if they would like to take part in a scheme to mount art or other displays in the board on a rotational basis. Replies so far had been very positive.

g) Charity registration. Colin had received the pack from the Charity Commission to enable the Panel to apply for registration as a charity, but had not had time to progress it further. As a revision to our constitution would be necessary, Mark had promised a copy of the Baxenden Forum's revised constitution as a guide. They had recently applied. Mike to follow up with Mark.

h) Conservation Area - Norden? Mike to enquire whether this had any substance

5. Progress reports.

a) Promotional leaflet dispensers. Fiona had so far been unable to find a source of supply. Margaret said she would also see what she could find.

b) Logo. Colin tabled the revised designs produced by 'cellcreative limited' in line with the variants suggested at the last meeting. 'cellcreative' were not keen on the inclusion of 'LA21' or the flower, but the Panel thought they worked well and the preferred colours were green hair and print of 'your place in the future' and yellow flower. Before proceeding to finalisation, it was agreed that the design be shown to other Panels and Foundation members for any comments.

c) Pit head project. Colin had requsted an invoice from Groundwork for the 748.36 they had spent so far [later revised to 879.32 with vat]. Indications were that the Council would agree to the balance of the 1200 grant being retained for some future use. Colin was to write to them requesting this.

6. Canal.

a) Regeneration. Mark was to arrange a meeting between interested parties for the end Jan/early Feb. In the meantime Mike would search the files to see what the Rishton Panel was committed to in the LEF grant application.

b) Signage. No report in Vaughan's absence.

c) High St bridge - gate decoration. Colin had approached NW Graphics about the possibility of a design for a complete gate.

They were looking into it. - - cross-canal flowerbed. No progress.

- seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done.

- slipway. No report.

d) Sefton group visit. No report. [Later : Visit fixed for Friday 1/2/02 at 11.30am at High St bridge. All Panel members welcome to assist.]

8. Jubilee/Future projects. Colin had writen to the Angling Assn (5/1/02) to float the idea of a disabled fishing point. There had as yet been no response.

9. Friends of Rishton Youth. The meeting 18/12/01 had been poorly attended and a further meeting had been scheduled for 15/1/02, clashing with the Panel meeting. However this too had had to be cancelled and no new date was fixed yet.

10. Any Other Business.

a) Mersey Basin Trust. A letter had been received from MBT warning of a proposed reorganisation within the Mersey Basin Campaign (of which MBT was a part) which could lead to MBT being disbanded. As members, we were encouraged to write objecting to this. It was agreed we should do so.

11. Dates of Next Meetings. Tuesday 19th February 2002.

Tuesday 19th March 2002.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 19th February 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling, Chris Garood, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ann Scaife, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting on a stormy evening. The meeting started at 8.00pm to allow attendance at an inaugural Hyndburn BC 'litter meeting' [see 9(b )]. Ann reported that her husband had had his operation after an initial delay and was recovering slowly but steadily. Those present wished him well.

3. Minutes of the Meeting 15/1/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Lord's House farm. Colin had still to arrange a meeting with Mary Walker to clarify what assistance, if any, the Panel could give to their environmental projects.

b) Community notice board. The board currently contained a display of artwork and thanksgiving prayers prepared by Rishton Methodist School for an Education Sunday service. All the schools had replied, except St Charles, and were positive about taking part in the scheme. St Charles was probably an oversight and Lesley would have a word with Mrs Casey.

c) Charity registration. Mike had arranged for Colin to receive a copy of the Baxenden Forum's revised constitution but there was otherwise no further progress.

d) Conservation Area - Norden? Mike could find no substance to this concept.

e) Car Mileage Rate. That in use by the PROSPECTS Foundation was 34p/mile.

f) Promotional leaflet dispensers. Fiona and Margaret still looking. Colin suggested he put some in the rack in the entrance to Primetime.

g) Logo. Colin to get coloured copies of agreed design for display and comment at the next Hyndburn Panel's meeting (28/2/02). Fiona might be able to assist in this. Design then to be finalised with 'cellcreative' for appropriate use. Current stock of PROSPECTS letterheads (not Foundation) not to be reprinted and so we might have some of our own printed with new logo.

h) Pit head project. Groundwork invoice of 879.32 had been paid. Colin had written to the Area Council Coordinator formally requesting that the balance of the 1200 grant be retained by the Panel for a suitable future project. No response had yet been received although it was believed the concept was likely to be viewed favourably.

i) Canal Regeneration/Improvement Project. Some details of what Sophie had submitted to obtain the funding had been circulated with the Agenda. These would be examined and discussed in more detail at a meeting Mike had called for 12/3/02. It was agreed that Margaret, Chris and Colin would represent the Panel at that meeting. Colin would check with Andrew and Jackie (A) to see if they also wished to attend.

j) Mersey Basin Trust. Colin had been unable to contact anyone at MBT who could say whether it was still worth sending the letter suggested. Vaughan thought it probably would as the matter he understood was still far from resolved. Colin to try contacting them again.

k) Friends of Rishton Youth. Notification had been received that the next meeting was scheduled for Thursday 28/2/02 which clashed with the Hyndburn Panel's meeting. Ann volunteered to go to represent the Panel.

l) Visit of Sefton group (1/2/02). Colin had met the group as arranged by Vaughan and shown them the community garden and canalside flowerbed. They also talked about funding and problem areas. The group moved on to see the picnic area, etc at Church. Vaughan said the visit had been much appreciated and he thanked the Panel for their willing involvement.

m) Exhibition display board. Mike reported that the Environment Agency had offered to fund the production of the display board, the rough version of which had been given to Sophie.

5. Canal.

a) Signage. Preparation of the information board and welcome signs was progressing but no dates for installation were yet available.

b) High St bridge - slipway. Not now to be done in this financial year (ends 31/3/02).

- seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done

- gate decoration. Colin presented a draft design for a complete gate prepared by MW Graphics, with Rishton crest and cut-outs similar to the community noticeboard. The possible material options were : (a) mild steel treated and painted as the community notice board ; (b) mild steel galvanised and painted or left unpainted ; (c) stainless steel unpainted but shot blasted to give a matt finish. (a) would need regular repainting, (b) might distort in the galvanising process, (c) while not black as the community noticeboard, should require zero maintenance. No costs were yet available but it was agreed that provided option (c) was not too expensive, this was the preferred option. Colin was to procced with MW Graphics to finalise the design and provide costings. The wording on the gate should include some reference to 'Jubilee 2002'.

- cross-canal flowerbed. No progress. Vaughan to see if the BW barge could be made available some time soon.

6. Canal event, Saturday/Sunday 11th/12th May 2002. A working group of Jackie (A), Fiona, Margaret and Colin had met 23/1/02. In line with John & Joyce Fiddies suggestion, they had considered the possibility of a barbeque and/or barn dance on the Saturday evening, the possible venue for the latter being Sutcliffe's farm alongside the canal. Jackie advised that she understood from a friend belonging to a dancing group that the possibility of a dance at the farm had been considered last year, only to be sidelined by foot and mouth. It was felt that if this could be resurrected, it could form the basis of the sort of event we were looking for. Jackie to find out more details. Also to see what cooperation we might get from the Bridge Cafe and the Gardeners Residents Association. Margaret would enquire at the Council offices about licences, insurance, etc.

For the Sunday, the group pooled ideas about guided historical walks along the canal using the Kennet as a focal point. Margaret felt that Bernard Scully of the Church Panel could assist from his historical knowledge and she would approach him. We could also approach Mike Clarke of the L & L Canal Assoc. Fiona would be happy to do a children's quiz sheet and a guided walk leaflet could be produced that could be used on other occasions and by schools.

Since that meeting, it transpired that last years event was to be at Threlfall's farm and not Sutcliffe's. Public liability insurance costs would be high and there were doubts about safety so close to the canal, particularly when it got dark. There were also

doubts about our ability to organise such a venture with so many unknowns associated with it. It might make more sense to help Church Panel with their celebrations on the Saturday and encourage the Boat Club members to do likewise. We would concentrate on our ideas for the Sunday. Church Panel were having a meeting at Elmfield Hall to discuss their celebration events on Tuesday 26th February and Fiona agreed to attend this meeting to see what was planned and whether support of this was the better option for the Saturday.

7. Jubilee/future projects. Colin was very disappointed that he had still had no reply to his letter (5/1/02) to the Angling Assn about our idea for a disabled fishing platform. He would write again. Vaughan would see if there was some other contact person.

Before considering any other projects, we would wait to see what might come out of the Canal Improvement Project meeting.

8. Hyndburn Panel's Meeting. This was to be at Bank Mill House, Great Harwood on Thursday 28th February 2002 at 7.00pm. All members were encouraged to attend.

