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Minutes of the Meeting of the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel held at the Primetime Community Centre 6th January 2009.

1. Present : Fiona Cook (Chairman), Ruth Colling (Vice Chairman), Colin Cooper (Secretary), Margaret Worden (Treasurer/Asst Secretary), Mary Aubrey, Gordon Baldam, Cllr Harry Grayson, Julie Matindale, Mary O’Brien, C.Cllr Miles Parkinson, Janet Rutter, Paul Wilkinson. Victoria Ingham (PROSPECTS Publicity and Admin. Officer).

2. Apologies : Wendy Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, Cllr Stan Horne, Lesley Jackson, Beverley Moorhouse, Patrick Troughton.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Janet who was attending for the first time.

3. Minutes of the meetings 04/11/08 and 02/12/08. These were agreed as a true record and signed as such.

4. Matters arising :

(i) Secretary’s report. The Secretary had circulated his progress report. Ref item 7 – HBC canal cleanup initiative, Harry reported that there had been a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee that day as a result of which recommendations were to be put to British Waterways. One concern everywhere along the towpath (and elsewhere) was dog pooh and Harry referred to a volunteer, Robert Newell, who was assisting HBC’s dog warden with patrols and reports.

(ii) Any other matters. (a) Bulb Planting. It was noted with some exasperation that having planted daffs at the base of the new Rishton sign by the Whitebirk roundabout, the sign had now been moved!!

5. Treasurer’s Report. Margaret reported that the balance in the Current a/c was 908.70 (1118.55). The cheque for 126.90 for bench plaques had now been cleared.

The balance in the Investment a/c was 1193.02 (no change).

6. The Future of Hyndburn - Core Strategy. The Chairman congratulated all those involved in the distribution to every house in Rishton of the Panel leaflet outlining the implications for Rishton of the draft Core Strategy. Particular thanks were expressed to Margaret and Ruth and to their husbands John and Steve for all the hard work preparing and printing the leaflet.

The success of our efforts to make everyone aware of the situation could be judged by the turnout for the consultation evening at St Charles School on the 17th January 2009 with over 200 attending to voice their opinions to the Council officers present. It was understood that so far the Council had received 338 of the green slips associated with the leaflet plus 19 letters/questionnaire responses. Additionally 330 people had signed the petition organised by Christine Hammerton.

It was questioned whether we should claim expenses from the Area Council (approx 32 man-hours @ 7.50/hour plus material and other costs) in so far as it was a task that it was felt should have been undertaken by the Area Council. However it was decided that the Panel should stand the cost but publicise the fact that we felt let down and were prepared to fund action that we felt strongly about. Fiona would prepare something for the Accrington Observer along these lines.

It was noted that a further consultation was to take place on Monday 19th January 2009 at The People’s Centre, School St from 2.30pm to 5.00pm, essentially for those who had been unable to attend the previous one. It was questioned what publicity there was for this, but basically it seemed it was to be by word of mouth, although there was also to be an article in the local press.

It was also noted that CVS in conjunction with ‘Planning Aid’ were running an evening training event entitled ‘A Basic Introduction to the Planning System’ at Scaitcliffe House on Tuesday 20th January 2009 from 6.00 to 8.00pm which might help us understand the procedures the Core Strategy was going through. Fiona, Harry and Colin said they would be interested in going. Colin to also contact Lesley.

7. Rishton in Bloom 2009. Despite the 2008 success, Margaret and Ruth said they were reluctant to front the organisation of an entry this year without a more pro-active support from the Area Council. It was too time consuming and administratively burdensome.

There had been no response from the community ‘below the bridge’ when the idea was floated of having the judging area down there next time. It was made clear that to be successful, it would need a lot of community support.

It was questioned whether support might be expected from ‘Neighbourhood Management’ if such a board was successfully set up in Rishton. Harry felt it was too early to judge as it was still ‘early days’. There was to be a meeting to set up a board on Friday 22/01/09. It was uncertain what staff support would be forthcoming for it or whether Eaves Brook would be providing some funding.

If we were to enter BiB again, registration had to be made by the end of March, but planning should already be well in hand, which it wasn’t.

Colin suggested that it might be sensible to have a years break and come back to it fresh in 2010, but there was a concern that momentum might be lost. If someone else would run it, Margaret and Ruth would willingly offer their support and experience. It was agreed to leave a final decision until the next meeting.

Should it be decided not to enter this year, there was concern to keep up the encouraging relations built up with the local schools and we should try to get them involved with something else.

8. Holt St. As feared, without Groundwork, the project now lacked coordination. It was not known whether the interested groups had made any progress with their agreed elements of the scheme and no specific date had been set for a follow-up meeting of those groups with Craig Horabin. For our part, we still needed to explore the three aspects we had been allocated ie the picnic area (with Prosperity?), the nature trail (with Lancashire Wildlife Trust?) and solar/wind power for the MUGA (with the Foundation or LCC?). We had not yet agreed any action for doing this. However Gemma had supplied Colin with details of an organisation that could assist with solar/wind power generation which needed following up.