9. Any Other Business.

a) Budget Consultation Cabinet Meeting 27/2/02 6.00pm. We had been invited by HBC to send a representative to this meeting. Colin to see if Andrew could go.

b) HBC litter meeting. Colin and Vaughan had attended this. It had been very positive with excellent community group representation. Suggestions were to be explored and report back 20/3/02.

10. Dates of Next Meetings Tuesday 19th March 2002.

Tuesday 16th April 2002 ; Tuesday 7th May 2002 (Note 1st Tuesday)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 19th March 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Dorothy Casey, Beverley Moorhouse, Cllr Ann Scaife, Geoff Smale, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson.

Fiona welcomed everyone, and in a particular Dorothy Casey who was attending her first Panel meeting.

3. Minutes of the Meeting 19/2/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising. None that were not covered by the Agenda.

5. Brief progress/information reports.

a) Lord's House farm. Colin had met with Mary Walker 15/3/02 to try to develop a better understanding of how the Panel might help with their environmental projects. This had to some extent been successful but Mary had suggested the Panel might like to visit the Farm one evening and she could show the members what they were doing and develop a better picture. It was agreed we should do this but wait until the May 11th/12th Canal events had been completed. A new project the Farm was looking at was to 'tidy up' the quarry at Star Delph and develop it for educational purposes. It was already a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSI) but had become overgrown.

b) Community notice board. The three Primary Schools had pledged to do a display each on an Easter theme. [Later : Displays in place 22/3/02 in time for Holy Week.]

c) Charity registration. No progress on revising our constitution or applying for registration. d) Promotional leaflet dispensers. Fiona and Margaret still looking. [Later : Margaret located source within HBC.] Colin had put some leaflets in the rack in the entrance to Primetime.

e) Logo. The design had been demonstrated at the Hyndburn Panel's meeting (28/2/02) and generated some interest but no particular comment. Mike had shown the design to Carol Cronshaw (HBC graphic design) who had made some useful suggestions on colour, font, etc and these had been fed to 'cellcreative'. The resulting final design was shown to the meeting and approved. Cost was now quoted at 235 and it was agreed to proceed on this basis. Mike suggested the logo might be incorporated into the exhibition display board design (see 5(h)) if it could be made available quickly. This was agreed and Colin was to try to arrange. Mike also questioned whether there would be any conditions/restrictions on the logos use. Colin to enquire. [Later : Established that there would be no conditions/restrictions in use and arrangements were made through Mike for EA to have design.]

f) Pit head project. No confirmation had been received from the Area Council Coordinator that the balance of the 1200 grant could be retained by the Panel for a suitable future project. (Secretary's letter 29/1/02). Ann said it had been agreed by the Area Council and she would 'chase' the written confirmation. It was noted that the builder had commenced some 'landscaping' work in the area but it was not known what his overall plan was.

g) Mersey Basin Trust. Colin had managed to contact Caroline Downey at MBT at last who had advised that it was still worthwhile writing to Michael Meacher as the future of MBT had still not been resolved. Colin read out the letter he had sent 7/3/02, with copy to

Greg Pope. The latter had replied 15/3/02 offering any further assistance felt appropriate.

h) Exhibition display board. Mike explained that the Environment Agency had offered to fund the creation and production of display boards for all the Panels. These would be professionally redesigned from the 'mock-ups' the Panels had produced for Sophie, plus any additional meterial felt appropriate. Mike tabled the draft produced for Rishton. While it did not include all the information on the 'mock-up', it still made an attractive and informative display and was generally approved (with thanks to EA).

i) Budget Consultation Cabinet meeting 27/2/02. Andrew had attended on the Panel's behalf and while it was an interesting exercise, he had not felt able to make any particularly useful contribution.

j) Friends of Rishton Youth. Their latest meeting once again clashed with the Panel's. Colin to try to get some feedback for our next meeting. It was believed it was still the plan to try to construct a 'half-pipe' on the 'top rec' as a first stage to providing some facilities for young people.

k) Hyndburn Panel's Meeting 28/2/02. Great Harwood Panel had hosted this time and there had been an interesting exchange of ideas etc. The question of membership of CVS had been raised and Colin had since been able to confirm that we were still registered as members. Andrew was named as contact and therefore any correspondence, newsletters, etc would go to him. It was hoped the next meeting would be at C-L-M to enable the toolstore to be viewed.

l) HBC Litter Commission. The next meeting was scheduled for 20/3/02. Colin hoped to attend. Action plans based on the comments/suggestions at the last meeting were to be presented.

m) Millennium Baby Wood. Tree planting 22/3/02 had gone quite well with a good turnout of Millennium babies and their associated adults, despite wintery weather. Further planting had been done with school groups and volunteers were urgently required 16 & 17/3/02, when hopefully planting for now could be completed.

6. Canal.

a) Signage. Vaughan promised that both the information board and welcome signs would be up in time for the 11th/12th May event.

b) High St bridge - slipway resurfacing, etc. Colin asked whether it would be possible to have this done also for the 11th/12th May. Vaughan said he would discuss the possibility with Mark Overam. It wasn't entirely in their own hands as HBC were to do some work at the same time.

- seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done

- cross-canal flowerbed. No progress. Vaughan reported that it was unlikely that a BW barge could be made available soon, especially as one had broken down.

c) Canal Improvement Project. A useful meeting of the four Panels involved had been held 12/3/02 to look at the original submission Sophie had made. Mike had done some extensive photographing of areas on the canal that were identified in the submission but stressed that Panels were not restricted to these and new ideas would be very welcome. Vaughan was looking into the question of match funding by BW who were also able to offer the services of a landscape artist. It was agreed that we would look along the Canal to see what might be done to improve it, ready for further discussion at our next meeting. It was noted that the Church Panel had acquired four benches, two of which could be made available to Rishton. It was agreed we take up the offer and look for suitable sites.

MW Graphics had revised the design for the gate at High St to include reference to Jubilee 2002 and had costed the stainless steel option at 1750.00 + vat. Vaughan to discuss with relevant BW personnel and to see what financial contribution BW could make. It might be useful for BW to discuss structure, fixings, etc. with MW

Graphics. Mike to review in the light of the Canal Improvement Project as a whole before giving the go-ahead.

d) Canal event, Saturday/Sunday 11th/12th May 2002. Fiona and Jackie (A) had attended the meeting of the Church Panel 26/2/02 and it seemed to them that the best option for the Saturday was for us to assist the Church Panel with their event, which was to include afternoon opening of the picnic area and halfway marker by the Mayor of Hyndburn with invited guests and tea to follow, early evening barbeque for boaters and Panel members, and evening entertainment at the Thorn Inn nearby. [Latter may have to be revised following fire in Thorn Inn]. We offered to provide food and fuel for barbeque [Funding subsequently obtained by Church Panel but us still to get for about 50 people.]. We would also provide light refreshments for the evening and help marshall, etc. Space around the picnic area was limited and too many people could pose a safety risk. There was to be a clean-up around the the picnic site w/e 13th/14th April 2002 starting at 10.00am plus a barbeque trial. Help welcome.

The working group of Fiona, Margaret and Colin had met 11/3/02 at Margaret's to progress arrangements for this and our guided walks plans in Rishton on the Sunday. It was agreed Colin should contact Mike Clarke of the L & L Society to enlist his help in organising the walks as he had done a similar exercise with Norden HS. The event would run from 11.00 am to 3.00pm.

Fiona and Margaret had attended a further meeting of the Church Panel 18/3/02. Bernard Scully had offered to do the necessary risk assessment for our Sunday event. Church Panel would pass on walkie-talkies from the day before. Our working group to meet again at Fiona's 10/4/02, 7.00pm.

7. Jubilee/future projects. Vaughan had given Colin the phone number of the NW Angling Assn as no reply had been received from Hyndburn and Blackburn AAabout our idea for a disabled fishing platform. The number Colin used was 'unobtainable' and Vaughan would recheck and advise. [Later : Done]

8. Any Other Business. None.

9. Dates of Next Meetings. Tuesday 16th April 2002

Tuesday 7th May 2002 (Note 1st Tuesday)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 16th April 2002

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Carol Achaski, Cllr Stan Horne, Cllr Ann Scaife, Geoff Smale.

As Andrew was unable to attend until the latter part of the meeting, Fiona took the chair and commenced by welcoming those present.

3. Minutes of the Meeting 19/3/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Contact with Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Association re Disabled Fishing Platform. Colin reported that the telephone number Vaughan had given him for the North West Angling Association had only produced the fax signal and the mobile number nothing at all. Vaughan would recheck. Mike advised that he could always fax on the Panel's behalf. [Later : Colin succeeded in obtaining address of new Secretary of the H & B AA and had written 29/4/02 enquiring about possible collaboration on platform as a joint Jubilee project.]

5. Brief progress/information reports.

a) Lord's House farm. Colin to arrange date for Panel members to visit when May 11th and 12th events were out of the way.

b) Charity registration. Still with Colin to initiate revision to our constitution before applying for registration. Becoming a registered charity would add to our credibility, nb.when applying for funding, etc. c) Promotional leaflet dispensers. Colin to collect dispensers Margaret had acquired from HBC from her office and check quantity of printed leaflets available, getting Mike to arrange for more to be printed if necessary. Jackie (A) offered to distribute filled dispensers to likely locations in the village, eg doctors' surgeries, library, etc.

d) Logo. Mike had got details from 'cell creative' to enable logo to be incorporated into the exhibition display board being produced by the Environment Agency. He would also 'chase' them for promised disk, as this had not yet been received by Colin.

e) Banner. It was agreed that Colin should obtain a quotation from MW Graphics for a large banner(s) displaying the logo to advertise/identify the Panel when working on projects or at events. Additional wording to be added if feasible, 'Volunteers working for a better environment - come and join us.' Background colour of the banner to be off-white with textured material effect if possible.

f) Pit head project. Letter of confirmation now received from the Area Council Coordinator that the balance of the 1200 grant could be retained by the Panel for a 'suitable future project'. However, the stipulation was that the money should be spent within six months, ie by 8th October 2002.

Fiona was concerned that the builder who was now getting on with building the houses was creating hazards with building materials across the pathway, etc. There was still a question about the ultimate landscaping of the pit head site he was proposing as at present it was a mess. Colin to follow up with HBC Planning Dept.

g) Exhibition display board. Our draft had now been modified as (d) above and a change to one of the photographs and was back with the printers. It would be ready for the 12th May event.

h) Friends of Rishton Youth. The date of the next meeting was awaited. [Later : Set for 23/4/02, unfortunately no Panel members available to go.]

i) HBC Litter Commission. Colin reported that at the meeting 20/3/02 it was announced that all back alleys in the Borough were to be given a thorough clean and householders backing on to cleaned alleys would receive a letter encouraging them to do their part in keeping them clean and reminding them of their responsibilities and the facilities provided by the Council. There were also to be pilot schemes on segregating more rubbish, probably involving 'wheely' bins.

6. Canal.

a) Signage. It was noted with pleasure that excellent welcome signs had been erected at Norden Bridge and at the 48 hour mooring, so it was assumed the third had been erected towards Church but no one had seen it yet. Vaughan promised that the information board at the 48 hour mooring would be up in time for the 12th May event. It was confirmed that the Panel would be happy to accept an invoice for 2100 as its contribution towards the signage. Grant money from the Area Council had been set aside for this in line with BW's original estimate.

b) High St bridge. - slipway resurfacing, etc. Vaughan had enquired about the possibility of getting this done by 12th May but he had received no guarantees. It was complicated by the promised involvement of HBC.

- seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done. It had been dislodged once again and Andrew had had to replace it. It was a pity it could not have been done when the welcome signs were being erected.

- cross-canal flowerbed. No progress. Vaughan said that he personally would do something if no other action had been taken by the 12th May.

c) Canal Improvement Project.

- decorative gate at High St bridge. Vaughan confirmed that the design was acceptable to BW but no decision had been made on whether BW would fund the difference between the complete gate (1750 + vat) and the original decorative panel idea on the existing gate (490 + vat). Colin to write to Vaughan to request this formally. If a decision could be made that week, there was a chance of having the gate manufactured and fitted by the 12th May. Vaughan promised to do his utmost. [Later : Affirmative answer received verbally from Vaughan 19/4/02 and confirmed in writing 24/4/02]

- other ideas. It was agreed to have a combined litter-pick and ideas gathering walk along the towpath on the evening of Thursday 9th May 2002. We could also have a questionnaire available at the 12th May event to see what ideas other people might have. Also to be born in mind would be the proposals Sophie put in the original funding submission.

d) Canal event, Saturday/Sunday 11th/12th May 2002. A further working group meeting had been held at Fiona's 10/4/02 at which Mike Clarke from the L & L Canal Society had been present. Mike had kindly offered to conduct the guided historic walks at the event at Rishton on the 12th May. The timing was revised to 2.00pm to 5.00pm, with guided walks starting at Norden Bridge at 2.00pm and 3.30pm and ending at the 'Kennet' at the 48 hour mooring. Fiona would produce a childrens' quiz sheet and it was suggested other guide sheets be produced for those who wished to be independent of Mike. Colin would seek permission from

Norden HS to use the car park in front of the school or the all-weather pitch. The gazebo would be erected at the start. Jackie (A) reported that the Bridge Cafe would be happy to cooperate. A 'catchy' event name was required for publicity with Radio Lancashire, the local press, posters, etc but none was agreed at the meeting.

Fiona was liaising with the Church Panel and coordinating the food requirements for the barbeque and the evening event at the opening of the donkey-back picnic site on Saturday the 11th May2002. The site clean-up on the w/e of the 13th/14th April had been very successful and well supported by other Panels, including our own. Further work and support for this if possible was however required and our presence on the day for marshalling, etc would be vital to the success and safety of the event. Fiona's barbeque trial also went well. Timing on the day was to be : 2.00pm official opening ; 5.00pm boaters' and Panels' barbeque ; evening still to be finalised.

A further working group meeting was arranged for Fiona's for Tuesday 23/4/02 at 7.00pm.

7. Jubilee/future projects. See 4(a) above.

8. Any Other Business. None.

9. Date of Next Meeting. Tuesday 7th May 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 7th May 2002

1. Present : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager).

2. Apologies : Carol Achaski, Lesley Jackson, Cllr Ann Scaife. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of the Meeting 16/4/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising.

a) BTCV Insurance. A letter dated 15/4/02 had been received from BTCV advising that they had been unable to reach satisfactory economic terms with their insurers (or any other) and therefore our cover through them would cease 30/4/02. Mike had issued a note 5/3/02 advising Panels insured through BTCV that they should not engage in any practical work until alternative cover had been arranged. This he and Gwyn Robinson were trying to do through PROSPECTS brokers AON.

We will receive a refund of the unused portion of our premium.

If BTCV are no longer providing insurance cover, we need to consider benefits (if any) of remaining members. Leave for now.

b) Canal events Saturday/Sunday, 11th/12th May 2002. As announced with the Agenda, it had been felt advisable to postpone our planned historical walks on the Sunday. Basically, with all the effort going in to assist the Church Panel with their picnic site and half-way marker opening on the Saturday, planning for our event was not felt sufficiently advanced to enable it to be a success. The insurance problem had been the 'final nail'. However, it was still felt to be a good idea and we should plan to have it in September.

It was therefore agreed that the towpath walk planned for the evening of 9/5/02 to litter pick would be cancelled. The secondary purpose, to generate more ideas for the Canal Improvement Project was dealt with later in the meeting.

Fiona, Margaret and Jackie hoped to attend the final Church Panel planning meeting at Elmfield Hall the following evening (8/5/02).

5. Brief progress/information reports (see also written report sheet attached).

a) Lord's House farm. No particular days preferred. Colin to continue to try to arrange.

b) Charity registration. See written report.

c) Promotional leaflet dispensers. Loaded dispensers given to Jackie (A) to distribute to shops, surgeries, etc.

d) Logo/Banner. Full range of quoted banner wording styles, sizes and prices considered. Agreed order two with cream background 1000mm x 3200mm @ 200 + vat.

e) Pit head project. See written report.

f) Exhibition display board. Ready. Would be on display with others at Church 11/5/02.

g) Friends of Rishton Youth. See written report.

6. Canal.

a) Signage. See written report, items 11 & 12. No update possible in Vaughan's absence.

b) High St bridge. - slipway resurfacing, etc. No report. - seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done. - cross-canal flowerbed. See written report item 10. Thanks expressed to those who had done the work. It was a vast improvement.

- wall plaque. See written report item 9. Agreed wording be amended to "The flowerbeds around this bridge have been refurbished by the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel in conjunction with British Waterways for the community of Rishton. Please help to keep them tidy."

c) Canal Improvement Project.

- decorative gate at High St bridge. See written report item 8.

- disabled angling platform. See written report item 13. - other ideas:

i) Gateways at Tottleworth bridge using BW landscape artist. Similar themes to High St?

ii) Gateway at Norden bridge in conjunction with Norden H.S.

iii) Viewing point on towpath out to aqueduct. Also possibly near Tottleworth bridge.

iv) Repair dry stone wall on towpath out to aqueduct.

v) More tree planting along canal in conjunction with Mark Cocks (HBC Tree Officer)

vi) More bulb and other planting, this time between towpath and fence/wall.

vii) Repair palisade fence at High St - Gaskell's or HBC or BW?

viii) Improve corner below cafe by towpath.

ix) Install two benches allocated to us but being stored by Church Panel. At viewing points?

x) Disabled angling platform.