9. www.rishton.net. Colin had followed up his email (02/11/08) to Graeme with another (11/11/08) and received a reply (20/11/08) promising action asap (re progress on the printer we had specified and a date for a meeting to resolve other outstanding matters). Colin was due to chase Graeme again but in the meantime he had collected the server from Use-It, so none of our kit remained there.

10. Benches. The three plaques had been fitted by Paul and Colin to their respective benches (18/12/09). Paul was working on a press release.

11. Station

i) Car Park. The project had now been costed at 43,000 and LCC were looking at how this would be funded. The Panel was being asked if it was able to make a financial contribution and whether it could help with planting when the time came. Colin was asked to reply that we had no funding we could put towards the cost but we would be happy to assist with planting and might be able to stand some incidental costs related to this. [Later : copy of email received from Richard Watts to Northern Rail indicating that for funding and environmental (eg. nesting season) considerations LCC would like to be on site no later than w/c 16th February].

ii) No-mans-land. Colin had seen that Park View did tree surgery so he proposed approaching them. Margaret offered to assist following her helpful contact with their Robert Brook during RiB.

iii) Hand truck. Paul had been offered an old railway platform hand truck which he felt would make a nice decorative feature on the platform filled with flowers. Transport was needed to move it and Harry offered to arrange suitable transport.

12. Norden ‘thank you’ party 23/01/09. All users of Primetime, which was now administered by Norden HS, had been invited to ‘a bit of a do’ as a thank you for their support of the facility. Billed as ‘an informal get-together with supper and beverages’ it was to be free of charge. Colin had circulated members and from the positive responses had booked 10 tickets.

13. Neighbourhood management. Meeting to form a management board 22/01/09.

14. Foundation.

i) 10th Birthday Celebration Evening – Friday 05/12/08. An enjoyable evening was had by all who went to Green Haworth Golf Club. Phil Barwood the Foundation’s Chairman gave an encouraging report on all the impressive achievements by PROSPECTS (Foundation and Panels) in the 10 years. A number of Foundation long service presentations were made. We came 2nd in the Quiz and received a 20 Homebase voucher (our 5 questions were well received – unlike some!! Thanks Paul).

It was also announced that each Panel was to receive 10 oak saplings to plant in their area, scheduled for February. This was part of the Foundation’s ‘Ring of Oaks’ ( Acc-ring-ton : acorn-ring-town?) project. We would need to think of suitable locations. A number were suggested but land ownership might be a difficulty. A further 130 (in addition to those given to Panels) would be planted elsewhere in the Borough.

ii) 1st Aid Training. Fiona and Margaret had attended the course with St Johns on Saturday 13/12/08 at their Training Centre in Eagle St, Accrington. They had enjoyed the day and passed with flying colours

iii) Basic Woodland Management training – Saturday 7/02/08. It was believed this event was booked up but because of the demand, Gemma was proposing to organise another later.

iv) Panel Volunteers Foundation Evaluation Questionnaire. Panel members were being asked to complete a questionnaire as part of the Foundation’s current evaluation exercise. Members present were given a questionnaire to complete and asked to return them at the next meeting or get them to Colin. Colin would arrange to get it to those not present.

As well as individual responses it would also be helpful if Panels prepared a group response and it was agreed to give time to this at the next meeting and to extend the meeting time by starting at 6.30pm.

15. Magazine/newsletters report. Margaret reported that the latest CVS newsletter contained details of grants for voluntary groups for waterways projects. CVS were also holding a Funding Fair on Friday 30/01/09 in Burnley from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Anyone interested in going should let Colin know.

16. Maintenance list. It was suggested Colin should update this with additions following RiB and re-issue it for discussion at a future meeting (soon!!).

17. Energy monitors. ‘State of play’ to be reviewed at next meeting.

18. Working party(ies).

i) High St bridge. Further work to tidy up and cut back before Spring. It was agreed to meet at High St bridge on Saturday 07/02/09 at 9.15am.

ii) The Turrets. Margaret to follow up with Craig Horabin (HBC Parks) again. Dead vegetation needed clearing and the ground would benefit from composting.

iii) Tottleworth Rd. Litter pick required.

iv) Towpath, High St bridge to Tottleworth bridge needed another litter pick. If enough turned up 07/02/09 this could probably be done as well.

v) Roebuck planters. Suggested these be found a place (or the shrubs in them) at the station. Possibly done at the same time as the hand truck.

vi) Meadowhead. Needs a survey to see what might be done.

vii) Pit mound. Also needs survey.

viii) Station Close verge. To be planted up when car park done.