7. Possible future projects. (nb. for Mike to be involved in) :

i) Improve cycleway from Rishton to Church (Sports Centre) and Sidebeet to Whitebirk.

ii) Pursue Clayton Fields/Ladybird Walk to a conclusion.

iii) Improve footpath marking generally around Rishton.

iv) Improve landscaping around Clinic/Library.

v) Improve outlook in and around Rishton station.

8. Any Other Business.

a) Community Garden refurbishment. See written report items 14 & 15. Tinker Brook might be able to supply some shrubs.

b) Litter bins on towpath. See written report item 16.

9. Date of Next Meetings. Tuesday 18th June 2002. (Special meeting(s) to be called inbetween if needed.)

Tuesday 2nd or 16th July 2002 ????

Meeting 7/5/02 Progress Report

1. Lord's House Farm Visit. Which evenings (or Saturday am?) would suit us best so that a visit can be arranged? Mary Walker currently off sick so can't establish what will suit her best at the moment.

2. Charity Registration. No progress.

3. Promotional Leaflet Dispensers. 26 collected by Colin from Margaret. 10 x 25 filled with leaflets for Jackie (A) to distribute round village. Approx 125 overprinted leaflets left. Need to review our wording before overprinting more.

4. Logo/Banner. Mike has produced disk from information Emailed by 'cell creative'. Disk now with MW Graphics for banner. Estimated cost for 2 banners with cream background 1m deep x 3.2m long, 200.00. (see quotation for full range of sizes and prices and layout).

5. Pit Head Project. Builder has been made aware by HBC Planning that he needs to submit plans for final landscaping approval. He has not yet done so. Position regarding leylandii and 'bird table' will be reviewed then. In Conservatives election manifesto they promised that they would 'see the Pit Head area completed'.

6. Exhibition Display Board. Mike to give update.

7. Friends of Rishton Youth. Next meeting Thursday 30th May 2002 at the Free Gardeners, 7.00pm to 8.00pm.They have obtained a grant of 5000 towards a skate park facility on the Rec' by St P & St P School. Now consulting with local residents.

8. High St Gate. Letter received from Vaughan dated 24/2/02 confirming that BW will contribute 1260.00 + vat towards cost of decorative gate. Panel to pay balance of 490.00 + vat. Cannot for the moment get this from Canal Improvement Project until this is revised and resubmitted to LEF for approval and time extended. Panel may therefore have to fund initially from own resources.

Letter dated 22/4/02 given to MW Graphics confirming order for gate at 1750.00 + vat. (Vaughan's verbal OK given 19/4/02.) Advised not to rush now 12th May event postponed. Manufacture WIP. Ideally fit now when slipway resurfaced if possible.

9. Wall Plaque for Flowerbed. MW Graphics promising for 10/5/02 if we OK wording tonight. Then us to fix on wall.

10. Cross Canal Flowerbed. Cleared and planted up mainly with conifers supplied FOC by HBC. Will need weed control.

11. Welcome Signs. It is confirmed that the third welcome sign has in fact been erected on the Church side of the bridge just beyond the aqueduct ie. in addition to the ones at Norden and the 48 hour mooring.

12. Information Board. Structure erected 7/5/02. Information panels still to fit - Vaughan to report.

13. Disabled Angling Platform. Letter dated 29/4/02 sent to Keith Critchley the current Secretary of the Hyndburn & Blackburn Anglers Assn, outlining our thoughts on a disabled angling platform as a joint Jubilee project. No reply received as yet.

14. Community Garden Mosaic. Alan Brown has examined damage and estimates about 20 for him to repair with replacement tiles, etc. He had hoped to do last week but not done.

15. Community Garden Refurbishment. Letter sent to Andrew Hayhurst dated 26/4/02 requesting his assistance in evaluating what best to be done to refurbish a now battle scarred amenity. He will send Daryl Parkinson to assess the position first and then advise.

16. Litter Bins on Towpath. Also included in letter to AH. Capital not a problem but revenue cost is. Dog dirt collector cannot empty litter bins at same time due to lack of van capacity. Dog dirt collection only part time at present. Looking at possibly making full time.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 18th June 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Carol Achaski, Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson, Cllr Ann Scaife, Margaret Worden. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of the Meeting 7/5/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record, but as the meeting was not quorate they could not be passed for signature.

4. Matters Arising.

a) BTCV Insurance. In a letter dated 27/5/02, BTCV advised that they had negotiated a new insurance scheme with Zurich Municipal, effective from 1/6/02. However this would cost 100 pa plus admin charge of 35 as against 40 on the old scheme. Mike advised that the Foundation was therefore still pursuing its efforts to obtain a new scheme for Panels through its brokers AON. It was hoped to give further details of this at a Special Foundation meeting 1/7/02.

Experience of other Panels was that we would need to write to BTCV to get the promised refund of the unused portion of the premium we had paid for the old scheme, even though they had promised to send it by the end of May.

The embargo on practical work still applied until new cover was in place.

b) Church Panel Canal event, Saturday 11th May 2002. The event opening the donkey back picnic site and half-way marker had been a great success. The Rishton Panel had been warmly thanked for its part in events and for its support generally. Particular mention was made of Fiona's preparations for the barbeque and those who supported her. The boat people who supported the event (and roasted jacket potatoes for us) had appreciated what had been done and were reported to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was felt they would support something similar at Rishton on a future occasion (see 6(d) below). Expenses incurred by Fiona and Margaret had been settled by the Church Panel.

c) Promotional leaflets. Jackie had distributed leaflets and dispensers to the library, doctors surgeries, some shops (where they would cooperate), etc. She had kept a list and Colin was to let her have spare leaflets so that she could keep dispensers topped up. Thanks to Jackie.

d) Community Garden refurbishment. Colin had spoken to Alan Brown who had promised to repair the mosaic. The weather had so far been against him. Colin stressed the urgency as the damage was getting progressively worse.

In addition to his letter to HBC Parks about refurbishment ideas (26/4/02), Colin had now also written to Groundwork EL (24/5/02) who managed the original scheme, but no reply had so far been received.

It was suggested we should organise a working party to at least tidy the site for the time being. No early convenient date could be agreed and there was also the question of insurance cover. Later it was agreed that we should aim for end July/early August and everyone was urged to bring their diaries to the next next meeting so that a date(s) could be fixed.

It was agreed that we should look at the Cafe corner at the same time to get some ideas as to what might be done there.

e) Litter bins on towpath. In response to letter to HBC Parks (26/4/02) a litter bin had been placed on the towpath near High St bridge on a trial basis. Others to be reviewed later.

5. Brief progress/information reports.

a) Lord's House farm. Colin still to arrange day/time for a visit.

b) Charity registration. Colin promised to have a draft of a revised constitution ready for the first meeting after the summer break (3/9/02) with a view to agreeing the final revision at the AGM (1/10/02). Mike suggested CVS would be happy to check it and advise before it was finalised.

c) Banner. One of the two banners received was displayed at the meeting and met with general approval. Thanks to MW Graphics.

d) Wall plaque. Also well received thanks to MW Graphics and displayed. Now to be fixed in a suitable location at High St bridge by us.

e) Exhibition display board. Also displayed at the meeting and approved. Thanks to Mike and the Environment Agency.

f) Friends of Rishton Youth. No recent meeting to report as Steve Wood the Chairman had been ill. Half-pipe, etc on the Top Rec' subject of local consultation.

6. Canal.

a) Signage. The information board panels had now been inserted in the structure at the 48 hour mooring and were thought to be excellent. Unfortunately one of the three panels (the PROSPECTS one) had already been damaged with an air gun/rifle but not too badly. Fiona reported one of the panel doors was insecure. Mike to contact BW.

b) High St bridge. - slipway resurfacing, etc. A canalside meeting had been held (14/6/02?) with Andrew, Colin, Mike and Mark Overum & Ian Stanworth of BW. Little progress had been made. BW had made no budget provision, despite the fact that the project had been talked about for so long. Agreed representation from HBC needed (David Law) because of tie-in with pavement . Mike to convene another meeting with all interested parties present. Also in attendance was Gary Barker of MW Graphics to discuss gate fixings. Inconclusive due to indecision on resurfacing. - seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done. - new Jubilee gate. Work was in hand but no progress report available.

- on-going maintenance. The state of the Community Garden highlighted the need in future to be clear who would be responsible for the on-going maintenance of new projects. In this instance, Mike would clarify whether HBC Parks were now undertaking maintenance work. Regarding canal-side flowerbeds, a schedule of PROSPECTS working party dates could be helpful.

c) Canal Improvement Project. Mike had drawn up a list of projects from the information at the last meeting. The meeting discussed and agreed a priority order for the listed projects (see App I).

d) Canal event. It was agreed that with the imminence of the summer holidays and break, there was insufficient time to properly organise a canal event for September. It would be better to aim for Spring 2003, about the same time as the Church event, and build on the experience gained. We would look to the Church Panel to help us and would encourage the boats once again. This was agreed.

Hopefully the new Jubilee gate would be ready later this year and this should be erected without waiting for the canal event. A suitable opening activity could be planned as a photo and publicity opportunity.

7. Future projects (see minutes 7/5/02 Item 7). No further comment at this time.

8. Millennium Baby Wood Training (see APP II). Members indicated which courses would be of interest. Mike would fix some dates and circulate them.

9. Any Other Business. Mike advised that the next Panel's Meeting scheduled for 27/6/02 had had to be postponed to 11/7/02.

10. Dates of Next Meetings. Tuesday 16th July 2002.

Tuesday 3rd September 2002

Tuesday 1st October 2002 (Annual General Meeting)

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 16th July 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Lesley Jackson, Margaret Worden. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of the Meetings 7/5/02 & 18/6/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record, but as the meeting was not quorate again, they and the ones for 7/5/02 could not be passed for signature.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Insurance. The Foundation's efforts to find a suitable new scheme to replace the previous BTCV one were progressing but had still not been finalised. The embargo on practical work still applied until new cover was in place.

b) Lord's House Farm. It had still not been possible to arrange day/time for a visit. Members would be further advised when this meetings minutes were issued.

c) Charity Registration. Colin still planned to have a draft revised constitution ready for the September meeting (3/9/02).

d) Wall plaque. Erected above the main canalside flower bed.

e) Friends of Rishton Youth. Meetings had been resumed but Colin had been unable to attend the last one. Next meeting 15/8/02 (Venue/time TBA - refer to Colin 885007)

f) Millennium Baby Wood Training. It had been noted at the Panels' Meeting (11/7/02) that all training dates fixed so far were mid-week, which were obviously difficult for those working. Mike was in negotation with BTCV to try to arrange some Saturday dates. It seemed likely this would be possible and Mike would advise these dates in due course. For now, Colin was booked for 1st Aid 12/8/02 and Jackie (A) & Colin for Risk Assessments 19/8/02 (date might change). No one from our Panel was booked for Equal Ops & Group Policy 16/8/02.

5) Community Garden refurbishment.

a) Mosaic Repair. Colin had spoken to Alan Brown again at the Panels' Meeting and stressed the increasing urgency with progressive further damage to the mosaic. Alan was still waiting for the right weather when he was available.

b) Working Party. Fixed for Saturday 31st August 2002 starting at 9.30am.

c) Refurbishment ideas. There had still been no response to Colin's letter to Groundwork EL (24/5/02). [Later : Their landscape architect, Fraser Borwick, had visited site with Colin (18/7/02) and was to prepare some ideas with costings.]

6. Canal.

a) High St bridge. - slipway resurfacing, etc. A site meeting had taken place 11/7/02 with David Law (HBC), Mark Overum (BW), Mike and Colin. It was suggested that the pavement edges either side of the slipway be lowered for wheelchair use, for which special funding might be secured. The current awkward pavement continuation down the slope would be eliminated by the construction of a raised flower bed on that corner. The slipway should be preferably tarmaced (depending on cost) as any substantial rain water down the slope was likely to erode a tar spray and chippings surface. David would develop the scheme and draw up some costings. Collapsible bollards were suggested as a way of preventing parking on the slipway.

- seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done. - new Jubilee gate. Work was well in hand but final hinge location would depend on the slipway scheme.

- Cafe corner. The working party 31/8/02 would have a look at the site and generate some ideas, consulting the Cafe as necessary. It was questioned whether the Cafe needed/had permission from BW to put out tables and chairs on the canalside. Mike to ask Mark Overum.

b) Canal Improvement Project. Mike, Colin and Mark Overum had walked the towpath 11/7/02 to look at most of the listed projects so that Mark could prepare some costing for Mike's submission to LEF. It was suggested that the working party also look at the project sites 31/8/02 if there was time, focussing on those that were first in priority.

c) Canal event - Spring 2003. The meeting fixed a provisioal date of Saturday 10th May 2003. Fiona would contact Mike Clarke to let him know the date and Colin would contact Vaughan to advise the boaters.

7. On-going maintenance/regular working parties. Colin suggested that rather than have the current ad hoc arrangements over working parties, it would be better to have a regular pattern. The Saturday after each Panel meeting was proposed and agreed. This would start with the 5th October 2002 unless the meeting 3/9/02 decided otherwise following the working party 31/8/02.

8. Panels' meeting report/Foundation news. Mike and Colin reviewed the Panels' meeting that had taken place 11/7/02 and Mike reported on Foundation news. Funding had been secured to engage a replacement Trees for Hyndburn Officer in place of Emma. Additional funding had been secured to enable the three Foundation Development posts to be readvertised (Development Manager, Community Development Officer, Publicity and Administration Officer). A promising source of funding had been identified to enable Mike's post to be continued beyond its current funding expiry at the end of this year.

9. Any Other Business. None.

10. Dates of Next Meetings. Tuesday 3rd September 2002

Tuesday 1st October 2002 (Annual General Meeting)

The first Tuesday in November was the 5th which was not felt to be ideal. It was suggested we try to find alternative accommodation at Primetime/Norden on the 12th instead (Soroptimists night)

Tuesday 3rd December 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 3rd September 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse.

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Lesley Jackson, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting

3. Minutes of the Meetings 7/5/02, 18/6/02 & 16/7/02. The minutes of the last meeting as circulated previously were agreed as a true record, but as the meeting was not quorate yet again, they and the ones for 7/5/02 and 18/6/02 could not be passed for signature.

4. Matters Arising.

a) Lord's House Farm. The visit to Lord's House Farm 27/8/02 had proved very interesting to the few who were able to go. The special needs educational facilities viewed (including environmental projects) had expanded considerably over the years and were continuing to do so as 'hand to mouth' funding was achieved. Conditions under foot did not allow a visit to the Star Delph site to see what was being proposed there to develop it as an environmentally educational location. It was agreed the Panel could arrange its own visit. However, Mary Walker, the Administrator had offered to come and talk to the Panel about it and their other projects and possible liaison with the Panel. The meeting agreed she be invited to come to speak after the formal business of the AGM meeting on 1/10/02, by which time they should know whether their grant application for the project had been successful.

b) Working party review. A small number of members had met on the Community Garden 31/8/02 and carried out a litter-pick, hand forked and weeded the planters, swept and generally tidied the area, which looked better for their efforts. (The canalside flower beds had been tidied and weeded previously). The subsequent walk along the canal had concentrated on identifying a location for the proposed vantage point near the aqueduct and a suitable point had been found. [Next working party Saturday 5/10/02].

5. Progress reports :

a) Insurance. At the Foundation management meeting the previous evening it had been agreed that a potential policy with Sun Alliance while not meeting all the desired requirements, would give sufficient cover to enable Panels to resume activities once again and should therefore be concluded as soon as possible. Efforts to find/negotiate an alternative policy nearer to the 'ideal' would proceed, possibly with a local broker.

b) Friends of Rishton Youth. Colin had attended the last meeting 15/8/02. They were finalising their constitution and seeking charity registration. They were pursuing their proposal for a 'half pipe' and possible youth shelter on the 'top rec' by the existing playground near St P & St P School. They were running into local opposition and were due to arrange a local consultation meeting about the project to

try to allay fears. The next meeting was scheduled for 10/10/02. Colin would be unable to go and it was hoped some other Panel member could go.

c) Millennium Baby Wood Training. Colin had attended the 1st Aid course 12/8/02 and Jackie was booked for the Risk Assessment course 7/9/02. Dates for other courses had yet to be finalised.

d) Mosaic Repair. Done, thanks to Alan Brown, at a cost of 20. Some minor damage had occurred prior to the cement setting but this was hardly noticeable.

e) High St bridge. - slipway resurfacing, etc. Mark Overam had costed the tarmacing of the slipway, installation of bollards and creation of the proposed raised flower bed @ 4055 + vat. Colin had spoken to David Law about HBC'c part of the scheme and was awaiting a reply from him about progress. Colin was still to contact someone at Gaskells about renewing their fence. - seat stone. Would be recemented when slipway work was done. f) Jubilee gate. The gate was welded up await shot blasting. Gary was looking at a hinge arrangement that would have sufficient adjustment to enable the gate to be hung now but would cope with any necessary changes when the slipway was resurfaced. Because of the delays not of MW Graphics making, Colin had raised the subject of possible progress payments but they had declined for the moment.

g) Canal event - Spring 2003. Fiona had yet to talk to Mike Clarke to advise him of the date of Saturday 10th May 2003. Likewise Colin had not yet contacted Vaughan to inform the boaters. We needed to be getting our ideas together as to what we would do on the day.