19. Time booking. No time for report other than for Core Strategy (see (6) above).

20. Any other business :

i) Piggy Park. Colin had had a look at Piggy Park with Ian Hodgson (Community Food Growing Coordinator) 17/12/08. Ian was sure it had potential for a food growing project and he was following it up with HBC Parks and Property Services to see what the latest status of the area was. It was understood from previous enquiries that the land use was restricted to a children’s playground or community park. There may therefore be a legal requirement to negotiate a ‘change of use’ which might prove costly.

ii) Community Garden, Parker St/ Hermitage St. Jennet Liddle had arranged a meeting on site with Mark Pickup (HBC Parks) which took place on (date?) to progress the plans for the refurbishment project. A number of ideas were discussed including a possible perimeter fence to make the area more family recreation friendly. Mark was to develop the ideas and prepare some costings.

21. Dates of next meetings. 03/02/09 (6.30pm start).


RISHTON PROSPECTS PANEL Secretary’s Progress Report for Panel meeting 06/01/09

1. Corner fence on ‘white path’ entrance. No change. Nothing done. Still to follow up.

2. Footpath, Norden Field. No change. Emailed Craig 15/12/08. Confirmed scheme existed for repairs but no funds. Had hoped Rishton Area Council would pick up but nothing so far. Craig will pursue.

3. Wildflower meadow, Norden bridge. No Change. Harvesting of old vegetation now needs doing. Colin has scythe from the PROSPECTS tool store, just waiting some dry conditions to use it.

4. Picnic bench repair, picnic site. No change. Action still required (not desperate). Cost of three top sections, 49 plus 40 if Prosperity do it.

5. www.rishton.net. Still chasing Graeme for a meeting. Phone contact 13/01/09. email chaser 22/01/09. No response.

6. Benches. One (of six) benches in alcove by waters edge in Cut Wood Park completely destroyed by fire. All benches now photographed. In process discovered one plaque had typographical error. Trying to get replaced foc.

7. Food growing Piggy Park. Referred to Craig Horabin (HBC Parks) who has allocated Shirley Parkinson to front efforts to make progress. Meeting of all parties involved scheduled for 23/01/09 had to be postponed due to Shirley’s illness. Wait new date.

8. HBC canal cleanup initiative. No change. Harry keeping us updated.

9. Station fault update. Missing litter bin (now two) still not replaced. Section of fence fallen down, also reported. Two side panels of phone kiosk taken out (but still intact). Reported, but phone has got wet and not now working again. Graffiti on Accrington platform shelter reported to community police who passed on to transport police. Nothing more heard. ISS did not remove, so CC did.

10. No-mans-land. No change. Still to decide what to do next. CC to get quotes for tree surgery. Still to arrange with Margaret to visit Park View

11. Station lighting. No change. Keep under review to see if promised scheme materialises.

12. Station Community Notice Board. No change. Colin now has key, but yet to put anything in.

13. Community garden Parker St/Hermitage St. CC had further meeting on site with Mark Pickup to exchange info on wooden animals re repairs. Mark finalising proposals for area refurbishment.

14. PACT. Meeting 07/01/09. Quiet holiday period for juvenile nuisance. Still tackling problem of adults buying alcohol for juveniles. Arranging with PROSPECTS Panel for restorative justice litter pick for apprehended graffiti ‘artists’. Report on display in Roebuck car park – poorly attended. New police station in Great Harwood (old Job Centre Hesketh St) due to open 27/01/09. Preview visit arrange 14/01/09.

Next meeting : Wed. 04/02/09, Copperhouse 6.00pm.

15. Community Centre Refurbishment. Centre to be used in New Year for three month trial period as ‘drop in’ for young people on Friday evenings supervised by Youth Service personnel starting 16/01/09 at 6.30pm.. Volunteers will be welcome to help. Youth Service staff have redecorated the main room over Christmas/New Year holiday. Primetime YC are making colourful drapes to provide atmosphere.

16. Friends of Rishton Youth. At the meeting 21/01/09 reports were received on the plans for the Friday evening YP trial Centre drop in. Reports also received on : Primetime Youth Club ; community involvement at Norden HS ; St Peter & St Paul’s Youth Club.

Next meeting : Mon 23/02/09, Primetime, 6.00pm.

17. Hyndburn Fairtrade Group. No change. No recent news. Group not met for some time. Fairtrade fortnight coming up (23/02/09 to 08/03/09). Don’t know of anything being planned.

18. Foundation/Panel events : Jan to Mar 09.

Edge End Woodland Management, Great Harwood, Sat 13/02/09 ; 14/03/09 10am to 3pm.

Huncoat Forum Big Tidy Up ; Sat 24/01/09 and Sat 12/02/09, 10am to 12 noon. Meet tbc

Baxenden Forum Mulch Mat Removal, Hollins Wood ; Sat 07/03/09 10am to 12 noon. Meet next to Hollins rec

19. Poetry Competition. No change. To be discussed further with Victoria.

20. Ossy Mills Vouchers. 100 of vouchers still to spend at the Mills. Outstanding since 06/12/07.

Homebase voucher 20 also still to spend. Some new gloves?

21. Potential future projects : Roebuck planters.


Pit mound.

House gardens opp library (High St).

Station Close verge.