6. Revised Constitution/Charity Registration. Colin had not been able to prepare a draft revised constitution ready for the meeting as planned but he had made a start. He questionned whether the stated Panel aims and objects needed revision. It was agreed that he should circulate a copy of the current constitution with the minutes of the meeting and ask members to contact him with any comments/suggested amendments/revisions, not only to the aims and objects but in any other respect as well.

7. Canal Improvement scheme. Nothing further to report at this stage except that the 4055 + vat estimate for the slipway had been included in this scheme.

It was felt that we should be getting our thoughts together for any bulb planting, probably with the November working party in mind. Members to look out for any special offers at garden centres, etc.

8. Balance of Pit Head grant. The 320.68 was to be spent by 8/10/02 on a suitable alternative project. Colin had written to the Area Council Coordinator (16/8/02) asking for an extension and whether a refurbishment scheme for the Community Garden would be considered a suitable project. While a final decision would not be made until 18/9/02, the indications were that these would be acceptable.

9. Community Garden refurbishment. Colin had contacted Frazer Borwick of Groundwork EL to see if there was any progress on a scheme since his site visit 18/7/02. He advised that he was unable to work on a scheme for us (except in his own time) without financial support from us, which he estimated would be of the order of 500 for design and costing. While the meeting felt that ultimately this might be a justified use of the 320 above, we should first contact HBC Parks again and possibly see if Park View Nurseries might be able to assist.

HBC Parks would have to give their approval to any scheme anyway as it was their land.

10. Any Other Business.

a) Hyndburn's Draft Community Strategy. We had been asked to comment on this by 27/9/02. Copies were given to those present together with a questionnaire. Colin asked that completed questionnaires be returned to him by 20/9/02 so that he could prepare a consolidated response. Copies would likewise be sent to those above who had sent their apologies.

11. Dates of Next Meetings. Tuesday 1st October 2002 (Annual General Meeting)

Tuesday 12th November 2002

Tuesday 3rd December 2002

Please take the above as due notification of the Annual General Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel which will take place at the Primetime Community Centre, Stourton St Rishton at 7.00pm.

Minutes of the 6th Annual General Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 1st October 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Vice-Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Carol Achaski, Ruth Colling, Margaret Worden. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Comunity Projects Manager). Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Chairman), Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and declared it quorate..

3. Chairman's address and review of the year. In Andrew's absence, Colin gave a report on the year's activities (see Appendix I).

4. Treasurer's report and accounts. Jackie tabled a summary of income and expenditure for the year from 16/10/01 to 1/10/02. Income totalled 22.66 and expenditure 3722.03, leaving a balance in the bank of 5233.19 (2001 : 8932.56). Of the balance, 320.68 remained from the Area Council grant for the Pit Head feasibility study which was earmarked for the Community Garden refurbishment and 490 + vat would be required as the Panel's contribution to the Jubilee Gate.

It was proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously that the accounts as presented be accepted and Jackie was thanked for looking after the Panel's finances.

It was noted that the Secretary was now claiming for telephone expenses but there was no claim for travelling. The Secretary explained that he had kept a log of journeys on Panel business and from January to September 2002 this had added up to 241miles. At the advised rate of 34p per mile this amounted to 81.94 and he was reluctant to take this amount from Panel funds. Asked what the figure would be for petrol only, he estimated approx 23.00. It was felt that he should claim this at least. Vaughan pointed out that from his experience elsewhere, the Charity Commissioners were keen to see all expenses accounted for. This would apply to other members as well as the Secretary. He suggested the Secretary claim the full 81.94 and if he wished, donate back 58.00, thus covering the petrol costs. This was agreed.

5. Election of Officers and Representatives. The following were duly proposed, seconded and elected unopposed :

Chairman Fiona Cook

Vice Chairman Andrew Parker

Treasurer Jacqueline Achaski

Secretary Colin Cooper

Assistant Secretary Margaret Worden

Forum Representatives (2) Margaret Worden, Colin Cooper

6. Brief review of current projects and plans for the future. Mainly contained in Appendix I.

The Canal Improvement Project was being costed with assistance from British Waterways and Mike was seeking further funding before the Project went ahead in earnest. BW were looking to see where they could assist with funding or in kind.

It was noted the the pavement at High St bridge had been marked up, so it was presumed work by HBC on lowering the kerbs was imminent. When questioned when BW might be able to start on its part of the slipway scheme, Vaughan said this was being looked at with the costings. It was suggested that when the raised flowerbed was constructed as part of the slipway scheme, another be constructed at the same time in the cafe corner on the towpath.

It had been questioned whether the cafe had any rights to use the area below it on the towpath. It was almost certain not and to draw up a formal agreement would be costly. Jackie would check with the cafe what their understanding might be and also to find out whether they had any ideas about improving the corner plot.

Vaughan reported that the Canal Corridor Study was currently in draft form and it was proposed to have its public launch later this year or early next. It promised to be an impressive document.

7. Working party, Saturday 5th October 2002. Noted. Probably just tidy up the Community Garden and canalside flowerbed. In November (16th) we should probably think in terms of some bulb planting.

8. Any other business.

(i) Minutes of meetings 7/5/02, 18/6/02, 16/7/02, 3/9/02. Now that we had a quorate meeting, these minutes were formally agreed.

(ii) Insurance. Mike confirmed that the Foundation had now secured insurance cover on behalf of the Panels and practical project work could therefore oficially recommence. The cover was to the end of March 2003 by which time it was hoped to negotiate improved terms through a local agent/broker.

(iii) Andrew's marriage to Ann-Marie. It was noted that the wedding was to take place on the 16th November and it was agreed that the Panel should mark the occasion in an appropriate way.

9. Dates of next ordinary meetings.

Tuesday 12th November 2002 (probably in Norden library)

Tuesday 3rd December 2002.

At this point, Mary Walker the Administrator at Lords House Farm joined the meeting and was given a warm welcome by Fiona. She proceeded to outline the history of and activities at the Farm, based essentially on special needs education but not exclusively, and still expanding after nine years. Of particular interest to the Panel were their plans to refurbish and develop the quarry site at Star Delph. This was already a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSI) but had become very overgrown due to lack of maintenance and was a safety hazard. One idea was to use the Farm car park and create a woodland walk path from it to the Delph, as car parking for any visitors up Wilpshire Rd was virtually non-existent. Funding for this had been applied for, as had funding for a graduate to work for six months developing a scheme for the Delph. Great Harwood and Rishton Rotary Club was already supporting the idea and it was planned to involve Norden HS who had done some work on the site some years previously. The site was currently leased by LCC from the Dunkenhalgh Estate and it was hoped to transfer the lease to LHF as, clearly, from the state of the site, LCC were not that interested in it.

A discussion followed and a number of those present who had not already been, expressed an interest in looking round the Farm. Mary said they would be very welcome. Mary was thanked for her talk and all agreed that we should stay in close communication with the hope of working together in the future.

[Later : Mary advised Colin that the funding for the path and the graduate had been successfully secured.]

Rishton PROSPECTS Panel - AGM - 1st October 2002 - Secretary's Report.

Despite the Panel being down to less than a dozen active members, it has been quite a busy year, as the resume below indicates. Thanks are due to all those who have supported the Panel's activities and helped in any way.

Projects Completed.

1. Canalside Flowerbed. Planting which had mainly taken place in February 2001, was added to in November with plants from HBC Parks and elsewhere. A major weeding exercise was needed at the same time with the ending of the Foot & Mouth restrictions which prevented access to the flowerbed. Maintenance has been carried out since as necessary and will be ongoing. Many positive comments have been received as the plants have come into flower.

2. Wall Plaque. Supplied free by MW Graphics identifying the flowerbed refurbishment back to the Panel and British Waterways. Fitted to the wall behind the bed June 2002.

3. Welcome Signs and Information Board. BW erected the long awaited welcome signs in April 2002 by Norden Bridge, the 48-hour mooring and the bridge on the Church side of the aqueduct. The information board was erected in May and vandalised with air gun pellets the same month but was still serviceable. It was noted that quite a few boats had been using the 48 hour mooring during the Summer.

4. Cross-canal flowerbed. In April 2002 this was cleared of weeds and planted with conifers from HBC Parks plus various other plants to add to the dogwood and lavatera planted two years previously ex Tinker Brook. Weed control has been undertaken periodically since and will be ongoing.

5. Logo. Following the previous years competition among the three primary schools, winning designs were sent to 'cellcreative ltd' in November 2001 to produce a usable logo design. In the end, little of the schools' design work was incorportated but a pleasing logo emerged early in 2002 and was finalised in March.

6. Banner. Two large banners to advertise the Panel when working on projects and incorporating the new logo were ordered from MW Graphics and delivered in May 2002. They have yet to be used due to the embargo on project work through difficulties getting insurance cover when the cost of the BTCV scheme became prohibitive at the end of April.

7. Community Notice Board. Repainting and resealing was completed in November 2001. Unfortunately, the board is still not being used extensively by the community. However the art displays by the three primary schools, Norden HS and the PRU have worked well, with displays for Christmas, Easter, the Jubilee and the holidays, as well as course work from Norden.

8. Exhibition Display Board. Following on from the mock-ups prepared for Sophie and never finalised, the Environment Agency offered to fund professionally produced display 'boards' for all the Panels. The Panels were consulted on the final design and the completed designs were first displayed at the Canal Event at Church in May 2002.

9. Promotional leaflet dispensers. The leaflets were available early in 2001 but sourcing dispensers proved a problem. They were found in March 2002 'under our noses' and supplied free by HBC. Dispensers filled with leaflets were distributed to key locations round the village in May.

10. Pathway entrance Parker St. After three years of prompting, HBC finally realigned the edges of the pathway on to the Community Garden from Parker St in December 2001.

11. Litter bin on towpath. After due representation about the need for litter bins to supplement the dog dirt bins on the towpath, HBC erected a litter bin on a trial basis at High St bridge June 2002.

Support Activities.

12. Hyndburn Panels' Meeting. Various members had attended the regular Panels' Meetings and shared ideas with members of other Panels. Rishton had hosted and chaired the meeting 21/11/01.

13. Community Action Programme (CAP) evaluation. Various Panel members had assisted Bootstrap Enterprises in their evaluation exercise and and taken part in consultation sessions.

14. Millennium Baby Wood planting and training. Some Panel members had assisted in the tree planting day 22/3/02. Others had attended associated training courses on 1st Aid and Risk Assessment.

15. Donkey Back Picnic Site and Halfway Marker. Major assistance was given to the Church Panel in preparing for and carrying through its very successful celebrations associated with the official opening of their picnic site and the halfway marker in May 2002. Rishton Panel undertook to organise the barbeque for Panel members, boaters and guests. This was well done and much appreciated. To concentrate on this assistance, Rishton decided to postpone its own proposed canal event to May 2003.

16. Mersey Basin Trust. The Panel responded to an appeal by MBT to its members when it was under threat of restructuring which might have lead to loss of funding and consequent disbandment. Letters were written to MP's and other 'key players' which ultimately seemed to have the desired effect.


During the year, the Panel has had representatives on the following bodies :

The PROSPECTS Foundation

Rishton Area Council

Primetime Community Association

Norden Youth Centre Advisory Committee

Friends of Rishton Youth

Rishton Pupil Referral Unit

HBC Litter Commission (now disbanded)

On-Going Projects.

17. Pit Head project. Plans to enhance the Pit Head site had to be shelved at the feasibility study stage due the high cost of the emerging scheme. The unspent funding of 320.68 from the Area Council grant of 1200 for the feasibility study is to be spent on refurbishing the Community Garden. The Pit Head project may be revisited in the future once the house building and landscaping on the site are complete.

18. Community Garden. Working parties have tidied the site up periodically, but vandalism and general 'wear & tear' have lead to the conclusion that a major refurbishment scheme is needed. Approaches have been made to Groundwork East Lancs and HBC Parks to develop suitable schemes. GWEL, who managed the original scheme, are interested at a price. HBC Parks are interested but have a heavy workload. The mosaic has been repaired.

19. Jubilee gate. It was originally planned to fit a decorative panel to the standard BW gate at the entrance to the canal towpath at High St bridge at a cost of 490 + vat. BW suggested replacing the standard gate with a newly designed decorative gate. Design work was undertaken with MW Graphics who now have the manufacture in hand. Price quoted is 1750 + vat to which BW will put 1260 + vat, leaving the Panel to find their original 490 + vat.

20. Canal Improvement Project. The Panel has identified a number of projects along the canal as part of the Foundation's LEF funded improvement project. These will be worked on over the next 2/3 years. A suggested platform for disabled anglers as part of the scheme met with no encouragement from the Hyndburn and Blackburn Anglers Ass. and was dropped.

21. Slipway, High St bridge. A previous scheme to resurface the slipway down onto the towpath at High St bridge has now been absorbed into the Canal Improvement Project and will be mainly funded by it. HBC are to lower pavement edges from disabled funding. The scheme will now incorporate a raised flowerbed by the entrance.

22. Lords House Farm. Rapport has been established with LHF who undertake environmental projects as part of their special needs education programme. A visit has taken place to see the work they have done and discussions are ongoing as to how the Panel might liaise with them on future projects, notably the regeneration of the quarry site at Star Delph which is a SSSI and badly in need of refurbishment.

23. Charity Registration. Work is in hand to remodel the Panel's Constitution as a prelude to applying for Charity status which may assist in opening additional avenues of funding.

24. Spring Event 2003. Plans are in hand to hold a canalside event on the 10th May 2003 to raise the profile of the Panel and hopefully recruit much needed new members.

In the year we were delighted to welcome Mike Stapleford as the new PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager and our thanks go to him for all his help. We also have pleasure in acknowledging the support and assistance we have had from Vaughan Jones of British Waterways.

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 12th November 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager). Paul Worswick (Plans and Environment Manager, HBC).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Vice-Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Ruth Colling, Lesley Jackson, Mary Walker. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially Paul who apart from his HBC position was also a member of the C-L-M Panel.

3. Minutes of AGM 1/10/02. Approval held over as the meeting was not quorate.

4. Hyndburn Borough Local Plan. Paul referred to the information booklet 'A New Local Plan for Hyndburn' and its associated Questionnaire, copies of which he made available. He also demonstrated a copy of the existing Local Plan which covered the period 1996 to 2006. There had been various significant changes since this was drawn up and a process of review had been initiated which will update the existing Plan and extend it to 2016. A key part of this process is public consultation and the booklet and questionnaire had been produced to assist this process. Responses were required by the 20th December 2002, with the First Deposit Plan being published by Autumn 2003.

It was agreed that a copy of the booklet and questionnaire would be given to all active members of the Panel for them to make individual responses and also that the Panel at its December meeting would draw up a joint response.

Paul dealt with a number of questions and was thanked for his presentation. He then left to attend a meeting of the C-L-M Panel.

5. Matters Arising from Minutes.

a) Secretary's expenses. Not yet presented. Retain on agenda.

b) Cafe use of towpath and ideas for corner plot. Jackie was liaising with the cafe. Both aspects could perhaps be followed up by the working party 16/11/02.

6. Canal Improvement Project. Mike reported that he had modified the original list of projects to be funded by LEF to better reflect current thinking. These had been agreed, as had an extention of the completion date to December 2003. He was now seeking match funding, including 'in kind' from a multiplicity of sources. Ultimately some 200,000 should be generated. He hoped to have funding available for some early schemes by January 2003 and this would include our slipway scheme. The Panel urged that everything possible be done to ensure it was completed in time for the May 10th canal event. The opening of the slipway and the associated Jubilee gate could form a focus for the event.

7. Community Garden. A letter dated 10/10/02 had been received from Steve Watson, Area Council Team Leader confirming that the grant money left over from the Pit Head feasibility study could be put 'towards a modification and repair scheme on the community gardens at Hermitage St'. No new time limit was set.

Colin and Mike were to meet Andrew Hayhurst on site 20/11/02 to discuss possible refurbishment ideas.

8. Jubilee gate. The gate was virtually complete but was held until the slipway work was done and the precise positioning of the hinges could be determined. A progress payment had been offered but was not required at present.

9. High St bridge - resurfacing, etc. Mike reported the work by HBC to lower the pavement kerbs for wheelchair use was planned to be done within the next two weeks. He would talk to Vaughan/Mark to see if it was possible to put a timescale on BW's work.

10. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Still to be done. There had been no feedback to Colin from members on any modification to the presently quoted 'Aims'.

11. Primetime 10th Anniversary Celebrations - Sunday 24/11/02, 12.00pm to 4.00pm. Fiona reported that she had attended a meeting of the Primetime Community Association ??/10/02 when plans for the celebrations were discussed. All organisations using Primetime were being asked to mount a display/do some activity/etc and provide a prize for a raffle. She had agreed that we would support the event in some way and additionally would run the raffle on the day.

Mike was asked to get the exhibition display panel out of store. It was agreed that we would provide a 20 garden centre gift token for the raffle, Colin to purchase from Park View or Read nursery. It was noted that we were grateful to get the use of a facility for meetings at Primetime for free. It was also agreed that we would make masks as an activity, various members getting hold of materials as well as left overs from the Celebration Day in 2000. A nominal charge would be made to cover costs.

12. Star Delph. In giving her apologies, Mary had reported to Colin that work on the pathway from the Farm to Star Delph had started. Associated with this and elsewhere there would be a need for tree planting. Colin had suggested there might be some residue from the Millennium Baby Wood once the replacement planting had taken place (16th November & 7th December - help if you can.). There might also be other saplings available from the tree nursery at Tinker Brook. Colin had subsequently discussed this with Mike who said he would laise between Mary and Eddie Allen at Tinker Brook..

The post for the graduate to develop the Star Delph scheme had been advertised with a closing date of end November. Interviews would take place early December with the aim of having someone started in the New Year.

The Dunkenhalgh Estate and LCC were both agreeable to a transfer of ownership of the Delph to the Farm and this was now going through legal process. While it was intended to create an outdoor classroom for educational instruction in the Delph, Mid Pennine Arts were being approached about the possibility of also creating an outdoor theatre.

13. Canal Spring event - 10/05/03. Joyce Fiddes from the Wheelton Boat Club had contacted Colin about the event and confirmed that they would be happy to put it in the Club's 2003 diary and give it every support they could.

14. Foundation news. Response to the advertising for the three posts for the Foundation's Development Programme (Development Manager, Community Development Officer, Publicity and Administration Officer) had been encouraging. Interviews for the latter two had taken place and job offers made and accepted. Interviews for the Manager's post were to take place 15/11/02.

After doubts over funding right up to the deadline over the premises in Charter St, the Recycling Project was finally under way and initial key posts advertised.

15. Working party, Saturday 16/11/02, 9.30am. Tidying up of dead vegetation on the canalside flowerbed was mainly what was required. Andrew Hayhurst had offered bulbs and polyanthus plants. Colin would assess the number of bulbs and buy more if necessary to be planted on the inside verge of the towpath which had just been strimmed.

16. Friends of Rishton Youth. Next meeting 28/11/02 at the Methodist Church noted.

17. Any other business. Colin had noted that Church Panel had ordered some litter pickers, presumably to go into the tool store. He felt that the Rishton Panel could do with a few of their own and also bibs to save having to bother with the tool store on such minor, readily stored items. Mike to pursue.

18. Dates of next meetings.

Tuesday 3rd December 2002.

Tuesday 7th January 2003

Minutes of the Meeting of Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Centre 3rd December 2002

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Jacqueline Achaski (Treasurer), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Asst Secretary), Ruth Colling, Beverley Moorhouse. Mike Stapleford (PROSPECTS Community Projects Manager).

2. Apologies : Andrew Parker (Vice-Chairman), Lesley Jackson. Vaughan Jones (British Waterways).

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of AGM 1/10/02 and Meeting12/11/02. Agreed these were a correct record and signed as such.

4. Matters Arising from Minutes.

a) Secretary's expenses. Submitted and paid, including a contribution towards car mileage.

b) Cafe use of towpath and ideas for corner plot. Jackie was liaising with the cafe but due to pressure of other things had not yet had a chance to do so

c) Primetime 10th Anniversary Celebration - 24/11/02. The event was a great success with many of the organisations using Primetime having a stall or activity. Support from the public, etc was excellent and fully justified the PCA Committee in holding the celebration. During the event, the new Community Garden had been officially opened. It was believed over 400 was made for PCA funds. Three Panel members and Mike had manned a stall involving children in making decorative masks and also sold raffle tickets. Both proved popular and they were kept busy. They were thanked.

d) Litter-pickers and bibs. Mike reported that the litter-pickers bought for the tool store were 11 each. The meeting felt that four would be enough for us. Mike was still to get prices for the bibs.

5. Canal Improvement Project. Mike reported that he was still pursuing additional sources of finance to complete the funding package. It is still hoped to have this in place early in 2003.

6. Community Garden. Colin and Mike had met Andrew Hayhurst and Darryl Parkinson from HBC Parks on site 20/11/02 to discuss possible refurbishment ideas. They proposed realigning the boarding behind the animals to take it down to the dog dirt bin and fill the whole area to the path edge with bark chippings. Some replanting of shrubs would then take place between the boarding and the fence. [Mike promised to send Colin details of the planting scheme for Dyke Nook Gardens off Whalley Rd in Accrington which might generate some ideas.] To alleviate the problem of the use of a cauldron and nearby tree as goalposts with the ball then being kicked into the shrubbery with consequent shrubbery damage, it was proposed to relocate the top two cauldrons down to the bottom with the third to form a cluster near the Parker St entrance. The border from the dog dirt bin to the Parker St entrance would be grassed over to see if this would wear any better. They would undertake this work in Spring 2003. It was suggested that the planter under the light be sown with some form of hard wearing, short growing grass or some hard wearing aromatic plants. The Panel to look into this. Colin would continue to replace the timber seating until the reserves of timber ran out, at which time the timber might be removed altogether.

HBC Parks had kindly supplied 150 polyanthus plants and 1000 dwarf multi headed daffodil bulbs. The working party 16/11/02 had planted most of the polyanthus and half the daffodil bulbs in the shrubbery and planters on the Community Garden, the rest being retained for the canalside flower beds.

7. Jubilee gate. No further work would be done on the gate by MW Graphics until the slipway was resurfaced..

8. High St bridge - resurfacing, etc. HBC had laid a strip of tarmac at the top of the slipway in line with the pavement. They had not lowered the kerbs but increased the depth of tarmac at the kerbs to achieve the same effect. Mike to check with David Law that this was all HBC were proposing to do. Mike/Colin to press BW for some indication of when their work would be started.

- flowerbeds and towpath. Both canalside flowerbeds had been tidied up for winter and planted with more polyanthus and dwarf daffodils. Colin had purchased 420 mixed daffodil and narcissus bulbs. 60 of these had been planted in the flowerbeds and the remainder on the inside verge of the towpath along some 30 yards starting at the litter bin.

9. Revised Constitution/Charity registration. Still to be done.

10. Star Delph. No up-to-date information on the progress of the pathway. Mike had spoken to Eddie Allen about saplings from Tinker Brook but did not know if Eddie had contacted Mary Walker. Mike to follow up. It was believed interviews for the graduate post would be held in January 2003.

11. Canal Spring event - 10/05/03. Fiona was still trying to contact Mike Clarke. Jackie reported that the Gardeners Residents Association had been made aware of the event and promised their support. It was questioned whether a check had been made to ensure the Angling Club were not holding an event on 10/5. No one had done so but it was agreed it should be checked.

12. Working party, Saturday 7/12/02, 10.00am. It was agreed that as the Community Garden and canalside flower beds had been tidied and planted, we should support the Foundation's working party at the Millennium Baby Wood instead.

13. Friends of Rishton Youth. A community consultation had taken place at Primetime 19/11/02 about the proposed half-pipe on the 'middle rec' While some opposition had been voiced, the Committee were sufficiently encourage to proceed to the next stage of formal application for planning permission. The next meeting was set for Thursday 16/1/03 at Rishton Methodist Church at 7.00pm.

14. Foundation news. Colin reported that all three posts for the Foundation's Development Programme (Development Manager, Community Development Officer, Publicity and Administration Officer) had been filled and the successful candidates were due to start 6/1/03. Mike would be reporting to the Development Manager, Claire Tindall, and funding had been secured to extend his contract to the end of March, by which time it was hoped to secure funding for a further three years.

Mike reported on the 'Green Business Park' that the Foundation was hoping to establish at the Oswaldtwistle Panel's instigation and for which agreement had been reached with Blythes for the purchase of the necessary land in Coach Road Meadows.

16. Any other business.

a) BTCV Membership. Jackie had received a communication from BTCV about the renewal of our membership which was last done in October 2001. It was questioned what advantages we would gain now we were no longer insured through them. Mike promised to get some

information so that a decision could be made at the next meeting.

b) Fairtrade Town. Mike gave details of a proposal to look into the possibility of creating a 'Fairtrade Town' in Oswaldtwistle or Borough-wide. The aim was to raise awareness of fair trade issues and encourage the use and sale of 'Fairtrade' products. Garstang had become the worlds first 'Fairtrade Town' in 1999. Mike would be launching a local initiative in January and the meeting agreed that we were interested in supporting the idea.

c) Area Council Residents Satisfaction Survey. Colin had received this questionnaire with insufficient time to bring it to the meeting before the deadline for return (22/11/02). He had therefore completed it on behalf of the Panel and a copy of the reply was on file for anyone who wished to see it.

d) Meeting at Norden 11/12/02 re : new all-weather pitch and sports hall. Members were encouraged to attend this meeting when details would be given of the proposed new facilities for school and community use for which funding had been obtained by the School.

15. New Local Plan for Hyndburn. The meeting concluded by completing the questionnaire associated with the New Local Plan. There were some lively discussions and not always total agreement. Members also had the chance of completing a questionnaire on their own behalf.

17. Dates of next meetings

Tuesday 7th January 2003 & Tuesday 4th February 2003.